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13 Best Luxury Shower Heads Reviews: Buyer’s Guide [2021]

When it comes to picking out a suitable luxury shower head, it has to be looking good enough to take the lead. Luxury heads are made with high regard for how the shower room will look at the end of installing the shower head.

All of this is a thing that would help in making the right choice.

However, designs that cover the need for a head are still not durable enough for extended use.

Still, they are on sale, which could harm the surface by being changed for the right luxury shower head.

From HomeGroup to Shamanda, ShowerMAxx, Suncleanse, and more are available on this review.

They all are amazing options and can work as a luxury shower head in any shower room available.


What is the best luxury shower head?

As a luxury shower head, the AquaHomeGroup stands as the best shower head for a luxurious cleaning room.

Aquahomegroup comes with an excellent filtration system that keeps the dirt out, allowing only clean water to pass through.

In addition, this shower head is an impressive water pressure that gives the right amount of water, depending on how it was hacked.

Why AquaHomeGroup is the best brand for a luxury shower head?

AquaHomeGroup stands as one of the best brands for luxury shower heads, and this is because of several reasons.

There also comes an amazing feature that helps keep the charge of the water pressure while turned on.

Another thing with the AquaHome Group is that it could be easy to set up in the shower room without needing external help.

Top 13 Best Luxury Shower Heads Reviews

01. HomeGroup Handheld Shower Head with Filter- Best for high pressure.


Highlighted features:

  • Excellent water filtration.
  • It improved metal brass.
  • Firm shower head.
  • Consistent water pressure.
  • Easy installation.

While using the HomeGroup Handheld shower, users are given optimum water filtration while in use.

A result of the water filtration feature is that it makes the skin softer, helps the hair shine better, and the nails stronger.

Considering the Homegroup, users are offered a shower head with improved metal brass that serves as a holder that bears the shower head.

Compared to other conventional luxury shower head, this helps the shower head stay more firmly while installed.

For those that require a powerful spa effect, this shower head provides that with so much ease.

HomeGroup mixes a unique combination of a 15-stage filtration system, and it is infused with both Vitamin E, and C.

All of this combines to create the nourishing spa effect while making use of this shower head.

“For those allergic to the vitamins E and C, it is impossible to use this luxury shower head as it doesn’t come off.”

On a general note, the shower head is safe to use on both kids and pets as it provides a consistent water pressure while in use.


  • Can be installed with ease.
  • Has reliable water pressure.
  • Caters for the skin.
  • Reliable shower head.


  • Not suitable for those with a vitamin allergy.

02. SHAMANDA Bathroom Rain Shower System- Best for handheld


Highlighted features:

  • Stainless steel frame.
  • Consists of installation accessories.
  • Uses a shower mixer valve.
  • Air injection technology.
  • Improved pressure balance.

Shamanda bathroom rain shower head is a convenient choice for users interested in having a shower head for luxury purposes.

Considering the size of the shower head, it is noticeably twelve inches wide. With this, the water it lets out is enough for a satisfying shower.

Along with this shower head comes all the necessary accessories that help in making use of this shower head.

There is a shower hose, a shower arm, a fitting shower holder, and a shower mixer valve on the body.

Shamanda also offers an improved level of pressure balance while the shower head is in use.

With this luxury shower head, the ceramic disc cartridge helps maintain balanced water pressure.

As a luxury choice, it also comes an air injection technology that makes the water become more delicate on the skin and yet energetic.

Apart from this, the shower head can help save more water than the one that is normally consumed.


  • Delivers more delicate water.
  • Helps in saving water.
  • Helps in balancing water pressure.
  • Has an impressive head size.


  • Can be tricky to maintain.

03. SHOWERMAXX Pressure Shower Head- Best for a luxury spa.


Highlighted features:

  • Impressive deluxe design.
  • High water flow.
  • Luxurious shower head.
  • Resistant to heat.
  • Stainless steel hose.

SHOWERMAXX Ultra-high pressure handheld shower head is designed as an impressive deluxe design made for a luxurious shower room.

Without doing too much or even putting too much effort, the water pressure comes with a steady flow.

For areas that are prone to heat, this shower head comes with fortification against excessive heat.

Using the Showermaxx, the shower head is constructed to keep its cool, no matter the heat that tries to pass through it.

Showermaxx was constructed with great precision that lets the users have a shower head that is safe from clogging.

There is a mesh filter or sand disk that helps keep all the water passing thorough clean at all times.


  • Designed to be heat-resistant.
  • Keeps the water clean.
  • Made of stainless steel.
  • Improved water flow.


  • Comes with a small shower head.

04. SunCleanse Luxury Shower Faucets –Best for rain shower


Highlighted features:

  • Made of stainless steel (304 stainless steel).
  • Offers durability.
  • Corrosion-resistant.
  • Uses a mixer valve.
  • Air energy technology.

SunCleanse is a luxury shower faucet that serves as a ceiling shower system designed with reliable components.

The body of the shower head is made from 304 stainless steel that offers an improved level of durability. Also, it remains sturdy enough to give a less troubling operation after installation.

“Some users still complain that it comes with a shower head that still drops water a few moments after it has been closed.”

Suncleanse shower faucets is a modern design that has a ten inches squared frame that helps in covering the whole body.

Also, the hand is designed in an L-shape that is both simple and yet still looks elegant.

Along with this shower head comes a two-in-one diverter that helps in controlling the temperature of the water flow.

When using this shower head, people are certain that all the required accessories are included in the package.


  • Helps in controlling the water temperature.
  • Comes as a square-shaped head.
  • Designed to look good.
  • Resistant to corrosion.


  • Leaks for a few seconds after turning off.

05. HOMEDEC Luxury LED Rainfall Shower – Best for body spray


Highlighted features:

  • Runs simultaneously.
  • Designed with metal.
  • Adjustable shower walls.
  • Has a switch handle.
  • Made of solid brass.

Homedec luxury shower head comes with an LED light to help while showering.

All the shower heads that make up this product can be opened simultaneously when using them. They can also be adjusted to fit the desired flow volume for every use.

Homedec luxury shower comes with a metal construction that offers durability.

Home dec comes with a solid brass structure as well as a 304 stainless steel hose and shower head.

When using this luxury shower, users are certain of a long-lasting shower head.

When this shower head is installed into a chosen area, it helps the users enjoy a full body massage just as in a spa.

This is enabled with the adjustable shower wall jets that help move the shower head in a 360 degrees rotation.

Home dec also promises a more intense water flow depending on the particular use or user. With the switch handle, the water level and temperature can be adjusted.


  • Comes with a switch handle.
  • Helps in temperature control.
  • Designed to last long.
  • Suitable for luxury showers.


  • Long down the road doesn’t fit all ceilings.

06. Wasserrhythm 8 Inches Bathroom Shower – Best for Victorian shower


Highlighted features:

  • Designed to be durable.
  • Offers a concealed construction.
  • Made of stainless steel.
  • Controls water use.
  • Maintains water pressure.

Wasserrhythm is an eight inches shower head that can serve luxurious purposes in a bathroom.

When it comes to the design of this shower head, it is designed to be durable due to the components that it is made from.

With this, users get an A-grade stainless steel shower head.

As a Victorian-themed shower head, it accentuates the décor of the bathroom effortlessly.

Also, it helps in saving up water to preserve the eco-system while still having a high-pressure flow from the shower head.

Wasserrhythm bathroom shower head comes with a pressure balance valve cartridge that helps in maintaining the water pressure as well.

With this, it becomes harder to get scalded by the temperature of the water.

“There are sometimes that the push button may become unresponsive, but it comes back after a while.”

As a shower head, it comes a bright technology that helps in keeping the frame-free from water spots and fingerprints.

In addition, it is mirror-bright while using during a long shower and reduces the regular time of cleaning the shower.


  • Keeps spots away from the frame.
  • Designed with a Victorian theme.
  • Has a concealable construction.
  • Comes with a pressure valve.


  • Unresponsive customer care.
  • Push-button can be unreliable.

07. PureAction Luxury Filtered Shower Head- Best hard water softener


Highlighted features:

  • Chlorine filtration.
  • Dissolves hard water.
  • Skin revitalization.
  • Tool-free installation.
  • Impressive filtration.

Pure Action is a luxury filled shower head that takes out chlorine from the water source while having a shower.

Chemicals are also taken out, like fluoride, and this makes it good for hard water.

Pure action is one of the best luxury shower head that works the most on dissolving hard water.

Another feature that is impressive about the PureAction is that it helps in a full body revitalization after a shower session.

To give a remarkable showering experience, it increases the pH of the water. With this, it becomes effective on dry scalps, itchy skin, and even on dyed hairs.

“Even with all the amazing features of the PureAction shower head, it doesn’t come with inbuilt filters.”

When in use, there are no leaks that come with using this shower head after a long time.

All the components used in making the shower head is durable because it is made of stainless steel and also chrome plated.

During the installation of this shower head, it comes without needing any installation modifications.

They fit into just any shower and allows for several installation features.


  • Can be easily installed.
  • Designed with stainless steel.
  • Works on hard water.
  • Controls the water pH.


  • Doesn’t come with a filter.

08. ShowerMaxx Elite High-Pressure Shower Head – Best with Nickel finish


Highlighted features:

  • Designed for luxury.
  • Has a flow restrictor.
  • Rainfall shower design.
  • Resistant to heat.
  • Rust resistant.

Showermaxx is an elite version of a luxury shower head as it provides a rejuvenating experience for the users.

When it comes to the craftsmanship of the shower head, users are assured of a choice that is built to last and fit into any type of shower area.

Designed just as a rainfall shower head, it offers a unique experience and washes clean in the shortest available time.

Another commendable function that the shower head has is a flow restrictor that comes already installed into the shower head.

Note, it also has a sand filter disk that makes it easy for the shower head to provide clean water at all times.

Showermaxx elite shower head comes built with a heat resistant feature that keeps it cool no matter the rising temperature.

They are also crafted with durable components that can withstand the effects of corrosion and rust.

All the nozzles in the shower head are precisely engineered to give the best results while in use.

They are also self-cleaning and don’t get clogged easily, saving users a lot of cleaning time.


  • Comes with Teflon tape.
  • Works to resist corrosion.
  • Has a fitted mesh.
  • Includes an installation guide.


  • Doesn’t work as a handheld.

09. Aquarius Handheld Shower Head – Best adjustable holder


Highlighted features:

  • Uses an adjustable holder.
  • Rainfall designed shower head.
  • Made of solid brass.
  • Several available modes (6).
  • Swivel ball connection bracket.

Aquarius Handheld shower head is top quality designed by Wellness & Co that is made of reliable materials.

With this comes a handheld shower that combines a polished brass frame with an ABS plastic thermo material.

In addition to all that, the shower head also has an adjustable holder that allows users to turn the head in whatever direction of their choice.

There is also a swivel ball connection bracket made of solid brass to give flexibility and prevent cracks.

“Even with this, there are still times that it begins to develop leaks, but it is in bits and is maintainable.”

Along with this shower head comes six various modes that apply to the use.

They allow users set the water pressure from the lowest to the highest to ensure a satisfying shower experience.

When it comes to installing the shower head, it has all the necessary accessories and an installation manual.

With this, it is easy to install the shower head in a luxury bathroom.


  • Can be easily installed.
  • Has several modes.
  • Comes with an adjustable holder.
  • Uses a connection bracket.


  • Develops frequent leaks.

10. AquaHomeGroup Luxury Filtered Shower Head – Best for high output


Highlighted features:

  • Internalized filter cartridge.
  • Water purification features.
  • Easily mounted.
  • Looks stylish.
  • Designed for luxury showers.

Aquahomegroup luxury shower head comes with an internally placed filtration system that nourishes the skin after a shower.

Inside the filtration cartridge are the Vitamin C and E that are nutrients the body needs to stay refreshed for a healthy shower.

Note, the shower filtration system is set in a total of fifteen stages.

Another noticeable feature of the Aquahomegroup is that it takes out the chlorine and other bad water components.

Using this shower head gives users protection from heavy metals, rusts, sands, etc., that may be in the water source.

When it comes to installing the shower head, there is no need to seek help as the shower head can be tightened with one hand.

So, instead of hiring a professional plumber or purchasing installation tools, this saves users that cost.

Apart from ensuring that the shower head brings out water appropriately, the shower head is stylishly made as well.

There are also five nice-looking shower caps and a Teflon tap that is included in the order.


  • Comes with Teflon tape.
  • Doesn’t require extra hands.
  • Delivers vitamins through the water.
  • Comes with a reliable water filter.


  • Doesn’t fit all shower hoses.

11. Hansgrohe Clubmaster 4-inch Shower head –Best for easy install


Highlighted features:

  • Different spray modes (3).
  • Easily maintained.
  • Offers versatility in style.
  • Adjustable positioning.
  • Impressive flow rate.

Hansgrohe Clubmaster is a shower head that is four inches wide and does a remarkable job of providing an upgraded shower experience.

They come with several spraying modes as well that is set based on the washing needs of the user.

There is one for the pulsating massage, another for a full pressure, and the last one caters for an intense turbo pressure.

“Of all the commendable features of the Hansgrohe shower head design, the arc of the head begins to slack after a while.”

When it comes to cleaning the shower head, they are easy to clean with an anti-limescale silicon spray.

What that does it to take out anything that may have stained the shower head with a simple wipe clean.


  • Positions can be adjusted.
  • Fits into several décor themes.
  • Can be installed with ease.
  • Allows for an easy water flow.


  • Arcs sag after a while.
  • Can be an expensive choice.

12. Moen IN208C2 Aromatherapy Combination- Best for hand shower


Highlighted features:

  • Offers aromatherapy.
  • Includes essential oils.
  • Simple to operate.
  • Customizable design.
  • Works on the skin.

Moen IN208C2 is a patently designed shower head that provides the luxury of an aromatherapeutic shower experience.

The shower has an INLY technology that allows users to insert essential oils into the shower through capsules.

Another feature that the Moen offers is an easily operated shower head that could go in a luxury bathroom.

Note that even though this shower head makes use of scents to create a sensory experience, none of the scents are left on the tub.


  • Easy to use design.
  • Creates a sensory experience.
  • Allows for essential oils.
  • Leaves the skin healthier.


  • Scent doesn’t last

13. Metal Hand Held Shower Head – Best with removable restrictors


Highlighted features:

  • Removable restrictors
  • Designed from metal.
  • Functional hand shower.
  • Extra-long shower hose.
  • Leak-free design.

A metal handheld shower head is designed with removable restrictors that helps in controlling the water flow.

When it comes to the frame of the shower, it is made from all metal and all the high-grade components at the market.

As it is seen in the shower head, it comes with an extra-long shower hose that gets to anywhere with comfort.

So, with the shower head, people are less worried about where to be positioned while having a shower.


  • Doesn’t develop leaks.
  • Designed with stainless steel.
  • Works as a handheld.
  • Has detachable restrictors.


  • Falls off the holder

Luxury Shower Heads Buyer’s Guide

When designing a luxury bathroom and there is a need for a shower place to come in, whatever choice has to be one of the best luxury shower heads.

However, to achieve this, users have to know exactly what to look for when choosing the right luxury shower head.

In this section are what makes up for the best options that can go into any luxury shower. Check them out below:


When it comes to something that stays in a water-filled room, it has to be formidable enough to survive even intense situations.

There are several luxury shower heads that are on this review, and they are built with different materials.

In this review, the strongest shower heads are made from stainless steel, which can easily resist the invasion of corrosion.

With this, it makes it hard for rust to get into the shower head. Others are made from solid brass, and they can stay strong even when used in the shower.

However, some are made from plastic materials but are still reliable because plastics are waterproof. They can hold against water for years without breaking or having cracks along the way.

Water Pressure:

Depending on the type of use that each user needs, the water pressure can be done to fit the use.

For a quick shower, the water pressure can be upped to wash faster and then saves people the time of a deep bath.

The water pressure that comes with the various shower head on this review can be tweaked based on the pre-installed settings.

Some have up to three modes, and others can be adjusted up to six times.

Filtration system:

When it comes to the filtration system of the shower head, it comes from two different angles.

First of all, filtration is meant to help in keeping out unhealthy things from the water source.

Things like metal parts, rusts, sand, and more sediments could be in the water source of even the shower hose.

A suitable shower head makes use of the filter in locking them in and making sure that the water is as clean as possible.

So, when picking a shower head, check if it allows the use of filters or comes with one in the first place.

Also, a good filtration system comes laced with vitamins that leave the users rejuvenated after a shower experience.

They are originally designed with Vitamin C and E at the filters that then wash up on the body while showering.

With the vitamins placed into the filtration system of the shower head, it leaves the skin looking better and makes users healthier.

So, while on the market in search of a filtration system, ensure that it houses nutrients.

But for those that are allergic, this could be harmful to the health, and they should be avoided at all costs.

Mode of installation:

Installing a shower head has to be an important guide that helps in purchasing a convenient head in the first place.

With this, users do not have to spend more money and resources in fixing up their luxury showers.

Instead of having to modify the shower hose already installed or the area of the wall designed for the shower head, it should fit right in.

Another important feature is that some come with installation manuals and others don’t.

With an installation manual, users without prior knowledge in installing a shower head can go about their duty.

They show all the necessary steps and serve as a thorough guide in the process of installation.

However, there are others that do not come with installation manuals, and some of their manuals are rarely understandable.

All of this makes it difficult to fix a shower head without help from a professional or a friend with prior.

Always check for the shower head with installation manuals or is easily fixed when making an actual purchase.

The flexibility of use:

How flexible a shower head works is important in the manner it functions while it is in use.

There are some that can be used as a hand shower and also used as a hands-free shower head design.

They are designed to work based on the areas that the user needs to wash or even the kind of shower experience that they need per time.

However, if they are being used as a handheld shower head, ensure that the one being purchased is long enough to get everywhere.

For the fixed ones also require a water pressure that makes it easy to wash without having to move excessively.

They could function by moving in a 360 degrees rotation.

With a shower head that has been specially designed for comfort, it becomes easy to have a relaxing shower.

Getting a massaging shower is the main aim of getting a luxury shower head in the first place and should be considered when making a choice.

Cost of purchase:

No matter how functional a user’s choice of luxury shower head seems, it has to be affordable.

As an irony to the type of shower heads that pass as a luxury, they need to be within your price range and not cause much financial stress.

On this review are different types of luxury shower heads that could pass in a stylishly made shower room.

However, their prices differ, and this could be because of several reasons that are peculiar the brand or the components used in the production.

Those that are made from things like 304 stainless steel or top quality brass are placed on the high side.

But, the shower heads made from plastic are more price-friendly yet still as functional as any other functional shower head.

Still, even among those made of metal, there are still cheaper ones.

When out on the market for the best shower head for a luxury shower, ensure that the price is friendly and within your budget.

Buying Questions of Best Luxury Shower Head

What causes leaks in a luxury shower head?

Even the best luxury shower heads that are on the market can end up leaking after a while or at the first use.

Leaking could be caused due to various things and cannot be pinned down to a particular source.

Firstly, it could as a result of a defective purchase, making it a production problem and not the user’s fault.

Defective leaks can be fixed by returning the shower head to the producers or point of production, and after examination, it can be changed.

When it comes to this, the second cause of a leak could be that it is the original way that the shower head functions.

For example, there is a shower head that leaks for a few seconds after the water is turned off.

Can a shower head work without filters?

A luxury shower head can come without any filters and still produce clean water while it is in use.

But, it is not an advisable choice of shower head as the luck could run out, and the water would be too dirty to use in showering.

Normally, a filter takes out things like sand, metal parts, rust, and many other things in the water source.

For the shower head without a filter, it should not be the first choice as they are riskier to your shower experience’s health.

Apart from just helping to keep the water clean, they could also hold vitamins and other essential oil that is good for showering.

So, even though the shower head can work without filters, it’s important to have one with a complementing filter or filtrations system.

When is it important to use a luxury shower head?

Just as the shower head in a regular bathroom, they could function in a shower without needing special attention.

However, when the shower head goes in a mild environment, it would normally not stand out as a misfit.

Combing all of this, it is important to have a shower head that is equally luxurious and fits the place’s décor.

On this review are some of the best that are themed for all the different decors, and they fit right into the place.

Here, there are those specially made with a taste of how luxurious the shower is meant to be.

Therefore, it is highly important to use a luxurious shower head, and this is because it is both functional and looks good.

How is a luxury shower head maintained?

As it happens to other things that are used in the home or wherever the options, it is important that they are maintained.

The right maintenance culture offers durability while using the shower head, but there is a way to it.

The most convenient way to clean it with a luxury shower head is by wiping down the surface.

They could be used in collaboration with other things like a cleaning product. With a proper cleansing liquid, the owner of the shower head is convinced of a way out of it.

If the stains or the spots attached themselves and do not clear with the other things, then go for something more intense.

It could do with more cleaning solution or even bleach to clear out the stains on the shower head.

On the side, even though the shower head does not have a preset cleaning time, then it could be cleaned at some intervals.

As a luxury shower head owner, you can clear out the filters occasionally as well.

Can the water pressure be controlled?

Checking out the water pressure of the shower head is always important as it helps in the shower experience.

Some are allowed to work based on several settings, and when it comes to water pressure, it can be set.

As an owner of the shower head, there are some that have a higher pressure, and they can be controlled.

All of this is possible and helps to ensure that users have the right shower head has been purchased.

Do shower heads come with accessories?

Several of the shower heads on the market comes with all the necessary accessories needed in installing the head.

With this they save the time and cost of getting another accessory to work on your shower head.

Still, there are some other shower heads that though they are for luxury, they do not have the required accessories.

Unlike the other luxury shower heads that are available, this is the only type that requires extra cist when it is being installed into a shower hose.

So, shower heads definitely come with a few accessories that gets it running and those that don’t have them could outsource.


Considering all the various luxury shower heads that are available on the market, picking the right one is where the goodness lies.

Always ensure that the choice of a shower head is flexible enough and yet made to be functional.

In this review of the best luxury shower heads that are on the market and they have been adequately set for the users.