What Are The Nikon Coolpix Common Problems? (Common Issues Solved)

Nikon Coolpix cameras date back to the earlier days of innovation in cameras. Save to say, it’s a camera that has been around, and has so many series, each one being developed over the years to suit the demand for cameras in each era.

Being a fixed-lens camera, this wonderful camera strives to compete with some of the most advanced DSLR cameras. The brand is a favorite of beginner photographers and expert travel photographers who like to travel light without the burden of extra lenses required for a DSLR camera.

Expectedly, the Nikon Coolpix cameras come with their issues, as any digital camera would. It would be complex to simply discuss broad issues and offer solutions because as stated before, the share number of series for each model of Nikon Coolpix is daunting, as they date back to 1970.

In this article, we shall be looking at some of the most recent models of the Nikon Coolpix common problems, and pick out the most common series to discuss their problems and how to troubleshoot them.

Coolpix has 2 broad classifications for its models, modern and discontinued. We shall be looking at modern models. The modern models are divided into five different lines, the (A) series, the (AW) all-weather series, the (L) life series, the (P) performance series, and the (S) style series.

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What Are The Nikon Coolpix Common Problems?

The letter behind the name of a Coolpix camera determines the line to which it belongs. For this article, we shall be looking at the common issues you might encounter when using some of the Nikon Coolpix series of cameras, and how to troubleshoot them. These series include:

  • Coolpix S5300
  • Coolpix S600
  • Coolpix AW130
  • Coolpix AW1
  • Coolpix L26
  • Coolpix L830
  • Coolpix P600

Note that if none of the troubleshooting listed in this article works solves a problem, contact Nikon repairs directly for help.

Problem of Nikon Coolpix S5300

01. S5300 won’t turn on

There are several reasons why your camera won’t turn on. These include a flat battery and a stuck power button.

  • If the battery is dead, replace it with a new one. To do this, locate the battery compartment, at the bottom right of the corner. Slide the battery door open in the direction of the arrow by applying. Press the orange lever on the inside of the door to release the battery. Replace the battery with a new one.
  • If the camera still won’t turn on, then check to see if the power button is stuck. Press the button and observe if it goes down. If it doesn’t, then it must be stuck. Use the end of a pin to gently run around the seams of the button to feel for any particle lodged in it. If found, prod the article out. 

02. S5300 Isn’t Charging

To troubleshoot your S5300 if it isn’t charging, do the following:

  • Check the charging port to ensure it is not blocked
  • Check the power outlet to make sure it is working
  • Change the charging cable.
  • Ensure the battery is properly placed in the compartment

03. Uncharacteristic Poor Quality of the Picture.

The poor quality of the picture of an S5300 can be caused by several factors. For the proper quality of the image, do the following:

  • Ensure you take pictures with the flash settings on in dark settings
  • Stabilize your camera using a tripod
  • Shoot in noise-reducing mode, to reduce noise when shooting in a place filled wh dust.
  • Shoot in low ISO sensitivity to reduce noise in the picture
  • To reduce under exposure, ensure the flash window is not blocked or partially covered, move closer to the model, and select backlight scene mode.
  • For overexposure, turn off the flash.

issues With Nikon Coolpix S600

01. Jammed Lens

This is a common problem with the S6OO. Do the following if your lens is jammed, refusing to retract.

  • The go-to solution is to first replace the battery and re-starting the camera. If that does not work, try any of the other steps below
  • Blow compressed air into the gaps around the lens barrel to force out any dirt or particle stuck in it.
  • Your last resort might be to gently jam the camera continuously on your palm, to help dislodge any stubborn particles that are jamming the lens.

02. S600 Refuses to Take Pictures

When your S600 refuses to take pictures, do the following:

  • Ensure your camera is in shooting mode, rather than playback mode or any other mode
  • Your camera will not work if the flash is charging, so wait until it finishes charging
  • If the memory card is full, there will be no space for the camera to store new pictures. So, replace the memory card or delete files and folders on the one you are currently using

Nikon Coolpix AW130 Problems

01. AW130 is Unable to Take a Photo

Your AW130 might be unable to take a photo because of battery issues, the motherboard, or a stuck shutter button. To troubleshoot, do the following: 

  • Ensure to properly charge the battery before use. Upon charging, restart the camera.
  • You might have to get a new battery altogether in a case where the battery is dead.
  • Sand may be lodged in the groove of the shutter button. Clean the shutter button using a damp clean rag(the camera is waterproof). If the problem still exists, you might have to change the shutter button
  • In the worst-case scenario, you might have to change the motherboard of your AW130.

02. AW130 Produces Only Dark Photos

Dark photos are due to the absence of enough light around the model. Therefore to troubleshoot your AW130 when it only produces dark photos, do the following:

  • Shoot with your flash on. However, if turned on and it remains unfunctional, you might have to change the button
  • If the flash turns on, and your pictures are still dark, consider replacing the filament of the camera.
  1. Photos from AW130 cannot be transferred to the computer.

If you are unable to transfer pictures taken with your camera to your system, do the following:

  • Ensure the memory card is installed properly in its chamber. If the problem persists, then clean the SD port with canned air to remove any dirt that may be hidden in it. 
  • Change the SD card, and try transferring. 
  • Check your USB cable to make sure it doesn’t have any faults with it. Try using a new cable if possible.
  • If none of the above works, you would have to change the SD port of your camera.

Nikon Coolpix AW1 Camera Problems

01. AW1 camera buttons not responding

First, ensure the battery is well charged, as the battery might be able to just power on the camera and not necessarily power other functions. So, remove the battery, and plug it into a charger to ensure it is adequately charged.

02. The Camera Takes Fuzzy Pictures

Fuzzy pictures in an AW1 can be either because of moisture or you are shooting pictures in the wrong mode settings. Irrespective, do the following to solve the problem.

  • The camera is waterproof and so, you may have submerged it underwater. Simply take a dry, and soft lint-free cloth and wipe the lens in a circular motion.
  • If the above does not work, then get a blow dryer. Ensure the dryer is at the lowest temperature and a safe distance away from the camera. We recommend about six inches. Too much heat and you can destroy the lens of the camera. Dry out the camera using the blower.
  • Finally, check to see if you are shooting in the right mode. There are four modes available, (P, S, A, and M). Choose the one that best suits the kind of picture you need to take. 

03. AW1 is Unable to Shoot Videos

If your AWI is unable to shoot videos, then it is either a battery problem, a storage problem, or a result of shooting in the wrong settings. To solve this, do the following:

  • Ensure the battery of your camera is fully charged, or replace the battery, as your camera cannot shoot videos on a low battery.
  • Delete files and folders from your sd card to free up space. Video files take up more space and so require a much larger space. If you are unwilling to delete files from your SD card, then replace the SD card with a new one.

Troubleshooting Coolpix L26

01. The Camera Turns off After a Short Warning

When this happens, it is either a battery problem or a temperature problem. To solve this, do the following:

  • Remove the batteries from the camera, and re-insert them. 
  • The camera and the battery are too cold, probably after being in the car with the AC turned on for a long time. Replace the cold battery with a warm battery

02. Lens Refuses to open

If the lens of your L26 refuses to open, do the following:

  • Check the battery and ensure it is well charged.
  • If the problem persists, then it is most likely a fault in the motherboard. In which case, contact Nikon

03. L26 flash not working

If the flash of your L2 does not work, do the following:

  • Check to see if the flash mode is switched on. 
  • Check to see if you are shooting in a mode that does not support flash, like scene mode.
  • Check to see if blink proof in the smart portrait is turned on. If so, disable blink proof to enable the use of the flash on your camera.
  • Check to see if the bulb in the flash is blown, if so, replace it.

Coolpix L830 Problems

01. The LCD Screen Does not Show Anything

Your LCD screen not showing anything can be linked to a couple of things. Do the following to solve this problem.

  • Ensure your camera is on. It might be as simple as that.
  • Ensure the battery of your camera is well charged.
  • Ensure your flash is well recharged. 
  • Ensure you are not shooting with power saving mode on.
  • If your LCD screen is broken, it would not work.

02. Your Camera Will not Focus

If you shoot but are unable to get the camera to focus, do the following:

  • Make sure you are not too close to the model. Shift backward a bit to allow your camera to focus on the subject.
  • Check to see if autofocus is on. If it is on, you will not be able to manually focus with the camera. Disengage autofocus to manually use it.

Nikon Coolpix P600 Problems

01. Inability to see through the viewfinder or monitor

If you try looking through the viewfinder and are unable to see through it, do the following:

  • Make sure the lens cap isn’t on. 
  • Check to see if your camera is powered on. If it isn’t, switch it on. If it does not come on, then check the battery and make sure it is well-charged.
  • Make sure the camera is not in standby mode. If your camera has been inactive for a while, it would go to stand-by. Simply push the power button.
  • Check to see if the camera is plugged into your computer via a USB. Your camera’s viewfinder will not work if your camera is plugged in. Unplug the camera and your viewfinder will be back to normal.

People Also Ask

Is there general troubleshooting for all Nikon Coolpix camera

It depends. Some of the issues might share the same troubleshooting. However, knowledge of the series of the camera you are using is important as some series require specific troubleshooting. 

Is the repair of the Nikon Coolpix camera expensive?

Not necessarily. Most of the issues you will have while using any of the Nikon Coolpix series require maintenance-level repair. This means they are things you can do inexpensively.

Final Words

The Nikon Coolpix is a wonderful point-and-shoot camera, one with various models, and each boasts of series from which photographers can make their choice. When it comes to usage, these cameras like any other type of camera develop faults. Knowledge of how to troubleshoot them is therefore important.