Corporate Group Photoshoot Ideas (Most Popular Ideas Explained!)

In today’s corporate world, companies have embraced digital content as a way of selling their brand image and distinguishing them from their competitors. Corporate group photoshoot ideas determine the quality of images you will end up with as a photographer. On the other hand, the quality of corporate images on digital platforms determines how the public perceives the company which may increase or decrease customer engagement generating sales.

Corporate images are used during staff training, shareholder, or staff meetings, on brochures, annual newsletters, websites, adverts like billboards, social media, and in any other way as preferred by the company.

Apart from existing on digital platforms, companies are nowadays capturing every valuable moment from interviews and training to staff meetings, sales, and promotions, end-of-year parties, and any other important event with photos that are later featured on internal magazines or online platforms.

The bond between employers and employees is strengthened and the motivation yields more productivity which contributes to the overall success of the company.

Whether you are a photographer looking for corporate group photoshoot or you are seeking to establish a strong brand image through appealing corporate headshots of your employees, this article will guide you to a successful corporate photoshoot.

What is Corporate Photography?

Corporate photography refers to any photography done for corporate purposes. It involves headshot photography, group photography, events photography, and marketing/advertisements photography.

What is a Corporate Photoshoot?

A corporate photoshoot is a photo session organized by a company according to its needs and it involves product shoots, portrait shoots, a company’s environment, and many more. They are done in professional settings.

While a corporate photoshoot may be less glamorous than a wedding photoshoot, it is a field with endless work opportunities and challenges photographers to utilize their skills.

Famous Corporate Group Photoshoot Ideas

01. Understand the Client’s Expectations

Before you sign a contract or quote the job, you need to have a clear understanding of how the client intends to do with the corporate group photos.

At least have an idea of what message to be communicated using those photos. Enquire whether the images will be uploaded online or will be used to make big prints, so you know the size and resolution you are supposed to deliver.

Having a list of potential shooting locations from the client will be easier to plan and bring the right equipment to the photoshoot. Let it be clear whether the client is depending on your creativity, or they already have their styles and guidelines.

02. Prioritize corporate ideas over individual preferences

Remember it is the company that hired you and not the individuals you are shooting and therefore, you should stick to the company’s idea without being moved by individual preferences.

In addition, no matter how hard you try, you cannot satisfy every individual’s needs in a group photoshoot. Your goal is to meet the company’s expectations.

Be clear and concise when communicating with the team to let them know what is expected of them for you to achieve the corporate look that you need.

When you give a professional impression, you will be able to remain in control without affecting their confidence and attitude.

03. Pack all the Necessary Equipment

Prior planning is the foundation of a successful photoshoot and since the need here is a corporate group photoshoot, you need to pack all the necessary equipment.

You might need a wider lens to capture every subject at its best expressions in one moment. If you are an expert on this niche, you will have no problem picking out a lens with a shallow depth of field and low light capabilities.

If not, consider using a prime or zoom lens for beginners.

Carry photography lighting in case there is not enough natural light on the shooting location to give you a good exposure.

You might need a collapsible backdrop especially if the client wants solid colors on the background. Invest in a ladder as you may need it for various purposes like lighting, wide angles, and so much more.

04. Have a Stylist During the Photoshoot

If the client’s budget allows, you can have a stylist with hair products and a professional makeup artist to fine-tune the appearance of everyone in the corporate group. Their level of confidence will rise to give you bolder poses which is all you need for sharp images.

If the budget is limited for you to hire a stylist, you can bring a portable mirror to the photoshoot for the group to use. It will help the individuals do makeup touch-ups on their own and minimize flyaway hairs. In addition, those who are uncomfortable before the camera will have an opportunity to practice poses before the shoot begins. You will save a lot of time in editing.

05. Familiarize Yourself with the Shooting Backgrounds

Make sure you are aware of where exactly the shooting will take place early enough. Beware of distractive objects that may interfere with your subject’s expressions and poses and remove them or you can blur the background using a narrow depth of field.

If the shooting is taking place outside the company’s premises, you can tour the place to have an idea of how you will set up your equipment.

06. Have Your Camera Tethered on a Computer/Laptop

If possible, tether your camera to a laptop or a computer to examine the quality of photos while still shooting.

Tethering devices is a measure of your level of professionalism as you can view images on a larger screen instead of the tiny LCD screen. You will be able to rectify mistakes right there.

Your client can view the images from your computer and give you instant feedback on their level of satisfaction with your work. Shooting with your camera tethered creates an instant backup file and saves time in post-production.

Here is a video with practical illustrations of corporate group photoshoot ideas:

What Should I Wear for Corporate Photography?

Proper communication is part of successful corporate photography. A company should inform the employees of the reasons behind a certain photoshoot to eliminate misunderstandings and confusion.

Some will outline a specific code of dressing such as work uniforms, casual wear, or official wear depending on the atmosphere they want to capture while others will give no specifications.

When the decision of what to wear lies with you, remember that you are representing the company’s values, mission, and vision. Look for a current yet official style and not trendy.

Avoid big patterns as they can be informal and distractive. Go for plain and mid-tone colors such as black, grey, purple, blue, or your best official colors. As a lady, accessories are fun but avoid overwhelming your face with giant earrings and big necklaces.

Ensure that your outfit is not too tight or too loose. A tight outfit will make you look so stiff and uncomfortable while a loose outfit will give you a saggy outlook.

Carry your outfit with you to the photo shoot location and change before the session starts to avoid a wrinkled outfit.

If the work environment does not demand you to dress too formally, keep it neat and fit. Remember that how you dress gives the first impression of your identity and that of your company.

Although makeup enhances the beauty and boosts confidence for both men and women, avoid too much of it and if possible, go the natural way.

As a lady, avoid hairstyles that will cover your face, and as a man, have a shave that fits the corporate world. Lastly, avoid long nails.

What Should I Wear for Business Professional Photos?

Apart from defining who you are, what you choose to wear for professional business photos determines the quality of photos you will end up with.

Your business is your brand and since you aim to portray yourself as an established business professional, you need a dress code that will reflect exactly this.

A professional look should be simple and elegant. Pick a well-fitting suit, dress, or skirt with solid and rich colors such as purple, green, maroon, and blue. Go for a well-ironed long-sleeved shirt or blouse and a black tie for men.

If you do not want to look like a corporate stiff and instead prefer an approachable and friendly portrait, a sports jacket or a blazer will blend well with a pressed shirt or blouse. If you chose to wear a dress, blouse, or a shirt, avoid short sleeves, loud colors, and patterns.

Above everything, a positive attitude is the most appealing thing to bring in a photoshoot since facial expressions can speak a thousand words.

Professional Headshot Poses for a Corporate Photoshoot

A professional headshot pose should be simple and easy, and it should bring out the natural expressions of a person without making them feel uncomfortable. Different individuals have different personalities, and one pose cannot fit them all. Here are some professional headshot poses to add to your corporate group photoshoot ideas.

 01. Arms Crossed

Want to go the popular way? Cross your arms, not too tightly, and create that professional impression for your viewers. A slight smile will neutralize the corporate stiffness leaving you with an approachable impression.

02. Play With Props

Props are good at creating thoughtful appearances, but you should be extra careful when choosing your prop not to lose relevance.

Some common props include crossing one arm with the other holding your specs, placing a pen near your lip, holding a book and so much more as they may apply to your professional field.

03. Leaning Sideways

If you are looking for a candid vibe, striking a sideways pose leaning against the wall will fit you well. Ensure that the wall is brightly lit and clean. Avoid colorful and patterned walls and blur any landscape in the background.

04. Looking over the Shoulder

Posing while looking over the shoulder is fun and can be done with your back turned to the camera or sideways while the photographer focuses on your hair and eyes.

If you are a business professional or a model desiring to have a professional image on your business headshot, here is a pose for you.

05. Walking for More Open Poses

If you are looking to break the normal studio set up with an outdoor professional headshot, here is your chance. Just take a walk as instructed by your professional photographer with a straight posture. Nature has a way of relaxing our bodies and bringing out the most natural expressions.

How Much Is a Corporate Photoshoot?

The cost of a corporate photoshoot differs from one company to the other depending on their needs.

A company may hire a professional photographer for just a few shots of their products to update their website or put up a billboard and another company may hire a full-time corporate photographer according to the high demand for such services on regular basis.

New entry corporate photographers seeking to grow their portfolio tend to offer their services at a lower price compared to professional corporate photographers who are known to deliver quality images.

On the other hand, established companies have larger advertising rates and will offer better rates depending on compared to small growing companies.

A corporate photoshoot ranges from $200 to $25000 or more depending on the above factors. To have an exact quotation, enquire from a corporate photographer near you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you smile for a professional headshot?

Most people take the corporate world to be too formal and serious. However, you can have your professional headshot with a slight or wide smile and still retain your level of professionalism.

So, smile whichever way you feel most appealing. To avoid a fake smile, think of a happy moment you have had before. Your face will cheer up and a smile will come out naturally.

How do you light a corporate headshot?

When the photo shoot is taking place in an enclosed place like an office or warehouse, check whether there are large windows allowing plenty of light in the room.

If you can utilize the available natural light and your camera can deal with it with minimal noise, well and good, but if you cannot set up a flashlight in a way that it will not produce glare. This applies to outdoor photography as well.

How can I make a group picture more interesting?

Taking group photos can be quite demanding. You can have the team standing or sitting on different heights on stairs. If they are standing on even ground, you can have them form a semi-circle. You can as well arrange them in a staggered formation provided you meet your client’s expectations.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a corporate photographer or a company leader, you will experience an elevation in your career or sort better corporate photography services respectively if you take note of these ideas corporate group photoshoot.

Let your images speak on your behalf while you engage potential clients.