Kodak Ultra F9 Review (Unbiased Expert Insights)

If you’re in the market for a retro-styled film camera, the Kodak Ultra F9 should definitely catch your attention. This premium reusable 35mm film camera offers a unique blend of vintage aesthetics with modern features.

With its fixed focus lens, manual wind/rewind, and a switchable on/off flash, the Ultra F9 provides a user-friendly experience for both first-time film enthusiasts and experienced photographers alike.

The Kodak Ultra F9 has been gaining popularity in the analog photography community for its combination of affordability and simplicity.

In this review, you’ll dive into the key features and benefits of this film camera, including its performance, ease of use, and the quality of the images it produces.

You’ll also see how it stacks up against similar cameras in its class, such as the Ilford Sprite II.

My aim is to provide a comprehensive, detailed, and unbiased look at the Kodak Ultra F9, helping you make an informed decision as to whether it meets your photography needs.

So, as you continue reading, you can trust that the information you find here is both accurate and informative, based on real-life experiences and in-depth comparisons.

Kodak Ultra F9 Review (How it Differ from Ilford Sprite II)

The Kodak Ultra F9 is a lightweight and stylish reusable 35mm film camera designed for those who appreciate a retro and aesthetic look in their photography gear. You’ll be pleased with its straightforward design and ease of use.

This camera comes with a 31mm F/9 fixed focus lens, making it easy for you to capture your subjects without worrying about adjusting the focus.

Moreover, the powerful built-in flash ensures your photos are consistently well-lit, allowing you to capture the essence of every scene.

One of the key features you’ll enjoy is the manual wind and rewind mechanism, providing you with a truly nostalgic experience of using a film camera.

In addition, the Kodak Ultra F9’s sharp f/9 lens helps you produce better quality images than your typical disposable camera.

When it comes to comparing the Kodak Ultra F9 and the Ilford Sprite II, there isn’t much difference in terms of performance. The main distinction between them lies in their appearance and price points.

However, your preference for Kodak Film Camera Ultra F9 speaks volumes about your appreciation of a classic brand with a rich history in camera manufacturing.

All in all, the Kodak Ultra F9 offers you an enjoyable throwback experience, while still delivering satisfactory results in your film photography adventures.

Its retro design, ease of use, and consistent performance make it a solid choice for capturing your cherished memories.

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Key Features of Kodak Ultra F9

Lens and Aperture

The Kodak Ultra F9 comes with a fixed focus lens that ensures you can capture great shots without fiddling with focus settings.

With its sharper f/9 aperture, you can be confident that your images will be crisp and clear, even in various lighting conditions.

This camera features a powerful built-in flash, making it easy to capture well-lit scenes regardless of available light.

Plus, the switchable on/off flash gives you flexibility when deciding whether or not to use flash, depending on the situation.

An optical viewfinder is included to help frame your shots, making it easier for you to ensure everything you want in the picture is within the viewfinder’s range.

The Kodak Ultra F9 is a manual film winding camera, which adds a touch of nostalgia and gives you more control over your photography experience.

To advance the film, you’ll manually wind and rewind it using the knobs on the camera. The manual wind/rewind system helps to conserve power as well, leading to longer battery life for the camera.

Lastly, the Kodak Ultra F9 features a built-in exposure counter that tracks how many exposures you’ve taken on your current roll of film. This helpful feature prevents you from accidentally overexposing the film and ruining precious photos.

With these features in mind, the Kodak Ultra F9 is a solid option for those seeking a user-friendly film camera that offers both convenience and a vintage feel.

Film Format and Compatibility of Kodak Ultra F9 (Image Quality)

Image Quality of Kodak f9

The Kodak Ultra F9 is a reusable 35mm/135 film analog camera that offers a premium experience for film enthusiasts.

This camera allows you to shoot high-quality images using the widely popular 35mm film format, which provides greater versatility and compatibility with a variety of film types.

When using the Kodak Ultra F9, you can easily experiment with an array of 135 film options, including color negatives, black and white, and slide films.

This flexibility allows you to explore different creative avenues with your photography, and you’ll appreciate the consistency offered across various film stocks.

Unlike disposable cameras, this reusable 35mm/135 film analog camera can be used for multiple rolls of film, making it a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective choice.

Additionally, the manual wind and rewind function allows you to have better control over your film usage as compared to disposable alternatives.

In summary, the Kodak Ultra F9 35mm camera provides a user-friendly and versatile experience for both newcomers and experienced photographers.

Its compatibility with multiple film formats ensures that you can explore your creative potential without limitations.

Design and Aesthetics of Kodak Ultra F9

The Kodak Ultra F9 is a modern take on a classic point-and-shoot film camera, offering a compact and user-friendly design.

You’ll appreciate its sharp and clean lines, giving it an attractive appearance that’s both functional and visually appealing.

This camera features a bold black and yellow color scheme, catering to those who appreciate a pop of color in their gear.

The yellow accents provide a touch of personality and make the camera easy to spot in your bag or among other belongings.

One notable aspect of the Kodak Ultra F9 is that it’s a reusable camera, unlike disposable cameras that are discarded after a single use.

This not only makes it more environmentally friendly but also offers you the flexibility to experiment with different films and settings to achieve the desired effect.

In terms of ergonomics, the Kodak Ultra F9 is designed to be comfortable and easy to use. It fits well in your hand, ensuring that you can effortlessly frame your shots and operate the controls.

The build quality feels solid, and the camera’s lightweight body makes it an ideal choice for those who want to carry it around without any hassle.

To sum up, the Kodak Ultra F9 offers a distinctive and attractive design that combines style, functionality, and sustainability.

Its reusable nature and eye-catching yellow accents make it an appealing choice for anyone looking to explore the world of film photography.

How to Use Kodak Ultra F9 (Camera Controls)

Use of Kodak Ultra F9

The Kodak Ultra F9 is a user-friendly point and shoot camera that makes it easy for you to capture great photos. Here, I’ll cover the camera controls and how to use them effectively.

To begin, let’s talk about the power button. To turn on the Kodak Ultra F9, simply press and hold the power button located on the top panel of the camera.

Give it a moment, and you’ll see your camera come to life. To turn it off, press and hold the power button again.

When it comes to adjusting the focus, the Kodak Ultra F9 has a fixed focus lens.

This means you don’t need to worry about adjusting your focus settings, as the camera will maintain a sharp focus on objects that are within a reasonable distance from the lens.

Now, let’s discuss the flash on/off control. On the top panel of the camera, you will find a dedicated flash button.

Pressing this button will toggle the flash on and off. Using the flash is helpful when shooting in low light conditions or when your subject is backlit.

When the flash is active, you’ll see a lightning bolt icon appear on the camera’s LCD screen.

To save battery life and avoid overexposing your images, it’s advisable to turn off the flash when shooting in well-lit environments.

Finally, let’s talk about the shutter button. Once you have your subject framed within the viewfinder, gently press the shutter button to capture your image.

Be sure to hold your camera steady to ensure sharp, clear photos.

In Short, the Kodak Ultra F9 offers a straightforward and easy-to-use control interface, making it an ideal camera for casual photographers and those looking to capture memories without worrying about complex settings.

How Much Does Kodak Ultra F9 Cost (Pricing and Packaging)

When purchasing the Kodak Ultra F9 film camera, you can expect a very affordable price of around $37.45.

This price includes free returns and various delivery options, such as free standard delivery or faster delivery times if you prefer.

The packaging of the Kodak Ultra F9 is user-friendly and designed to protect the camera during transit. Upon opening, you will find the camera itself, accompanied by any necessary instructions to get started.

One notable aspect of purchasing the Kodak Ultra F9 is the investment in a reusable 35mm camera.

Unlike disposable cameras, this model allows you to shoot multiple rolls of film, making it a cost-effective choice in the long run.

Remember, the Kodak Ultra F9 is available in a black and yellow color scheme, ensuring your camera stands out and exhibits a vibrant, modern aesthetic.

In summary, the Kodak Ultra F9 offers a competitive price point and user-friendly packaging, attracting those who value a cost-effective yet stylish reusable 35mm film camera.

What Are Digital Features in Kodak Ultra F9? (QR Code and Download Features)

The Kodak Ultra F9 includes a practical feature that makes it easier for you to share your photos digitally. By utilizing a QR code, you can now access your film scans in an instant.

You simply need to have a QR code scanner app installed on your smartphone.

Once you get your film developed and scanned, the lab will provide you with a unique QR code. Scan this code using your smartphone’s QR code reader to quickly obtain a link directing you to your images.

This eliminates the tedious process of manually entering website URLs or looking up download links in your email.

Keep in mind that the specific downloading process may vary depending on the film lab you choose. You might receive a direct download button or a prompt to enter your email address for further instructions.

So, it’s essential to follow any additional guidelines provided by your selected lab.

Incorporating the QR code feature into the Kodak Ultra F9 experience enhances the user experience when sharing memories with friends and family.

Gone are the days of waiting for prints to see your photos – this efficient system provides you access to stunning, digital versions of your analog pictures with ease.

Stay confident, knowing that your Kodak Ultra F9 camera supports a straightforward download process. Just ensure you have a QR code scanning app installed on your smartphone, and you’re ready to effortlessly enjoy your captured moments.

Availability and Licensing

The Kodak Ultra F9 film camera is a simple and easy-to-use device, designed to bring back the nostalgia of using disposable cameras.

You can find this camera available for purchase from various retailers, such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart etc.

When purchasing the Kodak Ultra F9, it’s important to ensure that you’re buying from a reputable seller to avoid receiving a defective or counterfeit product.

Regarding licensing, the Kodak Ultra F9 is a consumer product, so no special licenses or restrictions apply to its use.

You’re free to purchase and use the camera in any country, as long as film photography remains legal and accepted.

As a user of the Kodak Ultra F9 film camera, you should be aware of any local regulations or customs that may affect your ability to shoot photographs in certain locations or public spaces.

The Kodak Ultra F9 film camera is designed to work with standard 35mm film, which is widely available in various countries and easily accessible both online and in local photography stores.

This compatibility means you can choose your preferred film type and have the freedom to experiment with different films to achieve your desired results.

In summary, the Kodak Ultra F9 film camera is a readily available and accessible product for film photography enthusiasts around the world.

With its straightforward design and compatibility with 35mm film, you can embark on your photographic journey with the confidence and knowledge that you’re using a reliable and easy-to-use camera.

Kodak Ultra F9 Specifications and Quality

With the Kodak Ultra F9, you get a reusable 35mm camera featuring a fixed-focus wide-angle lens. This lightweight, pocket-sized design makes it easy to carry around and capture moments on the go.

The Ultra F9 features a manual wind/rewind system, allowing you to manage your film with ease. The built-in exposure ensures that your photos are well lit and vibrant.

Additionally, the camera comes with a switchable on/off flash that adds versatility, letting you take pictures in low-light situations.

When it comes to image quality, the Kodak Ultra F9 produces soft-focus photos with a pastel feel, making it perfect for capturing those nostalgic moments.

As seen in this comparison of the Ultra F9 and Ilford Sprite II, the results are charming and aesthetically pleasing.

In terms of build quality, the camera may not have the most durable construction, but it does offer a better lens compared to Kodak’s disposable cameras.

If you value image quality and want to capture more photos in each roll, you might want to opt for the Kodak H35 half-frame camera, as mentioned by a user on Reddit.

Overall, the Kodak Ultra F9 offers a satisfying combination of portability, ease of use, and unique soft-focus photo quality that can be very appealing to analog photography enthusiasts.


How does Kodak Ultra F9 compare to M35 and Ektar H35?

The Kodak Ultra F9 is a point-and-shoot film camera designed for ease of use, making it a great choice for beginners.

While it shares some similarities with the M35 and Ektar H35, the Ultra F9 has a slightly different lens and built-in flash system.

This ensures consistent lighting for each shot, giving you more control over the final results. Ultimately, your choice will depend on your experience level and personal preferences.

Is the Kodak Ultra F9 a reusable camera?

Yes, the Kodak Ultra F9 is a reusable camera. Unlike disposable cameras, you can change the film and keep using it for multiple shooting sessions.

This makes it a more sustainable and cost-effective option in the long run. Remember to handle the camera with care to ensure its longevity.

What type of film works best with the Ultra F9?

The Ultra F9 is compatible with most 35mm film types. However, it’s important to consider the specific film’s ISO rating when choosing the right one for your camera.

A higher ISO will provide better performance in low-light situations, while a lower ISO will deliver finer grain and better image quality in bright conditions.

Experiment with different film types and brands to find the one that works best for your needs and preferences.

How user-friendly is the Kodak Ultra F9?

The Kodak Ultra F9 is designed with simplicity in mind, making it user-friendly for photographers of all skill levels.

With its compact design, durable build, and easy-to-use features, you’ll have fun capturing memories on film.

Learning how to load and unload the film correctly is essential, but with some practice, you’ll be taking great photos in no time. Check out a quick review and tutorial for more detailed instructions and sample pictures.