Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At, we care about your privacy. For that reason, we try our best to make sure we are handling it correctly.

Our focus on this page is to explain everything we do with the information we receive.  

As an informational website, we collect certain kinds of personal information related to your web use.

We use this information to provide the best content possible. But we still want to disclose what this means to you.

Be aware that everything explained below can change at any time. Our policies depend on standard practices as well as regulations.

If they get to change at any time in the future, we will have to also change our policies accordingly.

We will, nonetheless, inform you when something has changed.

All these possible changes will have no relevant alteration in past endeavors.

Everything related to privacy policies will only change how we handle information in the future.

Activities and content done in the past will stay the same. We are not subjected to timeless laws or policies related to privacy.

Lastly, remember all these policies are only part of and have nothing to do with or other websites partnered within our content.

Therefore, we are not responsible for any different way of handling information that these websites practice.

Below, we explain everything about what, how, and why we collect information.

Affiliate Policy

First and foremost, consider that is an affiliate website.

As part of the Amazon Services LLC Associate Program, we focus on creating informational content that helps people make buying choices.

We may earn an income from purchases made through this website on as an advertising fee.

FTC Disclosure for Affiliates

As a marketing website, we must follow specific FTC guidelines (a US independent organization related to consumer protection and anti-trust).

These regulations oblige us to explain what we do, how we do it, and why we do it. Because of that, we need to briefly disclose each of these subjects.

What We Do is in constant development as an affiliate marketing website.

That means we create content that helps people make decisions on their next purchases consistently.

We expose this information or content within our pages, making it as easy as possible for readers and visitors to make the best possible purchase related to the services and products we endorse.

How We Do It

All the advertised products on the website come from For that reason, we are not subjected to laws regarding the sale of the products.

These are directly regulated by a different organization and company with Amazon overseeing.

Similarly, we help companies and brands sell their products through by exposing their advantages, disadvantages, and unique features each offers.

We gather information about all these products from official places and expose them honestly and straightforwardly, helping people make educated purchase decisions.

Why We Do It

Our focus is to gain advertising fees using the Amazon Services LLC Associate program.

These fees are only available to us after users make a purchase using our links.

We only earn a percentage of each sale depending on the type of product and its cost.

We may also gain commissions from other third-party sellers and retailers by creating content related to their products and services.

None of our income comes from the sale or management of personal information.

Everything is related to the products and services within the content.

Product Testimonials & Authenticity of Information

Considering all the content within this website is produced to be informational to possible buyers, we need to gather data from previous buyers and consumers of the products and services we create content about.

It is important to note that every single piece of information we gather is genuine.

We don’t fabricate or invent testimonials. Similarly, we don’t endorse products or services we don’t believe in.

And lastly, all our testimonials come directly from actual buyers and users who have made previous purchases and explained how their experience has been with such a product or service.

In no way do we pay for endorsements or distrustful information.

Most of the testimonials used within the website come directly from websites like

Some may come from real buyers and users from outside parties.

However, these are only additional and less common data we gather for the very purpose of providing the most trustful and useful information possible about the products and services we talk about.

We have all the approval from these sites to use all previously explained data. There is no infringement of privacy in that case.

Collection of Information

After explaining the focus of this website focus, it is time to disclose how we gather information, what information we collect, and why.

What Information We Collect

First of all, the information we gather is entirely available online, for free, and without the use of complex or illegal tools. Among the different information we collect, you can find:

  • Names
  • Postal Address
  • Email Address

We may also ask for additional information regarding contact data and personal preferences related to the products and services on the website.

How We Gather Information

This information comes directly from our contact forms and subscription services.

If you don’t provide your information directly to us, we cannot receive any of that information.

Meaning, as long as you use our content purely as information without ever interacting with our contact form or subscription products, we cannot gather any personal data.

In short, we only gather information as long as you provide it voluntarily. If you do not provide it, we do not have it.

Why We Gather Information

There are three reasons we collect data from our readers and users. Each is directly related to the services we provide as an informational website. These reasons are:

  1. To serve better content. We may create forms and polls related to the type of product and services we endorse within the content. This helps us create more user-oriented content that eventually aids readers in making more educated decisions using their preferences and interests. These forms and polls are entirely voluntary.
  2. Add to our email lists. We hold several email lists that we use for promotional and informational purposes via newsletters. They for sending pieces of new content we publish and sending promotions regarding products and services. We can only sign you up for these email lists with your full permission and voluntarily.
  3. To understand your personal preferences. We may directly ask about preferences and product interests. This would help us produce and organize our content accordingly to become a more valuable website.

In short, we only gather a few personal information related to preferences, in legal and valid ways, to help you make better purchase decisions.

Cookies & Tracking

Apart from the information you directly provide through forms, polls, and email lists, we may also gather information from more complicated yet still valid, legal, and harmless ways.

This includes the use of cookies and tracking technology.

These technologies are completely safe, made with the sole purpose of providing more information about our readers. We use this information for benign activities, such as:

  1. Tailoring content. Cookies are a unique tool that may host algorithmic data about how you use the web. This information may be used to tailor our content accordingly, focusing on providing the most interesting and personalized content possible for your needs.
  2. Understanding user needs. Depending on the web browsers and other tools our readers use, we can use the information gathered from cookies and other tracking tools to enhance the reading experience. As a content website, we are focused on making this content as useful as it can be.
  3. Learn about user behavior within the website. Some cookies and other tracking technology may help us understand how viewers interact with the website. This could help us maximize our usefulness while becoming much more effective at realizing our goals.

It is critical to recognize that all the information we gather only indicates browser-related data.

Nothing we collect or have contact with can be used to cause harm or produce any unwanted effect in your browsing activities.

Having said that, cookies and other tracking technology within the browser can be disabled.

In case of any fear for privacy issues or distrust in our way of handling information, you can always disable this software for extra safety.

Be aware, though, disabling these features may affect your experience with our website.

We are aware of the privacy concerns, but we are entirely dedicated to providing the best safety in that case. 

Information: In Case of Fraud or Illegal Activities

As an affiliate marketer and content website, we are also subjected to providing any information regarding your use of our website to authorities.

In case of legal issues or criminal actions, this is something we can’t deny access to.

If any agency under governmental control asks us for information related to cookies and other tracking technology we may have gathered, we need to comply with their demands.

Although we are obligated to comply with governmental and international agencies, we are only compelled to do it in some instances, such as:

  • When the information required is of a completely legal nature. Meaning, we can only give data retaining legal processes. Anything that does not comply with the law will stay secret and private within our services.
  • When fraudulent activities or unauthorized transactions have anything to do with our services. Whether it was initiated, finalized, or taking place at the moment, we can provide information that may help prevent, reduce, or fix the damage from these undesirable outcomes.
  • When the information required will be used for an investigative action regarding fraudulent or illegal behavior. We do not provide data for collecting or any other activity out of the legal framework.

Sure enough, all the information we provide will be for the sole purpose of ensuring maximum safety, preventing illegal acts, or fixing them in the future.

In no way do we participate in activities related to information sales, marketing, or trafficking.

Data Security: Our Permanent Commitment

All the information we gather, including the information on forms, polls, and email lists as well as the information from tracking technologies and cookies, are all securely stored and safeguarded.

Only the owners of this website have access to that information through third-party technologies.

In case you disable cookies and other tracking software, we cannot access or gather any of that information.

With that said, we can only access all of that information for confidential purposes.

Meaning, it is completely illegal, internationally, to use your data in improper or undesirable ways.

We are committed to safeguarding everything related to your personal data.

For that reason, you can expect all of the information gathered in our data bank to be more than secured.

It is respected and used with the utmost care, only by third-party tools that also follow strict information handling rules.

Children Data

We know the importance of keeping children and minors in general, away from unwanted activity.

For that reason, we don’t collect, and even less sell or manage any type of information that belongs to children under thirteen (13) years of age.

This being said, we thoroughly recommend children’s parents and representatives to monitor internet use accordingly.

The purpose is to prevent unwanted behavior that could result in unwanted sharing of information that could put anyone involved in legal trouble.

More importantly, we are committed to preventing damage caused by the undesirable handling of minor information.

You can expect the entirety of this website to obey that statement.