How To Do Cake Smash Photography (Learn Creative Tips)

Welcome to my Cake Smash Photography guide! To all the photographers out there looking to set up their hands on getting the best cake smash photography, I have brought you a step-by-step guide and a few tips.

But why are cake smash photographers in high demand nowadays?

Photographing a baby’s first birthday milestone is a great way to remember this special occasion, and only some have time to do it themself. Hence, a photographer is the best solution.

This guide includes a detailed explanation of getting started with your first cake smash photoshoot. Read on to get along with everything you need to know to be a pro baby birthday photographer making thousands of dollars annually. So let’s have some fun and create some beautiful memories for people together!

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What Is Cake Smash Photography?

Cake smash photography is a perfect way to celebrate the milestone of a 1st birthday cake smash photos and create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. It involves taking a series of photos of the child cake smashed in the face. The photos capture the child’s joy as they explore the texture and taste of the cake and document the mess as it is made.

This kind of photography frequently captures the first birthday of a child. Still, it can also be used to celebrate other important milestones, such as a baptism or graduation. It requires a lot of patience and creativity to capture the perfect shot.

The photographer must be able to capture the baby’s expressions, interactions with the cake, and the messy aftermath. The goal is to create a fun and unique set of photos that will be cherished for years.

Step-By-Step Guide To Cake Smash Photography

Want to turn the tables with your cute and attractive cake smash photoshoot? Here is the simple cake smash set up guide for you to follow.

01. Choose the right location

Choose a clean and well-lit location. Natural light is best for outdoor shoots, but you can also use studio lights if you don’t have enough natural light. The best location for a cake smash photography session would depend on the type of session you want to achieve.

If you are looking for a more traditional look, an outdoor park or garden would be an ideal location. A beach or field of wildflowers will be perfect if you want a whimsical setting.

If you want a studio-style cake smash, you could rent a studio space. When selecting a location, be sure to consider the light, the backdrop, and the overall ambiance.

02. Get the right props

Make sure to have some fun props like balloons, banners, confetti, and other decorations. Balloons are a great way to add color and fun to your cake smash photos.

Choose balloons in bright, cheerful colors that match the color scheme of your cake smash. Toys and props can be a great addition to your cake smash photos. Choose props that fit the theme of your cake smash and will add a fun element to your photos.

Confetti adds a fun element to cake smash photos. Choose brightly colored confetti that will stand out against the cake and add a festive element to your photos. Cute outfits are a great way to complete the look for your cake smash photos. Dress your baby in a cake smash outfit that matches the theme and makes them look the cutest.

03. Choose the right cake

Make sure to pick a safe cake for the baby to eat. Avoid anything with nuts or banana chocolate cake. A baby cake smash cake is a small cake designed for babies and toddlers to smash during a cake smash photo session.

The best type of cake for a cake smash photo session is a simple, single-tiered buttercream cake. It should not be too sweet or too dense. You may also choose to use a cake made of pureed fruits or vegetables.

A vanilla cake is the most popular choice for Cake Smash Photography. It’s simple, classic, and pairs well with any color scheme. You can also opt for a banana or carrot cake, depending on the theme and colors you’re going for.

04. Set up the camera

Ensure your camera is in the right settings and the lens is clean. Check out the cake smash kit checklist to enhance cake smash photos and make it a special day for the whole family.

  • Choose a location: Select a location with an interesting, colorful background (e.g., a vintage wall, a garden, a wallpapered wall).
  • Position the subject: Place the subject at least 3 feet away from the background and ensure that the light source comes from the side (not behind the subject).
  • Use a wide-angle lens: Using a wide-angle lens will allow you to capture the entire scene and the details of the cake and the subject.
  • Set the aperture and shutter speed: Set the aperture to f/2.8 or higher and the shutter speed to 1/125 or lower to get a shallow depth of field and freeze motion.

05. Start the shoot

Let the baby explore the cake, and be creative with your poses. Take a look at these important points before you begin your cake smash photoshoot.


Before starting the shoot, ensure you have all the materials and props needed to create an amazing photo shoot. Have your props ready, such as a cake, balloons, decorations, and props to create a fun and unique atmosphere.


Make sure that the area you are shooting in is safe and that the cake is not a choking hazard for the baby.


Position the baby on a large chair or the floor and ensure they are comfortable. Use props to create a fun and unique atmosphere.


Ensure the lighting is right for the shoot. Natural light is best and use a reflector to bounce light onto the baby.

Capture the Moment:

Once the baby is in position and the lighting is right, it’s time to start taking photos. Capture the moment as the baby smashes the cake, as well as any other fun and cute expressions.


After the shoot, you can start editing the photos to enhance the colors and make them look even better.

06. Clean up

Make sure to clean up the mess and dispose of the cake properly. The following steps will guide you through the process.

  • Gently wipe down the cake smash area with a damp cloth.
  • Vacuum or sweep the area to remove any cake crumbs.
  • Dispose of any remaining cake or decorations.
  • Disinfect any toys or props used during the session.
  • Clean any props with warm soapy water and dry them thoroughly.
  • Dispose of disposable items, like paper plates or plastic cutlery.
  • Gently wash and dry clothes the baby may have worn during the session.
  • Wash any blankets or towels used with warm soapy water.

Tips To Get The Right Cake Smash Photography

  • Make sure to take pictures from different angles to capture the best moments. Get close-ups of the face, mid-shots of the body, and wide-angle shots of the entire set-up.
  • A neutral color scheme or pastel will make for the most beautiful photos. Avoid bright or bold colors, as they can be distracting.
  • Select a cake that is light in color and texture. Avoid dark colors and heavy decorations.
  • Natural light is best for your cake-to-smash photography session. It will help to create the most beautiful photos.
  • A smooth backdrop will help to keep the focus on the cake and the baby. Avoid busy or textured backdrops.
  • Think outside the box when it comes to the cake. There are many creative ways to decorate and style a cake for a cake smash photo session.

People Also Ask

01: What makes a great cake smash photography?

For smash cake photoshoot, you’ll want to ensure you have a lens that offers a wide angle of view to capture the entire scene. Look for lenses with fast apertures so you can take shots at low shutter speeds. This will help you get sharp images with the right amount of light.

02: What type of cake should I use for a cake smash photoshoot?

The best type of cake to use for a cake smash photo shoot is a simple, one-layer cake. You’ll want to avoid overly elaborate cakes that are challenging to cut into and eat. Choose a cake with a smooth frosting or a light dusting of powdered sugar to make it easier for the baby to grab onto and enjoy.

03: How do I prepare for a cake smash photoshoot?

Make sure to have a few extra towels, wipes, and bibs on hand to help clean up any messes. You’ll also want to find a suitable backdrop for your photos. It could be a plain wall or a colorful background. Have a camera or smartphone ready to capture the moment.

04: What’s the best camera for cake smash photography?

The best camera will depend on the style of photos you want to take, your budget, and the type of equipment you have available. If you are looking for a high-end camera with excellent image quality, consider a DSLR camera like Nikon D850 with a good-quality lens.

Wrapping Up

Cake smash photography is a fun and rewarding experience for the photographer and the family. With a little planning and creativity, you can create a unique and memorable photo shoot that parents and children will love.

It’s important to consider the lighting, background, and props when planning the session and the child’s comfort level. When the session is over, you’ll have a beautiful collection of photos that will bring you joy for years.