How to Change Shutter Speed on Canon Cameras (Step-by-Step Guide)

How to Change Shutter Speed on Canon Cameras is a must have knowledge for canon users.

In the world of photography, every moment is important and deserves to be captured perfectly and creatively.

However, to make this possible, you must understand how to control the speed of your shutter perfectly.

Now, did you just get a Canon camera, and you’re confused about how to change the shutter speed?

You are able to change canon shutter speed by following the 4 steps setting the camera to Manual Mode, locating and adjusting shutter Speed Dial as well as checking the Exposure Meter Response.

Or, you’re a beginner who is curious to know how to change the shutter speed on Canon? This guide is perfect for you!

In this guide, I’ve explained 4 steps in detail involved in changing the shutter speed on Canon for beginners who want to be seasoned photographers.

What Is Shutter Speed?

Before we dive deep into how to change the shutter speed on Canon, you need to know what exactly is Shutter speed.

Shutter speed refers to the amount of time the camera’s shutter is quick or slow to open and close before capturing an image.

It’s measured in seconds or fractions of a second for example, 1/250th, 1/1000th, 1/4000th, 1/6000th, and more.

The principle is that a faster shutter speed will freeze the motion and allow you to capture quick action sharply with less light, while a slower shutter speed will be lighter but may end up being blurry.

How To Change Shutter Speed On Canon Cameras

Here is the 4 easy steps need to follow to change the shutter speed on your canon cameras.

  • Set The Camera To Manual Mode
  • Locate The Shutter Speed Dial
  • Adjust The Shutter Speed Dial
  • Check The Exposure Meter Response

The principle of changing shutter speed cuts across all Canon cameras. However, the specific steps involved might vary depending on the model.

Nonetheless, I’ve analyzed common steps that work for popular Canon models including:
• Canon T7
• Canon 5d Mark III
• Canon 7d
• Canon 6d
• Canon 5d Mark IV
• Canon 70d
• Canon EOS Rebel T5
• Canon EOS Rebel T6
• Canon EOS Rebel T3i
• Canon M50 and more.

#Step 1: Set The Camera To Manual Mode

Steps to change Shutter speed on canon

Before you can change the shutter speed, the first thing to do is to set your camera to manual mode.

To do this, you have to rotate the setting dial at the top of your camera to M, and your camera manual mode is on.

#Step 2: Locate The Shutter Speed Dial

Locate The Shutter Speed Dial

After you have successfully set the camera to manual mode, the next thing is to locate your shutter speed dial.

The shutter speed dial is always at the top corner of the camera and can be adjusted both to the right and left. Once you locate that, you can move to the next step.

#Step 3: Adjust The Shutter Speed Dial

Adjust The Shutter Speed Dial

The next thing is to start adjusting the main dial by turning it right or left to increase or decrease the speed.

Turning the dial to the right increases the speed, while the left decreases the speed. The same principle is applied to all Canon models.

#Step 4: Check The Exposure Meter Response

Check The Exposure Meter Response

While you’re turning the shutter speed, make sure you keep an eye on the exposure meter to read the change in speed.

After all these steps are duly followed, you have your desired shutter speed without stress.


1. How Do I Choose The Shutter Speed On My Camera?

As explained in the article, you have to set your camera setting to manual mode (M), then you can select your intended shutter speed by rotating the control dial at the top corner of the cameral.

What Mode Lets You Adjust Shutter Speed?

Typically, to adjust shutter speed you have to change to manual or shutter priority mode on your camera, which is represented by the letters (M) and (Tv or S) respectively.

Can You Manually Adjust The Shutter Speed?

Absolutely yes, you can manually adjust the shutter speed in Manual or Shutter Priority mode on your camera.

However, some Canon models like EOS 90D, EOS Rebel T8i, and others have a touchscreen making it possible without using manual mode.