Instax Mini 11 vs. 12 (Which One Is More Functional?)

Instax mini 12 is the latest update to Fujifilm’s cheapest Instax cameras. Better features make your photography experience more improved than its predecessor.

Fujifilm’s Instax mini 12 can be the best gadget for anyone looking to enter the world of instant photography without spending much.

This latest Fujifilm camera offers simple functioning with no frills points, allowing beginners to start their photography career.

Being one of the best from the Instax lineup, this Fujifilm camera provides a giant print and a fun, bubbly outer appearance.

Having a look at the features of Instax Mini-12, you must be thinking if  it’s any better than its predecessor. Because only then can you decide between buying a Mini 11 vs. Mini 12.”

This article provides a clear difference between both models and a detailed explanation of what’s new in the latest model of the Fujifilm camera.

Get ready to know the differences to help make a better decision on buying one.

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Comparison Between Instax Mini 11 vs. 12

Deciding between two models of the same company is complex as they usually have similar specifications and features. That’s why we’ve come up with the comparisons.

01. Weight and Size

Both of these cameras have almost similar weights. Mini 12 is slightly heavier than its predecessor, which might make it a no for some people. However, there is a few grams difference between the weight of both cameras, so it isn’t a huge issue.

The Mini 11 has a more significant size. This makes it less favorable for many people who like holding smaller cameras.

02: Colors

Mini 12 is available in a pastel selection of colors compared to the Mini 11. The new colors offer a beautiful and aesthetic look to these cameras. We all know that Instax mini cameras are known for their young beauty, and that’s what Mini 12 holds.

Instax Mini 11 is available in bluish pink, sky blue, charcoal gray, ice white, pastel green, and lilac purple. While Mini 12 has a mint green color, clay white, lilac purple, blossom pink, and pastel blue.

03: Price

Mini 12 is launched with the same price tag as Instax mini 11. However, some stores might offer you the Mini 11 at a lower price because of the availability of the new model in the market.

Also, it’s expected that over time prices of the previous version will get updated to compensate for the advanced features in Instax mini 12.

04: Lens

The two cameras have the biggest difference in camera with Mini 12 adding a mechanism for opening the shutter that powers the camera. A single twist will smoothly perform both functions making it easier for the photographer.

The Fujifilm’s Mini 12 camera can also pop in the selfie or close-up mode. The camera lens can be twisted to close it and shut down the camera.

Isn’t it interesting?

 Mini 11 has a large button that opens the lens when pressed. The lens is easily pulled up to change into selfie mode. To close the lens and shut down the camera, the lens is pushed back down.

Specifications Table of Instax Mini 11 vs. 12

Check out our detailed table comparison, too, between Mini 12 and Mini 11, for clear-cut differences.

Specifications Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Fujifilm Instax Mini 12
Picture Size 62 mm × 46 mm 62 mm × 46 mm

2 components and elements


2 components and elements


Viewfinder Real image finder, 0.37×, with target spot

Real image finder, 0.37×,

with target spot.

Parallax correction function

For improved Close-Up mode

Shooting Range 0.3 m and beyond 0.3 m and beyond

Electronic shutter 1/2 to 1/250 seconds

Additional slow synchro

Electronic shutter 1/2 to 1/250 seconds


Film Ejection Automatic Automatic
Power Two alkaline batteries Two LR6 batteries
Flash Constant firing flash Automatic light adjustment
Dimensions 107.6 mm × 121.2 mm × 67.3 mm 104 mm×66.6 mm×122 mm
Weight 293 g 306g

What’s New In Instax Mini 12? 

Instax mini 12’s simplicity conceals its interior features. You may believe with such a simple and small camera, there will be any latest changes in the functionality and features. But yes, there are some new upgrades to Mini 12.

Excited to know what’s new in Fujifilm’s Mini 12?

 Check out…..

01: Parallax Lens Correction

By using this feature, you can align the lens and viewfinder more accurately. Parallax lens correction is more usable during a close-up mode where shooting the frame accurately is easy.

Although the absence of this feature in Mini 11 wasn’t a problem. After the progress in photography, this feature makes things better and more accessible.

02: Bubbly Design

Fujifilm has updated the exterior design of its latest camera. With a more uniform rectangular shape compared to the bulging grip of the previous version, this camera gives a better hold to the photographer.

On the back of the camera, there are more bubbles, very similar to the front. From the viewfinder location on the camera, the shape is more settled. There is also an advanced tactile design on the shutter button.

A better look has also been achieved by moving Instaxs’ logo to the right of the camera.

03: New Application For Mini 12

Just like all the Instax cameras, Fujifilm’s Mini 12 also has its smartphone application. Photos taken with the camera are stored in the app.

Scan prints in high quality with this application’s additional scanning feature. Using the app, you can also share the photographs on social media or text.


Which features make the Instax Mini 12 an upgrade over the Mini 11?

The Instax Mini 12 offers several improvements over its predecessor, the Mini 11. Some of the key upgrades include a more user-friendly interface and returning features that made previous models popular.

Overall, these improvements aim to enhance your experience while capturing memories with FujiFilm’s instant cameras.

How does the image quality compare between the Instax Mini 11 and Mini 12?

Both the Instax Mini 11 and Mini 12 are designed to produce high-quality prints. The image quality should be relatively similar between the two models since they use the same film and lens specifications.

However, you might notice subtle differences in the ease of getting well-exposed photos due to the improved interface and controls on the Instax Mini 12.

Is the Instax Mini 12 more user-friendly than the Mini 11?

Yes, the Instax Mini 12 has been designed with user-friendliness in mind, particularly for newcomers to instant photography.

The interface and controls have been updated, making it easier to capture well-exposed instant photos, even for first-time users. The Mini 12 is considered an excellent choice for beginners looking to explore instant photography.

Are there any differences in the design and portability of the Instax Mini 11 vs 12?

The Instax Mini 12 features a funky and fun design that is similar to its predecessor, the Mini 11. Both cameras have a compact and portable form factor, making them easy to carry around for various occasions.

Though they share similar aesthetics, the Mini 12 does offer a fresh look with its updated design elements.

In short, both the Instax Mini 11 and Mini 12 cameras provide a unique mix of style and portability that sets them apart in the instant camera market.


Checking for comparisons between Instax mini 11 versus 12 reveals that both these cameras are fantastic, with minor changes revolving around their lenses.

Deciding which camera you should buy, you can check out the prices of both cameras as they offer almost the same features, with the Mini 12 offering even more options and similar prices.

You can compromise on lens quality if you’re more concerned with the color and outer appearance of the Mini 11 than the Mini 12, which is slightly better than the Mini 12.