Why Does Sony Camera Not Focusing? (Common Problems and Solutions)

You’ve just captured a memorable shot, but it’s out of focus? I know it’s a highly frustrating moment, especially when you are on your trip, at a wedding function, or at someone’s birthday party.

Wait, don’t get disheartened, because by finding the exact reason and solution of why Sony camera not focusing, you can fix the sony a6000 autofocus problems, sony a7ii camera focus issue and others sony cameras which have the focusing issues.

Don’t know how to correct the focus issue in your sony camera? This article will give you the right solution.

Sony cameras are one of the best-focusing cameras on the market, yet sometimes the best ones have flaws, so don’t panic. We’ve provided some reasons and their solution in the article. Depending on the exact problem and your camera model, you’ll find one or the other ways working for you.

Continue reading and applying the solutions until to find the best one……

Sony Camera Not Focusing (6 Common Problems and Solutions)

Most of the photographers experiences common 6 focusing problems with their different sony cameras, including

  • AF/MF Button
  • Fitting of The Lens
  • Setting The Auto Focus Point
  • Choosing Between Focus Modes
  • Distance From The Subject
  • Brightness Issues

Sony cameras are susceptible and delicate as they are made to specialize in their task. This causes them to often get disturbed by minute changes in setting or low light. So let’s look at the reasons one by one and their solutions.

01. Difficulties of The AF/MF Button

It’s a common mistake that many photographers make unconsciously: switching the autofocus button and manual focus button on the wrong side, thus getting improper focus results when capturing the photographs.

Sometimes when you want to focus the subject manually, but the switch is set on autofocus (AF), you will fail to get the desired results. So adjusting this will help you to get accurately focused photographs.

What to Do? Check on the side of your lens. You will find a switch with the reading AF/MF on it. Depending on which focus settings you prefer, set the switch perfectly.

Move the switch to autofocus mode if you want the lens and camera to control the focus, while you can shift to the manual focus in case you desire to control the focus yourself.

02: Fitting of The Lens

When shifting your lenses while taking photographs or adding a new lens to your camera, you might not have mounted your lens correctly. This causes a misconnection between the camera and your lens, giving out Sony camera focus issue.

Whether you are in a hurry or whatsoever, the excellent idea is to check the lens if it’s appropriately mounted or not before you start taking photographs. You may believe you cannot make this mistake, but checking once may resolve your issue, saving you from more significant problems.

What Next? Make sure that the lens contact pins are lined up with the camera. If these lines are not correctly settled with the camera, your camera isn’t receiving signals from the lens, causing focus issues.

Remove your lens and re-attach it properly until you hear the clicking sound. If the camera isn’t fixing with the lens, you can repeat the process until you get the accurate lens fixing.

03: Setting The AF Point

Using the autofocus feature sometimes, your camera might get confused especially when there is a flat-looking scenery in front of it. Not putting your focus point on an area of contrast can cause issues when using the autofocus feature.

The camera cannot detect details and thus can’t decide whether the image is focused.

How to Fix? When using the auto focus mode, try to keep it on a contrasting area, meaning that your focus area must have shadows and highlights. This helps the camera to detect the textures in the frame and focus properly, making your photograph clear enough.

In case you were making this mistake try getting the proper focus by adjusting the position of your camera.

04: Choosing Between Focus Modes

Like many other cameras, Sony cameras allow two different focus modes that are autofocus and manual focus. While capturing a moving object, you must be very careful in choosing the focus mode because it will make or destroy your photograph.

How to Choose Focus Mode? Select the autofocus mode when capturing a moving object because you will not have to continuously set the focus mode as the object is continuously moving. The autofocus will automatically focus on each object’s movement, giving you ease.

While capturing the still objects, you can use the manual focus mode to easily capture the close-ups and full-frame photos with the desired focus.

05: Distance From The Subject

You need to understand that a lens requires a particular distance from the subject to focus. You can stand at a long distance from your subject and still focus yet standing too close will disturb the focusing ability of the camera. You can call this distance as the minimum focus.

This minimum focus is usually written on the lens barrel. Once you find this reading, it’s better to maintain this distance.

What’s the Solution? Try finding out what’s the minimum focus of your camera to resolve the focus issue. Even if you can’t find that value, you can still shift backward from the subject step by step and check if you can get the perfect focus of the subject or not.

Macro lenses are another solution to capture your subject from a near distance while still keeping the clarity.

06: Brightness Issues

The brightness in the scene you are capturing will determine the focus of your photograph. Two dark scenes will cause a disturbance for the camera to focus. While a scene with enough brightness will easily help to focus, getting the photo as straightforward as possible.

Some cameras can focus even in the dark, but most cannot follow low-light situations. So you need to use some techniques.

What Next? When using autofocus mode in the dark, use another light source to help your camera focus on the light. It will save you from blurry pictures at night. The idea is to let the camera focus on some details from the photograph and capture the beautiful photograph.

My Final Thoughts

A poorly focused photograph kills the feeling of capturing the memories. I’ve been through this many times, but there’s nothing to worry about. All you need is to understand the cause and solution of why your Sony camera not focusing.

I am sure you’ve already fixed your camera using the above-mentioned methods. Share with us the way that worked for you so more people can try it.