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12 Best Low Voltage Transformer: Landscape Lighting Transformer Reviews [2021]

Installing the best low-voltage landscape lighting transformer means you can install more gadgets and appliances in your home.

Likewise, you don’t have to worry about your appliances getting damaged by high voltage-currents.

For Instance, you can have great outdoor lighting, under cabinet lighting and amazing pendant lights installed in your home.

Of course, these lighting appliances can only work when you have a well and running low-voltage transformer.

A low-voltage transformer steps down high current and voltage. This is necessary so you can safely run small appliances as long as you need.

High voltage power will destroy many valuable appliances in the home. Most appliances don’t have enough capacity to absorb high voltage current.

The normal current running in every home is well over 60 volts.

Connecting any home appliance to a 60-volt current will incur irreparable damages. Therefore, many homes run a low-voltage transformer. 

There are tons of different low voltage transformers in the market. You still need to do some research before knowing what transformers you can buy.


What is the best landscape lighting transformer?

So, what is the Best Low-Voltage landscape lighting Transformer in the market?

After considering many factors, we rate the Malibu Power Pack 200watt low-voltage transformer as the best low-voltage transformer in the world.

Unlike other rival transformers, this proves to be more reliable; hence we rate it as the best in the market.

The transformer is usable in your home or office.

Why is the MALIBU Power Pack 200watt the best low-voltage transformer in the market?

This amazing low-voltage transformer makes the top list for many reasons. First, the transformer is very reliable.

It is the most reliable transformer in the market. This alone gives it an edge over others.

One of the best qualities of low volts transformers is the reliability factor.

We consider a transformer that can prevent your appliances from getting damaged by an electric current to be the best. The Malibu Power does exactly this.

Top 12 Landscape Lighting Transformer Reviews

01. Malibu Power Pack 200 Watts- Best, Reliable Transformer In the Market


Highlighted Features

  • Durable and protective panel
  • Improved Sensors (Optical Technology)
  • Circuit Overload Protection
  • High-Performance Capacity

Starting top of the list is the Malibu Power Pack. It doesn’t matter what your needs are, this transformer is trustworthy.

Malibu Power Pack 200 Watts has no rival or competitor in the market; it is on its own level entirely.

First, we cannot continue without discussing its reliability.

The device has an inbuilt circuit connection that shuts down power when there is an overload.

Where there is a high power supply, the circuit receives a signal.

After receiving this signal, it shuts down the power supply. This way, you will probably not experience any damage when using this transformer.

Moving on, it has a variety of programmable modes you can use.

You may turn on this transformer manually; set it to turn automatically whenever you wish.

Possible to turn it off manually or set it to turn off whenever you please.

With so much energy and efficiency, you can expect this transformer to work for a very long time.

If you maintain this transformer, it would serve you for a very long time.

“Unfortunately, this product doesn’t enjoy the number of positive reviews we expected. Most of these complaints are about a missing or damaged item in the kit.

For instance, a buyer reported this low-voltage transformer badly damaged and broken. On another hand, another customer was bitter about the durability of the power pack. Therefore, the brand is expected to improve on packing this product before delivery.” 


  • Very Reliable
  • Very Efficient
  • Has programmable features and optical sensors


  • Not energy efficient

02. THE Lightkiwi W9715 300 Watt – Best Multipurpose Transformer


Highlighted Features

  • Made with Heavy Duty Stainless Steel
  • Double circuit breaker
  • It is an ETL listed Product
  • Double conductors
  • Rated For direct burial

The Lightkiwi W9715 is another awesome transformer that works really fine. We have many reasons it is second on our list.

First, the device works best with landscape lighting. So you can easily illuminate your walkways, while your lawns and gardens are at the center of attractions.

Lightkiwi is a great option for users who want to light up all outdoor spaces.

Also, it is a multi-tap, low-voltage transformer. Therefore, it works perfectly with a variety of home appliances.

Unlike Malibu Power transformer, this uses 70% of its overall efficiency.

The transformer is weatherproof and very resistant to sunlight. A standout feature of this transformer is that it has an FT-2 fire rating.

If you are searching for a low-voltage transformer resistant to fire outbreak, look no further than this model.

Another amazing benefit of this transformer is that it is ideal for indoor use. This makes it highly functional.

That’s not all. The transformer comes with a dual protection feature. Your appliances are very safe as long as you have this power pack.

“Although this product has fewer complaints than the previous item, it is important to discuss these limited negative reports. The common reports from users are durability.

Having paid that enormous amount for this item, buyers expect this power pack to last for years. Unfortunately, the reverse is the case.

A review from one of these customers narrated how the transformer stopped working after a few days. Another customer lamented about how less efficient the power pack is.” 


  • Silent Operation
  • Perfect for indoors and outdoors
  • A very high efficiency
  • Fire and waterproof


  • Ideal with only a light bulb of at least 12V rating.

03. GKOLED Low-Voltage Transformer–Best GKOLED Transformer


Highlighted Features

  • Durable Steel Power House
  • Double Terminal output channels
  • Comes with an Encapsulated Toroid Core
  • ETL listed and CEC VI certified
  • Comes with a photocell

Outdoor landscape lighting makes your yard look magnificent. Having a garden where you relax into the cool of the evening is awesome.

Spice up your garden with some lovely landscape lights. Usually, a combination of lighting styles, fancy bulbs, and design would do.

Well, you must have an efficient low-voltage transformer in place if you want to produce some outdoor magic. GKOLED is one option you should consider.

This transformer is specially made to power up low voltage appliances.

You can trust the safety of this awesome device. It breaks down high current as small as 12volts in order to power up small systems.

While running your outdoor lights on GKOLED, be rest assured that your appliances are safe. The device is also weather-resistant when you install it outdoors.

Unlike other transformers on this list, this device operates silently. You don’t need to be bothered about humming sounds in the wee hours of the night.

“Unlike other low voltage transformers, this model has fewer watts of power. We couldn’t regard this problem as a big downside, since the power pack comes at an affordable rate.

However, we wouldn’t want users to make unhealthy decisions. If you are looking for a bigger transformer to power about 8 or more lights, you might need to consider another transformer.” 


  • One of the best transformers for outdoor lights
  • Very safe to use
  • Has great quality and highly efficient
  • Comes with Photocell for sunlight installation.


  • Low watts power

04. CNBRIGHTER WATERPROOF Transformer–Best Transformer by the CNBRIGHTER brand


Highlighted Features

  • Water and dust resistant
  • Includes installation guide
  • Portable
  • Made from PC and copper
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use

Next on our list is the CN-Brighter low-voltage transformer. Manufactured by the CNBRIGHTER brand, the device is one of the very best in the market.

The standout feature is that the device is water-resistant. It’s common for most transformers to react when there is contact with water.

This is very unlikely with this powerhouse. If a pool of water attacks the CNBRIGHTER, it’s no problem.

In fact, this transformer is best used to light up pool areas. Water pumps and turbine fans will run perfectly on this device.

It comes with an installation guide so you can install it yourself.

Although this transformer is of excellent quality, it is important to know that using over 80% power of this transformer is disastrous. Also, the maximum output it can give is only 60W, which is fairly little.

It is also specified that users distinguish between the input and the output power sources. Users should also differentiate between the 12 AC and 12 DC power sources.


  • Extremely water and dust resistant
  • Very compact and very easy to install
  • Simple to use


  • Unsafe

05. Hampton Bay 600Watt Low-Voltage Transformer- Best for Landscape and Outdoor Lights


Highlighted Features

  • Very Durable and Weather Resistant.
  • Resistant to corrosion.
  • Comes with a photocell panel.
  • Comes with a straightforward manual.
  • Has high energy level capacity.

Like the previous models, Hampton Bay 600Watt is another exceptional power pack.

It is the Fifth on this list for several reasons.

First, it is one of the best transformers for outdoor lighting. With the device, you could light up your entire yard like Vegas.

Likewise, many landscapes and path lighting works perfectly with this transformer.

Another thing worthy of mentioning is its installation.

The installation process is simple. In less than 5 minutes, you can completely set up the transformer with no professional help.

The installation manual will guide you throughout the process.

Likewise, this transformer has a high energy level rating. So, it will withstand fairly heavy loads irrespective of the appliances in your home.

Also coming with this transformer is a resettable circuit. With this feature, you may set the transformer to shut down once it reaches its maximum load limit.

There are also programmable features that will help you switch on and turn off the device whenever you please.

There’s still more. Hampton offers dusk to dawn photocell with this device. This feature is available if you want to generate power using solar energy.

“If you are looking for well-designed low voltage transformers, there is no competitor for this product. The major downside of this product is its lack of space design. You need a large space to install this item. Besides, you would have a few challenges moving it around.”


  • Transformer can withstand heavy loads.
  • It is Highly Efficient
  • Easy to install


  • Not portable

06. Moonrays Electric Power Pack Series with Light Sensors for Outdoor Low Voltage Lighting


Highlighted Features

  • Resistant to rain
  • Comes with Light sensors and other settings.
  • Has a rating of 120 Watt, 120 Volts.
  • Very Resistant to weather.
  • Heavy-duty transformer

Having a list of the top lighting manufacturers without including Moonrays is incomplete. With no debate, this brand is one of the most reliable on the shelves.

No wonder its product made this list. To some, this device may not deserve this list.

Considering the amazing qualities of the transformer, we had no option but to give it its rightful place.

Like many other low voltage transformers on this list, this device works perfectly well with outdoor lights.

One feature worth mentioning is the system’s control unit. It has a light sensor that can vary light bulb power.

This feature allows you to turn on or switch off your lights whenever you please.

You could control your light bulbs directly from the transformer without having to switch them manually.

Another feature worthy of mentioning is its weather resistance capacity.

The Moonrays power pack series is resistant to rain, dust, and will withstand any adverse weather condition.

The rating on the transformer is labeled 120 Watt, 120 volts. Ensure your outdoor light power does not exceed this rating.

Also, make sure you calculate the power consumed by your lights. To do this, multiply the rating of your bulb by the total number of bulbs.

The outcome will give you the total power consumed in Watts. Finally, this system comes with an adjustable photocell.

The photocell could be used for up to 8hours non-stop. Users would also have no challenges installing this power pack.

By simply following the installation manual, you can install perfectly with no hands of a professional.

“Although this device has many clear outstanding features, exceeding the maximum load limit could be damaging.”


  • Easy and straightforward installation
  • Programmable photocell
  • Allows manual settings.


  • Low power output

07. NSi TORK TPX300 Low-Voltage 7 300-Watt Safety Transformer- Highly efficient and multi-task transformer.


Highlighted Features

  • Comes with circuit Breakers
  • Includes ½ and ¾ wiring compartments.
  • Includes knockouts
  • Works with 12,13 and 14 VACs
  • LED compatible

If you observe; on this list, nearly all low voltage transformers are available for running landscape and outdoor lights.

Well, the truth is these appliances are the most suitable to operate on a low voltage connection.

Also, It is common to see amazing, beautiful lighting patterns in spa areas, swimming pools, and other outdoor events.

An electrical device such as the NSi Tork is one of the few transformers in the market that can multitask. 

Whether it is a swimming pool, or spa, or submersible lighting product, the device is capable and up to the task.

If you have underwater lighting or fountain lighting installed, this device would serve you best.

The most important quality of this device is that it is safe. Whenever there is an overload on this transformer, it shuts down the source power completely.

This ensures that all your appliances are safe and in proper condition.

Also, it steps down power to nothing over 12 volts. This ensures the safety of light home appliances.

Installing this transformer is easy either. It comes with some wiring compartment and knockouts for easy mounting. No big deal.

If you follow the installation manual, setting it up wouldn’t be a problem. There’s still more to come from this efficient device.

Furthermore, NSi TORK TPX300 Low-Voltage is compatible with any kind of light bulb.

Whether it is a fluorescent light, Led, or incandescent light, the NSi Tork has no problem running it.

Besides, this device is highly rated. It is CSA approved and is UL listed as well.

The NSi Tork is a special transformer. It should have easily made it higher up the rankings in this list, all things being equal.


  •     It has a high energy rating.
  •     It’s a multipurpose transformer.
  •     Can run power simultaneously


  • Not ideal for under counter strips

08. Sterno Home, Parallel GL33120 12V 120W Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Transformer with Dusk-to-Dawn Timer


Highlighted Features

  •     Comes with a Dusk to dawn timer.
  •     Comes with exclusive sunwise technology.
  •     Has a 12-15 Volts, 120Watts rating
  •     Device has a guide for installing manually.
  •     Device has an LCD control system

The Sterno Home GL33120 transformer belongs to the Paradise series.

The Paradise series is manufactured by the Sterno Brand, one of the best in the industry.

Another alternative transformer for installing landscape lighting is the Paradise series. They work just fine with all forms of outdoor electrical installments.

To cap it up, these devices are also compatible with LED and incandescent light bulbs.

The standout feature of this device is its solar power system. Sterno Home GL33120 transformer maximizes sunlight energy to operate.

Moreover, this sunlight technology enables the transformer to maximize its efficiency.

Another feature of this transformer worthy of mention is its versatility. You could choose to use it’s sunwise technology.

The manufacturer allows users to manually operate the device as well.

With this transformer, you don’t need to worry about harsh weather. In fact, it comes with a special plastic covering to shield against weather and dust.


  • Perfect for all conditions
  • Compatible with LED lights
  • Durable and sturdy


  • Not fire resistant

09. Ring Smart Lighting – Low Voltage Lighting Transformer (12-15V, 200W)


Highlighted Features

  • Device has a rating of 12-15V, 200W
  • Motion-activated notification
  • Has weather-resistant features
  • Smart Control Features.

It’s beautiful when you enjoy the night in the confinement of your yard. Most people usually have a nice, small garden setup for pleasure.

Many people take a step further to spice up their garden with beautiful landscape lights to brighten up the night.

To do these, you must install a low-voltage transformer. This, perhaps, is the theme of this review.

The Ring Smart Lighting operates in an unfamiliar manner. Unlike other transformers in this list, Ring Smart Lighting focuses more on security.

Also, the ring Smart device comes with a ring bridge. These two units enable a smart control system.

Just by installing the Ring Smart App on your smartphone, you will manage and control your lights with just a click.

The app helps detect unprecedented movements in your environment at night.

This is security at its peak. When a strange movement is detected, you’d receive notifications in your app right away.

“If not for the Ring Bridge, this model has every amazing feature to be one of the top low voltage transformers on the shelves. Unlike other products, Ring Smart Power Pack has a poorly built transformer. Many users find it difficult to operate the ring bridge.”


  • Focuses more on security.
  • Smart control features make it super easy to use.
  • You can install a camera and form a smart network around your house.


  • Can only supply an output of 15Volts only.
  • Setting up the smart controls could be complex

10. DEWENWILS 300W Outdoor Low-Voltage Transformer- The Best Multiple Control Transformer


Highlighted Features

  • Includes a countdown timer and photocell.
  • Waterproof.
  • ETL listed.
  • Has a rating of 120V AC to 12V/14V AC, 300W
  • Multi controls

DEWENWILS 300W Outdoor Low-Voltage Transformer is manufactured by DENEWILS, a specialist in the consumer-electronics market.

Dewenwils 300W is a recent product from the brand. The device has multiple control systems that ensure you have the best user experience.

First, it comes with a photocell. With no setup, the light turns on automatically at night and goes off in the day.

If you want to switch the lights during the day, simply cover the sensor for about a minute. This will make the sensors behave like its night time already.

If you want your lights turned on during the day, switch to the “always-on” mode.

The countdown timer feature helps turn off your light whenever you please.

For instance, you can program your light to switch on automatically at night and turn it off between 1-9 hours later.

“Yes, the device is clearly amazing, but some irregularities in control may occur while on different load sizes.


  • Manual and automatic control.
  • Countdown timer can help control light in your absence.
  • Has an output of 300W.


  • Load should be within 80% of the transformer’s efficiency.
  • Irregularities in control

11. Lightkiwi U2184 75 Watt Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel (12V-15V) — Best Multi-Tap Low-Voltage Transformer for Landscape Lighting


Highlighted Features

  • Made with Heavy Duty Stainless Steel
  • Double circuit breaker
  • It is an ETL listed Product
  • Double conductors
  • Rated For direct burial

The Lightkiwi U2184 is another awesome, heavy-duty transformer that works really fine.

Lightkiwi brand designs this power pack. Lightkiwi U2184 device works best with outdoor lights.

This means that if you want to shed some light on your walkways, garage, gardens, or lawns, Lightkiwi is your best option.

The device works silently, which will give no problems if installed indoors.

Another big draw about this model is the price. If you are looking to illuminate your outdoor spaces with little budget, here is a great power pack for you.

“Lack of installation instructions makes the biggest flaw of this model. With the exclusion of the mounting guide, users find it a bit difficult to set up the transformer.” 


  • High Performance and durability.
  • Very safe to use.
  • Operates silently
  • High efficiency.


  • Has a low power output.

12. SUNVIE Low-Voltage Transformer 60W Landscape Lighting- Amazing For Outdoor Lights


Highlighted Features.

  • Has a rating of 120V AC to 12V DC
  • Comes with photocell sensors
  • The package includes a countdown timer.
  • Comes with an installation guide.
  • LED light compatibility

Manufactured by SUNVIE, this transformer follows the usual pattern- outdoor lights.

The SUNVIE 600W landscape lighting is best for garden lights. It also works perfectly for many floodlights.

Coming with the device is a photocell sensor. This means that your lights will turn on and go off automatically.

You could use the “Auto on” or “Auto off” feature to control your lights as you wish.

To ensure your lights are turned on during daylight, use the timer feature too. The timer feature allows you to make your light stay on for up to 8 hours after dawn.

 “The SUNVIE 600W transformer has many advantages, but it only works with LED lights.”


  • Has programmable and automatic features
  • Very easy to install


  • Works only with LED lights.

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Transformer: How We Picked

Transformers are heavy electrical equipment mostly used for transferring current from the source to the load.

By now, you should’ve known how important transformers are to the home.

Without transformers, harnessing electrical energy for use will not be possible.

With transformers, we can control electrical energy and channel it for our daily use.

The absence of a transformer makes electricity unsafe. Not just to our appliances, but for ourselves. We need transformers in almost all works of life.

At home, at school, in the community, in the industry, and every other place you could think of.

In the home, for instance, we need transformers to step down current and make it usable.

High current is of no use to the home. A current of 240 voltage could damage all possible equipment in the home.

A current of 240 volts is also an enormous threat to the lives of people living in any building.

Every low-voltage transformer minimizes voltage and sends a required amount to the home.

Buying a transformer is challenging at first. If you would purchase a new low-voltage transformer for your home, there are a few things to consider.

With this guide, you’d know what transformer meets your needs. You don’t need a major in electronics before you know the right transformer to purchase.


One thing about transformers is that they most often release toxic chemicals into the atmosphere.

Some transformers emit dangerous CO2 fumes. You want to keep this transformer outdoors.

While some don’t emit fumes, they vibrate and make “humming sounds.” Fortunately, some transformers don’t make a single sound. Such transformers are fit for indoor installation.

Basically, there are two places where you should install your transformer.

You could either install them indoors or outdoors. If you are going to be installing a transformer inside the house, be sure the transformer does not emit fumes.

Also, ensure it is as silent as possible. If you would install your transformer outdoors, it doesn’t matter if it is silent or not.

Simply keep them in a confined area some feet away from the building. Installing your transformer outdoors will require some level of care.

You should protect your transformer from dust, water, and wind.

Some transformers are waterproof, others come with a plastic covering. You should consider these before purchasing your transformer.

Transformer Rating

A transformer rating shows the capacity of the transformer. Transformers come in different capacities.

Just like cars have different engines, transformers have different capacities.

The transformer rating is the most important detail about a transformer.

Basically, for low voltage transformers, a Voltage of 12- 15Volts is considered the standard.

A power of about 300 Watts is perfect for indoor use and outdoor lights.


The potential difference of a transformer is measured in voltage. Transformers are major to stabilize the voltage.

Usually, a transformer receives voltage from the source power supply, stabilizes it, and supplies your home with lower voltages.

This output voltage is supplied in order to power up your device.

Before purchasing a transformer, it is always required you know your source voltage.

Surely, this will help you know what transformer rating will be best for you.


A load is any appliance that conducts power from the transformer.

If you want to run quite a several appliances on your transformer, then you need a heavy-duty system.

A heavy-duty transformer is powerful to carry as many loads as possible.

However, it is good to know that transformers have their load limit.

Once you exceed the load limit, it would affect the working rate of the power pack.

As a requirement, your load should be 70% of your transformer’s efficiency.

How to calculate the load on your transformer.

  1. Make a list of all the items you plan on using with your transformer.
  2. Check the rating. The rating should be available on the surface of the materials. Where it is not, check the package.
  3. Find the total rating by summing up all the voltage.
  4. Find the power rating by summing all the power ratings together.
  5. Compare the rating to that of your transformer.
  6. Ensure the rating is less than 80% of the transformer’s rating.
  7. Reduce the load if the rating is fairly high.


Transformers are made to change their frequency when there is a change in voltage.

This is irrelevant unless you move to an unfamiliar environment with a different source of power voltage.

Number of Phases

Transformer phases are of two types. The single and three-phase transformers.

In the bigger picture, the single-phase transformers are perfect in homes and buildings with small load appliances.

On the other hand, three-phase transformers are ideal in commercial settings.

In a factory, for instance, a three-phase transformer is needed to power up heavy-duty, complex machines.

If you put all these factors into consideration, you would get absolute value for your money.

Best Low Voltage Transformer [FAQs]

What is the top low-voltage transformer?

With no debate, Malibu Power Pack 200watt Low Voltage Waterproof Transformer is best on the shelves.

Unlike other models, this product offers you different setting modes. Users can choose to turn or off the transformer manually.

Another special feature of this transformer is optical sensor technology.

When your light senses sunrise, this transformer will automatically turn off all fluorescents.

The transformer turns on the lights when it is dark. This low-voltage transformer from Malibu is perfect for any weather.

Even if it rains all night, this transformer will illuminate your home. Besides, it is one of the safest low-voltage transformers on the shelves.

Do low voltage transformers last long?

High-quality low voltage transformers last for a lifetime. On average, these lighting tools can last for about 20 years or more.

Unlike other illuminating materials, transformers are more efficient. A poorly designed transformer will deliver below the belt.

Ensure you verify the durability of your device before purchasing. For instance, it would be better if you check for low voltage transformers that are waterproof.

This feature makes them ideal for any weather. Likewise, users should also be ready to invest in low-voltage transformers.

Generally, luxurious transformers last longer than cheap ones.

What is the maximum number of lights a low-voltage transformer can hold?

Although brands rarely show the maximum lights a transformer can hold, it is better to have the right amount of lights on this device.

So, how do you calculate the number of fluorescents the transformer can hold? This idea is simple.

For instance, if you have 6 landscape bulbs and each uses 20 watts, then you would have 120 watts overall.

This is the perfect amount of watts a low-voltage transformer can hold.

Having 8 lights on this device is also pretty safe. Ensure you don’t allow your transformer to undergo rugged use.

What amount of transformer’s watts is perfect?

The watts rate needed by your transformer depends on its purpose. Watts for transformers are available at different levels.

For instance, if you have 8 lights that consume 20 watts each, you need an AC-200 transformer with over 200 watts.

On the other hand, if your bulbs consume less than 100 watts, then an AC-100 transformer is enough for you.

On the whole, ensure your appliances don’t consume more watts than your transformer can hold.

Why do I need a low-voltage transformer?

Your lighting kit is incomplete with the transformer. In fact, this tool is very important to illuminate your home.

One reason low-voltage transformers are users’ choice is the price. Unlike other models, these transformers are affordable.

You only need a few bucks to get one for your home. That’s not all! These devices are also environmentally friendly.

Irrespective of where you mount them, they cause little or no harm to your home.

Low voltage transformers are also energy efficient. You would definitely love to have these devices in your home. 

How to identify between line voltage and low voltage?

Unlike the latter, the line voltage is not a direct current. Rather, the former has plug-and-play fixtures.

The line voltage has 120 standard volts. On the other hand, the low voltage has 50 or fewer volts standard. 

Are low voltage transformers expensive?

Unlike other lighting tools, low voltage transformers are affordable. Nevertheless, these devices are available at different price tags. Your choice depends on your budget. 

Are low voltage transformers safe?

Unlike other power packs on the shelves, low voltage transformers are reliable.

This device helps you regulate the electric power coming directly from the source. With this powerhouse, all your home appliances are safe. 


There you have it! The best low voltage landscape lighting transformers under the sun.

We make these selections considering so many important factors.

Irrespective of the model you choose, consider it a premium quality low-voltage transformer.

Ensure to put into action the buying guide reviewed to make a healthy choice.