Fashion Product Photography (Everything You Need To Know)

Fashion product photography is a vast and continuously growing field, increasing opportunities for new photographers. But with more competition, you need more unique skills and competitive photographs to let you win the competition.

You cannot win the race without understanding the details and tips that make your fashion photoshoots that glow out more than the others.

Are you also hoping to adopt capturing the high quality essential photos for apparel ecommerce?

Whether it’s your need or wish, you need to put loads of effort into getting on the top. I’m sharing my experiences and what works to get my work recognized among the viewers. You can use my experience to get your clients more leads from the product photographs you will capture.

This article aims to provide you with all the information regarding photography of fashion products to start your career or boost your already-running business. So ready to rock the ground? Let’s move on.

What Is Fashion Product Photography?

It means capturing high quality photographs of the products to increase the sales of the e-commerce store. There are numerous apparel products for fashion include clothes, accessories, shoes, bags and other things.

The way you portray the products defines the number of sales. The purpose of fashion product photographs is to display products distinctly in front of the viewers. The better you capture the details of the product.

High Fashion Product Photography

The more chances of sales you will increase for your client. You need to keep the photographs near the original, avoiding extra editing and making the photograph and the product unreal.

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Steps To Getting Started In Fashion Product Photography

Fashion garments or the most glamorous things to capture with your Canon EOS M50 Mark II. But the thoughts and mixed information regarding how to start fashion photography in various products really frustrates your mind to an end.

I have cleared out the things for you in below mentioned steps so you can directly start with the first step moving on to the last one. So why wasting time? Read the first step.

Step 1: Practice Capturing Fashion Around You

Yes, you read it right I really mean you should grab your camera and start capturing whatever is fashionable you see around. Get out of your home and look at different people and the clothes, accessories, shoes, and other fashion products they’re wearing. Ask their permission and click a photograph.

It might be difficult for you in the start but the results will be amazing. You can also involve your friends with you where they will serve as the fashion model wearing the product and you will capture them.

It’s better to buy the professional camera like the Canon EOS 6D Mark II. This will help you align with the camera settings and learn what works best to capture the perfect product photographs in the fashion niche.

Step 2: Join Hands With Other Fashion Product Photographers

I’m sure you will have some good photographs after practicing that you can show to a professional to learn more. No fashion photographer can grow without a team so you need to be a part of a team until you become able to create your own.

As a beginner you might not know any models, makeup artists, and even fashion photographers so you will need to find them. A good way is to search for them on the internet because it’s not necessary to have physical contact with them, in fact you can also have an online communication where you will share ideas and learn new things.

Step 3: Learning To Edit Your Photographs

You might be practicing from years or you have just started capturing the best apparel ecommerce photographs. You need to edit and retouch every photograph to make it exactly accurate to the industry standards.

There are many editing softwares available for free and in paid versions. Learn to use these softwares like a professional to retouch your photographs. YouTube is the best place where you can learn to use these softwares without paying any fees.

Adobe Photoshop is the most preferred editing software but it is much more detailed software so you need a lot of time to edit your photographs with this. Lightroom is an alternative software that is less detailed but still adds the photographs in less time.

Step 4: Finding Your Signature Look

Adding uniqueness to your photographs is very important Because there are countless fashion products photographers in the market, So you need to create your space having a signature look and stand of your photography. You can take inspiration from other photographers but do not copy them because then you will lose your own position.

You can do street fashion photography or become an indoor fashion photographer who captures the photographs of models and products. There is no right or wrong because you can create your own style in whatever way you want. It’s upon you if you want to have a glamorous style or a very serious product fashion photography studio.

Step 5: Create A Professional Portfolio

I know in the first step I advised you to start taking photographs of your friends and people on the street, but as you grow yourself as a fashion photographer those photographs will not be enough. You will have to move on from the status of the wiggle photographer.

Have a professional portfolio with photographs of real famous models to increase your worth. To earn more you have to invest in a high class portfolio declining who you are and what you can do for your clients. I advise to have physical portfolio together with the online one so that you can show your clients something when they arrive at your studio.

Step 6: Build A Network In Fashion Industry

To grow extraordinarily in the fashion industry you need to have an extensive network because only then you can fulfill your dream. Fashion industry is full of photographers but it’s a boom that only the ones having strong relations with the well-known artists and directors grow in their career.

But for that you must have a good reputation of working on fashion clothing products. Keep in mind that no one will recommend you without having skills and real expertise in the industry. Don’t hesitate to work with experienced model photographers. Because you have lots of chances to learn things from them that no one will ever tell you.

Another good way is to become a model photographer assistant because then you will be on every shot with the professional photographer learning the ways he uses to capture his out class fashion product photographs.

Where To Market Fashion Product Photographs?

Marketing product photographs is crucial to increase your business. You can display your photographs after taking permission from your client.

Using social media websites like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook and more, you can create pages of the type of fashion products you cover. This will help you bring in more clients when they would love your photographs for your previous clients.

You can also make your own website to display every photograph you click. It’s a better way because the website will be an asset to you and your business.

How Much Do You Charge For Fashion Photography?

Professional photographs cost up to 250 dollars per hour, depending on the difficulty of the product. I usually charge 150 dollars per photograph as I have enough years of experience.

It’s upon you and the mutual understanding between you and your client about what you should charge per photograph or per hour.

You need to know that fashion photography is usually paid more because of the difficulty involved in capturing one perfect photograph. Like if the product is a shining diamond necklace you will have to spend more time to get the perfect shot.

People Also Ask

01: Which is the best lens for photographing fashion products?

Nikon AF-S Nikkor 85mm f/1.4G lens is the most suitable one. The reason is its highly fast autofocus speed, an important factor to capture fashion product photographs.

02: What are the best poses for fashion photographs with a model?

Whatever the product you are photographing the best pose is to let the model wear the product. It’s not necessary to show the full model, instead, you can focus on the particular body part. Like if your product is shoes, then you can capture only the foot part focusing on the shoes.

03: What’s the best background for fashion products?

Usually a light background works better than the others. However ,my bonus tip is to keep less rush in your frame to put the focus of the viewer on the product.

Final Words

Photography for ecommerce products is not only benefits your clients instead you have a chance of developing yourself into a better photographer. It’s because fashion products are very difficult to capture.

I hope the tips I shared work for you too so that you can grow yourself in a better apparel photographer earning more per year. With advancement in technology more and more people are moving their businesses over internet and fashion products are the most sold items. So learn and put lots of practice to excel your career.