Real Estate Photography Pricing (Top 8 Factors)

Visuals hold the key to selling real estate, and this is especially true when one considers the role real estate photography plays in attracting potential buyers.

Therefore, all agents and property owners need real estate photographers to get clients.

However, the real estate photography price can be approximated because pricing structures vary greatly due to different factors.

As a rule of thumb, real estate photographers charge between $150 and $350 per hour for taking property pictures.

In addition, I will consider some factors that influence prices in detail later on. Finally, let me explore effective pricing ideas to give you a good return on investment.

How Much To Charge For Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography Price
Image: Pexels (Curtis Adams)

The cost, as indicated earlier, varies depending on some factors including, the ability of the photographer, the size of the property, locations, and any extra services that may be required.

Many real estate photographers typically charge anywhere between $110 and $300 per image alone.

For smaller spaces such as condos and apartments, you may notice the photographer asking for an hourly rate.

It would range between $150 and $200, anywhere in that area. However, for larger properties such as large buildings or mansions, the price is a little different.

In this case, photographers may demand payment for an entire project! It might be as good as $500 or much higher than that.

Instead, real estate photographers give people more than photographs.

They provide additional services like drone photos, nighttime shoots, and digital touring.

With photographers incorporating these services, it helps in the widening of these offerings.

Top 8 Factors Affecting The Real Estate Photography Pricing

Real estate photography price
Image: Pexels (Curtis Adams)

Real estate photography is priced for several reasons.

Therefore, you need to understand its impact on you to be able to make educated decisions that correspond with your specific objectives.

Below are some common factors:

01. Local Market Analysis

Real estate photography is highly affected by local market forces when considering prices.

In cities with a high cost of living and where competition is tougher (like most major cities), photographers will be more expensive than those in rural areas.

As a new real estate photographer, you must assess your area’s trending pricing.

Conducting an intensive market analysis in your locality will show you key elements including, experience, know-how, and services offered among others that are a basis for setting a price.

02. Skill And Experience

Experienced photographers who are known for taking good shots of houses usually comprehend what is involved in this line of work and that is why they demand more money than other beginners.

However, keep in mind that a real estate photographer’s experience manifests itself as different facets of their craft.

This includes skills in technical matters, capturing shots, and using different forms of lighting for homes.

They possess such skill and experience that they command a premium price and hence are in high demand.

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03. Pricing Models

Given all that I’ve discussed earlier, it is obvious that there are various stages in a real estate photographer’s job.

This means they offer different pricing structures depending on different clients’ tastes and budgets as well.

Real estate photographers may charge their fees depending on their specific needs. Such as,

Per-Project Fee

The first fee applies to large properties or projects requiring complex photographs which are to be paid by the respective photographer.

This fee is used by photographers for a predictable and transparent relationship with the client.

Package Pricing

A cheaper option for small properties and particular needs. Often, this package is tiered with different levels of services and prices attached to each level.

Hourly Rate

Not all projects in photography may have their timelines predictable. As such, photographers might charge per hour of service provision.

04. Property Size and Delivery

Other real estate photographers base their pricing on the square footage of the property.

While others charge a fee based on the number of images delivered to the client.

05. Number of Images and Additional Services

Depending on the number of images required by the client, and any other additional services requested will significantly impact the overall cost of real estate photography.

Overall, photographers typically charge a base fee for a standard set of images. Additional images are priced individually.

Moreover, common additional services real estate photographers offer include:

Virtual Tours

Virtual or digital tours have the potential to improve property listings. It is an extra price for gaining more customers but at that point, it becomes more appealing.

Drone Photography

Depending on particular clients, they need a creative aerial captivating view.

However, although drone photography helps to realize this, specialized equipment and expertise are needed, thus, resulting in increased costs.

Twilight Photography

Otherwise known as night photography. This entails taking photos with a soft glow of the sunset and sometimes at extra costs.

2D and 3D Floor Plans

In addition to the photographs of the property, some customers might require visual representations of its layout.

If this is the case, this will increase the costs and add value to the clients as well.

06. Travel Expenses

Additional costs are also required for traveling some distances in real estate photography.

Some photographers who work away from home or do their traveling have extra fees paid for their transport.

07. Post-Processing

Raw images are converted into visuals and the capture of photographs played a very significant role in post-processing captured photographs.

Therefore, an experienced real estate photographer who does his colors, and corrections with editing should be very expensive.

08. Licensing and User Rights

The real estate photographer reserves the right over the captured photos. However, the law usually favors the photographers, who still own the copyright.

Yet they give their clients restricted use for particular functions of the photographs. Examples of such uses might include preparing the property for sale and so on.

Real estate photographers make sure they include a clear statement of their licensing terms so that both parties have the same understanding as possible.

What Is The Average Real Estate Photography Prices In The U.S

The average price of real estate photography fluctuates from city to city in the U.S. due to local market forces.

For metropolitan cities, real estate photography demand is high and they charge more.

Below is a table showing the average prices of real estate photography across ten states in the U.S. and how much it costs per hour of shoot.

NEW YORK CITY $349 $570 $784 $998
LOS ANGELES $397 $570 $784 $998
SEATTLE $339 $570 $784 $998
PHILADELPHIA $266 $422 $580 $738
PHOENIX $222 $422 $580 $738
ATLANTA $264 $422 $580 $738
CHICAGO $249 &399 $548 $698
SAN FRANCISCO $356 $570 $784 $998
BOSTON $284 $455 $625 $795
HOUSTON $250 $400 $550 $700

How Much To Charge For Drone Real Estate Photography?

When taking shots from outside, drone photography can be considered a very attractive alternative for aerial shoots to show the size and beauty of a property, so to speak.

The cost for this depends on the size of the property, where it is located, and most importantly, how experienced the photographer is.

However, professional drone real estate photographers typically cost between $100 and $200 an hour.

In addition, some real estate photographers charge around $200 for drone photography depending on the size of the property concerning smaller properties such as condo units.

On a small-scale property like a house photographer can earn between $80 and $100 per hour whereas on the other end, for a large property like a mansion, photographers’ hourly rates vary from $150-$200.

Therefore, extra charges will apply for such services in drone real estate photography.

However, based on certain conditions surrounding your situation, it will be left to your discretion to quote whatever fee you deem fit.

How Much Is Commercial Real Estate Photography Pricing

Another aspect of real estate photography is commercial real estate photography.

Commercial real estate photography focuses on commercial buildings like offices and industrial buildings.

Also, just like real estate pricing, commercial real estate photography pricing varies widely based on several factors.

On average, prices for commercial real estate photography can range from $150 to $350 for daytime photos.

While for twilight photos the price can range from $750 to $850. Additionally, full-day shoots may cost between $1,500 and $15,000.

This whopping price is affected by the project’s complexity, location, type of property, number of shots, and post-production work involved.

How Much Do Real Estate Videos Cost

Videography is bigger than photography in scale and attractiveness to prospective customers.

The standard rates for real estate videographers range from $300 to $10,000 for a video.

Nevertheless, like photography, the cost of a real estate video changes based on some aspects.

Typically, you should be ready to pay between $100 and $200 per hour for a videographer.

Additionally, the price of video recording becomes higher for clients who have complicated projects.

Real estate videography ranges between $400 and $10,000 for various house sizes, video kinds, and extra services.


What Are The Different Types Of Real Estate Photography?

Various categories describe the types of photography utilized to depict real estate properties.

Some common varieties include interior photography, which captures the inside areas of a home; exterior photography, which shows the outside of a property; aerial photography which uses drones to take shots from above; and twilight photography at dusk to highlight lighting effects.

What Do I Do Before Choosing A Real Estate Photographer?

When selecting a photographer for real estate listings, certain factors must be weighed that pertain to their experience, portfolio of past works, communication abilities, and quoted pricing structure.

What Are Some Tips For Preparing My Home For Real Estate Photography?

Before a photography session at a property intended for sale or rental, some preparation can optimize how the home appears in images.

Tasks like removing clutter, doing a thorough cleaning, deliberately arranging room displays, allowing natural light in, and addressing minor repairs.

This can aid in presenting the residence in its best light for prospective buyers or tenants viewing the photos online.