Why Are Leica Cameras So Expensive? (A Complete Guide)

When it comes to expensive cameras, high end Canon, Nikon, Sony and other popular brands are often mentioned. However, Leica cameras are in a league of its own.

They are so expensive, that once people get an idea of how much they cost, the first question they ask is why are leica cameras so expensive?

A leica camera is pretty expensive because it forges ahead of other cameras in so many unique ways, among which includes the limited number manufactured, the fact that they are handcrafted, and how surprisingly good the quality of their images are. These are but a few reasons why you are about to break your bank for one.

In this article, we shall be demystifying the brand Leica as we address all the reasons why they cost as high as they do based on their top feature. We would also discuss if the camera is worth its cost. At the end, you would have had enough information to determine if buying one is really important.

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Why Are Leica Cameras So Expensive?

You have already knew that leica is one of the luxurious brand and cameras are too costly. Read through this full guide which top 6 reasons make the leica brand so expensive.

Top Features Of A Leica Camera

Before a brand slaps a price tag on its product, it factors in a lot of things. A brand like Leica definitely attracts an initial reaction against its cost.

Fortunately, the reasons are indeed a combination of things the brand factored in, which most of the high end cameras lack. In this section we are going to be lookin at the top features of Leica Cameras that make them so expensive.

01. Limited Product

For each series of Leica’s cameras, the brand deliberately produces a very limited number. So, if you do buy a Leica camera you are one among the very few who actually own that specific series. You would have to agree that owning a limited edition of a product is nice.

The more scarce a thing is, the more it is perceived valuable. This is a principal the brand has pivoted its cameras on, and we must admit that it has worked very well for them so far, as people actually buy a Leica camera for this purpose.

02. High Resale Value

In a sense, buying a Leica camera can be seen as a form of investment. Its camera being limited translates to really high resale value. Leica is the only camera you can invest between three thousand dollars to five thousand dollars in and in a few years sell back within that same range.

Fortunately the demand for used Leica cameras is healthy. You will always find someone to sell your Leica camera to when you want to. This sort of justifies why buying a Leica camera at its high price is worth it.

For example, if you bought a Leica M (Type 240) for four thousand pounds a few years ago, you can resell it for anything between two thousand to three thousand dollars today!

03. Leica Cameras Are Hand Made

Leica cameras are hand made, well not all of them, but most(especially the M10s). The attention to detail and the craftsmanship is top notch.This therefore directly affects the cost of production, which is way higher than other cameras. This directly affects the price of the cameras. When you hold a Leica camera, you are holding in your hand a piece of art!

Leica’s factory is located in Germany, where each camera is assembled in a sterile environment. The process by which their well paid skilled craftsmen go about working on each camera is a trade secret of Leica that is over one hundred years old. 

04. The Leica Look

Had Leica only upheld its limited products, high resale value and the fact that it is hand made as the reason for its high cost, they would still hold sway in the market. But they did one more thing better than most cameras, their lenses produce extremely awesome images, so much that these images are given the name“Leica look”

The quality of the images produced by leica lenses have been a source of several arguments, with some clearly saying they are products of magic. The science behind their images isn’t in the public domain. The fact is that Leica gives you from just shooting amazing images you would need to achieve through post processing with other flagship cameras like Canon, Nikon, etc.

05. Leica’s Lenses Are Adaptable

So far, you must be fully bought over as to why you should be spending so much on a Leica camera. However, things get better. Leica lenses are adaptable. Adaptability in lenses is the potential of it being used with other cameras. 

Although it must be stated that you might not be getting the exact quality of pictures you would get if you used a Leica camera as the Liela look is  a combined effect of the camera’s sensor as much as the lens. However, Leica lenses are also amazing. 

So, when you purchase a Leica camera and its lenses, you are not constrained to the brand. You can use its lenses on your favourite Canon camera. It’s a win-win situation with the Leica brand. This obvious advantage is one that some flagship cameras struggle with.

06. Leica Cameras Can Be Used With Other Lenses

So, do you have a Panasonic and have invested heavily on lenses and are sceptical about getting a Leica camera for fear of having to buy new Leica lenses? Well, do not be disturbed because leica cameras are compatible with the lenses of other cameras. 

Lenses from Canon, Panasonic, and other amazing brands can be used with the leica camera once you get the right adapter for the purpose.

It becomes an amazing experience especially if you are the type of photographer who loves to experiment

Are Leica Cameras Worth It?

This is the big question. Are Leica cameras really with it? And we would say “yes”. They are actually worth it.

However, just like almost every luxury product, they are not worth going broke for. However, if you have the money to purchase one and it wouldn’t hurt you, then go for it,

Also, if you are just starting out as a photographer, don’t be deceived into thinking that you can substitute learning the basics of photography with the guaranteed awesome quality of a Leica camera.

You will fall flat on your face. Start with an average camera and learn the ropes of photography. 

People Also Ask

Why Are Pictures Taken By Leica High Quality?

The secret of the Leica camera is in the technology behind their sensors and also their lenses. This technology is what puts them ahead of other cameras

Are Leica Cameras Durable?

The brand boasts a wide range of really durable cameras. Their cameras are designed to last a really long time.

My Final Words

The Leica camera is a fantastic camera that holds up to its high price. You will definitely get the value for your money in quality of image.

And even if you do not take a single picture with it, you can always resell years later for an amount that is amazing. Getting a Leica Camera is definitely one of those buying decisions you will not regret.