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11 Best Rust Proof Shower Caddies: In-depth Review & Buying Guide [2021]

Bathrooms can get cluttered and messy with accessories so there is a need to organize them in any of the best rust proof shower caddy reviewed in this article. They are capable of keeping the entire bathroom space neat.

Shower caddies are products that are constructed with dedicated baskets or shelves to hold common supplies like shampoos, conditioners, washcloths and other small bathing accessories.

While most shower caddies are made to hang on the shower heads other contemporary designs can stand freely at the side of a bathtub.

This write-up is dedicated to providing ample information on these products in a view to point out the features, types, and use-cases. Be confident to make a pick from our selection


What is the best rust proof shower caddy?

After reviewing several rust proof shower caddy we arrived at a selection of 11 of the best products online.

Any of these shower caddies will do the job but our best pick in terms of performance has to be the shower caddy and soap dish organiser.

Why the soap Dish Shower caddy is our best pick

We picked this product as the best after carefully reviewing many other products in the market.

We believe that the shower caddy and soap dish organizer is a very versatile product that is capable of meeting most user requirements.

It has a large storage space, it is built from long-lasting materials and it’s aesthetically constructed to complement contemporary bathrooms.

The Best Rust Proof Shower Caddy – 2021 Review

After carefully analyzing a couple of shower caddy options, our team of experts arrived at 11 of the very best according to our review abilities.

This review took approximately 60 hours of painstaking reading and analyses from 4 of our experts in the industry just to arrive at 11 of the very best products in online stores.

We looked at several features like material, storage size, ease of installation, suction power, aesthetics, and a host of other features to arrive at an informed decision on these products. Let’s dive right in one product at a time.

01. Shower Caddy and Soap Dish with Hooks Shower Shelf Bathroom Organizer – Top Organizer


Highlighted Features

  • Damage-free adhesive installation
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Double suction mount
  • Four removable hooks
  • Rustproof and durable

This bathroom organizer is uniquely designed to hold whatever bath accessories and washing supplies you have.

Without consuming much space, the adhesive feature allows users to quickly install the organizer in any suitable position.

However, it’s required that you only use it on clean flat horizontal surfaces that haven’t been painted or designed with wallpapers.

This shower caddy and soap dish organizer is constructed from a durable SUS304 stainless steel material that is resistant to rust.

Also, the high-grade stainless steel used in its construction makes it also resistant to other harsh atmospheric and environmental conditions including corrosion from oxidizing acids.

At the top of our list, this bathroom organizer is capable of holding up to 15 lbs of accessories daily.

There is a large capacity shelf for holding large containers like a shampoo or a conditioner.


  • Easy installation
  • High-grade stainless steel
  • 4 installation hooks
  • Large storage capacity
  • Rustproof and corrosion resistant


  • Slight variation in rails

02. GeekDigg 2 Pack Glass Shelf – Top compact Organizer


Highlighted Features

  • Crips and compact design
  • Powerful adhesive sealant
  • Thick glass material
  • Strong aluminum brackets
  • Adjustable height positioning

The GeekDigg bathroom organizer is a wall-mounted product that gives users the luxury of using two types of installation;

it can either be installed using mounting hardware or a nails-free adhesive sealant that comes with the organizer.

To use the sealant, make sure you heat dry the adhesive surface before installation.

“This bathroom organizer may be suitable for those who are short in on space but look elsewhere if you are worried about accessories falling off the rack”

To provide the much-needed flexibility, GeekDigg can be height and position adjusted to allow more storage of toiletries, shampoo, and other accessories that go into a bathroom shelf.

Additionally, the aluminum brackets used to hold the thick glass in place is ruggedly constructed to resist rust and other corrosive chemicals, hereby elongating the shelve life of the bathroom organizer.


  • Compact design
  • Rustproof aluminum brackets
  • Thick glass stand
  • Optional installation types
  • Height and position adjustments


  • Not suitable for large accessories

03. InterDesign Zia Rust Proof Aluminum Bathroom Shower Caddy – Best Budget Organizer


Highlighted Features

  • No need to assemble parts
  • Complete shower organizer
  • Durable aluminium material
  • Cut-out system for drainage
  • Upside down soap bottles

InterDesign Zia Bathroom organizer is a complete and compact product best suited for those who are short in on space.

This organizer simplistically has all that is required to store the basic organizer accessories needed.

There is no need to assemble any part making the installation process a breeze.

If you are tired of complex organizers that don’t seem to hold up nicely on the wall, then this product may make a huge difference.

The organizer has two separate baskets and storage hooks that allows users to hold washcloths and other accessories in place.

With an ample room for storage, accessories are held quick to reach areas.

The top basket is designed to store shampoo bottles and other soap containers in an upside-down position.

This makes it unique from other products as a ready-to-use option. Finally, with innovative drainage holes incorporated into the design, items are made to dry faster.


  • Fast installation
  • Two baskets and hooks
  • Upside down shampoo/soap container
  • Drainage holes
  • Sturdy aluminium material


  • May not be suitable for large bathroom accessories

04. iDesign Forma Metal Wire Corner Standing Shower Caddy


Highlighted Features

  • Triple wire rackets
  • Versatile use
  • Steel metal finish
  • Stylish Bronze color
  • Wall-mounted or free-standing

IDesign forma metal wire bathroom organizer has a triplet rack system capable of storing a very wide variety of accessories.

Each rack is designed with perforated holes that allow water drainage for faster drying.

It doesn’t matter the use case, this organizer will fit into master, kid’s and the visitor’s bathroom, making them one of the most versatile additions you can ever wish for.

There is plenty of space to accommodate cleaning supplies, cosmetics and many other small products.

“Be informed that the bottom of this bathroom organizer is capable of scratching tiles so be careful when sliding it on the floor”

Constructed with versatility in mind, users can opt to mount it on a wall or leave it as a freestanding bathroom organizer.

The wire graze styling in a corner like shapes ensures you make the most out of every little space.

Further, It’s easy to assemble, thick enough to last long and sturdily built to resist damage.

It luxurious rust-resistant bronze finish is the perfect addition that can complement any bathroom.


  • Three rack system
  • Easy to assemble
  • Wire graze in bronze finish
  • Rustproof design
  • Functional storage


  • A wire may look feeble

05. Shower Shelf, Rosefray Tension Shower Pole Corner Caddy – Most Versatile


Highlighted Features

  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Multi-layered storage
  • Large capacity storage
  • Adjustable baskets
  • Height adjustments

The Rosefray shower shelf is our most versatile bathroom organizer for several reasons.

First and foremost, it has multiple shelf layers that are capable of storing several accessories and cleaning supplies.

Secondly, each rack can be adjusted to suit the user’s preferences.

With a bearing capacity of 10kg for each rack plate, there is plenty of storage options to explore.

There is a total of six hooks and two sticks to help hang towels and other accessories.

“The stainless steel construction looks flimsy and may be prone deformation. If you choose to purchase this product, be sure to handle it with care”.

Reinforced elastic height adjustments are constructed to be very sturdy to resist deformation and inclination.

Installation is as easy as it gets, there is no need to drill holes and in a few minutes, the bathroom organizer can be installed effortlessly.

Like many other bathrooms rustproof shower caddy reviewed here, this product is also constructed to drain water out of storage accessories.


  • 4 pcs plates for storage
  • Adjustable plates
  • Adjustable heights
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Large storage spaces


  • Quite expensive for a bathroom organizer

06. Zenna Home E7415AL Shower Caddy


Highlighted Features

  • Rustproof Aluminum material
  • Wide storage space
  • Key hook included
  • Rich satin chrome finish
  • 2 dedicated storage racks

The Zenna Home E7415AL shower caddy features extra-large storage plates to accommodate cleaning supplies, shampoo, and all other bathroom accessories.

It is made from a sturdy aluminum material that is rustproof.

More storage is provided by extra wide shelves and razor-like hooks to hang washcloths and shower poufs.

“Be advised that there is no vertical wire mesh with this shower caddy and it may need some bottom security to keep it in place”.

The included hex key makes installing this shower caddy very easy.

All that is needed from users is to place the shower caddy over the showerhead and screw it to place with the hex key wrench.

You do not need other tools either do you need complex installation procedures.

The Zenna rustproof shower caddy is a highly functional product that should also aesthetically complement any bathroom space.

With a very rich satin chrome finish, we are certain that this shower caddy represents good value for money.


  • Extra-wide storage plates
  • Easy installation
  • Hex wrench included
  • Satin chrome finish
  • Rustproof aluminum design


  • No vertical wire mesh
  • Some safety concerns

07. LUCY STORE Bathroom Shelves Shower Caddy


Highlighted Features

  • Contemporary design
  • Functional storage
  • Transparent adhesive material
  • Perforated design
  • Smooth surface installation

Form the collections of Lucy stores comes to this innovative rustproof shower caddy made from very high-quality PP.

Aesthetically, it has a unique and contemporary finish to the design that boosts a modern hollow architecture.

The flexible design and perforated architecture of this shower caddy mean that users will not have to worry themselves over running water on the shelves because the shower conveniently drains it for daily use.

“Be advised that this product is only suitable for certain wall styles. Be sure to check if it is suitable for your wall before making a purchasing commitment”.

The transparent adhesives used for installing this shower caddy is more powerful than the suction cup found in many other bathroom organizers.

Also, It allows the shower caddy to stick to smooth surfaces for long periods.

Finally, while this product brand doesn’t make use of storage plates it does have uniquely designed cupboard-like storage spaces that can accommodate most bathroom accessories.


  • Contemporary design
  • A hollow style for drainage
  • Sturdy PP material
  • Powerful adhesive material
  • Highly functional


  • May not be suitable for all wall types

08. ALLZONE Constant Tension Corner Shower Caddy – Best Freestanding shower caddy


Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel color
  • Alloy steel material
  • Optional height placement
  • Strong tension spring
  • Zero drillings required

If you are fed up with falling bathroom shower caddies and organizers, the ALLZONE constant tension corner shower may just be the right shower caddy for you.

The way it is designed ensures that it is sturdily fitted in place. Indeed, showers are a lot more fun when all favorite toiletries are held in place.

Moreover, the ALLZONE shower caddy is capable of keeping all bathroom accessories at arm’s length to add the needed functionality to bath time.

It features a stainless steel pole that can be adjusted to suit in several places; be it at the shower room corner, the washbasin corner or even the bathtub corner.

The pole is constructed to hold about 4 plates with enough space to accommodate a reasonable number of products without causing damage to the floor or ceiling.

According to user preferences, the height of the pole can be adjusted to taste.

Designed to stand firmly, the material make prevents rust and other adverse environmental condition that could compromise its integrity. Finally, each storage plate is self-draining and made from materials that are easy to clean.


  • 4 storage plastic shelves
  • Large storage space
  • Stainless steel pole
  • Adjustable pole height
  • Contemporary design


  • Expensive shower caddy

09. iDesign York Metal Wire Hanging Shower Caddy


Highlighted Features

  • Various color options
  • Stylishly designed
  • Rust-resistant finish
  • Extra-wide storage space
  • Easy shower head fitting

The iDesign York metal wire shower caddy was constructed to provide simplicity and flexibility without sacrificing on functionality.

It is better suited to those who want to avoid complex shower organizers while enjoying the full practical benefits they have to offer.

With user preferences in mind, this rustproof shower caddy comes in a variety of color types like rose gold, bronze, matte black, pearl white, and many others.

Just pick the color code that complements your bathroom space.

Functional features include a two metal wire rack with enough hollow perforations to allow for fast drainage while creating the right space to store bathroom accessories like shampoo, creams and soaps.

Users will also find the twin hook system practically useful for hanging washcloths and sponges.

We urge you to live simply with the iDesign shower caddy that offers more than what meets the eye to enhance shower experiences.


  • Simple design
  • Hollow wire gaze
  • Multiple colour options
  • Twin hooks
  • Easy hangover shower head


  • Weak suction cups

10. simplehuman Corner Shower Caddy


Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel material
  • Anodized aluminium
  • Double plate racks
  • Adjustable shelve heights
  • Rustproof and durable

This simplehuman classic product makes it to our list of best rust proof shower caddy.

With an innovative design and simplistic technology, it effortlessly offers users a unique way to store bathroom accessories.

It features an adjustable wireframe shelve that offers the luxury of defining the height of the shower shelves on a reinforced aluminum pole in other to make ample room for taller bottles.

While maximizing storage spaces in tight corners, the simplehuman shower caddy makes use of the finest materials to ensure that the shower is durable and sturdy.

Simple and efficient, the simplehuman shower caddy truly lives up to the expectation of making life easy by helping you organizer everyday bathroom basic accessories.


  • Simple design
  • Perfect for bathtubs
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Durable stainless steel
  • Easy to assemble


  • Material construction looks flimsy

11. Totally Bath Aluminum Double Shelf Shower Caddy


Highlighted Features

  • Contemporary design
  • Luxurious double shelf
  • Wide storage basket
  • Hook holders
  • Universal fitting

The Totally bath aluminum double shelf caddy is a no-rust product designed to provide extra-wide space for all kinds of bath accessories including shampoos and conditioner bottles.

In comes equipped with two high-shelves baskets, two hooks and a soap drainage dish.

To keep the shower in top condition, the aluminum frame that holds the shower caddy in place was designed to resist rusting that arises form damp environments.

There is ample space to help owners enjoy a clutter-free and well-organized bath space.

Beneath the bottom shelf is a draining soap bar dish add too large hooks to hang washcloths.

Finally, this shower caddy is constructed to fit in a majority of shower heads held in place by dedicated suction cups.


  • Extra-large shelf trays
  • Universal shower head fit
  • Durable aluminium frame
  • Separate bar soap holder
  • Optional colors available


  • Weak suction cups

Buying Guide to The Rust Proof Shower Caddy

Here are a few considerations to analyze before committing to purchase a shower caddy.

Some are more important than others but it all depends on personal preferences and use-case.

The material makes

For all rustproof shower organizers, the material make is one of the most important factors to consider.

Also, You will find in the market shower caddies made from aluminum, iron, steel or even plastic.

While stainless steel seems to be the most popular in the market because it is rustproof and can last long, plastic on the other hand eliminates the worry about rusting.

However, the aesthetics of plastic and the cheap feel means it’s the least desirable option.

Polyester shower caddies are durable but aren’t as popular and do not offer the advantages of steel or plastic shower caddies.

Metal shower caddies must be coated with a suitable material to give it the rust-free feature but even at that, over time rust may still appear.

The material made of a shower caddy is of utmost importance since it will be spending most of the time in damp environments.

Compartment type

Shower caddies come in several compartments and adjustments types to suit the taste of customers.

Carefully consider the bathroom accessories the shower caddy will hold before committing to buying a particular type.

The number of baskets/shelves/plates, the size and the perforations are all important considerations to make.

If you need the shower caddy to shelve to hold a long shampoo bottle, then you’d be better off with a shower caddy that has few baskets and an option to adjust the height.

Be advised, that many shower caddies made out of wire gaze do not have the height adjustment feature so they are better suited for small bathroom accessories.


Apart from the practical functionality of a shower caddy, modern-day bathroom designs demand that a contemporary product is used to make a match.

In terms of the aesthetics design, there are a plethora of shower caddy designs out there to the point that it becomes a daunting task to pick the right one.

While on the lookout for a functional caddy also pay attention to the color and finishing style.

Pick one that complements the bathroom space in a very attractive manner. However, do not sacrifice quality over aesthetics.


When it comes to design, there are two main options; a freestanding/corner shower caddy or a handing shower caddy.

Whatever option chosen can be from personal preferences or may have been influenced by where it will be used.

Our review article covers both corner and hanging shower caddies, so all that is needed is to make a pick on the best.

While corner shower caddies can be fixated at a corner of the bathroom in a shelf-style or with the aid of a pressure mechanism, hanging shower caddies are made to fit into shower heads and held in place by suction cups.


Despite the name, shower caddies can also be used elsewhere. In practice, while some of them are universally constructed others are specifically made.

Many bathroom shower caddies are made to be portable therefore many other fix-style shower caddies may be inappropriate for bathroom use.

If you anticipate that bathroom accessories will spend most of the time at the shower, then its best to opt for a mount-style shower caddy.

Purchase a fabric or a portable wire shower caddy for dormitories and swimming pool use.

Installation ease

While many shower caddies do not require A+ rated DIY skills, it’s still important to consider the ease of installation.

Many shower caddies are constructed to be easy to use and install with extremely easy installation guides others are quite complex.

The easiest of them all are those that are hung over the shower head and held in place by a clip while the suction cups rest at the base.

This types can be mounted in a matter of minutes. Other types require an adhesive glue to fixate it in place. These types are better for those in rented apartments.


The price point of a shower caddy will always be a major consideration. How much you are willing to sacrifice for a shower caddy will determine the quality.

Prices may vary, depending on the material make, the styling and features. For most brands, be prepared to spend anywhere from as low as $10 to as high as $65 for a shower caddy.

As a rule, higher-priced caddies will always have more robust features and be made from high-quality materials but that doesn’t mean they are meant for everyone.

There are still good shower caddies at bargain prices, all that is required is to look for them. This review article is a nice place to start.

Opting for a high-priced shower caddy should provide good value for money as long as the features and quality are commensurate with the price tag rather than other market forces.

To be on a safe side, compare the features with those of other products at a similar price range. It pays to be a savvy shopper.

Best Rust Proof Shower Caddies (FAQ)

Q: I’m finding it difficult to choose between a plastic or mesh shower caddy. Which one should I opt for?

Ans:  There are several reasons why you may want to choose one type over the other.

For instance, plastic shower caddies are more rigid and will retain their shape over a long time, therefore they are better suited for mounting on the floor.

Mesh shower caddies can easily adapt in shape so will be better used over a showerhead.

However, mesh shower caddies are harder to clean than plastic. Wisely make a choice.

Q: Is it a very bad idea to hang shower caddies over a showerhead?

Ans:  Many people claim that hanging a shower caddy over the showerhead can be a bad idea because it may weigh down on the showerhead.

I do not see this as a problem assuming the shower is sturdily constructed.

I believe that manufacturers considered the weight of a shower caddy before offering the option of hanging them over the showerhead.

They shouldn’t do any reasonable damage unless you place too much weight on it.

Q:  I read elsewhere that stainless steel is rust-resistant. How true is this?

Ans:  Emphatically yes. Stainless steel is a rust-resistant material because it’s reactive enough to protect itself from a corrosive environment.

This it does by forming a passive film layer to resist corrosion.

Q:  I want to purchase a shower caddy but I don’t know what goes into it?

Ans: Simple. Bathroom accessories like shampoo, shower clothes, razors, body scrubs, shaving cream, other bathing accessories and even toiletries.

Q: What is the average weight that can be held by a moderately priced shower caddy?

Ans: The average weight that can be held by a shower caddy varies from brand to brand and it’s a function of many parameters and use case.

At the very least expect shower caddies to hold at least 3 pounds and at most 15 pounds.

However, be careful not to place too much weigh on a shower caddy hung over a shower head.

Q:  What is the best location for installing a shower caddy?

Ans: The best location for installing a shower caddy is a relative statement. What works for one person may not work for another.

However, wall-mounted shower caddy with adhesives and those that can free-stand at the corner of a bathtub are very popular options.

Q:  What’s the way the best way to clean a difficult mesh shower caddy?

Ans: Mesh shower caddies can be a handful when it comes to cleaning them. However, a few tricks will do.

Use a mixture of 2-3 cup of vinegar in half cup of backing soap in a bowl or bathtub full of water.

Allow the mesh shower caddy to soak in it for at least 30m minutes before drying it out. This should leave it sparkling clean.

Q: What is the working dynamics of a tension pole shower caddy?

Ans:  It’s pretty straightforward. They work by fitting the shower caddy in place via a dedicated pole that extends to the roof and the floor.

This avoids any scratches and is adjustable to suit most spaces. They are very easy to install.


This guide has a lot of information on the best rust proof shower caddy.

No matter the preferences, there is a shower caddy for almost all users. Be it a hanging, corner or tension shower caddy, we have successfully addressed all there is to them.

Make sure you read the buyer’s guide section if you are a little confused with what you think will work best.

Finally, we can’t over stress the importance of carrying out due diligence on any product before making a financial commitment.

Read the reviews of others to get first-hand information on the experiences of others.