Instax SQ1 vs SQ6 (In-Depth Comparison for Instant Camera Enthusiasts)

Comparing between Instax SQ1 vs SQ6 and choosing the Fujifilm Instax SQ1 or Instax SQ6 can be a challenging task as both models are popular among instant camera users.

Instax SQ1 is known for its sleek design and user-friendly features, whereas the Instax SQ6 is noted for its advanced features ,versatility and top notch design.

However, understanding the key differences and similarities between both models can help you decide which one is best suited for your needs.

Instax SQ1 vs SQ6 (Design and Appearance)

Size and Weight

If you are comparing the Instax SQ1 and SQ6, you’ll notice some differences in size and weight.

The Instax SQ1 is designed to be compact and lightweight, making it easy for you to carry around and use on the go.

The Instax SQ6, while still relatively portable, is a bit larger and heavier, giving it a more solid feel in your hands.

Color Options

Both the Instax SQ1 and SQ6 offer a variety of color options to suit your personal style.

The Instax SQ1 is available in three vibrant colors: Chalk White, Terracotta Orange, and Glacier Blue.

On the other hand, the Instax SQ6 comes in more subdued shades, such as Graphite Gray, Pearl White, and Blush Gold, giving you a wider range of colors to choose from.

Build Quality

Both cameras boast a solid build quality that ensures durability while maintaining a sleek and modern appearance.

However, the Instax SQ1 features a single-color body, giving it a more minimalist design, while the Instax SQ6 has a dual-color tone with the top and edges bordering the lens painted black, adding an extra touch of sophistication to its look.

You can confidently use either of these cameras knowing that you’ll have a reliable and stylish device to capture your memories.

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Instax SQ1 vs SQ6 (Camera Features)

When comparing the Fujifilm Instax SQ1 and Instax SQ6, understanding the differences in their features is essential.

Both cameras use Instax Square film, providing a larger image size than Instax Mini film.

The Instax SQ1 has a simpler design with fewer controls than the SQ6. It features an automatic flash and one-button operation for ease of use.

To capture selfies, you can twist the lens barrel for selfie mode, but there’s no dedicated selfie mirror.

For landscape or group shots, the SQ1 can handle distances longer than 50cm. The camera is powered by two CR2 lithium batteries.

On the other hand, the Instax SQ6 has more options for shooting modes, including macro mode for close-ups and landscape mode for scenic backgrounds.

It also has a self-timer function, allowing you to set up group pictures or selfies without rushing.

One unique feature of the SQ6 is its ability to make double exposures.

Exposure compensation lets you adjust the brightness of your images, and the manual flash control allows for greater flexibility in different lighting conditions.

Viewfinder quality is crucial for framing your shots, and both cameras offer a similar experience in that aspect.

The SQ6 features a small mirror next to the lens for better selfies, making it easier for you to see yourself while composing the shot.

Battery-wise, the SQ6 uses two AA batteries instead of the CR2 lithium batteries found in the SQ1.

This makes it more convenient for users, as AA batteries are more readily available than CR2 batteries.

In summary, the Fujifilm Instax SQ1 is designed for those who want a simple, easy-to-use instant camera with a larger film format.

In contrast, the Instax SQ6 provides more control and creative options, making it more suitable for those who wish to experiment with their instant photography.

Both cameras produce high-quality Instax photos, and your choice will depend on your desired level of control, the shooting modes you prefer, and ease of battery replacement.

Instax SQ1 vs SQ6 Specs Comparison (Technical Specifications)

Feature Instax SQ1 Instax SQ6
Dimensions 130.7 x 118.6 x 57.5 mm 118.7 x 128.1 x 58.1 mm
Film Pack Fujifilm Instant Film “instax SQUARE” Fujifilm Instant Film “instax SQUARE”
Film Counter Film pack confirmation window Film pack confirmation window
Shooting Modes Auto Lighten, Darken, Macro, Landscape, Double Exposure, Selfie
Flash Range 0.3 – 2.7 m 0.3 – 2.7 m
Tripod Mount None Yes
Lithium Batteries 2x CR2 Batteries 2x CR2 Batteries
Analog Yes Yes
Retractable Lens Yes Yes
Auto-Exposure Yes Yes

In comparing the Instax SQ1 and Instax SQ6, you’ll notice some similarities and differences in their specifications.

Both cameras use Fujifilm Instant Film instax SQUARE film packs and have film pack confirmation windows in their film counters.

They also feature a flash range of 0.3 – 2.7 m, use two CR2 lithium batteries, and have retractable lenses and auto-exposure.

The dimensions of the Instax SQ1 are slightly larger at 130.7 x 118.6 x 57.5 mm compared to the Instax SQ6 dimensions which measure 118.7 x 128.1 x 58.1 mm.

A crucial difference between the two cameras is their shooting modes.

The Instax SQ1 has a simplified auto mode, while the Instax SQ6 offers greater control in shooting modes like Lighten, Darken, Macro, Landscape, Double Exposure, and Selfie.

Regarding tripod mounts, the Instax SQ6 has a tripod socket, making it compatible with tripods.

Unfortunately, the Instax SQ1 does not come with this feature. Both the Instax SQ1 and SQ6 are analog instant film cameras and not digital like the Instax SQ20.

While it’s important to consider the above specifications, remember that your choice between the Instax SQ1 and Instax SQ6 will mainly depend on your preferences and desired shooting capabilities.

Difference Between Instax SQ1 and SQ6 in Image Quality

Sample image of Instax SQ1 and SQ6

When comparing the image quality of the Instax SQ1 and Instax SQ6, it’s important to note their different features.

Both cameras use Fujifilm’s Instax Square film, ensuring consistent and high-quality prints; however, certain specifications and modes can affect the final images.

The Instax SQ6 has built-in automatic exposure control, which adjusts the camera settings based on the lighting conditions. This helps you capture well-exposed photos even in varied environments.

With its flash, you can take photos in low-light conditions, while its landscape mode – ideal for capturing scenery or group shots – delivers a larger depth of field.

On the other hand, the Instax SQ1 offers a simplified shooting experience with just two settings: automatic and macro.

The camera automatically adjusts the exposure for general shooting but lacks specialized modes like landscape and double exposure.

While the ease of use can be appealing, it might limit your creative potential.

The SQ6 also has a macro mode, which allows you to capture close-up shots with a minimum distance of just 30cm.

This feature enables you to take sharp and detailed photos, while the SQ1’s macro setting has a minimum shooting distance of 50cm.

As a result, the SQ6 can produce clearer and more detailed macro photos.

Another significant difference between the two cameras is the ability to take double exposure shots. The SQ6 features a double exposure mode, allowing you to layer two images on a single print.

This mode can lead to impressive and creative results, whereas the SQ1 does not offer this function.

In terms of physical size, both cameras share the same compact square format and similar dimensions, making them equally portable and convenient to use.

Ultimately, the choice between the Instax SQ1 and SQ6 comes down to your preferences for features and control over image quality.

If you prioritize simplicity and ease of use, the SQ1 might be your ideal choice. However, if you value having more control and versatility over the shooting process for better image quality, the SQ6 could be a better fit.

What Is the Differences in Use Between Instax SQ1 & SQ6?

Another comparable thing between the Instax SQ1 and SQ6 is ease of use, you’ll notice some differences in their simplicity and controls.

The Instax SQ1 is designed with simplicity in mind, making it an ideal choice if you’re new to instant photography or prefer a more straightforward approach.

With just a single button to turn the camera on and off and a twist of the lens to switch between normal and selfie modes, you’ll find the SQ1 easy to use without any fuss.

On the other hand, the Instax SQ6 offers more control options, allowing you to tailor your pictures to your creative preferences.

This camera features additional modes such as landscape mode, a self-timer, and the ability to control the flash.

Despite having more controls, the SQ6 remains user-friendly with its clear button layout and simple operation.

When it comes to taking selfies, both cameras offer a convenient selfie mode.

The Instax SQ1 has a mirror on the front to help you frame your shot, while the Instax SQ6 has a small mirror built into the lens barrel, which also makes it easy to see your reflection and get the perfect selfie.

One key difference between the two models is the automatic functionality of the Instax SQ1.

With its fully automatic exposure, this camera can intelligently adjust the shutter speed and flash output, ensuring optimal results in various lighting conditions.

This can help you focus more on the moment, rather than adjusting camera settings manually.

In summary, both the Instax SQ1 and SQ6 are user-friendly instant cameras that cater to different preferences and levels of photographic experience.

If you’re looking for ultimate simplicity, the SQ1 is the way to go. If you want more control over your images, the SQ6 may be the better choice.

Instax SQ1 vs SQ6 (Price and Value)

When considering the Instax SQ1 and the Instax SQ6, it’s important to weigh both the price and the value each camera brings to your photography experience.

The Fujifilm Instax SQ1 is designed to be an entry-level square format camera, which means it typically comes with a lower price tag.

On the other hand, the Instax SQ6 is a slightly older model, but offers more advanced features.

When comparing the price, you’ll find that the Instax Square SQ1 usually retails for around $120, while the Instax Square SQ6 can be found for approximately $130, depending on where you purchase it.

While this price difference might seem small, it is important to consider which features are most important to you.

The Instax SQ1 comes with a simple, single-colored body and offers an easy-to-use interface. Its design makes it great for someone just starting out with instant cameras.

In contrast, the Instax SQ6 has a dual color tone, a more advanced design, and features like automatic exposure control, macro and landscape modes, and a selfie mode with a built-in mirror.

It’s essential to evaluate your own needs when comparing the two cameras.

If you’re new to instant photography and want an affordable, straightforward camera, the Instax Square SQ1 might be a better choice for you.

However, if you value the additional features and are willing to spend a little more, the Instax Square SQ6 could be a more suitable option.

One thing to keep in mind is that both the Instax SQ1 and SQ6 use the same Instax Square film, meaning the ongoing cost of film will remain consistent for both cameras, so the primary difference in value comes in the form of their features.

And lastly, you should also consider other instant cameras before making a decision, such as the popular Polaroid Now, which offers additional features to consider when making a purchase.


Are there any differences in film compatibility?

Both the Fujifilm Instax Square SQ1 and SQ6 use the same Instax Square film, so you won’t have any issues with film compatibility between the two cameras.

This means you can easily switch between the two models if you wish, using the same film packs.

What are the main differences in design and functionality?

The Instax Square SQ1 is an entry-level camera with more simplified features and bolder colors compared to the Instax Square SQ6.

The SQ1 has a more minimalist design, while the SQ6 offers additional features such as a selfie mirror, multiple shooting modes (including a macro mode), and a tripod mount.

However, the SQ1’s simplicity might be an attractive feature for those who prefer a more straightforward instant camera experience. You can find more details about their differences.

Which one is more user-friendly for beginners?

If you’re a beginner, the Instax Square SQ1 might be a better choice for you due to its simplified features and easy-to-use design.

With fewer settings to adjust, you can focus on capturing your memories in a fun and hassle-free way. The SQ6, though more advanced, could be overwhelming for some beginners.

However, if you’re willing to learn and experiment with different modes, the SQ6 might offer more versatility and room for growth as your instant photography skills improve.