Purchasing The wyze Camera Subscription Plan in 2024

If you ever went to security camera shopping or did some small searches about them, you surely heard about Wyze.

Wyze is one of the leading home security services providers with unparalleled services.

They offer wyze Camera Subscription for your security cameras and doorbells so that these devices work more efficiently.

Let’s get to know what this plan is about along with all the cool features that come with it.

What is WYZE Cam?

Wyze Cam is an optional subscription plan for your Wyze cameras and doorbells.

It provides you with a range of advanced features and benefits that elevate your home security experience.

The subscription service offers you exclusive access to cloud storage, allowing you to store recorded footage securely online.

Moreover, you will get alerts and notifications because a Cam subscription will trigger all sorts of motion detection benefits.

And to top all of these, a professional monitoring service that keeps an eye over your house is the game changer of a feature.

Key Features of wyze Camera Subscription

Wyze Camera Subscription Features


Video Recordings

Wyze Cam enables your live videos to be simultaneously recorded. Your recorded videos can be accessed for up to 14 days.

Cloud Services

With a Wyze subscription, your local recordings are automatically stored in a designated cloud storage.

This allows you to access those videos anytime and from anywhere.

There is also Wyze Web View that lets you connect to your cameras from practically any device in the world in a web browser.

Smart Motion Detection

Wyze has an intelligent motion sensors that are triggered by the smallest of movements.

It can be a person, pet, package, car, or even a glass breaking. You will get intelligent notifications over your smartphones and can check them instantly.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is another service that makes Wyze a great choice for many homeowners.

With intelligent scanning your Wyze cameras will detect familiar and unfamiliar faces and send you notifications accordingly.

Professional Monitoring 

Wyze prioritizes your home security. To complement all of the advanced features, Wyze provides a professional monitoring service that can come in handy in times of need.

Wyze has trained professionals always to monitor your camera activities and identify any potential threat.

If a threat is found, a Wyze professional will contact you by notifications or calls.

If they cannot reach you through any medium, they will instantly dispatch security services to your doorsteps.

What is The wyze Camera Subscription Secure Plans?

Wyze provides subscriptions tailored to your needs. They currently provide three plans which are tier-based and differentiated by your needs.

These plans are Wyze Cam Plus, Wyze Cam Protect, and Wyze Home Monitoring. So let’s hop in and get to know about each of the plans.

Wyze Cam Plus

This is the most basic but filled with great features. Wyze Cam Plus provides you access to recordings along with live views.

Cloud recordings can be accessed for up to 14 days with event filtering. Moreover, you get smart motion detection and emergency alerts instantly.

Wyze Cam Protect

Wyze Cam Protect is an upgrade over the Cam Plus. With this subscription, you get all of Cam Plus features along with extra features.

You get familiar face detection and professional monitoring services that are super necessary when you are away from home or even when you are at home.

Wyze Home Monitoring

This is by far the most advanced Wyze subscription ever.

You get everything from Cam Protect plan along with extra advanced features like window detection, water leak detection, and temperature and humidity detection.

Not only that, you also get specialized home monitoring services for any event possible.

Lastly, you get extra cellular backup for your cameras which can help you record when no internet is available.

Here is a comparison table for you to choose which subscription is better for your home:

Features Cam Plus Cam Protect  Home Monitoring
Live View                ✅
Cloud Recording Up to 14 days Up to 14 days Up to 14 days
Wyze Web View                 ✅
Motion Detection  ✅
Sound Detection                 ✅
Smoke + CO Sound-Triggered Push Notification  ✅
Person Detection                 ✅
Package Detection  ✅
Vehicle Detection                 ✅
Pet Detection  ✅
Friendly Faces Facial Recognition                 ✅
Window & Door Detection  ✅
Water Leaks                 ✅
Change in Humidity and Temperature  ✅
24/7 Emergency Response                 ✅
Emergency Panic Button
Video Verification                 ✅
Battery Backup                 ✅


How Much is wyze Cam Subscription?

As Wyze has different tiers of plan, they have different pricing systems for each of the plans. And for ease, you can choose between a monthly or yearly plan.

Cam Plus costs $2.99 per month or $19.99 per year for only 1 camera. If you have more than one camera, it will cost you $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year saving you some bucks.

For extra features, Cam Protect will cost you $3.99 a month or $39.99 a year per camera. Currently, there is no plan for unlimited cameras with Cam Protect Lastly the Home Monitoring will cost $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year.

Although competitors like Ring, Blink, Nest Aware, or Roku Camera Subscription provide almost similar services, the pricing, effectiveness, and efficiency of Wyze Cam Subscription sets it apart from others.

Cam Plus Cam Protect Home Monitoring



$9.99/month or $99.99/year for unlimited devices








How to Subscribe and Activate a wyze Cam Subscription?

Subscribing to a Wyze subscription is hassle-free and can be done within some minutes.

There is a designated app named Wyze where you will control all the necessary features.

However, to subscribe, you must do it from a web browser.

Note: Before subscribing to a plan, you should have an account with a valid email address in the Wyze App.

Subscription Process

  • Open a Web browser and go to https://www.wyze.com/pages/wyzeserviceplans
  • Scroll down and select a subscription (Cam Plus/Cam Protect/Home Monitoring)
  • Select Get Subscription
  • After that, select your plan between a monthly or annual plan 
  • After selecting the plan, select Add to Cart
  • Then check out using the email you used in the Wyze App. (Please use the correct email address otherwise your subscription will not activate)
  • Provide your payment details
  • Follow through and wait for confirmation

Activation Process

  • Launch the Wyze app
  • You should be automatically logged in. If you are not, log in to your account
  • You should get a notification popup in the app that says “New Subscription Available” 
  • Tap on Finish Setup
  • Select Add Camera and click on the cameras that you want to include in the subscription
  • Select Done
  • Your subscription will be activated

wyze Cam Subscription vs No Subscription

While subscribing to Wyze Cam subscription will lead you to avail many advanced features, you might still be rethinking your decision.

Let me help you get the right fit that is best for you.

Benefits you get without a subscription

  • Basic Functionality

If you only have your Wyze cameras for your home, you will get all the basic stuff like live view, event images, basic motion detection which can be helpful if you only monitor your home by yourself.

  • Local Storage Option

Without a subscription you will only get local storage option and with a decent sd card, you will get event images saved without an issue.

  • Simplicity

If you just want to use the basic functions without having the fear of missing out on the advanced features, then a subscription might not be for you.

  • Cost Saving

You will save extra costs that comes with a subscription.

Benefits you will be missing with no subscription

  • Cloud access

A valuable feature that can be used from anywhere around the world to monitor your home.

  • Advanced Features

Wyze Cam subscription brings in many advanced features that are life-saving and very convenient for you. It will save you so much stress and give you added peace of mind.

  • Professional Monitoring

With an advanced subscription comes advanced protection. And Wyze has a dedicated professional team to monitor homes so that their subscribed homeowners can relax on a beach without any stress.

In the end, it all comes down to what you need. If you’re okay with just basic monitoring and saving money, the free option should do the trick.

But if you want more advanced features and top-notch security, you might find it worth investing in a Wyze Cam subscription.

How To Cancel wyze Cam Subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime you want. However, there are some things you need to bear in mind.

  • You cannot access any recording after you cancel your subscription. So save any recordings that might be useful for you.
  • Wyze does not provide any refund upon cancellation. Your subscription will be canceled after your payment period automatically.

Cancel your subscription from wyze Website

  • Open a web browser and visit my.wyze.com
  • Log in to your account
  • Select Manage Subscription 
  • Click Edit on My Subscription tab
  • Select Cancel Subscription
  • Confirm cancellation and follow through the next procedures

Cancel subscription from wyze App

  • Launch your Wyze app
  • Select Account at the bottom of your screen
  • Select Services and then select your Wyze Subscription
  • Select Edit Plan
  • Under the Quantity tab, lower your camera quantity to zero (0)
  • Lastly, tap on Cancel Subscription
  • After canceling, your subscription will remain until the payment period ends


In short, the WYZE Camera Subscription is a great way to boost your home security without breaking the bank.

It’s got all the bells and whistles you need to feel safe and secure at home.

Affordable, easy to use, and packed with cool features, it’s no surprise that WYZE is a big name in smart home tech.

Whether you’re new to owning a home or you’re a tech pro, going for the WYZE Camera Subscription is definitely a smart move you’ll be happy with.


Is a Wyze Cam subscription worth the money?

If you want advanced features like cloud recordings, person detection, hazard detection, and monitoring services with a minimal amount of money, a Wyze subscription is definitely worth the cost.

Is there a free trial available for Wyze Cam Subscription?

Currently, Wyze does not offer a free trial for Wyze Cam Subscription. However, they offer promotions or discounts for new subscribers.

What payment methods are accepted for the subscription?

Wyze accepts various payment methods for the subscription, including credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal.

Do I need an internet connection for Wyze Cam Subscription to work?

An internet connection is required for Wyze Cam Subscription to function properly, as it relies on cloud storage and remote access features.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription plan later?

Yes, users can upgrade or downgrade their subscription plan at any time through the Wyze app or website, with changes taking effect immediately.

Does Wyze Cam Subscription work with all Wyze camera models?

Wyze Cam Subscription is compatible with all Wyze camera models, except for v1 cameras are not compatible with Cam Plus subscription.

How long can a Wyze Camera record without a subscription?

It depends on the model of the camera but on average 2-3 weeks is the average recording time.

Can I transfer my Wyze Cam Subscription account to a different email address?

You might be able to change your email address. However, you may need to contact Wyze customer support and follow the necessary steps for account migration.

What happens if my subscription payment fails or my credit card expires?

In the event of a failed payment or expired credit card, Wyze will attempt to notify you to update your payment information.

Failure to update payment details may result in suspension or cancellation of the subscription.

What happens to my Wyze Cam Subscription if I upgrade or replace my Wyze camera?

If you upgrade or replace your Wyze camera, your Wyze Cam Subscription remains active and can be transferred to the new camera through the Wyze app.