Best 07 Wedding Photography Tips for Beginners

Wedding photography ideas are the most colorful, emotional, and valuable type of photography because you click on the feelings of the bride, groom, and every family member. You may feel it is an easy-to-do thing, but it’s not. Why?

Because focusing on different people with different facial expressions where you get the best photograph of every person, and the couple requires a lot of practice and attention.

But are there any essential tips to help you master photographing the family, group, event, and close-up images?

Yes, there are some amazing wedding photography tips for beginners that I am discussing in this article to help you out with your wedding photography career. Excited? Why not first understand what comes under the photographing niche?

What Is Wedding Photography?

A wedding photographer captures all of the events occurring on the big day. Some couples also want to include images of the wedding preparations, pre-wedding celebrations, reception, and much more. You should prepare for everything included in a wedding shoot to help you make more money and clients.

Depending on the functions covered under your contract with the couple, you may be booked for one day or a week. Capturing wedding photographs makes money and gives you a good feeling and motivation when saving memories of two people getting married to make a family.

Best Wedding Photography Tips for Beginners

Don’t go crazy about how you will get the perfect photographs for your client’s wedding. Here are some amazing tips to look at.

01: Give A Through Look At Venue

A tour of the venue before the wedding day is very important. Check which spots are the best for capturing the photographs, the angle of light, and everything so you can give your best on the wedding day.

Avoiding this tour, you will have to do everything on the wedding day, wasting a lot of time when you can click the photographs. So I advise you to have a tour approximately 2 to 3 days before the venue to prepare your mind with ideas.

02: Arrange An Assistant

Don’t put all the burden on your shoulders to get high-end wedding photography. Get yourself an assistant if you still need to get one. Especially when the wedding is a bigger one with more people you will feel a lot easier to work collectively with the assistant instead of doing everything on your own.

You can save time and capture the photographs by preparing the people and setting the couple frequently to your assistant. You can take the pressure off your mind making it capable of thinking creatively as the assistant will handle extra tasks relieving you.

03: Interact With The Couple

A meeting with the couple before the wedding day to help you know them well must not be skipped. Ask them different questions regarding their wedding and relationship, like when they met. The more you know the couple, the better you will be able to capture their photographs the way they want.

An extra benefit of asking these questions is to show your professionality to the couple. This will send a message from your side that you are not only behind their money but also have an interest in the project.

04: Give Space To The Couple

It’s understandable that you want to get the best shots of the couple but do not be invasive. Take your time to capture the couple’s photographs but give some space to the couple because it’s their only day of the wedding that will never come again. Keep your distance from the couple when they are having some family moment.

But what I do is buy a high-quality lens with good zooming power. This helps me take beautiful shots without getting too close to the couple. So this way, I can give the couple their desired space and get the photographs I want without disturbing any of us.

05: Give A Chance To Natural Moments

You can use props and settle the different poses of the couple, but the beauty in natural poses cannot be created. You can capture the moments without telling the couple; believe it; they always prove magical moments for me. Keep your focus on the family members of the bride and groom together with the couple. Capture the loving and friendly moments between the guests at the wedding function.

The family members are close to the bride and groom, so they would love your photographs and have an emotional connection with them. The bride would love to see her father dancing with joy and tears in his eyes of handling her daughter to another man.

06: Find Little Happy Moments

There will be many happy, sad, and stressful moments at the wedding function, but it’s your job to find the little happy moments. Also, accept that some things might go wrong at the wedding and you cannot make everything perfect. But you can still make the shoot happy by capturing only their perfect moments.

07:  Know The Expectations

Try to know in detail about the expectations of the couple. Figure out in detail what your clients want. If they need clarification, you can show them some examples of your previous portfolios or from the internet.

The more clearly you know the expectations, the better you will be able to capture the photographs according to your clients’ requirements. Also, do not forget to ask what big don’ts the couple does not want in their wedding photography.

People Also Ask

01: How can I select the best camera for wedding photography?

Your camera should have autofocus and the ability to use different lenses. Another feature of working well in low light should also be considered because you may sometimes have to photograph in low light.

02: Which brand has the best photography cameras for wedding shots?

Nikon and Canon would be on my top list because of the smoothness, accuracy, and detail they provide in every photograph I capture. None of my clients have ever complained about poor-quality photographs. Nikon D850 is my most used camera out of all others because it works amazingly.

03: Do I need to buy extra lenses to photograph a wedding?

Of course, you must buy a separate lens to add equality to your photoshoot. A perfectly used lens can make your photographs mind-blowing. A lens with 24-70mm f/2.8 will work fine because they are versatile.

04: Which tripod would be suitable for wedding photography?

You can use any tripod if it gives you an accurate angle and level because an irregular tripod will worsen your job. Also, check the folded height, which should be less so you can easily carry it.

05: Should I use any props for the wedding photographs?

Yes, you can use the props if available because they help to add an extra level of excitement to the photographs. Your props can be flowers, net curtains, or anything the couple wants.

What’s The Catch?

Where wedding photography brings bursts of excitement, keep in mind that there are a lot of stressful and frustrating moments. For the couple, the wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and they want every detail to be perfect.

As the sole photographer, you must be available everywhere, which is the most challenging part. My tips will hopefully help you get the perfect shots for the happy couple. Best of luck!