Why Is My Canon M50 Won’t Take Picture? (Get Expert’s Solution)

Due to its convenient size, Canon M50 24 Pixel APS-C CMOS sensor camera is often regarded as a decent travel camera. A hybrid camera that boasts its capacity to capture both still images and moving pictures.

However, when it comes to still photos, it is good, but frequently photographers will get into situations where the Canon M50 Won’t Take Picture

Several problems, including poor focus, low battery power, a failed flash, a stuck shutter, numerous little handling errors, and ignorance of device can all contribute to this uncomfortable predicament.

Let us go over some primary causes and their potential remedies to make it simpler to capture some priceless photos and images using Canon M50.

Is Canon M50 Good for Photography?

“Yes and no” are both right answers. If you already have a Canon M50 and want to take pictures of your family or are interested in street photography, you can get some pretty cool shots.

Canon M50 camera also does an excellent job of capturing natural color of skin in Portrait Photography.

If you need a new camera and want to be able to take photos and videos for your YouTube channel, vlogs, and other things, Canon M50 is the best choice.

But when you want to take the best still photos, you should get a more advanced, but more expensive, Canon camera like Canon EOS 6D, Canon EOS R7, Canon EOS 90D, etc.

Aside you want to take pictures quickly and easily without having to look for tripods and other accessories, some decent, nice pictures can be captured using Canon M50.

Canon M50 Will Not Take Picture: Reasons and Solutions 

Very purpose of a camera is to take a photograph. But when such a basic task cannot be accomplished, there could be some reason behind it, major repairs which cannot be cured by ordinary people.

But for some reason that does have solutions that can be attained by any non-techy and they are as follows:

01. Shutter problem:

When shutter is not released, capturing a picture is not possible.

Reason.1: Lens may not mount properly.

Solution: Fixing lens properly by aligning white dots (aligning indexes) given in-camera as well as in lens would help fix lens.

Reason.2: No proper communication between camera and lens due to dirt and dust in contact points.

Solution: By cleaning camera and lenses carefully with a dry, soft cloth will remove dirt and dust formed in electrical connections which prevent proper communication between lens and camera and shutter would function smoothly.

Reason.3: Self-Timer may be on.

Solution: When shutter button is pressed to take a picture, but it clicks photo after 10 seconds after a beeping sound, camera is said to be in self-timer mode. Switch on camera, press Q set button, and navigate using up and down arrow buttons to select continuous shooting.

Reason.4: Custom function is disabled.

Solution: Release shutter without lens option which is available in custom Function is not enabled, camera will not allow shutter to get released.

To enable it, switch on camera, go to 5th page of function settings, and you can find C. Fn (Custom Functions), navigate using arrow buttons to get C.Fn. II: Others, Release Shutter w/o lens option and get it enabled.

This procedure would help camera function in custom mode and will release shutter.

Reason.5: Memory card full

Solution: A memory card filled with its maximum capacity storage, cannot allow camera to take pictures since it cannot be stored. In that case, shutter will not be released.

Replacing a new memory card or formatting an old one will solve a problem. But formatting will wipe off all currently stored data.

So, it must be done carefully and even taking a backup is suggested before doing so.

02. Battery Problem:

All Canon M50 users encounter a common problem, due to low battery, camera is off, and cannot take pictures anymore.

Reason:  Canon M50 uses LPE 12 rechargeable lithium-ion battery and has a life of 235 shots per charge for both EVF and LCD which is not high regarding battery life per charge.

Solution: Recently available Eco mode can increase battery life by up to 375 shots. To get Eco mode turned on, go to menu, page 2 of function setting, and will find Eco mode, and set it on.

Having an additional battery pack will always be helpful if you are on a trip to have some Landscape Photography or are in a basketball tournament to get Sports Photography and cannot miss any shot due to a battery drain.

To increase battery, use time of a fully charged battery, shut off your camera’s display for this go to Menu, select Function Settings page 5, find Custom Functions, detect trash, and navigate using arrow buttons to reach display sleep, select OK.

It will save some amount of battery used by screen display. Another alternative for battery running off frequently is getting a wired battery.

If you are having your camera indoors, for Wedding Photography or family get-togethers using a wired battery can help you get rid of battery drain problems.

03. Flash Problem:

When trying to use an external flash, and camera is not responding is an annoying issue.

Reason: Can M50 default setting for flash control be off.

Solution: By turning on flash control Canon M50 will not take picture that can be solved.

To do so, go to menu, page 1 of shooting settings, and there can find flash control that configures functions of built-in flash and external flash.

Select flash control, and flash firing on. Flash problem is all set right.

04. Focus Problem:

When you try to take a picture, camera says ‘busy’ then it is a focus problem.

Reason: If your camera is in AF that is autofocus mode which gives focus priority. When you are engaged in Street Photography in low light, camera will try to auto focus and due to poor lighting, it may not focus properly and continue to try focusing, that is why it says it is busy.

Solution: Change Autofocus to Manual Focus by using AF/MF button located next to the lens.

Is the Canon M50 a Good Starter Camera?

Canon M50 is an exceptionally high-quality mirrorless camera that is very user-friendly for novice photographers.

To begin with, those new to photography may not know what to expect from their first camera; however, M50 would provide significant exposure to all wonders that can be accomplished with Still Photography and moving camera images.

Canon M50 has simple yet very high-quality ergonomics. Battery life is also good, with some users reporting that a single charge lasted for up to 24 hours.

Additionally, there is a user-friendly interface, which makes it possible for novices to operate M50 camera with a significant amount of ease.

Overall camera size is not that big, so it might be easier to handle for someone, who is not so familiar with professional photography or videography.

In addition to this, there are simple ports for USB and HDMI, which make it easy to interact with various other electronic devices.

Has a flip-type screen and is a touch screen, and all the options and settings can be navigated just like how we do it in a mobile interface without using buttons.

This is a great plus from a beginner’s point of view.

Even though it is not the best sensor currently available on market, APS-C sensor of Canon M50 camera is still an exceptionally good sensor for beginners who are just starting in the world of photography and videography.

Canon M50 can produce decent-looking photos with a kit lens, and if lighting is adequate, this camera can produce excellent photos.

Additionally, since beginners will not be using photo editing much, outputs are suitable for use directly out of camera without any further editing.

Once you develop a good skill set, can acquire lenses of your choice, which further enhances camera’s image quality.

When it comes to videography, a 4K video with 25 frames per second is acceptable, and using it can be a lot of fun, but it cannot be compared to standards used by professionals.

Yet people who are new to videography can learn with this camera and then level up to other devices.

Autofocus mechanism is also of good enough quality that will never cause a novice to express dissatisfaction.

Some decent quality pictures and videos of humans, as well as pets, and some small budget Wildlife Photography can be shot using Canon M50, thanks to autofocus.

After considering everything, it seems like this could be a decent camera for someone just starting.

Canon M50 is an excellent choice if you want to get some reliable results, and it also makes it simple for you to learn and improve your photography and videography skills, as well as upgrade yourselves for future.

How do I Reset My Canon EOS M?

Sometimes one may need to reset Canon EOS M, to clear all customized settings that were done earlier. To do so, follow the below steps.

Power on Camera. Hit Menu button and using arrow buttons or by rotating Quick set button, go to settings Page 4. There you can find “Reset Camera” option.

In reset camera, there are two options: Basic Settings, and Other Settings. Selecting Basic settings and hitting OK will enable Canon EOS M to get back its basic default settings.

But to reset all other settings like wi-fi connection, wireless settings, and so on, select ‘Other Settings.’

Best Photography Advice For Canon M50 to Take Better Pictures(Video)

Does Canon M50 Shoot Raw? 

Since 2004, Canon has been making use of CR2 Raw version, and subsequently, after EOS M50 was released, they switched to CR3 format.

Availability of a new C-RAW format, which stands for compressed Raw is a primary advantage of CR3.

According to Canon, the file sizes of C-Raw images are around 40 percent less than those of a standard Raw file, with only a modest decrease in quality.

Canon M50 stores images taken as raw data which provides Professional Photographers to edit taken images by displaying them on a computer and can give importance to a particular subject.

While shooting using Raw feature, camera will save images in Raw+L and Raw mode at the same time in a single folder with identical file names.

Differences in files can be identified by their file extensions as .JPG/.JPEG as well as CR2. Third-party software available in market may not be compatible to show Raw images.

For this, thanks to Digital Photo Professional (DPP), a software used for EOS cameras that helps to enhance pictures and video quality through editing.

To enable Raw Image shooting facility in Canon M50, Power on Camera, Press Menu button. On camera settings page select Image Quality.

By navigating select Raw or Raw+L and select OK. This will enable Canon M50 to shoot Raw.

Top Question [FAQs]

Why won’t my Canon camera take a picture in the dark? 

Main reason is that in low light when camera is in AF (Auto Focus) mode, it could not get proper focus to take a quality picture. So, either changing mode to MF (manual Focus) or using external flash can solve it.

How do you shoot without lens on Canon M50?

By selecting option Release Shutter w/o lens in Custom Function settings on 5th page of menu will enable Canon M50 to shoot without a lens.

Is Canon M50 full frame?

No, it does not have a full-frame sensor, but it has a 24 Mega Pixel APS_C sensor,

which is a part of all M-series Canon cameras.

Final Words

Hope by getting a little bit of knowledge about why Canon M50 will not take picture would be very handy and of course, for some major problems, only a techy can solve.

No doubt Canon 50M is best suited for a beginner and particularly its video-making capability is very much appreciated for content creation or vlogs and so.

Therefore, people are often attracted to taking videos in Canon M50 rather than capturing still photographs.