Nikon D850 Troubleshooting (Get Technical Solutions)

The Nikon D85O camera is a high-resolution camera that comes with 45.7 megapixels of resolution. A favorite DSLR camera among photographers, the camera is packed full of several features including high sensor design, autofocus, dynamic range, sensitivity, and Speedlight control, among others. 

However, like all other cameras, the D850 is not without its peculiar issues. If you use this camera, you will be familiar with a few hiccups unique to it. So, how do you troubleshoot it, when some of these issues arise?

In this article, we shall be looking at the various issues while doing the Nikon D850 Troubleshooting and most likely get perfect solutions for Nikon D850 camera.  These problems fall within four categories which include:

  • Shooting
  • Battery/ Display
  • Playback
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (Wireless Networks)

We will also look at some other unrelated issues that might develop and how to deal with them.


Different Types of Issues In Nikon D850 Troubleshooting

When you are involved in the nikon d850 troubleshoot, you will find different issues that will bother in the time of your photography. Let’s dive into how to handle all the problems.

What Issues Involved In Shooting?

In this section, we shall be looking at the various issues that may arise from shooting with your D850 and how to troubleshoot them.

01. Your camera takes more time than usual before turning on.

In a case where your camera refuses to turn on, it can be because the camera if full. Simply delete files or folders on the camera.

02. The shutter release is disabled

If the shutter release of your D850 is disabled, it can be because of one or more reasons. Do the following to resolve it:

  • Make sure the memory card has been inserted, isn’t locked, and isn’t full.
  • Make sure the aperture ring is locked at the highest f-number

03. The camera takes a longer time to respond to the shutter-release button

To solve this, select “off”, for “Exposure Delay Mode” 

04. Only one shot is taken when you take pictures in continuous release mode.

This happens when the HDR is turned on, So, turn HDR off whenever you want to shoot in continuous release mode.

05. Photos taken are out of focus.

Rotate the focus mode on the camera to “Autofocus”

06. The camera is unable to focus using autofocus

In this case, try shooting with manual focus or focus lock.

07. The “beep” does not sound 

Look to see if the beep option has been turned on

08. Unable to select “focus point” on the camera

To resolve this, do any of the following things below:

  • Unlock the focus selector lock in the camera
  • Change the mode of the camera from auto-focus mode
  • Ensure the camera is not in playback mode

What Are The Battery/ Display Related Issues?

Below are some issues that may have with the battery and display of your D850, and steps to follow to troubleshoot them.

01. The camera is on but it is not responding

If this happens while you are recording, simply restart the camera. If the problem persists, then remove and insert the battery and then turn it on again.

02. The viewfinder is out of focus

Simply adjust the viewfinder focus on the camera.

03. The viewfinder is dark

To prevent this, always shoot with a fully charged battery

04. The display of your D850 turns off without warning

In the custom settings of your camera, choose longer delay periods.

Different Playback Issues

In this section, we shall be looking at some steps to troubleshoot the D850 camera when you encounter issues with its playback feature.

01. Image taken at NEF (RAW) mode is not played back

This happens when you take NEF + JPEG image qualities. 

02. Unable to view pictures taken with other cameras but stored on the SD card.

Your D850 isn’t programmed to review pictures taken with other cameras. The pictures may not be displayed correctly.

03. Portrait pictures taken with your D850 are displayed in landscape/wide format

To avoid this, do the following:

  • Ensure you take pictures with auto image rotation on
  • Ensure you select “on” for “Rotate fall”
  • Do not point your camera up or down when you shoot

04. Unable to delete a photo on the device

Remove the protection on the photo.

05. Unable to further edit a picture

You have reached the maximum edit of the picture on the device

06. Unable to transfer pictures from camera to system.

Use a card reader to transfer the files. You should consider checking if your OS is compatible with the transfer software of the camera.

Bluetooth And Wifi Issues

You might run into a few issues when it comes to connecting your D850 with other devices. In this section, we shall look at these issues and how to solve them.

01. Unable to connect to wireless printers and other wireless devices.

Ensure you have installed the SnapBridge app on any device you want to connect with.

02. Devices not showing the SSID(network name) of your D850

These can happen for a number of reasons. To troubleshoot this, do the following.

  • Make sure your D850 is not in Airplane mode
  • Ensure you have enabled Bluetooth on your device
  • Restart the device you are trying to connect your camera with.

Miscellaneous Issues On The D850

Below are some issues that may arise from using the D850, which are not function specific. 

01. The date of recording in your video is not correct

The clock of your camera is not always correct and cannot be dependent on like your wristwatch or system. So, always check to see if the time on it s correct.

02. Unable to select the items in MENU

Some of the menu options remain inactive on your camera until you insert a memory card.

People Also Ask

What can I do to reduce issues while using my Nikon D850

The first thing to do when it comes to using any camera is to acquaint yourself with the basic settings of the camera. Some of the issues, as you come to realize are a result of using the camera in the wrong settings.

Where should be my go-to when all troubleshooting efforts do not solve a problem?

Nikon offers a warranty on its products, depending on where you purchase it. Contact Nikon directly to know what next to do.

To Conclude

The Nikon D850 like every other camera develops issues from time to time. Many of these can be solved easily, following some of the processes outlined in this article, In cases of extreme issues due to damage to the camera, t is better to contact Nikon customer services directly.