7 Famous Landscape Photographers to Inspire You

If you take a careful look at a photographer’s final image, you may wonder how the artist got so lucky. Just how is it that they are usually in the right place, at the right time, with just the right lighting and the right time to snap the perfect shot?

Word has it that it’s not luck, though. Although once in a while it is, I admit. But, it is usually clean work. The secret, as Lauri Novak describes it, is to prepare and get ready for the perfect image to happen in front of you, whether or not it’s there, or it requires some post-processing help. Who is Lauri?

Lauri Novak is an award-winning art photographic artist, based outside of Chicago. She is the author behind, seeing the final image while photographing. That’s an article on photofocus.com that highlights some tricks to help you be lucky with that final image, you may already have in mind. 

Today I want to celebrate some landscape photographers in the land, who often stir up the viewer’s emotions with their fine arts. The entire list of famous artists is overwhelming, but I just want us to look at the following 7 most famous landscape photographers who inspire me.


7 Famous Landscape Photographers You Can Learn From

I hear that landscape photography is for the few who truly adore nature. I’m not so sure of how accurate this statement is, but what I’m most certain about is that a love for nature combined with photography, goes hand in hand with landscape photography.

The following landscape photo artists know how to capture stellar images of nature in perfect light. But who exactly are they? And how do they manage to capture such breathtaking beauty of landscape photographs even in the most risky and odd locations in the world? Read on to find some inspiration.

Ted Gore

Ted Gore, a USA based landscape photographer, received global fame through his refined style renowned for extraordinary compositions and attractive photo editing skills.

His work demonstrates his admirable fantasy and means of turning even a bizarre and seemingly unpleasant place into the most charming and inviting landscape image. As a landscape photographer, he strives to expand the scope of natural photography.

Landscape photograph by TED GORE
Landscape photograph by TED GORE

Ted likes to keep up with the current photographic tech trends and has no trouble to admit the value of image post-production. He relies on various methods to guarantee that his work is showing or telling the stories he wants.

Nevertheless, Ted was announced, 7 or 8 years ago,  the best USA landscape photographer of the year, and this was all thanks to his efforts and love for nature. Equally, apart from hosting workshops, Ted Gore is also known for his instructional videos that share helpful knowledge about his work processes.

Erin Babnik

Before her current role as a wilderness photographer, Erin Babnik first started as an art historian, using photographs for her research and lectures.

She is a brave US based landscape photographer with an energetic style that combines classic art education, modern procedures, and breathtaking adventures that allows her to capture out-of-this-world, landscape photographs.

Landscape photograph by ERIN BABNIK

Erin has been travelling to different destinations around the world, hosting landscape photography workshops, and sharing her personal experience. And she is also a member of the famous Photo Cascadia; a group of nature photographers.

Whether you are attending a workshop or reading Erin’s book, you will enjoy her combination of historical, philosophical, and teaching thoughts. This amazing combination earned the female photographer her fame, making her one of the best speakers and landscape photographers of her time.

Thomas Heaton

If you’re looking for some inspiration in photography, then you’ll find it helpful and fun to subscribe to his YouTube channel, where he regularly uploads very encouraging videos on landscape photography.

Just like his fans, you will also love his sincere, energetic visuals and consider him as the most complete landscape photo artist out there. The UK based landscape travel photographer also loves hiking. 

Landscape photograph by THOMAS HEATON
Landscape photograph by THOMAS HEATON

And unlike others, Thomas Heaton focuses more on finding just the right spot at the most favourable moment, instead of chasing after some expensive camera gear. Every year Thomas releases a premium quality, wall calendar that features his imagery over the past 18 months.

For those who wish to know the type of kit he uses in his famous videos, here’s a blog post about the gears Thomas uses when snapping photographs and making videos.

Benjamin Jaworskyj

Landscape photography artist Benjamin Jaworskyj, a German travel photographer inspired by nature, has a special technique to capture the world. And this doesn’t only come from the scenes he depict. 

It is how he conveys emotions through images. His clean art can take you straight to the sublime nature of the famous Victoria Falls, or the grandeur of the Dawn Wall, or to experience the dreamy sunset in Costa Rica.

Landscape photograph by BENJAMIN JAWORSKYJ
Landscape photograph by BENJAMIN JAWORSKYJ

Jaworskyj mentioned in an Instagram post that photographers like him, use images to bring the outside world home. Wouldn’t you agree that his and others’ fine photographs take us, like a dream, to the world’s most adorable places? Be sure to follow Jaworskyj on Instagram.

Philip Slotte

Philip Slotte, 26 years old, is among the famous landscape photographers of our time. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, he began snapping fine photos when he was sixteen, and from his smartphone’s camera! 

In addition to his amazing talents, Philip is also one of the few landscape photographers today who enjoy editing his photographs manually rather than using automated presets. 

Aside from his personal website is philipslotte.se, Philip is also very active on Instagram and YouTube, where he is sharing his work and experience with the community. His collection of adorable imagery will definitely leave you wondering where the young artist is.

Landscape photograph by PHILIP SLOTTE

Fiona Campbell

Although she doesn’t seem to be very famous yet, her fast-growing fan-base and her fine art earns her a place in my list. I believe that you too, once you see her work, you will also agree that she also needs to be celebrated alongside other famous landscape photographers of today.

FIONA CAMPBELL  photograph  
Landscape photograph by FIONA CAMPBELL

Photography seems to be Fiona Campbell’s way of communicating how much she loves being out in nature. She mentioned on her website that outdoor life is her way of immersing herself in the elements, to find happiness, interests, and beauty in the world.

Located in one of the most striking places in the world, Scottish Highlands, Fiona said that she would pretty much just point her camera at anything that catches the eye. You can follow Fiona Campbell on Instagram, or visit her personal website fionacampbellscotland.com to explore her fine art and appreciate her work.

Marc Adamus

Some artists were worth mentioning first. But believe me, regardless of where these photo artists appear in the list, all of them are amazing and special in their own way. And Marc Adamus is yet another famous landscape photographer from Western North America. 

His pursuit and passion for snapping landscape photos has taken him around the world, continuously, for a little over a decade today. His shooting style is also unmistakable.

Landscape photograph by MARC ADAMUS
Landscape photograph by MARC ADAMUS

You will agree that his ability of snapping fleeting atmospheres and striking views gives him an edge over the fierce competition. In addition to his fine art, he is widely recognized as an innovator, an original artist, and a trendsetter in today’s landscape photography. 

Nevertheless, Marc Adamus is also an author of a book; you can get your copy on amazon, which provides a systematic approach to enhance your artistic vision and technical skills.

Final Thoughts

Travelling across the universe to capture some of the most unseen places and bring them closer to our homes, helping us feel emotionally connected to nature, shows that a travel landscape photographer is a thrill-seeker.  

Equally, all these artists, including those I haven’t mentioned, share a true passion and love for nature which you can clearly see in their work. Accordingly, the techniques of snapping the perfect landscape photos are constantly changing.

By looking at this type of photography, you will notice that there is a broad range of styles. And as you are also likely to see from these artists, and a few others, composition tends to be the most crucial factor while on location. And then it is followed closely by how one handles the light.

I’m very certain that one of these famous landscape photographers will be able to quench your thirst for nature. Don’t hesitate to view their profiles and study their styles. Lastly, if you also put in the effort of spending more time outdoors, you will eventually find your own spark and be celebrated among the best artists in future.