Polaroid Now I-Type Review (Unbiased Expert Insights)

The Polaroid Now i-Type is a modern take on the classic instant camera, designed to appeal to both nostalgic enthusiasts and new users seeking instant film gratification.

With its vintage design and simplicity, this camera offers a unique photography experience while keeping up with today’s technology advancements.

In this review, I will delve into a detailed of the Polaroid Now i-Type, discussing its features, image quality, and overall user experience.

As you explore the world of instant photography, the Polaroid Now i-Type offers a blend of user-friendly functions and creative features to spark your imagination.

Polaroid Now I-Type camera boasts autofocus capabilities, an improved flash system, and even a self-timer for group shots or selfies.

The addition of Bluetooth connectivity in the Polaroid Now+ variation adds another layer of possibilities, unlocking an array of smartphone-assisted options for fine-tuning your instant photos.

In the following review, My aim to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the Polaroid Now i-Type, helping you make an informed decision as to whether this camera is the right fit for your instant photography needs.

From image quality to battery life, I’ll cover the essential aspects that contribute to your overall satisfaction with this instant camera.

Polaroid Now I-Type Review (Overview)

When looking for an instant camera, the Polaroid Now I-Type might catch your eye due to its iconic design and ease of use.

This instant camera is available in both black and white, allowing you to choose the aesthetic that best suits your style.

The camera offers a user-friendly experience, as it is designed to be easy to use with its simple features and minimal buttons.

The plastic body adds a light feel to the camera, making it easy to carry around whenever you’re in the mood for capturing memories.

One of the distinguishing features of the Polaroid Now I-Type is its large, square instant photos, reminiscent of the classic Polaroid style.

Plus, with the I-Type film, you can enjoy both color and black-and-white prints that cater to your preferences. Be mindful that the film can be a bit expensive and finicky, so handle it with care.

If you consider the battery life, the Polaroid Now I-Type stands out with its rechargeable battery, ensuring that you’re always ready to shoot as long as it’s charged.

Furthermore, the camera’s design comes with the drawback of inconsistent autofocus and exposure, meaning that results may vary when capturing photos, so it might take a bit of practice to get perfect shots consistently.

With the Polaroid Now I-Type, you’ll get a taste of nostalgic instant photography while enjoying modern conveniences like a rechargeable battery and user-friendly design.

Give this instant camera a try, and add a touch of classic charm to your photography experience.

Key Features and Controls of Polaroid Now I-Type

Lens and Autofocus

The Polaroid Now i-Type features a simple, yet effective lens and autofocus system that allows you to capture your images with ease and precision.

Its Autofocus 2‑lens system swiftly adjusts to your subject, ensuring a crisp and clear shot. This delivers an improved image quality compared to previous models.

Double Exposure and Self-Timer Functions

One of the standout features of this instant camera is its double exposure mode, which allows you to create unique and creative photographs by layering two images onto a single frame.

Additionally, the self-timer function is handy for those moments when you want to be in the picture without any hassle.

Viewfinder and Flash

Equipped with an optical viewfinder, the Polaroid Now i-Type makes framing your shots a breeze. The improved flash ensures properly exposed images in various lighting conditions, even at night or in low-light settings.

Built-In Bluetooth Connectivity

Though the basic Polaroid Now i-Type doesn’t come with Bluetooth connectivity, the Polaroid Now+ i-Type includes this feature, allowing you to connect the camera to your smartphone using the Polaroid app.

This opens up a world of creative possibilities, from applying filters to adjusting settings for a more personalized shooting experience.

Rechargeable Battery and Power Supply

The Polaroid Now i-Type is equipped with a rechargeable battery, providing you with long-lasting power for multiple shooting sessions.

Simply charge it via the included USB cable, and you’ll be ready to capture memorable moments on the go. The power button on the camera makes it easy to conserve battery life when not in use.

In summary, the Polaroid Now i-Type offers a balance of retro charm and modern features, making it an attractive option for instant photography enthusiasts.

Polaroid Now I-Type Camera’s Image Quality and Performance

Image Sharpness and Contrast

When using the Polaroid Now i-Type, you’ll notice that the image quality is quite satisfying, particularly in terms of sharpness and contrast.

The camera produces fairly sharp images with decent contrast, giving your photos a classic Polaroid look.

Keep in mind that instant cameras have limitations and don’t offer the same level of detail as digital cameras, but the Now i-Type performs admirably within its category.

Portrait and Bokeh Effect

Another excellent feature you may appreciate is the ability to take portraits with a more pronounced bokeh effect.

The Polaroid Now i-Type achieves this with its dual-lens system, which allows you to switch between standard and close-up modes by adjusting the aperture.

This way, you can create a smooth background blur when taking portrait photos. Experiment with different distances and lighting conditions to achieve the desired effect.

Long Exposure and Light Painting Modes

As a creative photographer, you’ll be pleased to know that the Polaroid Now i-Type offers long exposure and light painting modes.

In long exposure mode, you can capture images with longer shutter speeds, allowing you to experiment with night photography and create unique images.

Additionally, the light painting mode allows you to create artistic effects by moving a light source while the shutter is open. Remember that these modes require a steady hand or a tripod to avoid camera shake and achieve optimal results.

Throughout your photography journey with the Polaroid Now i-Type, don’t forget to enjoy the process of experimenting with different subjects, lighting conditions, and creative modes.

Most importantly, have fun capturing your memories with this instant camera.

Comparison of Polaroid Now I-Type with Other Instant Cameras

Polaroid Now+ and OneStep+

The Polaroid Now+ is the most complete instant camera from Polaroid, combining the best features of both flagship Polaroid I-Type models: the Polaroid Now and OneStep+.

In comparison, the OneStep+ offers more creative control with manual mode but lacks the autofocus lens of the Polaroid Now.

When deciding between these two, consider your preference for creative control versus the convenience of autofocus.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 and LiPlay

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 is another popular option in the world of instant cameras.

The Instax Mini 11 has a slim design, user-friendly controls, and produces images of greater clarity compared to the Polaroid Now i-Type.

The LiPlay extends the capabilities of the Mini 11 by including digital integration and the ability to print images from your smartphone.

When comparing the Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 and LiPlay with the Polaroid Now i-Type, you may notice a few key differences:

  • Image quality: Fujifilm Instax cameras generally produce sharper images with more vibrant colors.
  • Film cost: Fujifilm Instax film tends to be slightly more affordable than Polaroid film.
  • Digital integration: The LiPlay offers digital integration, which neither the Polaroid Now nor OneStep+ provides.

Fujifilm Instax Square SQ1

The Fujifilm Instax Square SQ1 is a competitor in the instant square format arena.

The SQ1 produces square photos, a format popularized by Instagram, whereas the Polaroid Now i-Type creates the classic rectangular Polaroid photo.

Some key features to consider in this comparison include:

  • Format preference: Whether you prefer square or rectangular photos
  • Design: The Instax Square SQ1 has a more modern design, while the Polaroid Now i-Type embraces a nostalgic aesthetic.
  • Film: The Instax Square SQ1 uses Instax Square film, which may be slightly less expensive than Polaroid’s I-Type film.

In summary, when comparing the Polaroid Now i-Type to other instant cameras like the Polaroid Now+, OneStep+, Fujifilm Instax Mini 11, LiPlay, and Instax Square SQ1, be sure to consider factors such as your preferred photo format, design, digital integration, image quality, and film cost.

Polaroid I-Type Film

Film Packs and Cost

With the Polaroid Now i-Type, using i-Type film is essential for capturing memories. The i-Type film packs are designed specifically for newer Polaroid cameras like the Polaroid Now.

Each film pack contains 8 photos, and you can find them in color or monochrome, depending on your preference. Prices for the film packs vary, but on average, you can expect to pay around $15-$20 per pack.

Film Capacity and Image Area

The film capacity of Polaroid Now i-Type is 8 photos per film pack. It’s important to ensure that you load the film pack properly to get the best image quality from your camera.

The image area of i-Type film measures 79mm x 79mm, giving you a square picture. Keep in mind that the final picture size with the frame measures about 108mm x 88mm.

When using the Polaroid Now i-Type, remember to consider the cost per photo, which ranges from $1.80 to $2.50, depending on the film pack price.

While it may not seem like a lot at first, it can add up quickly if you take numerous photos. To get the best value, consider buying film packs in bulk or during sales, and make sure to store them properly to maintain their quality.

Overall, using i-Type film with your Polaroid Now instant camera will provide you with great image quality and the classic Polaroid look you love.

Just remember to factor in the film cost per photo and be mindful of how many pictures you take to get the most out of your instant photography experience.

Accessories and Extras of Polaroid Now I-Type

Neck Strap and Tripod Options

When using the Polaroid Now i-Type, you have the option to attach a neck strap to keep your camera close and secure.

Many users find this convenient, especially when taking multiple shots in a day or when traveling.

Additionally, there are tripod options available that can help stabilize your camera for more precise shots. This is particularly useful when you want a steady hand or need long exposure shots.

Lens Filters and Frames

To enhance your photography, the Polaroid Now i-Type offers lens filters and frames that you can use to create unique and artistic images.

Lens filters can change the color and mood of your photos, while frames offer a creative way to add borders and style to your instant prints.

By trying out different filters and frames, you can make each shot even more personalized and fun.

Polaroid App and Smartphone Integration

The Polaroid brand understands the importance of integrating its cameras with today’s technology, which is why they offer a Polaroid app for your smartphone.

With this app, you can take full advantage of your camera’s features, as well as control various settings from your phone.

This smartphone integration also allows for easy sharing and uploading of your photos to social media or online galleries, making it simple to show off your favorite Polaroid Now i-Type shots with friends and family.

User Experience and Usability

Ergonomics and Weight

The Polaroid Now i-Type is designed with your comfort in mind. Its ergonomic shape allows for a natural grip, making it easy for you to hold and operate the camera, even during longer photo sessions.

Additionally, the camera is lightweight, which promotes easy handling and minimizes fatigue when carrying it around.

User Friendliness

As a user, you will appreciate the simplicity of the Polaroid Now i-Type. The camera focuses on delivering an enjoyable experience without unnecessary complications.

It features an intuitive interface and user-friendly controls that make it easy for both beginners and experienced photographers to operate.

The autofocus system ensures that your photos are sharp and in focus, allowing you to focus on capturing your memories without worrying about setting adjustments.

Creative Controls

Alongside the ease of use, the Polaroid Now i-Type offers some creative controls to enhance your photography experience. These features include:

  • Double exposure: Capture two images on a single piece of film for a unique and artistic look.
  • Self-timer: Get yourself and your friends in the photo with the built-in self-timer.
  • Light management: Adjust the exposure settings to ensure well-balanced photos in various lighting conditions.

These creative options give you the freedom to experiment with your photography and produce memorable instant prints.

Aesthetics and Nostalgia

The design of the Polaroid Now i-Type stays true to the classic aesthetics that made Polaroid cameras iconic. The camera echoes the distinctive look of its predecessors with its boxy shape and the recognizable Polaroid logo.

This sense of nostalgia evokes fond memories for those who have used Polaroid cameras in the past, while also introducing a new generation of fans to the instant camera experience.

The camera’s stylish appearance comes in various colors, allowing you to choose a device that suits your personal taste and style.


How does the Polaroid Now I-Type compare to previous models?

The Polaroid Now I-Type offers a more user-friendly experience than previous models. Its autofocus feature allows you to capture better photos, and it also includes an improved flash.

In comparison to the previous model, the Polaroid Now+ i-Type, the latter offers more features such as multiple shooting modes and seemingly endless options, making it somewhat more advanced than the Polaroid Now I-Type.

What is the image quality like on the Polaroid Now I-Type?

The image quality on the Polaroid Now I-Type is decent with its 6.5 score in image quality evaluation.

Images captured with this camera tend to have that grainy, signature Polaroid charm, giving your photos a nostalgic feel.

However, it’s important to remember that the quality will not be as sharp as a digital camera.

Can I use 600 film in the Polaroid Now I-Type camera?

Yes, you can use 600 film in the Polaroid Now I-Type camera. The camera is designed to be compatible with both i-Type and 600 film, giving you flexibility in terms of the film you choose.

However, keep in mind that the specific film you choose may affect the image quality and overall experience.

How long does it take for I-Type film to develop?

I-Type film typically takes about 10-15 minutes to fully develop, but the entire process can sometimes take up to 30 minutes.

To ensure the best results, allow your photo to develop in a cool, dark place, and avoid exposing it to direct sunlight.

Patience is key when working with this type of film, as the development time contributes to the unique charm of your Polaroid photos.