How to Sync Arlo Camera with SmartHub (Benefits and Troubleshoot)

Arlo cameras are renowned for their wireless surveillance capabilities, offering users flexibility and convenience in monitoring their property.

To get the most out of your Arlo camera, it’s important to connect it to a SmartHub.

I’ll guide you through the step-by-step easy process of syncing your Arlo camera with a SmartHub today.

Benefits of Syncing Arlo Cameras with a SmartHub

Seamless Integration

By syncing your camera to Arlo SmartHub, you will get seamless integration within the Arlo ecosystem.

With this, you can control your centralized monitoring station. You can also manage multiple cameras from a single interface.

Enhanced Security Features

Arlo is a game-changer with advanced features.

On top of that, adding a SmartHub means you unlock every possible benefit along with smart motion detection, night view, etc.

And enhanced features mean enhanced security.

Remote Access

SmartHub will integrate all of your Arlo devices and get you access to the cloud monitoring system.

So that you can keep monitoring your house from anywhere and with any device available near you.

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How to Sync Arlo Camera With SmartHub

Before you start syncing your Arlo cameras with SmartHub there are a few things you need to ensure beforehand.

These steps are essential for a smoother connection between your cameras and hub.

  • Make sure that your Arlo camera is powered on and connected to a valid power source.
  • Ensure that your camera is within the range of the SmartHub.
  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection for smooth syncing.

Installing Arlo SmartHub/Base Station

Before syncing your camera with the SmartHub, you need to install it using your Arlo Secure App. Follow these steps-

  • Launch the Arlo Secure App
  • Tap on Devices
  • Enter the room location of your device
  • Tap on the Add ⊕ icon
  • Scroll down and select SmartHub/Base Station
  • Connect your Arlo SmartHub or Base Station to your Wi-Fi router with an ethernet cable
  • Please note that you should turn on your router after connecting the ethernet cable. Otherwise, you might face difficulty connecting your SmartHub
  • If you’ve got an older Arlo Base Station with a power button, just plug it into an outlet and switch it on using that button 
  • For the newer Arlo SmartHub or Base Station with a single LED light, wait for that light to turn blue
  • And if you’ve got the Arlo Base Station with three LED lights, just wait for the power light on the front to turn green. Easy as pie
  • Follow through the in-app instructions

Initiating Arlo essential Camera Syncing Process

All set. Now let’s sync your cameras. Follow these steps-

  • Launch your Arlo Secure App
  • Scroll down and tap on Add New Device
  • There tap on  Cameras
  • Then select your camera model
  • Select your Arlo SmartHub or Arlo Base Station that you have installed in the previous method
  • Then tap on Continue.
  • The app will search for your camera
  • Now Name and Position your camera
  • Lastly, tap on Finish

Troubleshooting Arlo Camera SmartHub

Troubleshooting Arlo Camera

If you’re having trouble getting your Arlo camera and SmartHub to sync up, try these simple troubleshooting steps:

  1. Make sure both your Arlo camera and SmartHub are turned on and within close range of each other to ensure a smooth connection.
  2. Check if there are any updates available for both the camera and SmartHub software. Sometimes, outdated software can cause syncing problems.
  3. Try restarting both your camera and SmartHub. A restart can refresh any existing problem. Then try syncing them again.
  4. If you still need help with issues, visit the Arlo support website or get in touch with customer service for more help. They’ll be able to assist you further.

Tips for Arlo Cameras Smooth Syncing

Regular Firmware Updates

Make sure to stay on top of things by checking for firmware updates using the Arlo app on a regular basis.

These updates usually come with improvements to how well your camera works and fixes for any issues, making sure everything runs smoothly and your camera works its best.

Optimizing Camera Placement

Make sure you set up your Arlo cameras in the best spots to get the strongest signal and reduce any interference.

Try not to put them where there’s lots of stuff blocking the signal or if they’re really far from the SmartHub or Base Station.


Making sure your Arlo camera is synced with a SmartHub is super important for keeping your home safe and ensuring your camera works its best.

It’s not just a matter of plugging it in and crossing your fingers; it’s about getting the most out of it.

Once they’re connected, you’ll unlock a bunch of cool features that’ll seriously boost your home security setup.


Can I sync Arlo cameras with multiple SmartHubs or Base Stations?

No, each Arlo camera can only be synced with one SmartHub or Base Station at a time.

Do I need a subscription to sync Arlo cameras with a SmartHub or Base Station?

No, syncing Arlo cameras with a SmartHub or Base Station does not require a subscription.

However, certain advanced features may be limited without a subscription plan.

Can I sync third-party cameras with an Arlo SmartHub or Base Station?

No, Arlo SmartHubs and Base Stations are only compatible with Arlo cameras.

Is it possible to sync Arlo cameras with a SmartHub/Base Station without the Arlo app?

No, the Arlo app is essential for initiating and managing the syncing process between Arlo cameras and SmartHub/Base Station.

What is the range of Arlo camera syncing with SmartHub?

The range depends on various factors such as environmental conditions and obstructions, but typically, it can range from 300 to 350 feet.

Can I sync Arlo cameras with a SmartHub if I’m using a firewall?

Yes, Arlo cameras can be synced with a SmartHub while using a firewall, but ensure that firewall settings do not block necessary communication ports.