How To Choose A Wedding Photographer?

As we enter adulthood from our early years, a few dreams follow us. Some of us dream to be astronauts and playing in the stars, while others have a dream of becoming president. But, collectively we all dream of falling in love, and having that perfect wedding day.

Choosing your partner can take a lifetime, but the moment you see your significant other walking down the aisle, that long wait is worth it. No one talks about how to choose a photographer for wedding ceremony, even though they will be capturing the happiest moments of your life.

In this article, we’ll identify what a wedding photographer is and how you should find the perfect photographer for you, and how much they can cost.

What is a Wedding Photographer?

Although it could be common sense, a wedding photographer is a specialized individual who focuses solely on capturing moments of love, happiness, and those once-in-a-lifetime shots. A photographer has technical skills operating a camera in all different kinds of lights, weather scenarios, and conditions.

As well, a wedding photographer has a creative mind and creative eye. The biggest asset to a photographer in general is their mind and vision. What they can create with your wedding, and how they can bring your ideas to life.

The best photographers expert to capture your most vulnerable wedding moments while showing the bliss and beauty of every second. Expect your wedding photography to be in seven places at one time. The best photographer can and will be capturing your all the moments at your wedding.

A good wedding photography company will have multiple photographers on site, capturing all the hidden moments. Whereas, a bad wedding photography company will usually be solo, and trying to be in too many places at once.

Why do You Need Two Photographers at a Wedding?

In most cultures, it’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the ceremony. To avoid seven years of bad luck, and a failed wedding, it’s best to have two photographers. Each photographer will have their own subjects and picture points. For example, bride and bridesmaids, and groom and groomsmen.

Capturing the moments leading up to the wedding is the most important. You’re feeling all your emotions at once. Whether it be anxiety, love, nerves, or cold feet, you’ll want all those moments for memories.

As well, weddings are quite large, and filled with numerous guests. It’s almost impossible for a single photographer to cover the whole wedding solo and still produce quality content.

How To Choose A Wedding Photographer? (Types That You Should Choose)

This is a more personal question. Photography is an art, and with art comes technique. There are many different techniques and choices you can have. The best way to choose your preferred style is through research.

What is the best type of photography to capture your wedding? In case you want a specific photographer, talk to them about their style. They may be able to conform to your vision.

01. Reportage Photography

As time moves forward, people are looking for new ways to capture their weddings. Over the past few years, reportage photography has been brought to the world of wedding photography. Reportage photography is a documentary or reporting type of capturing images.

You’ll have a multiple-person camera crew following you around, capturing your every move, and emotion. If this sounds like too much, there are plenty of other options as well. The downside of reportage wedding photography is having someone there 24/7.

This type of photographer is there to document your special day.  Make sure you discuss with the photographer if you want traditional shots as well.

A great example of a reportage-style wedding photographer is –

02. Traditional Photography

Traditional photography is what we’re used to seeing. A posed look, or conventional/classic style. This style was developed during the age of film. Where staying still and posing were necessary. Now that almost everything is digital, and the cost of film isn’t a worry, most opt for contemporary.

With traditional photography, you’ll have photo days before the wedding, during the wedding, and even some photos after. These are staged photos, so you’ll need a specific time to delegate to the shoot.

A great example of a traditional wedding photographer is –

03. Contemporary Wedding Photography

Contemporary photography is the new age of wedding photography. Creative minds come together with an idea, and that idea becomes real. Posed shots are still common, but it’ll be more relaxed where the client can move around and be free.

Contemporary wedding photography is my favorite style. You’re not under pressure, and you don’t feel anxiety. The photographer is capturing you in your natural state, and all your emotions are real and raw. As well, with contemporary, you’ll likely be able to find a similar style to what you want or at least express what style you’re envisioning.

A fine example of contemporary photography is here –

How Much Do The Best Wedding Photographers Cost?

When pricing out your wedding photographer you need to take quite a bit into consideration. As well, this is something you don’t want to skimp out on. This is your special day, and the person you choose will be the one responsible for capturing the images you’ll have to remind yourself of this special time in your life.

Some things to be considered are, how many photographers are on the premises. Extra photographers range from $50-$100 an hour. Next, you’ll have to consider travel, housing, and food, especially if you’re having a vacation destination wedding.

Although having your favorite photographer there is important, consider looking into local photographers, wherever your wedding may be.

You’re paying for quality. The amount you pay will reflect the quality of the photos. On the lower end of the scale, you could book a wedding photographer for around $300. This priced photographer will probably be solo, and only be there to photograph the reception.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the higher end of wedding photography is around $4,000-$5,000. With a price like this, you can expect multiple photographers. One specific for the groom, and one for the bride.

On average, the normal person will pay anywhere between $1,000- $3,000 for their wedding photography.

Where Can You Find Wedding Photographers?

Finding a wedding photographer can be tricky. But, with technology advancing every day, things are definitely getting easier. We first must consider our location. If our wedding is going to be local to our residence, it’ll be best to start with a word of mouth.

Make a Facebook post, asking if anyone was recently married. If they say yes, ask who their photographer was, and browse their portfolio.

If friends and family are leading you to a dead end, it’s time to extend your search. Next, you should google wedding photographers near me. Search the highest-ranked photographers on google. Check many portfolios. A portfolio is a leading example of what to expect if you choose that photographer.

If you’re still coming up short after a google search, search social media. Instagram is huge for photographers. Most have a page displaying all of their work. Simply search wedding photographer in the search bar and see who comes up. To specify more, add a hashtag with your location.

Wedding Videographer

A wedding photographer is specific to photography. If you’re under the impression you’ll be getting a video an image at one price, think again. Although it is possible to combine packages, you’ll need to check with the company.

There are separate videographer companies that specify their skills in wedding editing.  When thinking of hiring a videographer know there comes extra fees.

A videographer is there directing and capturing your best angles. Once the wedding is complete they have to re-watch all the content. Then establish the best clips. Followed by the rough edit, and then the final edit.

Be sure to ask your photographer if they know anyone they can recommend before you branch out. Chances are they have someone on their crew or a phone call away.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a wedding photographer is a tedious, temotioulous task. This isn’t something you shouldn’t leave for the end, but instead something you should prioritize. Wedding photographers book out way in advance, so to be sure you get whom you want, it’s best to reserve them ahead of time.

Some key things to take away from this article. If you aren’t sure what kind of photographer you want, do your diligent research on each type of style, reportage, traditional, and contemporary.

Once you’ve made your decision make a budget, and choose a few options. If one can’t attend your wedding, have a runner-up. As I said earlier, photographers book out far in advance.

Take your time finding your photographer. This is your special day, and this will be the content you have to remember this day forever.