How to Become a Travel Photographer (Top 8 Steps to Follow)

To become a travel photographer can be a part-time or full-time job. You can take it as a permanent job if you are passionate about it.

There are many ways to utilize it properly. Just find your desired ways.

Do you have passion for it but don’t know where to start? Well. As a beginner, it can be challenging to find out the proper guidelines.

From my 13 years of experience, I’ll share with you how to become a travel photographer. You’ll know step-by-step guidelines from scratch to PRO.

Let’s get started.

What Is a Travel Photography?

Travel Photography Guide

Travel photography is an art that expresses a way of life. It involves a unique capturing experience while traveling, campaigning and so on.

An ideal travel photographer will not only receive an aesthetic vibe but also find the true meaning of life.

Travel photography is a creamy blend of culture, beauty, and place diversity. Each captured photo represents stories and visual elements.

Once, a famous American educator, Frederick Barnard, said, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

So, a unique image is enough to show a more significant meaning than a bulk word. A single image is sufficient to get huge hype and appreciation from people.

So, what makes a travel photo best? An ideal travel photo should contain a gorgeous composition, unique perspective, and emotional impact.

Similarly, technical proficiency and a sense of adventure are essential to make a travel photo great.

Top 8 Steps to Become a Travel Photographer

Becoming a traveling photographer is not a word of mouth now. Dedication and passion can help you to convert your dream into reality.

Wouldn’t you regret overlooking that chance? Well. I’ve made a list that will help you to turn from beginner to advanced.

Let’s scroll a bit and look at what should you do to become a successful travel photographer:

01. Setting your goal

Aimless life is a boat without a rudder. It’s essential to fix and set the goal for long-term success.

Generally travel photographers involve themselves to shoot different photography styles, such as: Portraiture, Action, Event, Landscape, Wildlife, Food and Architecture.

After trying several styled photos like portrait, landscape and video recording, fix which mode suits you.

Similarly, having a clear concept of which types of travel photography have a huge demand on the market is also essential.

Then, developing a unique photographic style is the next step to achieving permanent success.

Another important aspect is creating a list of small milestones. These milestones will motivate you to stick to your goal.

02. Gearing Up

After listing and fixing the goal, it’s time to collect all the necessary equipment.

Such as a travel camera, lens, tripod, additional recording instruments, weather-sealed backpacks, etc.

You can choose a DSLR or mirrorless camera. However, I recommend a mirrorless camera over a DSLR.

The mirrorless camera has less hassle, absolutely no complex dashboard and is the most advanced comparatively DSLR. In one word, it is a beginner-friendly camera.

Similarly, purchasing an external microphone can be a great idea. You could be able to make a video for your future portfolio.

Moreover, you can create shorts and small-length videos. It helps you to get more appreciation from the people.

03. Essential Skills and Knowledge

Now, it’s high time to boost your skill from absolutely Zero to Advanced. The more skill set you have, the more reflection can be seen in your photos.

Primarily, you need to keep focus on composition like, color grade, leading line and balance as well.

After completing and acquiring knowledge on it, focus on framing and angle. This sense proves to you how skilled you are.

However, acquiring this sense takes a little time, but you can definitely do it. Never lose your hope. Remember, “Constant dripping wears away a stone”.

After completing the previous milestone, you’ve to stick to several technical settings like adjusting aperture, proper shutter speed, and focus technique as well.

In the initial stage, you can keep practicing with autofocus. You need to spend a little more time in manual focus. You couldn’t do it instantly.

Once, you are confident with your photography skills, you need to go for practical implement.

Now, you need to research more to learn about the various cultural locations where you can travel to diversify your travel photography styles.

In the same time you must be skilled at Mastering Lighting and Post-Processing.

04. Create your Niche Style

Developing your own style is important. It’s your identity and brand. To develop your personal style, test several photographic techniques.

For example- You can start with the long exposure technique first. As a beginner, it can be a good idea.

If it is not suitable or uncomfortable for you,  then you must try the post-processing technique. Try to capture it in such a way that has a storytelling approach.

I mean, your captured image must mean something. Try to integrate an emotion into your image. It increases the appreciation of your viewers.

05. Build a strong portfolio.

A portfolio represents your skill, vision and other unique viewpoints. A quality portfolio decodes the opportunity that you’re looking for.

For a beginner, it’s better to start your photography locally. Take several fantastic shots and random shots. Make some unique variations and sizes. Overall, make diversity.

Before building a portfolio, select your best projects and images. You shouldn’t select any random photos. Make a group and set a theme for selected photos.

06. Develop a Brand and Online Presence.

In this modern age, online presence is important. Every company or individual who needs a travel photographer is searching online first.

If you have a well-built online presence in various social media and websites, it can be a plus point. You’ll get a great advantage from it.

To do this, a well-designed website is required. If you don’t have a website, then build a website and other social media like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn as well.

You can publish your pricing details and other important information on this platform.

Similarly, YouTube is another great platform for publishing your project or sample work.

In this way, your desired client can easily understand the job’s quality.

Additionally, a compelling bio and brand message is also an essential factor to consider.

Don’t forget to keep responding to your fans by replying to their messages and comments.

07. Marketing and Finding clients

Skills are useless until they are applied to an actual project. In this regard, you need to find the right client to apply your acquired skill.

Getting the right clients won’t be easy unless you are marketing correctly.

Make sure your website is optimized with SEO. SEO strategies can help you get organic and potential clients through your website.

Keep posting about your services on social media. The better your marketing knowledge is, the more potential clients can be generated.

Moreover, you can arrange events, hangout parties, etc. These can help you to represent your brand in front of the Digital Nomad.

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08. Master the art of self-promotion and monetization.

A great funnel can convert a couple of clients. The funnel types are based on your specific expertise like email marketing, social media and other platforms.

It doesn’t matter which platform you want to use. The core thing is mastering self-promotion.

It’s better to do your job rather than hire anyone. Initially,  it’s better to build your own kingdom.

For a travel photographer, online presence is important. You’ll get huge views if your photo is attached with emotion.

Thus, you can turn on the monetization. You’ll receive a smart income from the monetization.

Keep practicing and never let down your dream. Proper dedication converts your dream to reality.

How to Plan for Travel photography (Tips)

Travel photography is a fantastic way to shoot photos and videos.

It holds the memories of your experiences. Here are some guidance to assist you enhance your travel photography:

Research your spot:

It’s necessary to understand the spot’s environmental conditions, landmarks, cultures, etc. Each particular lens is compatible with each weather or cultural condition.

Experiment with diverse angles:

After reaching the spot, take random different-angle shots. This gives you an idea about which angle or frame can be worth to shot.

Keep a backup:

All your work can be wasted if you’ve no backup. It’s essential to keep a storage backup and charging backup.

Avoid over-editing:

Editing can be a good way to convert low images to high-quality images. But, you should avoid over-editing. It can make your quality lower rather than higher.

Take care of your lens:

Taking care of a lens is essential. You should clean after completing the task.

Sometimes, your lens can be affected by various fungus spores. So, clean it properly and regularly.

Learn fundamental phrases in the regional language:

It can help you to shoot the local people. You can request them by their tongues.


Is travel photography a good career?

Travel photography is an excellent career opportunity for career enthusiasts. It is one of the best multi-purpose income opportunities.

You can earn from various sources like photography, stock image websites, blogs and so on.

If you are passionate, make it your chief income source. You’ll never regret it.

Are travel photographers in demand?

In this modern age, you wouldn’t find a single person without an attachment to the digital product.

Image creation is one of the most demanding products in the market. You can be hired to produce images for different social media.

Moreover, every website requires high-quality photos; you can be hired for them, too.

The unique site is you can earn in a place where tourists are visiting frequently. So, there is no doubt that being a travel photographer is a demanding profession.

How to sell travel photos?

Selling travel photos is one of the best ideas in a travel photography career. There are so many ways to sell your photos.

You can sell in stock image agencies like Shutterstock, iStockphoto, Bigstock, etc. Their positive site is you can easily upload without any hassle.

The negative side is their commission rate. Their rate is low, and competition is high. You can also sell your photos with direct clients, print-on-demand services, etc.

What skills do you need to be a travel photographer?

To be a successful travel photographer, you need to have a combination of technical skills and knowledge of capturing different styled photos.

Moreover, knowledge of post-processing software like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and Illustrator is also essential.

You must have the ability to capture shots in various weather conditions.