Kodak Ektar H35 Review (Expert Insights and Performance Analysis)

The Kodak Ektar H35 has captured the attention of film enthusiasts looking for a compact, easy-to-use camera that offers a unique shooting experience.

This half-frame camera fits easily in your pocket and allows users to double the capacity of every roll of film by producing two images on a single frame.

If you’re among the film curious, eager to step into the world of analog photography, the Ektar H35 might just be the perfect starter camera for you.

With its lightweight and durable design, the Kodak Ektar H35 offers a quick, focus-free operation that makes shooting a breeze, even for beginners.

While it can operate without a battery, you’ll need one if you want to use its built-in flash. Additionally, its quiet shooting experience lends itself well to street photography.

The camera is not only a low-cost option, but it also makes for an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable cameras.

Stay with me as I delve deeper into the details of this exciting new addition to the Kodak lineup in our comprehensive review of the Ektar H35.

The Kodak Ektar H35 Reviewed (Overview)

Introducing the Kodak Ektar H35, a unique point-and-shoot half-frame 35mm camera that offers an economical and fun shooting experience. Here, you will learn about its key features and compact design.

Key Features

The Ektar H35 boasts the ability to shoot an impressive 72 photos per single roll of 36 exposure 35mm film, thanks to its half-frame format.

This format allows you to maximize your film use while still capturing high-quality images.

The camera design provides a fuss-free and focus-free shooting experience, enabling you to quickly take candid shots and capture moments with ease.

One significant feature of the Kodak Ektar H35 is its minimal power requirement. The camera operates on a single AAA battery, adding to its overall convenience and portability.

Additionally, it comes with a built-in flash for indoor use, ensuring that you never miss a shot in low light situations.

Compact Design

Weighing in at just a fraction of most traditional 35mm cameras, the Kodak Ektar H35 is incredibly lightweight and pocketable.

Its small size and unobtrusive design make it an ideal travel companion, allowing you to document your adventures without lugging around a heavy camera bag.

Furthermore, the Ektar H35’s sleek aesthetic adds a touch of vintage charm, reminiscent of the classic Kodak Instamatic with modern updates for today’s film enthusiasts.

In conclusion, the Kodak Ektar H35 offers an engaging and economical shooting experience, packed in a compact and stylish design. With its focus on simplicity and ease of use, this camera is perfect for both beginners and experienced film photographers alike.

Kodak Ektar H35 Camera Specs at a Glance

Kodak Ektar H35 Specs

Here’s a brief overview of the key specifications of the Kodak Ektar H35:

Specification Details
Film Format Half-frame 35mm
Lens Fixed 35mm f/3.5
Shutter Speeds 1/30 – 1/250s
Viewfinder Optical
Flash Built-in
Film Compatibility Portra 400, Gold 400, TMAX 100, and other 35mm film

The Kodak Ektar H35 comes with a viewfinder that is clear and easy to use. It’s compatible with popular film options such as Kodak Portra 400 and Gold 400.

With its four colors and compact design, this camera is sure to stand out and provide you with a unique analog photography experience.

Remember that pre-ordering your Kodak Ektar H35 is the best way to ensure you can start enjoying this camera as soon as it is available. Stay tuned for more updates on its official release date and happy shooting!

What Are The Half-Frame Advantages of Kodak Ektar H35?

Half-Frame Design

The Kodak Ektar H35 offers a unique half-frame design, allowing you to take twice as many exposures on a single roll of 35mm film.

This means you’ll get up to 72 shots per roll, which can be advantageous for those who want to maximize their shooting capabilities.

Half-frame cameras like the Ektar H35 and classics like the Olympus Pen-F shoot in portrait orientation, enabling you to experiment with different compositions and perspectives.


With the Kodak Ektar H35’s half-frame design, creating diptychs becomes a breeze. Diptychs are two images side-by-side, often telling a story or conveying a theme.

As the camera shoots two photos per frame of 35mm film, it naturally lends itself to producing diptychs that can enrich your storytelling capabilities and add a unique touch to your photographic collection.

Double Exposure

Another advantage of using the Ektar H35 is the ability to create double exposures. By nature, half-frame cameras only take up half of a 35mm film frame, allowing you to make two exposures within the same frame.

This can lead to intriguing, artistic, and sometimes unexpected results, giving you the opportunity to experiment with your photography and develop your creative vision.

In summary, the Kodak Ektar H35’s half-frame design offers several advantages, including doubling the number of exposures on a 35mm film roll, facilitating the creation of diptychs, and allowing for double exposure experimentation.

Not only can you have fun with these features, but they can also help expand your photographic skills and develop your own unique style.

Kodak Ektar H35 Lens and Image Quality

Kodak Ektar H35 photos quality

22mm f/9.5 Lens

The Kodak Ektar H35 comes equipped with a 22mm f/9.5 lens, which provides a unique perspective for your images.

This half-frame lens offers a wide field of view, making it suitable for capturing landscapes, street scenes, and group photos.

Due to the camera’s compact design and fixed focal length, you can easily take it on-the-go for spontaneous photo opportunities.

Resolving Power

When it comes to resolving power, the Kodak H35’s lens delivers decent image quality for its price range and design.

Though it may not produce the sharpest images, the lens’s character gives your pictures a charming lo-fi aesthetic.

You may notice some softness around the edges, but remember that this camera is designed for on-the-fly snapshots and a fun, casual approach to photography.

Depth of Field

The Ektar H35’s aperture of f/9.5 results in a relatively deep depth of field, ensuring that most of your image stays in focus.

This can be especially useful for portrait orientation photos, where you want both your subject and background elements to be sharp.

However, you should also be aware that the camera’s fixed shutter speed and lack of manual exposure settings can sometimes make it challenging to achieve the exact depth of field you desire.

In short, the Kodak Ektar H35 offers a unique photography experience with its 22mm f/9.5 lens, casual approach to image quality, and ease of use.

Keep in mind that this camera is intended for those seeking a fun, compact point-and-shoot to capture life’s spontaneous moments without the stress of perfection in every aspect of picture quality.

How to Controls and Settings the Kodak Ektar H35?

Camera Settings

The Kodak Ektar H35 is a half-frame film camera that brings fun and excitement to the world of photography. Its camera settings are relatively simple, making it suitable for beginners and experienced photographers alike.

While the Ektar H35 is not a digital camera, its user-friendly interface makes it easy for you to adjust settings as needed.

Aperture and Shutter Speed

The Ektar H35 does not offer a wide range of aperture and shutter speed settings, which makes it more of a point-and-shoot camera.

However, it excels in outdoor settings where its built-in flash is not required. For indoor uses, you might need to rely on flash for proper exposure.

The simplified settings allow you to focus more on capturing your subject rather than worrying about complex configurations.


The focus system on the Kodak Ektar H35 is fairly straightforward. As a film camera, it does not come with the advanced autofocus systems found in digital cameras.

However, this is part of its charm, and adds an element of authenticity to the images you capture. Practice makes perfect, and you will find yourself becoming more adept at manual focusing after using it for some time.


The Ektar H35 is designed with ergonomics in mind, making it comfortable for photographers of all levels. It features a simple layout with minimal controls.

This makes it easy to navigate and adjust settings as needed. Additionally, the Ektar H35 comes with a wrist strap for added convenience and security while shooting.

The camera’s compact design and lightweight build make it a great companion for all your adventures.

Flash and Lighting of Kodak Ektar H35

Built-in Flash

The Kodak Ektar H35 comes equipped with a built-in flash, making it convenient for you to capture well-lit images in various lighting conditions.

To activate the flash, simply press the shutter button halfway, and the flash will automatically pop up if needed. This useful feature allows you to focus on capturing your photos instead of adjusting settings manually.


When shooting in bright, direct sunlight or other intense light sources, you may notice some flare in your photographs.

This can give your images an artistic and atmospheric touch, but it’s essential to be mindful of potential loss in contrast and color accuracy.

To avoid excessive flare, try adjusting your position or angle when shooting landscape photos or use a lens hood, if available, to help block out unwanted light.

Lighting Effects

With the Kodak Ektar H35, you can explore a variety of lighting effects to enhance your photography. Experiment with the built-in flash to add depth and drama to your images, especially in low light situations.

Additionally, when shooting outdoors, be conscious of the time of day and natural lighting conditions to create stunning landscape photos and capture the true essence of your subject.

By understanding the flash and available light sources, you can unlock the full potential of the Ektar H35 and create visually captivating images.

How to Load and Shoot Film With Kodak Ektar H35?

Film Advance and Rewind

To load the Kodak Ektar H35, start by opening the back cover and inserting a 35mm film cartridge into the chamber.

After aligning the film leader with the take-up spool, close the back cover and advance the film using the film advance lever.

You’ll be able to see the frame counter on the top of the camera, which helps you keep track of your shots.

After finishing the roll, use the film rewind crank to rewind the film back into its cartridge before opening the back cover again. To avoid accidental exposure, always rewind the film in a dimly lit environment.

Lab Processing

Once you’ve finished shooting your roll of film, it’s time to get it processed. Bring your exposed film to a reputable photo lab for processing.

Most labs offer color and black-and-white processing for 35mm film, as well as services like scanning and printing.

When selecting a lab, consider factors like turnaround time, pricing, and the quality of their work to ensure your photos are developed to the highest standards.

Film Costs

Film photography has associated costs that digital photography avoids, such as purchasing film and processing fees.

The cost of 35mm film can vary widely depending on factors like brand, ISO, and the number of exposures per roll. On average, film prices range from $5 to $20 per roll.

In addition, processing fees at a photo lab typically start at around $10 per roll and can increase with extra services like scanning and printing.

Overall, shooting with the Kodak Ektar H35 offers an enjoyable, retro photography experience, bringing back the tactile and deliberate nature of film photography.

By understanding film advance and rewind techniques, lab processing options, and film costs, you’ll be better prepared to capture beautiful moments on 35mm film with this unique half-frame camera.

Design and Durability

Plastic and Acrylic Lens

The Kodak Ektar H35 features a plastic body with an acrylic lens, which makes it lightweight and easy to carry around.

The construction quality may not be as high as a professional camera, but it is still durable enough for everyday use.

One advantage of using a plastic lens is that it reduces the overall weight of the camera, making it more portable for your adventures.

Faux Leatherette Finish

Your Kodak Ektar H35 comes with a faux leatherette finish that adds a touch of class and elegance to its appearance.

You have the option to choose from four different colors, including brown, sand, sage, or black faux leather trim. This finish not only enhances its visual appeal but also provides a comfortable grip while shooting.

Environmental Impact

One of the benefits of choosing the Kodak Ektar H35 is that it is an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable cameras.

As it uses AAA batteries, you don’t have to worry about frequently disposing of single-use batteries. By using the Kodak Ektar H35, you’re reducing your negative impact on the environment compared to using disposable cameras.


The lightweight design of the Kodak Ektar H35 is one of its notable features.

Being lighter than other comparable cameras, such as the Lomography Simple Use Film Camera, it is perfect for carrying with you wherever you go.

You can effortlessly stow it away in your pocket or bag, making it a great companion for street photography and travel.

With the Kodak Ektar H35’s plastic construction, acrylic lens, faux leatherette finish, environmental impact, and lightweight design, you can confidently enjoy the simplicity and fun of shooting film without the heft and bulk of a more expensive camera.

Alternatives and Comparisons of Kodak Ektar H35

Ilford and Kodak Gold

When considering alternatives to the Kodak Ektar H35, two classic film options, Ilford and Kodak Gold, come to mind.

Ilford is a popular choice for black and white photography, known for its rich contrast and tonality.

Kodak Gold, on the other hand, is a popular color film with a more affordable price point.

Both of these film stocks offer a different look and feel compared to the Ektar H35 and can be used in a variety of cameras, from instant to full-frame.

Portrait vs Landscape Orientation

The Kodak Ektar H35 produces images in a half-frame format, which affects the orientation of your photos. With the Ektar H35, you’ll primarily be shooting in portrait orientation due to the small 24x18mm frame size.

If you generally shoot in landscape orientation or prefer the versatility to switch between the two, you might want to consider a full-frame camera or even an instant camera like the Kodak Instamatic.

Half Frame vs Full Frame Cameras

The main difference between half-frame and full-frame cameras is the size of the exposed film. Half-frame cameras like the Kodak Ektar H35 divide a 35mm film frame into two, producing 72 smaller images on a single roll.

This can be more economical, as it allows you to capture more moments without changing rolls. However, half-frame cameras generally have lower image quality due to the smaller frame size.

Full-frame cameras, on the other hand, expose the entire 35mm frame, resulting in larger, higher-quality images. Examples of full-frame film cameras include the RetoPro and AgfaPhoto lines.

These cameras might be more suitable for photographers who prioritize image quality over the number of exposures.

Additionally, some full-frame cameras, such as those loaded with Kodak Portra 400, allow for greater flexibility in shooting conditions, from well-lit to low-light situations.

When choosing between half-frame and full-frame cameras, it’s essential to consider your photography priorities.

If you value the ability to shoot more images on a roll and desire a more compact and lightweight camera, the Kodak Ektar H35 could be a good fit.

However, if image quality and versatility are more important to you, a full-frame camera might better suit your needs.

Price and Availability of  Kodak Ektar H35

Price Range

The Kodak Ektar H35 is an affordable option for those looking to try out a film camera. Priced at around $49.99, this half-frame camera offers a low-cost entry into the world of analog photography.

Though it is not a disposable camera, its price point puts it in a competitive position against disposable options when you consider the quality it offers.

Pre-Order Options

Currently, the Kodak Ektar H35 is available for pre-order on the Kodak website and other online retailers.

Be sure to check the availability in your region and secure your pre-order to avoid delays in getting your hands on this fun camera.


How does the image quality of Kodak Ektar H35 compare to other cameras?

The image quality of the Kodak Ektar H35 is quite decent for a half-frame camera, especially if you use a high-quality film.

You might not get the same sharpness and resolution as with a full-frame or digital camera, but the H35 produces enjoyable and fun images that are perfect for casual photography and nostalgia.

Is the Kodak Ektar H35 good for beginners?

Yes, the Kodak Ektar H35 is an excellent choice for beginners interested in exploring film photography.

Its simple design and ease of use make it accessible to those who are just starting out, while the half-frame format allows you to take more photos per roll, making it a more affordable option for experimentation.

How easy is it to use the Kodak Ektar H35?

The Kodak Ektar H35 is designed for ease of use, with a straightforward and user-friendly layout.

Loading film is relatively simple, and its basic controls make it easy for even inexperienced photographers to get started quickly. As noted in this review, the Ektar’s ergonomics contributes to its uncomplicated shooting experience.

What is the ISO range for Kodak Ektar H35?

The Kodak Ektar H35 does not have a built-in ISO range selector.

Instead, you’ll need to choose film with the desired ISO and manually adjust the aperture and shutter speed to achieve the correct exposure according to your film’s ISO rating.

This offers flexibility, as you can use various ISO films depending on your lighting conditions and desired results.

How does Kodak Ektar H35 perform in low light conditions?

The performance of the Kodak Ektar H35 in low light conditions depends on the film you use and your ability to properly select the appropriate aperture and shutter speed settings.

When using a high-ISO film, you’ll be able to shoot in lower light conditions more easily. However, it’s worth noting that the H35 requires a flash for indoor use, so additional lighting might be necessary for optimal results.

Is the durability of Kodak Ektar H35 suitable for outdoor use?

While the Kodak Ektar H35 isn’t specifically designed as a rugged outdoor camera, its plastic construction is relatively durable for casual outdoor use.

As with any camera, it’s essential to protect it from extreme temperatures, moisture, and dust to ensure its longevity.

What is the best film for Kodak Ektar H35?

The best film for the Kodak Ektar H35 depends on the specific look and style you want to achieve with your photos.

Black and white films like Kodak TMAX 100 can be an excellent choice for capturing a classic, timeless aesthetic, while color films like Kodak Ektar 100 or Portra 400 provide vibrant colors and dynamic range.

Ultimately, it’s a matter of personal preference and creative goals.

Can I use Kodak Ektar H35 without a battery?

No, the Kodak Ektar H35 does require a battery to power the camera’s automatic exposure system and built-in light meter.

Without a battery, the camera’s functions may be limited or unavailable, making it difficult to achieve proper exposure.

It’s important to always have a charged battery on hand to make the most of your shooting experience.