Event Photography Pricing (A Complete Guide)

Event photography encompasses various events that photographers of different niches can participate in.

However, setting prices for your event photography services in several photography niches while also determining the right pricing package can be confusing.

It should be noted that the estimated average hourly cost for event photography ranges from $100 to $500.

This estimate can be higher when other factors that can influence photography pricing are considered.

Hence, we will look at what event photography comprises, the pricing in different event photography, and factors you have to consider when setting your event photography pricing.

What Is Event Photography

What Is Event Photography

Event photography refers to photography that captures several people or groups in an event.

Essentially, event photography covers various events that bring people together in a location for an event.

An important feature of event photography is that the photography will include as many candid shots as possible.

This means taking images of people in the event as they engage in various activities.

Hence, you will be capturing the activities in an uncontrolled environment with moving subjects.

This photography is hard for novice photographers who normally shoot in controlled environments.

New photographers who want to become an event photographers typically don’t have a niche or specialty.

Once they’ve gotten enough experience in a certain niche in event photography, they can then specialize and begin to earn more from that niche.

However, an experienced photographer can combine more than one niches in event photography.

6 Types Of Event Photography

Event photography has several areas that different photographers can specialize in.

However, in each niche, there is an average price for the services offered.

These niches offer photographs to clients who want to look back at certain milestones in their lives.

Hence, there isn’t a specified number of event photography, but below are some popular ones:

01. Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is a popular event that garners a lot of guests and they usually have a particular theme and style the photographer must follow for the coverage.

In some of these weddings, the couple might hire you for 6-8 hours of shooting, or less depending on the package they pay for and what additional services you offer.

02. Corporate Event Photography

Corporate photography is one of the most lucrative event photography.

Generally. corporate event photography includes business conferences, launch parties, company anniversaries, corporate gatherings, and more.

There is no shortage of corporate firms needing photographers for one event or another.

03. Private Event Photography

Private event photography covers sub-niches such as birthday parties, baptisms, baby showers, gender reveals, family reunions, and any other private event that one might be willing to cover.

This type of event photography might not pay high compared to others, however, there are a number of people who have private events they want captured. So, you will be sought out regularly.

04. Community Event Photography

Community events usually happen in small local communities such as local meetings, trade fairs, holidays, town events, gatherings, and official city proceedings.

Furthermore, in big cities, this will look like covering the governor or some other important dignitary giving a speech, a protest, or any event that brings the people together.

05. Concert Photography

Concert photography is a creative and challenging field where photographers capture pictures of artists, their fans, the dance, and more in an uncontrolled venue.

Concert photographers might have to work freelance at the beginning of their careers to build a reputation and portfolio before bigger artists hire them.

This is a tight field that pays well, especially when a big artist hires such a photographer.

06. Sports Photography

As the title suggests, sports photography is all about sports regardless of what kind of sport it is, whether football, basketball, golf, and so on.

This is a thrilling field of event photography, especially if you love sports.

Additionally, sports photography requires specialized equipment, and your required shot list would look quite different from other types of event photography.

Of course, there are more event photography niches out there, but the ones listed above are the most popular.

Whatever niche you want to specialize in, you have to consider several factors to see if it’s feasible.

For instance, if you’re a sports photographer in a small town, you will likely get low-end jobs for school sports photography.

Therefore, to get high-end jobs, you will need to move to a big city.

Event Photography Niches And Their Price Range

As mentioned above, different event photography niches exist and they pay differently depending on various factors.

The table below is an estimated average of how much these fields pay.

It is likely different depending on the location, experience, and package of the photographer.

Event Photography Niche

Average Rate per Hour Average Rate per Event
Wedding Photography $175 – $500

$1,300 – $5,500

Corporate Photography

$200 – $600 $400 – $1,200
Private Event Photography $100 – $400

$200 – $800

Community Photography

$100 – $500 $500 – $1,000
Concert Photography $100 – $500

$500 – $1,000

Sport Photography

$100 – $500

$500 – $1,000


How To Set Your Event Photography Pricing

Looking at the above figures, it is understandable if you have any confusion as to how to set the price of your services depending on the event photography you specialize in.

Below are quick few tips:


In any field, experience is crucial as it shows that you are an expert at your job.

Particularly, in photography, the higher your experience, the higher your pay.

Broadly, there are five levels for photographers based on their experience, namely, beginner, amateur, veteran, professional, and expert.

Depending on what level you are, you can charge more for your services.


A photographer’s main equipment is a camera, and the more expensive the camera is with its quality, it is likely the client will be charged more.

Not to worry, the equipment the photographer uses is crucial to the shoot which makes the price worth it.

Photography Niche:

Different event photography niches are more lucrative than others.

This means that a quick cheap photo shoot in a private event might cost more when it is a wedding event.

This means that you have to stay on top of the latest trends within different niches and capitalize on a lucrative field to earn high as a photographer.

Session Duration:

Session duration is the amount of time used in capturing an event.

This might be as short as a one-hour shoot to an eight-hour shoot.

Therefore, if an event takes more time, the higher the cumulative amount the client will have to pay.

Hence, photographers might charge an hourly rate or by package.

In this case, you are hired for a day-long shoot and if you are charging hourly, you get to be paid for a full day of work.

Photographers also charge more per hour when offering extensive services, such as pre-shoot planning and post-production editing.


Another crucial factor in setting your price is the location of the event.

Events held in small towns typically pay less, while those in big towns pay higher for the same work.

Moreover, there is also a price difference between big cities.

For instance, the price for corporate photography in Washington DC might be more expensive than in New York.

You should get acquainted with various prices in different cities before advertising your services.

Number of Final Images:

In a typical shoot, a photographer takes hundreds of shots of people and the event.

In the end, the client will specify how many they need. With this, the photographer carries out editing and post-production work on the images.

Depending on the number of images, the editing, and the time spent on the image, your price will rise accordingly.


A little-known fact about event photography is that under circumstances, you can license your photos to be used in magazines, newspapers, journals, and more.

With this licensing comes money and you can dictate how the images are used.

So, if a corporate or sports organization wants to use the pictures you captured for them in another capacity, you can give them the license they need and they pay you for it.


What Type Of Event Photography Do I Specialize In?

This depends on your preference, budget, and equipment, but some common types of event photography are wedding, corporate, wedding, concert, and sports photography which are lucrative.

Each type has its challenges and requirements, so it is important to choose a niche you have a passion for.

How Are The Event Photos Delivered?

Delivering event photos can be carried out in various ways depending on the photographer.

However, some common methods of photo delivery are online galleries, USB drives, CDs, DVDs, or cloud storage.

Additionally, some photographers may also offer prints, albums, or other physical products.

It is advised that before the event you should discuss the delivery options and timelines with the photographer.

For Event Photography, How Many Photos Will I Get?

When asked how many photos you might get, different photographers take into account various factors such as the length and location of your event; its nature, and the quality requirements of the photographer’s skills.

Some will give a rough estimate based on duration only.

Other photographers state a minimum number of pictures for small events like weddings, and after-parties which are relatively uncomplicated to cover.

However, other photographers might not guarantee a specific number. You can prevent problems of this kind if you take the time to clarify your expectations with your photographer beforehand.

What Affects Event Photography Pricing?

There are several factors. The location, demand for the photographer’s work, experience, and reputation affect event photography pricing.

In addition, the size and complexity of an event also affect event photography prices.

Some photographers are paid by the hour, time of event, or number of photos.

Others may also include travel costs, equipment fees, or other expenses.

Ask your photographer for a detailed quotation and terms of service in writing.