How Long Do Mirrorless Cameras Last? (Top 3 factors Explained !)

Mirrorless cameras do not come cheap. And, even when you are stuck with a low-budget camera, you would want them working for as long as possible till you get a preferred camera. Therefore, putting use and budget into consideration, it is prudent to at least know how long do mirrorless cameras last?

The lifespan of a mirrorless camera can be between 5 to 10 years. However, this is dependent on the type of mirrorless camera, the shutter lives, and how the camera is maintained. These factors come together to determine how durable your mirrorless camera is !

However, note that the most important functional factor that determines how long you will have your camera is the shutter life, and how you use it. Other factors are secondary, although equally important. You can buy a mirrorless camera with 400,000 shutter uses, and on the day of your first shooting mistakenly smash the sensor. 

In this article, we shall be looking at what the mirrorless camera is, the factors that determine how long it would last, and how to extend the life of your best mirrorless camera. At the end of this article, you will be well informed on how long your mirrorless camera will last. 

What Is Mirrorless Camera?

The mirrorless camera as the name implies is a camera without a mirror. The DSLR cameras were the most dominant cameras before the Mirrorless market came out. The DSLR camera works with a mirror, as light from the lens passes through it to get to the sensor of the camera,

However, on the mirrorless camera, light passes through the lens and directly goes to the sensor of the camera. Mirrorless camera also comes with LCD screen on which images to be captured is shown on it, affording you the chance to choose settings before you snap the picture.

Another important difference between the Mirrorless camera and the DSLR camera is the type of shutter each come with. DSLR cameras come with only mechanical shutters. However, the mirrorless camera comes with both a mechanical shutter and also an electronic shutter.

In the next section, you will come to understand how the uniqueness of the mirrorless camera factor in how long you rely on it, and also to an extent why some photographers consider it a better alternative to DSLR cameras(although it isn’t the focus of this article)

How Long Do Mirrorless Cameras Last?

So, let discuss what Factors That Affect The LifeSpan Of A Mirrorless Camera. You just bought or are considering buying a mirrorless camera, however, you are keen to know its life span. Below are the factors that determine how long your mirrorless camera will last.

  • Shutter life
  • Usage
  • Maintenance

01. Shutter Life

The lifespan of a mirrorless camera is primarily determined by the shutter life or shutter count. Once you use up the shutter count of your mirrorless camera, that’s the end. It as simple as that. 

The shutter count of mirrorless camera range from 100,000(one hundred thousand) to 500,000(five hundred thousand). On the low end of shutter life are the least expensive mirrorless cameras. On the contrast Flagship (DSLR) cameras come with higher shutter count.

So, how do you calculate the lifespan of your camera using the shutter count? Simply allot shutter count to a per day usage and see how long it would take you to use up the entire shutter count of your camera. 

A camera with a shutter count of 300,000, used every day, with 100 shutters per day, would last for approximately 8 years. Eight years is a long time, and worth the amount you paid for such a camera. So, a Sony Alpha A6000 with an estimated shutter life of 100,000 would last 3 years at 100 pictures taken every day.

Note that the shutter count is the singular factor that determines the functional lifespan of both the DSLR and the mirrorless camera. However, with a mirrorless camera, there is a way to greatly reduce the usage of shutter count.

The mirrorless camera comes with both a mechanical shutter and an electronic shutter. Fortunately, the shutter count of a camera is a count dedicated to the mechanical shutter. Any picture you take using the electronic shutter doesn’t count against the shutter sound of your mirrorless camera. 

The fact that mirrorless cameras come with an electronic shutters therefore places them ahead of the DSLR camera fitted with just a mechanical shutter. Therefore, if you rely more on the electronic shutter of your mirrorless camera, it would last longer than previously calculated. 

You must however know that the electronic shutter comes with its disadvantages as much as it has advantages. Some of the limitations of electronic shutter include the noise it makes. This makes it a bad option if you are shooting in a place where noise is not appreciated.

Electronic shutters are also poor options for rapid shooting. This is because the camera takes time to focus on the image before the electronic shutter is triggered. So if you need to shoot quickly and at will, you cannot use the electronic shutter. 

02. Usage

Where you must check the shutter count of your mirrorless camera before buying one, it is extremely important that you treat your camera like an egg. You can get a camera with a 500,000 shutter cunt and it can get totally destroyed the next day because of poor handling

One of the most important parts of your camera is the sensor. Some things you must protect your camera sensor from include:

  • Moisture
  • Sand and dust
  • Metal

 Some of these can get into your camera sensor if you do not put effort into ensuring your camera is constantly protected. Also, protect your camera from falling.

How To Extend The Life Of A Mirrorless Camera

So far we have established that the shutter count and how you use your mirrorless camera are the two main factors that would determine how long it would last. In this section, we will be looking at some tips to follow to extend the life of your camera.

  • Use electronic shutter for landscape photography and other still life form of photography.
  • If you can, always go for a mirrorless camera with a high shutter count
  • Be careful when you attach adapters, and lenses to your mirrorless camera so as not to damage the sensors
  • Clean your camera with the right material. Be careful not to use rough or sharp objects to scratch sensitive parts of your camera
  • Avoid moisture, in the form of water, and liquid from spillage when you eat
  • As much as possible, keep your camera safe away from the reach of children or people who do not know how to properly handle a camera.
  • Avoid your camera falling by using camera straps, camera bags and sturdy tripods

People Also Ask

What are the preferred equipments I can use to clean my mirrorless camera sensor to prevent damage?

Always refer to the cleaning instruction for our camera. that comes with your camera. Note that what works for one camera might not be appropriate for another camera

Which produces better image quality, mechanical shutter or electronic shutter?

Both shutters if used the right way will give you the same quality of image. The mechanical shutter can be used for all purposes. However because an electronic shutter takes time to trigger as it tries to put into focus the object, it is better-used for landscape and still-life photography.

Ending Note

The lifespan of your mirrorless camera is dependent on its shutter life as well as how well you take care care of it. Putting these two into consideration, choose a mirrorless camera that would serve you the best way, for as long as you want.