What Is 3d Product Photography?

Any photographs we usually take are two-dimensional, meaning we can only assume the length and width of a subject in a photograph. However, we cannot witness the depth in a 2d photograph. The world is revolutionizing, increasing the need for three-dimensional photographs because they give a new understanding of real-life photographs.

We as humans perceive this world in a three-dimensional view, which means we can observe the length and width and even feel the depth.

How about adding the same effect in the photographs giving them a real-life look?

Of course, it’s awesome but capturing a 3d photograph and making appropriate edits is not as simple as it seems. But the good thing is you can learn how to do 3d product photography.

You’ll learn details about making a 3d product photos like a pro and tips to help you provide the 3d photography services. Let’s start, then.

What Is 3d Product Photography?

In 1839, a technique was invented called stereoscopy. Sir Charles Wheatstone brought it. Stereoscopy is a technique used to simultaneously show a different point of view of pictures. As of today, we call the same technique 3D photography.

Let me explain this technique by putting any object in front of you at the table. Close your right eye and try to see it with only one eye. While sitting in the same position, open the right eye and see the same object with the left eye closed.

How to make 3d Product Photographs

The object will move as you watch it. Parallax is what causes this effect. This helps us see objects in greater detail and depth. The same technique was used in Stereography.

In the past, there was a camera with two lenses separated by an approximate distance of 2.5 inches. There is a unique reason for the distance of 2.5 inches. For stereography to be more realistic, the camera’s lens was adapted to the same structure as humans’ eyes.

Isn’t it amazing?

Pressing the shutter button takes two pictures from different perspectives. When the human eye sees that picture, it seems as if they were 3D, or stereo images. Back then, in the 19’s it was very difficult to make a 3d image. But today, it is relatively easy because of digital cameras and even more easy with the help of smartphones.

How To Do a 3d Product Photography?

There are multiple ways of making a 3d image. In the following, I have explained different ways of making 3d images. Have a look.

01. Stereoscopic Camera

Stereoscopic cameras are one of the oldest and most common ways to create 3D images. However, it is sometimes difficult to find vintage cameras. You can probably find vintage cameras in thrift shops or post an online ad if you are trying to make 3D images with vintage cameras. There is a possibility that someone is finding a buyer for their vintage camera.

Here are some of the most reliable models I recommend. I own the Holga 120 3D, the Nimslo 3D, the Kodak Stereo Camera, and the View-Master Personal Stereo. In some cases, they use 120mm film (medium format), while sometimes, 35mm is enough.

Using these cameras, you can easily create 3D images. Just take a normal picture, and you’ll get negatives for both sides. This method is the easiest way to create 3D images.

02. Digital Camera

Digital cameras are not primarily used for taking 3D pictures. Therefore, two digital cameras can be used in this situation. For this purpose, special rigs are available. When taking 3D images using this method, make sure both cameras have the same settings. Digital cameras can also be used to take 3D pictures if this method is not possible.

Choosing a subject is the first step. You should choose a scene with a vanishing point if you want the 3D effect to be more noticeable. But, if your scene is flat, this will not make any difference.

Secondly, the most common way to frame your subject in a photograph is to frame it in the middle of the photograph. Using a tripod when taking photos is key to making your work more professional and pleasing. After setting the tripod, take your first picture.

Now, move your tripod to the left. Remember the parallax effect I explained earlier?

This is the main feature of 3d product photography. We will repeat that experiment earlier but with practical use.

There is one thing I didn’t mention earlier – that if the object is near the eye or camera, the object’s movement with two pictures will add more depth to the picture, making it an even richer 3D picture.

To add a parallax effect, you need to move the tripod 2.5 inches from its original position. Taking pictures of subjects far from the camera is a good idea. The next picture is from a greater distance. As a result, the 3D effect will be more prominent. You should remember that you are supposed to move only the camera, not the settings on the camera.

The last step in the process is to print the pictures. The final form of your pictures can now be made using various methods. You can view it as a 3D image using a special 3D viewer photography effect. You can also put both pictures next to each other, defocus your eyes, then look at them as a 3D image by putting them next to each other.

Last but not least, you can make it a 3D gif in Photoshop.

03. 3d Effect In Photoshop

Additionally, if you are interested in creating 3D images in Photoshop, you can do so if that is what you are looking for. People appreciate and dislike the photoshopped work in different ways.Here’s how you can create 3D effects in Photoshop.

The first thing you need to do is open the image and duplicate the layer. You can easily do this by dragging the layer to the bottom of the panel and clicking the button that says “Create a new layer.”

All you need is the red channel from the duplicate you created earlier. For this purpose, you will need to open the layer-style dialogue box. After that, right-click on the layer and select the blending options from the menu. Next, click Advanced blending options to continue. On that page, you will see 3 checkboxes, one red, one green, and one blue. To complete the process, uncheck the blue and green boxes.

You will not be able to see any difference by doing so. This is because your background layer is active at the moment. Click on the eye next to the layer you wish to see what changes you have made. You will now be able to see the difference between the two. When you are sure you are doing the right thing, click the eye again to continue your work.

04. 3d Scan Model

Compared to the previous techniques this one is the most complicated, but the results are the best. 3d images created with this technique can be seen in 3d when you move your mouse or finger in case you are using the phone to view. You can see this picture in 360 degrees. This experience is the same as if you are holding the object physically.

You will need to take pictures of every angle to make this picture. By taking several pictures of the object, it will be possible to form each and every corner of it. You can make the picture easier to process by adding markers. Adding markers to the picture will result in a more precise scan so that the software can recognize the picture automatically.

You don’t want to waste your valuable time by adding them manually. Depending on how many images you are processing as well.

Once you have gone through this process, you need some special software for modeling. I will recommend Agisoft Metashape. I often use this one because it is one of the best software. But this is not free. You will have to buy the software and license to use it.

Cost Of 3d Product Photography

Cost of 3d product photography varies from person to person. Experience is the reason for the variation. An amateur can charge up to $50 to $100 per hour.

But when it comes to experienced 3d product photographers, they can charge up to $300 to 500$ per hour. But if you ask about the average, it is around $20 to $150 per product, which is good.

People Also Ask

01: How can I make a normal picture into a 3d picture?

An easy method is to add 3d effects in photoshop. Another method is to use a vintage 3d stereoscopic camera.

02: How do 3d images work?

Two pictures are taken from two different angles. With the help of the parallax effect when the two pictures are merged and seen together, they appear as 3d images with depth perception.

Final Words

Making a 3D picture is possible in various ways. You can use two digital cameras or vintage cameras. There is a simple one and a little complex one.

You may choose to use whatever equipment you have, or if you have advanced tools for 3D photography, you may do so. Don’t hesitate to start. Every method is easy, and I’ve made it even easier by explaining 3d photography in simple terms.

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