Why is My Polaroid Flashing Red Light? (Possible Reasons and Solution)

A photographer’s biggest challenge is a camera that won’t work. Imagine a Polaroid camera failing in the middle of a photo shoot. Everybody, including the client, would feel disappointed.

Polaroid provides some of the most reliable photography devices. No doubt many people own and use Polaroid cameras.

Sometimes these cameras flash a red LED light. If you have noticed this on your camera, you are probably asking yourself this question: Why is my Polaroid flashing red Light? 

Do not worry as you are not alone. Other Polaroid users are seeking answers to the same question. We will do our best to explain the behavior.

“Although Polaroid cameras can flash red due to another problem, the top cause is low battery charge or damaged batteries. Before fretting about it, put your camera on the charging station or get new batteries.” 

What does it mean when my Polaroid flashes red?

A Polaroid camera flashes its charge LED light to indicate a particular battery state. If it flashes a red LED light, the battery is almost dead.

If you do not charge it or buy new batteries, the camera will not work. Before seeing the LED blinking red, you will notice an orange light indicating that the battery charge is medium-high.

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Why is My Polaroid Flashing Red?

Polaroid cameras start blinking red when their batteries run out of charge or finish their journey. If you notice the red light, charge your camera or change the batteries.

We also have to acknowledge that people use different Polaroid cameras. Some use older versions and others newer versions. In some cameras, the red blinking could signify a battery problem or another issue.

Briefly, we will outline the cause of red flashing in various Polaroid cameras.

01. Polaroid 300

If your Polaroid 300 blinks red, the chief cause is the low battery charge. Usually, this camera has two AA batteries that can produce at least one hundred snaps before becoming powerless.

If you encounter this red light, take it as a sign that your camera needs new batteries.

So, get new AA batteries, install them, and see if the light will turn off. Suppose the red LED flashing continues. You need to troubleshoot the situation further by checking the film cartridge.

Is it stuck or out of its space? If so, do not remove the paper from the film ejection slot.

Instead, extend the lens, remove the batteries, and put them back in. These steps should reset the camera and remove the stuck cartridge problem.

02. Polaroid Now 

Is this the device you own? If yes, the red flashing light problem could be due to a low battery charge. Charge your Polaroid Now battery as there is no way to confirm the amount of charge remaining.

Failure to charge the battery means that your camera will not reject the black film cover or the print.

03. Polaroid Now+ 

If you notice red flashing on the battery LED light indicator, the cause is a low charge. Your Polaroid Now+ is more advanced than its precursor. So it will let you see the percentage remaining in your battery.

Press the plus (+) button until the film counter shows the numbers representing various battery levels.

Number 1 means there is no battery in the camera, and number 2 shows that you only have 20 percent charge remaining.

Your first solution is to charge the battery. Suppose the red flashing continues. What should you do?

We recommend resetting the camera by opening the cartridge door and pressing the power button. Continue holding down the button for eight seconds to reset the unit.

04. Polaroid SNAP 

Here is a more advanced Polaroid camera with status LED light indicators for MicroSD card, low battery charge, and paper status.

Hence, if you notice a red blinking light, do not be quick to assume that the battery is dead.

While red blinking first indicates low battery charge or dead battery, it is not always the case.

A red light could also mean that you have used all your prints. Additionally, LED red blinking could mean that your storage space in the macroSD card is below one gigabyte.

Alternatively, the red light could flash still if the SNAP camera can no longer read your card because it has no memory or you have inserted it incorrectly.

Solving memory card problems entails inserting it correctly and finding ways to free storage space.

If you have a low battery problem, the red blinking light will appear when the battery charge is around ten percent or less.

When it depletes to two percent, your Polaroid SNAP camera will blackout.

If you start charging the battery, you might notice the return of red flashing. There is nothing to worry about because the red LED light will stop when the battery gets full.

Some situations can trigger all three LED light indicators.

For example, using the wrong film, inserting a new one too soon, or jamming your film pack could activate concurrent blinking. Once you solve the error, the red flashing should stop.

05. Things to note

No matter the type of Polaroid camera you own, aim to find the root cause of the LED light blinking red. Here is how we summarize problems and solutions:

How to Fix the Problems When My Polaroid is Blinking Red

Problem 1: Dead batteries

Once you take 100 shots with your older version camera, which is equivalent to 10 film rolls, start expecting your AA batteries to fail.

Dead batteries will cause all the lights on your adjustment dial to flash red at once. Alternatively, it may trigger the red lamp behind the viewfinder.


Buy new batteries and ensure they are from the same brand before putting them in the camera. Extend the lens if all the lights are on.

Then, add the new batteries. If only the red lamp came on, retract the lens and add the new batteries.

Problem 2: Low battery charge

If you have an advanced Polaroid camera with a rechargeable battery, you can notice the red blinking light if the charge is below two percent.

An example of such a camera would be Polaroid OneStep, Polaroid Now, Polaroid Now+, etc.


Recharge the battery fully. 

Problem 3: Film error

Sometimes your Polaroid camera is fine even if its LED indicator red light is flashing. If you purchase the wrong film and load it, the camera might give you the red light.

Also, if you have a quality film but load it incorrectly, you might notice the same problem. Poor film handling, such as exposure to direct sunlight when loading, could damage it.


Buy your films wisely first. Then, handle and load them properly afterward.

Problem 4: Memory Card issues

In some advanced cameras, you will find a memory card indicator light. If it has limited storage space or defects due to poor handling or no fault of yours, it might cause the red light blinking problem.

Again, if you insert the memory card wrongly, you can get the same error.


Always insert the memory card correctly. Moreover, ensure your card is working properly and has adequate storage space.

Problem 5: You accidentally dropped your camera

If the battery and film are fine, perhaps you or someone else dropped the camera. You probably did not think the drop was severe enough to cause damage. But what if it did?


Examine various camera parts to identify the ones that might have failed. Have a professional repair the camera to avoid causing more damage.

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What to Do If Your Polaroid Won’t Take Pictures?

A Polaroid camera may refuse to eject a photo after you take it. Additionally, the darkslide may fail to eject if you add a new film pack into the camera.

If facing any of these situations, you might not know what to do next. You need to know the exact cause, which can be the following?

A weak battery:

Your camera’s failure to take pictures could be because of a weak battery in the camera or the film pack, depending on if you own a modern or a vintage device.

Any of these batteries can drain its charge if you forget to turn off the camera when not in use. Not shutting down your camera can allow its flash feature to drain the battery.

If you use your camera often, perhaps it refuses to eject a photo because the battery charge is low or its AA batteries are damaged.

A defective camera:

Could it be possible that your camera is faulty? After inserting a film pack, listen to the camera’s sound and reaction.

If you can hear some noise, but nothing comes out, try to insert the film again. Perhaps you did it incorrectly the first time.

If the device does not even eject the darkslide, insert a different film pack. Noting similar problems could mean the camera needs a thorough check-up and repair.

Rusty battery contacts:

Do you use an older AA battery Polaroid camera? If so, the two copper spring contacts extending from the base of the film compartment could have severe rust.

So, use your screwdriver to remove the rust or find another way to do it.

How Long Does a Polaroid Battery Last?

Usually, after recharging the battery, it will last 15 to 20 film packs. We are referring to a rechargeable Polaroid gadget like OneStep.

If you own an older model, such as Polaroid 300, you should expect its battery to last 100 shots. After that, you will need to replace it.

Polaroid ZIP Printer Blinking Red – Possible Reason

First, a polarized ZIP printer is a wireless device that can connect to a smartphone via a downloaded Polaroid app. Thus, the ZIP printer allows the user to print pictures from a mobile phone.

Before you can start using it, make sure you charge its battery. Charging is easy as you only need to connect a USB cable to a PC port.

Alternatively, charge it for one and half hours using a USB adapter. Failure to charge your ZIP printer can result in a low battery charge.

Without a doubt, a low battery charge will trigger the red LED light and it will keep blinking until you recharge the battery.

If you are sure the battery is okay but the red light persists, you might be having a system error. An error like this can happen because of:

  • An unsupported image format
  • An opened back cover of the ZIP printer
  • A Polaroid app that failed to update correctly
  • A canceled print job
  • Having no paper or a paper jam.

Top Questions [FAQs]

What printing paper does the Polaroid ZIP printer use?

If you want your ZIP printer to do a thorough job, use only the Polaroid Premium Zink Paper. Ensure that you load this printing paper correctly.

If you load it upside down, the printer will refuse to work. Confirm that the blue calibration card is at the bottom and that other paper areas align with the glossy side facing up.

Do not push your ZINK paper too deep inside the printer or your printing job will fail.

How can I know if my Polaroid camera has failed?

If you recently dropped your camera, the odds that some of its internal components broke are high.

Nevertheless, you do not need to drop your camera to make it fail.

Regular usage will eventually wear down your camera. Mishandling the camera often can cause the failure of the internal components.

If your device starts to eject blurry images, too dark or too light images, or big repeating dots, your camera is developing issues.

Other photo issues that could reveal a camera that is starting to fail include fully black or white images, vertical stripes, blue marks, etc.

Can I reset my Polaroid camera?

Yes, you can reset your Polaroid camera in the following manner. First, charge your camera for sixty minutes. Then, open the film door and find the reset button on the left side.

A reset button is like a tiny black dot, right above where you insert the film pack. Then, turn it on. Sometimes pressing the power button for about eight seconds can reset the camera.


Why is my Polaroid flashing red? We have attempted to answer this question as thoroughly as possible.

Read the problems and solution section to identify the reasons why your camera flashes its red LED light.

After that, choose the right solution for the issues you have found. If you cannot solve a problem, take your device of a professional instead.

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