Purchasing The Roku Camera Subscription in 2024

Home security is a matter of paramount concern. And to meet these concerns, Roku stands tall providing excellent home security services.

One such innovative solution is the Roku Camera Subscription.

In this article, we’ll look into the details of what Roku Camera Subscription entails, its features, and benefits, and how it can enhance your overall security setup.

What is Roku Camera Subscription?

The Roku Camera Subscription is like an extra service you can get for your Roku cameras or video doorbells.

It’s basically a full package for home security that Roku offers.

With this subscription, you not only get top-notch cameras but also a service that keeps an eye on your place 24/7.

These cameras are made to watch over your home, so you can always know what’s going on, whether you’re at home or away.

Key Features of Roku Camera Subscription

Roku Subscription plans

Cloud Recordings

Roku subscription plan comes with cloud recordings which you can view and access from anywhere.

These recordings can be accessed for up to 14 days. Without ROku Camera Subscription, you wouldn’t be able to get any recording at all.

Event Filtering

With intelligent event filtering, you can get to any event possible for up to 14 days. These events are mainly filtered by priority.

Such as when a delivery is made and when a parcel has been received will be considered as an event.

Smart Detection

Your subscription will enable the smart detection feature. This detects any person, pets, or cars.

Intelligent Alerts

With a subscription plan, you will get instant alerts on your smartphone.

Whether it is the slightest motion or not, your Roku Camera will detect it and send you trigger alerts instantly.

24/7 Emergency Alert

You will get alerts about smoke, carbon monoxide, or fire detection as soon as your Roku camera detects any discrepancy.

What Are Roku Subscription Plans?

Currently, Roku provides subscriptions in two plans. We have Roku Camera Subscription and Roku Camera Subscription Plus.

There is also Roku Pro Monitoring which is an optional add-on service.

Roku Camera Subscription

This is the advanced yet basic plan by Roku. With Roku Camera subscription you unlock all the features for up to 2 cameras.

Roku Camera Subscription Plus

Roku Camera Plus subscription is recommended for those who have more than 2 cameras. The camera limit is up to 99.

Roku Pro Monitoring

This service has experts who check the recorded videos and call for help if needed (extra charges might be added).

You will have dedicated Live US Agents who will look after your home whether you are present or not.

Here is a comparison table:

Features Without Subscription Roku Camera Subscription
Live Streaming                            ✅
Video/Event Recordings Images Only Up to 14 days
Motion Alerts                             ✅
Sound Alerts
Smoke and CO alerts                             ✅
Person Detection
Pet Detection                             ✅
Package Detection
Event Filtering                             ✅


How Much is the Roku Camera Subscription?

When asked about prices, a Roku subscription is affordable and accessible for every homeowner like you. 

If you opt for the Roku Camera plan it will cost you $3.99 a month for up to 2 cameras. If you choose a year-long plan, that will cost you $39.99 saving you $7.89.

However, if you have more than 2 cameras, you can opt for Roku Camera Plus plan. With Roku Camera Plus, you can register up to 99 cameras in your plan.

And with extra perks, come extra cost. Roku Camera Plus will cost you $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year saving you $19.89 when billed annually.

You can also avail an optional add-on called Roku Pro Monitoring. That will cost you $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year.

There are currently many home security subscriptions available like Ring Protect, Blink Subscription, or Google Nest Aware.

However, Roku provides services that are extremely useful and efficient for an easier and more secure life.

Roku Camera  Roku Camera Plus  Roku Pro Monitoring


$39.99/ year 

for up to 2 devices




for up to 99 devices





How to Subscribe and Activate Roku Camera Subscription?

Looks like you have made up your mind to get a Roku Camera Subscription. Roku has a dedicated application for your smartphone.

However, you first have to subscribe through the official website and then will be able to get control of your cameras.

Subscription Process

  • Open a new tab in your browser and go to my.roku.com
  • Log in to your account
  • Click on Roku Smart Home 
  • Choose Roku Camera 
  • Select from either Roku Camera or Roku Camera Plus
  • Include the cameras you want to include in your subscription
  • Select a payment option between monthly or yearly
  • After that, proceed to checkout
  • Provide your payment credentials
  • Select Subscribe. You will receive confirmation that your subscription has started.

Subscribe to Roku Pro Monitoring

  • Open a web browser and type in my.roku.com
  • Log in to your account
  • Click on Roku Smart Home 
  • Choose Roku Pro Monitoring
  • Select a payment option between monthly or yearly
  • After that, proceed to checkout
  • Provide your payment credentials
  • Select Subscribe. You will receive confirmation that your subscription has started
  • Return to Roku Smart Home mobile app and activate Pro Monitoring
  • Note that: Pro Monitoring won’t start if you do not activate it from Roku Smart App

Roku Camera Subscription vs No Subscription

Roku Camera subscription may surely get you with really cool perks. However, you might still have some doubts regarding getting a subscription.

Sit down and we will tell you the differences between having a subscription and not having one. (We keep no secret.)

Benefits without Roku Camera Subscription

  • Simple Setup and Usability

Your Roku Security devices will function properly without needing any subscription at all. Because, a subscription is an optional add-on that you might need or might not.

  • Basic Functionality

Your devices will have all the basic functionality like live view, local storage option, etc. However, if you need more then a free plan might be for you.

  • Simplicity

If you only use Roku cameras for simple things, a subscription is clearly not needed.

  • Cost-effectiveness

Lastly, no subscription means you don’t have to pay extra money from your wallet.

Struggles without Roku Camera Subscription

  • Limited Functionality

As the free plan only offers basic things, you won’t be able to access various features live event history, cloud recordings, etc. 

  • Lack of Professional Monitoring

Without the advanced subscription, you cannot have anyone monitor your home. Making your home vulnerable to theft, burglary, or any unwanted incident.

  • No Smart Detection

Without a Roku Subscription, you won’t get intelligent alerts on your smartphone. This could lead you to miss important events or may even face unwanted incidents.

Subscribing to Roku Camera might seem a little costly for some homeowners. But trust us, it is really worth it for a more secured home.d

How To Cancel Roku Camera Subscription?

A Roku Subscription comes with no long-term liability. So, you have the flexibility to opt out or cancel your subscription anytime you want.

However, before canceling your camera subscription, bear in mind that you might want to save any recordings that you might need in the future.

Because, once you cancel your subscription, you cannot access your cloud recording again. 

Cancellation Process

  • Open a web browser and go to my.roku.com
  • Log in to your Roku account
  • Go to profile
  • Scroll down and click on Manage your subscriptions
  • There you will find active subscriptions
  • Select the one that you want to cancel
  • Select Cancel Subscription
  • Select a cancelation reason and follow through

Final Thought

To sum it up, the Roku Camera Subscription provides a really handy and efficient way to boost your home security.

It’s got a bunch of cool features, it’s easy to use, and it gives you plenty of options.

That’s why loads of folks are choosing Roku when it comes to keeping an eye on their homes.


Can I save recording without a Roku subscription?

You can save recordings locally on an sd card. However, you won’t get any cloud recordings.

Is a Roku Camera Subscription worth it?

If you get a subscription it will surely get you great features that can save your home with an extra layer of security. So it’s a bargain to get.

Can I access my Roku camera feeds from multiple devices?

Yes, you can access your camera feeds from multiple devices using the Roku mobile app, providing flexibility and convenience.

Are there any additional fees apart from the subscription cost?

The subscription cost typically covers all features and services offered by Roku Camera Subscription.

However, additional fees may apply for certain add-on features or services like Roku Pro Monitoring.

Are Roku cameras compatible with other smart home devices?

Some Roku cameras may be compatible with other smart home devices. Be sure to check compatibility before making a purchase.

How secure is the cloud storage provided with Roku Camera Subscription?

The cloud storage provided by Roku employs industry-standard encryption protocols to safeguard your data, ensuring maximum security and privacy.

What happens if I encounter technical issues with my Roku Camera?

In the rare event of technical issues, Roku offers comprehensive customer support services to assist you in resolving any issues promptly and efficiently.