Unique Newborn Photography With Parents (Get Pro Tips)

Newborn babies are such a blessing. Virtually every society has unique ways of receiving its newborns. Sadly, the newborn-baby stage does not last. As infants grow fast, parents can miss their crucial growth milestones. Newborn photography ideas with parents is the best way to capture an infant’s most memorable moments after birth.

Although parents can use their mobile phones or digital cameras to take snaps with their newborns, one or more professional photoshoots are vital.

When organizing professional portrait photography with newborns, parents want to know the cost of the service. Moreover, they wonder when is too soon to arrange a photoshoot with their new baby. 

We will answer these questions and more in this detailed article.

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What Age is The Best to Photograph a Newborn?

All baby photographers agree on one thing. Taking photos with your baby throughout their first year of life is incredibly special.

They will constantly remind you of how far your child has come. All in all, every mother and father want to know the right time to pose with their newborn.

Most photographers recommend doing a photoshoot before the 14th day of your baby’s life. In its early days of life, an infant wants to curl and sleep.

So it can be a little challenging to keep them awake for a professional photo-taking session. Some photographers feel that this is the easiest time to photograph an infant in any position you want because they are motionless.

Besides, some are willing to visit you at home if you cannot travel due to a C-Section or any other reason.

After the first session, parents can arrange another photoshoot with their older newborns. We are referring to a baby who is two to three months old.

Are Two Weeks too Old for Newborn Photos?

No, two weeks is the best time for parents to plan an infant’s photography. A two weeks baby thinks it is still inside the mother’s womb.

Thus, it can sleep or stay in one position for hours. That is why it is so easy to photograph a newborn baby in any pose.

Newborn Photoshoot Ideas With Parents 


Newborn photography with the parents entails different posing styles. Each style has variations too. We will list them down next:

01. Wrapped and close to the face

Close to face pose
Close to Mom’s Face Pose With Newborn

Entails a wrapped-up baby in mum or dad’s arms and positioned to the side of their face.

02. Front pose with dad

A front pose with the father’s big arms holding a wrapped up baby

03. A close-up pose of a naked baby

It lies in its father’s arms facing to the right or left

04. Chest pose

Parents pose with their baby resting on its father’s chest

05. Shoulder pose

Shoulder Pose
Shoulder Pose With Mom

Mom or dad poses with the baby leaning on their shoulder and facing the camera

06. Family pose

Newborn baby family pose
Family Pose With Newborn

Parents and other kids posed with their new baby

07. A prop pose

It entails parents sitting down with a propped up newborn

08. Sitting down with the baby

Parents sit down with their baby lying on dad or mum’s lap.

What Are The Newborn Photoshoot Package?

When looking for unique newborn photography with parents, consider the package. A package should not only list the cost of a photo shoot.

Instead, the photographer should list the components of their service. If you read a photoshoot package, you should easily decide whether to take it or leave it.

Will they come to your home, or do you need to travel with the baby to their studio? Some expert photographers will strictly work from their studio, and others are more flexible.

A professional photographer should disclose their tools of work. For instance, they will mention their cameras’ capabilities and whether they use props.

Consider that some of them are general photographers who take any work. If you want to engage a specialist in newborn photography, you might pay more for their packages.

Luckily, you will work with someone who understands their trade and can adapt it to suit your needs.

Moreover, they should list their poses or talk about them when you call. Each package will have a certain number of photos and should state that clearly.

You also want to know how long it will take them to release the photographs after the shooting session. If they are good at their job, they will state the waiting period and the condition of the snaps.

Will they frame your photos, or is there an additional fee for the service? Feel free to ask if you have the option to choose which pictures to buy and which ones to leave.

Will you pay for the photos you won’t like? Ensure you have all the answers before selecting a newborn photoshoot package.

Remember to ask about their tolerance levels. As a parent, especially a mum, you know that babies have moods. They may feel hungry and cry in the middle of a photo shoot.

Babies might also need a diaper change. If they were asleep, they might wake up and cry when trying to change their clothes for the next photo. Can the photographer handle these periods civilly?

How Much Costs are Newborn Photoshoots?

Photographing a newborn baby does not cost much in general. One factor that might directly affect the cost is the photographer’s competence.

If you are dealing with an entry-level professional, you can pay around $400. Sadly, the quality of the output might not be high.

On the other hand, buying the services of an established photographer means you will pay more money. A rough estimate would be around $800 to $1,000 when hiring an experienced person.

You might pay even more depending on where you come from or whether you live in a posh neighborhood.

Still, if you hire someone who only does newborn photography, the quality and price will be high.

Many online-based photographers provide more than one package. In some cases, you pay less if you purchase an annual plan upfront.

As you choose the best photographer, consider what is inside their subscription plans. Choose what your budget can allow but make sure the provider is reputable.

What Affects the Cost of Baby Portrait Photography?

When deciding to buy a newborn photoshoot package, focus on factors that affect the cost of portrait photography.

After that, a photographer’s price may not come out as exorbitant. Before setting the price of each package, a photographer considers these parameters:

01. The number of photos

Technology growth has allowed many photographers to offer digital images. If you want printed digital photos, you might pay more money than a client who does not want to print their photos.

Additionally, photographers determine the number of photos included in each package. Some set a fixed starting price and increase it if you want more images.

Others set a fixed number of photographs for a given price and allow the parents to choose the venue. Sometimes the stated price can increase due to image editing.

A few baby photographers base the cost on the number of photos and their sizes or provide a fixed portrait photo session.

02. Sitting Fees

A portrait package will seldom miss a sitting fee. You will pay the photographer for the service, not the outcome.

Thus, a sitting fee does not include the cost of the digital image. Some experts offer a preview of the edited snaps in their sitting fees package.

03. Location

Newborn photographers tend to be flexible and will do a photoshoot where the client chooses. Regardless, they will consider the location in their price.

If you opt for many photo shooting locations, you will pay more money and vice-versa. A few of them offer extra location packages on weekends.

If you visit their studios, some professionals will charge a lower price. If you still insist on taking photos outside, they will set the price based on the distance from their studio.

04. Props photography

A session price will include the props and wardrobe change. Thus, props photo sessions usually happen inside the studio.

Note that you can only change clothes an allowed number of times. Beyond that, you will pay an extra fee.

05. Photo Editing

Retouching and editing mean the same thing. If you want your photo edited, the rate will be in your session or sitting fees.

Nevertheless, if you need to edit all photographs taken within one session, there is an additional fee for that work.

06. Multi portrait sessions

Most newborn photographers differentiate between a single photoshoot and many photography sessions. If parents want to photograph their child throughout the first year of life, they might get a discounted package.

They will provide the number of sessions they can give you annually and give you the option to buy. If you choose all of them, they will discount the price.

Furthermore, a few companies will charge nothing to take photos of a complete newborn baby as long as parents can purchase their annual package.

Top Questions (FAQs)

Should I book a newborn photography session before I give birth or after I give birth? 

Photographers have unique protocols they follow to ensure success in their work. We can therefore recommend checking the packages of those near you.

A few of them advise their clients to reserve a session after their twentieth-week scan. Others will embrace you even if you come after the birth of a baby.

Those who ask you to book early also want you to inform them when you give birth so that they can confirm the best day for the photoshoot.

In most cases, they will come over to your place or ask you to come to their studio within the first ten to fourteen days. If you call after the 8th week since the child’s birth, most photographers will offer an older newborn baby package.

Do you expect the parents to bring anything for the photoshoot to proceed?

In most cases, parents need to bring nothing but their baby. Established studios offer clean outfits, props, and baby wraps. Nevertheless, they do not stop parents from bringing a teddy bear, a baby garment, or a blanket they value.

Photographers use their belongings and any additional items from the client to develop unique images. If your baby uses a dummy for comfort, most studios welcome the idea of bringing it.

A dummy might shorten the time taken to soothe the baby and prepare it for the next photo session.

If parents do not use a dummy, the studio might use theirs in the most cautious way to keep the infant comfortable.

If you want the session to take place outside the studio, the photographer might not provide everything. Ensure that you ask about the things they will provide and the ones you will carry.

How long does a newborn baby photoshoot session last? 

A single photography session can take two to four hours. In some situations, the task can take much longer if the baby needs mum’s attention. Photographers who care about the relaxation of the parents and the baby do not schedule another session in one day.

Again, they consider that the baby might respond negatively to a new environment. So they might require adequate time to calm down and accept the new place.

Therefore, choose an experienced and tolerant photographer for your new baby photoshoot. Scheduling the task early can also help the photographer prepare well for the day.

They can select a day when they will not be doing any other work or offer to meet you at your home.

If a mum has a C-section wound or has not recovered from a natural birth, a good newborn photographer can visit. Thus, they can ensure that the mom does travel while in pain and that they prepare adequately for the session.

Final Thoughts

Which parent would hate to preserve the memories of their newborn baby in photos? Even the baby itself will enjoy viewing its photos when it grows up.

One way to ensure newborn baby photography with parents is to prepare early.

Locate the best photographer in your area and book a session before the delivery of your baby. When the baby comes, call them to schedule the best photoshoot date and time.