Ultimate Guideline For A Lifestyle Photography in 2024

Lifetime memories and events can’t be juicier with generic photography. Here, lifestyle photography can tell the actual story behind photos! 

Lifestyle family photography, lifestyle newborn photography, product lifestyle photography, and fashion lifestyle photography are the top-notch selections nowadays.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report says lifestyle photographers may grow at a rate of 17% in 2020-2030. 

Let’s join the in-depth scenario and get the ultimate guidelines for becoming a lifestyle photographer. Stay tuned!

What is Lifestyle Photography?

What is a Lifestyle Photography


Lifestyle photography is the art of capturing daily life activities that tell a story behind photos. 

More you can tell is capturing a mood, experience or candid photos of what people feel.

In lifestyle photography, you aren’t planning for a headshot, portrait or documentary.

You have to prioritize the situation where a person or group of people relax, enjoy or do miscellaneous activities which they are used to! 

Also, you don’t have exact control over light, shots or scripted situations. Like, you have an appointment to capture family lifestyle photos. 

The main concept is to create an album of kids’ first-day at-school pictures.

You don’t have to take photos of a kid’s smiling face while holding a new school bag.

Here, you will take wide shots of several scenes.

Such as,  how his mother is busy preparing him for school, the yellow school bus is waiting and he finally gets on the school bus. 

5 Types of Lifestyle Photography

01. Headshot/Portrait Lifestyle Photography

Capture a smiling face with a casual dress-up. Got a perfect portrait? It’s not a part of lifestyle portrait photography at all.

Portrait lifestyle photography reflects the uniqueness of an individual. 

It focuses more on activities or the surrounding environment rather than a person or group of people.

Headshot Lifestyle Photography Idea: Picture of a lady reading a book with a cup of hot coffee.

02. Family Lifestyle Photography

Family lifestyle photography recreates the moments of a member’s activities where they enjoy, gossiping or doing activities with their daily routine.

It more focuses on the interaction between family members.  

Finally, a collection of photos that give you lifetime memories of your golden times with family.

Lifestyle family photography ideasYou need to capture family member-together events.

Where to start? Simple! 

  • You may click on women who are busy in the kitchen preparing dishes.
  • Mens are sit together and share their office experience. 
  • Kids are playing around their grandparents.

03. Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Lifestyle Newborn photography captures the connection of a newborn between parents and siblings. 

Mainly, parents want to keep memories of little toddlers in an album. It focuses more on the emotion between parents and a baby. 

In this category, you need to take pictures where a growing person can relive his earliest day of life. 

Ideas for newborn lifestyle photography:

  • Shooting a lifestyle newborn in his sweet home.
  • Take pictures of mothers kissing on babies’ foreheads.
  • The father tries to overwhelm the baby with funny jokes. 

04. Commercial Lifestyle Photography

Commercial lifestyle photography reflects the real-life experience related to your brand, product or services.

It’s overall advertising brands to engage more people. But, you can’t focus on specifically the product or service during shooting.

You should create compelling stories about how your product or service contributes to their daily life.


You need to advertise a 5-star hotel near Florida. Here, you don’t need to capture the hotel’s room, food restaurant, car parking or other facilities. 

You should capture the environment, harmony and refreshing feelings of how people enjoy their leisure hours in the hotel.

05. Fashion Lifestyle Photography

Fashion lifestyle photography relates fashion with the brand and daily lifestyle.

Hiring a model and advertising a portrait photograph with a frozen pose isn’t included in this category. 

You need to enhance the overall fashion with casual dress, fit and environment. 

Idea:  A model gets ready with a smartwatch to have a more stylish look. 

You need to capture the smartwatch while shooting the overall fashion with a purse, sunglasses or costume.

That means, it’s not necessary to focus every time on the watch in hand.

Lifestyle Photography Gear and Equipment Option: Quick Chart list

Gear and Equipment  Top Brands  Price Range
Camera DSLR:Canon EOS 6D Mark II

Mirrorless: Sony Alpha A7 III

Lenses Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 

Sony 16-35mm f/2.8

Tripod DJI Ronin-S $200
Wireless Remote Canon BR-E1 $30-$50
Lighting Equipment Strobe lighting


Editing Software Adobe lightroom




$5-$50 /month
Backup and Storage Hard drive: SanDisk Professional 12TB G-DRIVE PRO

Cloud service: Dropbox


What Is The Best Camera and Lenses for lifestyle photography (Plus Must Have Accessories)

Lifestyle Photography Gear


Choosing a suitable camera body is crucial for lifestyle photography.

You can’t compromise the quality, again you need to adjust the budget. For me! It’s better to invest in a high-quality camera. 

As lifestyle photography is challenging with real-life experiences, you can’t adjust to slow operation during a photoshoot. 

Today’s photographer also got into a debate between DSLR vs Mirrorless cameras. The differences don’t make any sense. 

Only the size, personal preferences and budget are the facts. So, don’t be hyper with the choice. You can freely choose any. 

Depending on experience, budget and quality, I have shortlisted the three best cameras for you! Have a look. 


Lenses depend on what types of lifestyle photography you shoot!

Where does the photoshoot take place? What’s the subject? You need to consider a few factors behind choosing a lens. 

Let’s take a look at the best lenses for lifestyle photography considering the camera body, subject, and focus.

Lense Best For
Canon 50mm f/1.8 Prime lens

Must be in every photographer’s bag

Outdoor lifestyle photography

Portrait photography 

XF 18-55mm

Zoom lens

More versatile lifestyle shots you can take

Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 Budget-friendly Lens

Autofocus and Wide angle shots

Covers portrait and Sports lifestyle photography 

Nikkor 105mm f/2.8 VR

Macro Lens

Close up shots for product photography 


A tripod is a necessary piece of equipment every photographer must have. 

Using a tripod you can easily manage the camera for taking shots without any possible shake. So, you can expect more stability with a tripod. 

There’s a variety of tripods you’ll find. Choose any according to your needs and budget.  

Well, my all-time favorite tripod for lifestyle family photography or newborn photography is DJI Ronin-S

Wireless Remote 

Capture photos with a flexible wireless remote option. You can trigger the shutter from a suitable distance as well. 

Well, choose a wireless remote that is suitable for your camera. You can choose Canon BR-E1 for any of your latest Canon camera bodies.

Lighting Equipment 

Lighting equipment can be another essential tool for photography.

However, lifestyle photography focuses on natural shots. 

However, indoor photography, newborn photography or product photography may need artificial lighting equipment like Strobe lighting, Softbox, Umbrella.

Editing Software

Without a professional touch, your lifestyle photographs will remain incomplete. 

You must use some editing software to adjust lighting, contrast, brightness and sharpness. 

Well, you can use free or paid software as well. The alternative option is to hire a professional photo editor in your team for the fastest delivery.

Backup and Storage

The last one is more important. You need to have backup storage for saving the photos and document files of separate clients. 

You can use a hard drive, memory card or cloud service. Nowadays, cloud service is the safest option to protect images, and documents and give access anywhere, anytime

How to Shoot Lifestyle Photography (Tips)

Convert your boring photoshoot to realistic lifestyle artistry with the following powerful tips. 

01. Decide the location first

Lifestyle photography is strongly related to storytelling.  

So, finding an exact location is a crucial part.

Considering the situation, you can select the best location:

  • What type of brand are you working with?
  • Is that a more formal advertising shoot?
  • Is it a family get-together or a baby’s milestone?

When it’s a family outdoor photography, you may select a beach or park as a location. Again, if it’s a newborn lifestyle photography,  you have to shoot in a studio or a house.

Well, product or service photography will also relate to the subject. Representing a coffee brand will shoot in a luxurious apartment, right? 

Pro tips: Before starting a shooting, it’s better to offer a free consultation. Understanding their brand story and needs, it’s easy to choose a location. 

02. Scouting the location

When it’s outdoor lifestyle photography, you must have to scout the location.

Choosing a primary location isn’t a good decision. As there may be crowds at the time of shooting. 

Convincing people to stay a little far is an option. But, it’s typically hard. Therefore, try to select at least 2 or 3 backup locations named Plan-A, Plan-B etc.

Pro tips: Use “Google Street View” to scout the location before shooting.

03. Create a list of workable scene

After selecting a location, list some planning workable scenes. 

Though, lifestyle photoshoots focus on unplanned scenes. But, having some planned script can give you effective shooting.

Like, you can list how parents will walk with their baby through the exact middle of the road covering trees. 

Again, planning the scene shot, using objects, and a suitable outfit is the best thing before a lifestyle photoshoot.

04. Use wide angle lenses

Zoom lenses are great but using wide angles can give you many pretty shots.

You can have a good balance between subject and surrounding basically for portrait photography. 

I’d recommend you the best lense tips! You don’t have to reach out far for great shots with zoom lenses.

Again, random close up shots can be sharp and clean rather than pictures with zoom lenses. Such as product photography. 

05. Keep it a natural and consistent look

The best way is to ease your clients and comfort them during the photoshoot.

Interact with them as they can forget about posing in a camera. The way they enjoy a journey can give you the best result.

Shooting people with candid pose, natural light and a silent shutter. Make photos more consistent to give you a cohesive story to tell. 

Pro tips:Using a mirrorless camera will define your photoshoot more naturally. It is lightweight, easy to carry and has a silent shutter. 

Mirrorless cameras allow capture without acting as a professional with studio equipment. 

You can better understand with this exclusive lifestyle photography shooting tip! Check it out now.

How To Become A Lifestyle Photographer(Step-by-step guideline)

How to Shoot Lifestyle Photograph

You can’t stand out in this competitive sector having an average skill and portfolio.  

Step 1. Select a Specific Niche

The very first step is to select a specific niche. Without this step, you can’t compete with today’s photographers.

People are interested in working with a specialized photographer rather than a rounder.

Decide what environment and people you most love! If you love to create a story of parents or newborn babies, grow as a newborn or family lifestyle photographer. 

Love to advertise products or services? Then, you can become a product lifestyle photographer. 

Step 2. Know the Equipment and Settings Like a Pro

You may have to use different camera settings to build a cohesive story for each category.

Gain more knowledge on your niches. Improve photography skills by knowing every single thing. 

Explore more places and  increase creativity with your portable lenses 

Step 3. Improve Communication Skills

Analyzing professional lifestyle photographer’s reviews, you’ll see how they build strong communication with their clients.

The more you interact as a friend or family person, the better your branding will be. Also, the photographs will be more natural than you want.

So, engage and interact with people softly while improving the photoshoot.

Step 4. Build Strong Portfolio

It’s now time to build a strong portfolio. You can create a website to showcase your skills.

Well, demonstrate your education, skill, style of photography and about yourself as well. 

A separate page ‘About Me’ has a better insight to promise them a friendly environment.

Showcase your best lifestyle photographs and tell a short story below them.

Step 5. Start the Journey As a Beginner

You’re on the way! Keep trying to start a lifestyle photography with relatives such as cousins, friends or colleagues.

Then, spread their positive words about your skill in a portfolio. Up next? Start to find out a specific person or industry who is well known.

You can contact an Instagram influencer or model. Then, give them an offer for a review on their social media. It’ll help you to build credibility. 

Again, you can offer a 20-30% discount on the first photography session.

Step 6. Active On Social Media

Social media platforms are a great place to showcase your skills and portfolio.

You can use Instagram as a weapon to grow your photography business. Additionally, you can create LinkedIn, Pinterest and Facebook pages to find out more potential clients.

Best Lifestyle photographer near You

01. Oksana Pali Photography

Oksana Pali is an award-winning lifestyle photographer for brand or commercial photography sessions. 

Website: www.oksanapali.com

02. Life & Love By Gia

Gia is a popular lifestyle photographer in San Diego. She’s well known for wedding, newborn and family lifestyle photography.

Website: https://lifelovebygia.com/

03. David Victory Photography

David is a fashion photographer in Los Angeles.  He mainly serves the brand and designer with engaging fashion lifestyle photography.  

Website: https://vrset.com

04. Allen Tsai Photography

Allen nailed his lifestyle photography skills in Destination Wedding Photography and Couple Photography. 

Website: https://allentsaiphotography.com/

05. Kevin Day Photography

Kevin specializes in capturing creative headshots for business and acting profession 

Website: https://kevindayphotography.com/


How much does lifestyle product photography cost?

A lifestyle product photographer earns $20.36 per hour in the USA. Depending on location, skill and experience,  the cost can vary. 

Such as a lifestyle photographer charges as high as $32.74 in Clay, CA in the US. Whereas, you’ll find lifestyle photographers in Sunnyvale for only 24.69$

What is the difference between product and lifestyle photography? 

Product photography focuses on specification, features and aesthetics.

Whereas, lifestyle product photography more focuses on storytelling how the product or service benefits people in their daily lives.  

More specifically, lifestyle photography is a kind of storytelling. Product photography is only the vibrant photos of a specific product.  

How do I become a lifestyle photographer?

If you love to take candid photos to create cohesive stories, let’s join the journey of lifestyle photography by following these powerful tricks. 

  • Select a specific niche
  • Know the equipment and settings like a pro
  • Improve communication Skill
  • Build strong portfolio
  • Start the journey as a beginner
  • Active on Social Media

Final Words 

Lifestyle photography is about giving a life in a photo by telling a compelling story! 

You may take a hundred shots! But, a perfect shot should reflect the actual emotion and connection. 

So, what are you waiting for? Ready with your photography gear and equipment to recreate the mesmerizing journey!