Canon Camera Battery Pack and Repair Cost (Ultimate Guide)

Canon is one of the top providers of high-quality DSLR cameras. Photographers from all over the world prefer to use Canon cameras. Canon has established several authorized service partners to assist customers repair and upgrade their gadgets.

If you want to learn more about the Canon camera battery pack and repair cost, these service partners can help.

Choose an authorized service center near you to help repair or upgrade your camera components.

After finding the right servicing agent, call them and explain the problem you have noted. You can visit Canon’s global website and use an Authorized Service Partner Locator.

“When repairing your Canon camera, the price will depend on the average time the repairer needs to fix it. As for the Canon camera battery pack, you need to know when it needs recharging, and how to handle the error message it often portrays.”

We will discuss vital details about the Canon camera battery pack, the camera repair cost, and how to use a power bank for charging.


How Long Does Canon Take to Repair Cameras?

Canon takes three to five business days to repair a camera. However, you must contact an authorized service partner or center closest to you.

If you take your camera to an independent repair shop, you might pay more and take longer to get your camera back.

A service center consists of Canon’s factory-trained technicians who can repair a camera without ruining its optimal image quality.

Canon Camera Battery Pack And Repair Cost 

 Canon Camera Repair Cost

If your Canon DSLR camera develops some issues, you should repair it as soon as possible. But how much is that repair job? Camera repair pricing depends on the severity of the problem.

Canon categorizes repairs into three classes. First is the minor repair class (A), which is the fastest to do and it costs less money.

A Standard Repair (B) class consists of issues that might take a few days and cost an affordable rate. A Major Repair (C) class entails more expensive problems.

A technician corrects damages from water, impact, or sand. A Major Time to Repair (D) category features the costliest error to correct. So, expect the technician to take a couple of weeks to finish the task

Many Canon users do standard repairs and pay around a hundred and eighty dollars and a shipping fee. Canon has a flat repair fee calculated based on the average time it takes to correct the camera problem.

After the technician assesses the gadget, they will categorize the camera problem in one of the three classes above. Then, they will charge a flat fee according to the estimated average repair time.

All About Canon Camera Battery Pack

If you use a Canon camera for photography, you must ensure its battery is okay. Even if the battery is functional, you can get an additional one for an emergency.

And when choosing, it is better to select a Canon camera battery pack.

Usually, it is a rechargeable battery that can still use your existing charger. A Canon battery pack tends to work with different camera models.

For instance, the Li-Ion LP-E17 battery pack can power your EOS 800D and some mirrorless cameras.

Also, such a battery pack will work with an LC-E17 charger. Check the battery capacity and voltage before buying. Many lithium battery packs offer 1040mAh battery capacity and 7.2V.

How Long Does a Canon Battery Pack Last?

If you charge your battery pack fully, it will last eight hundred and fifty shots. In terms of hours, which is about eight to eleven hours of consistent usage.

If you work as a daily photographer, you will deplete the battery charge every day if you use the camera flash or electronic viewfinder.

If you care for the battery pack well, it might last three to five hundred charge cycles or up to five years.

You might wonder how the electronic viewfinder affects the battery power. If using a mirrorless camera, you must use the electronic viewfinder as your optical viewfinder.

Due to frequent use, the electronic viewfinder must drain the battery pack faster.

If your DSLR camera has an optional viewfinder and an electronic viewfinder, use the optical viewfinder to increase battery life.

In some dark-lit areas, you will need to use your camera flash to produce sharp photographs.

Unfortunately, the camera flash can drain your battery even faster. So, to save battery charge, use artificial lighting sources when the venue can allow it.

If you have an advanced modern camera that allows browsing the internet via Bluetooth, you might notice that the battery drains faster.

Also, If you are not using this wireless connection feature, turn it off. Does your Canon camera or lens have an image stabilization feature? If yes, turn it off if you do not need to preserve the battery charge. Lastly, shut down your camera when not in use to save battery power.

Why Does My Canon Say Change Battery Pack?

Imagine going out to take some pictures only to get the change battery pack error. Even if you get a fully charged battery, the error may persist. So, what can you do next?

Like other users, you might think the charger is faulty. For that reason, it failed to fill your battery pack with adequate charge.

If you get a new charger and use it, the change battery pack error might persist. Before sending your Canon camera to a repair service center, watch the YouTube video above.

Instructions to follow are easy. Fold a piece of paper and place it over the battery pack.

Then, shut the battery door and turn on the camera. For most users, the trick in this video solved the matter and prevented them from spending money unnecessarily.

They also resumed their photography business without losing anything.

How do I Contact Canon Service Center?

First, you need to understand that Canon is a worldwide brand. If you have a problem, you should seek help from an authorized service partner or center in your area.

People from the United States should call Canon’s toll-free number: 1-800-325-2155.

Other users can visit Canon’s global website and use its service center locator app. Canon’s authorized service partners are private companies with their terms of service and rules.

Thus, the information about the repair cost we have shared above might look slightly different based on your service center’s rules and regulations.

Even the average repair time might change. Returning your Canon camera for repair requires filling out a standard Canon repair form online.

Print it out and fill before sending it with your item. Your Canon Authorized Service Partner will repair your camera based on the information you add to this form.

They will also update you on the status of your task. Print out the form and fill.

If you cannot print the repair form, write a letter addressing the same questions in it. Send your letter to the service partner near you.

Can a Canon Camera be Fixed After Repair?

Although it rarely happens, you can send a product for repair and get it back faulty. Considering you had sent it for repair, you might want to know what to do next.

Again, contact your Canon Authorized Service Partner for assistance. As service centers work privately, independent rules.

Once you discuss their terms and conditions, they will tell you if they could fix your defective camera again. If they cannot, they will give you other choices.

Can I Charge a Canon Camera with a Power Bank?

Are you a constant traveler? If yes, you need a power bank to help charge your Canon Camera and other devices. A high-quality power bank will charge any DSLR camera, including Canon cameras.

When you cannot find an electric socket, you can turn to the power bank for effortless charging.

How can you charge a Canon DSLR camera with a power bank? Check if your camera has a USB port. If it has a USB port, use a portable charger to connect it to a power bank.

Use a standard USB cable if your camera has a 5V/2A input. Otherwise, use the USB 2.0 or higher to charge the camera battery faster.

If your power bank has a specific charger, utilize it instead. In most cases, the charger will be a Type-A USB on one end and USB type C on the other end.

So, plug the Type-A USB into the power bank and the Type C end into the camera’s USB port.

Any camera with 3.7Volts batteries and a micro-USB port can charge via a USB port. You might require an adapter to connect your DSLR battery to the USB.

If your camera requires five or more volts, charging its battery via an adapter is the best choice.

For instance, if you own a Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera with 7.2v batteries, an adapter will help. Although you can still use its USB 2.0 port, the adapter can do the job faster.

Do you already have a Step-Up Voltage Converter? If so, you can use it to charge your camera battery via a power bank.

What Type of Power Bank do You Need?

A power bank needs to have a high charge storage capacity. If not, it will not be worth using during traveling.

A perfect power bank should complete one or two battery charges. Ensure the power bank’s storage capacity is higher than the battery’s capacity.

Rather than choosing any power bank, you can specifically purchase a camera power bank. Although it will cost more, it will have enough power to fill your camera battery for one or more cycles.

If you buy a 10,000mAh power bank, for instance, it can provide a charge up to five times.

But that will depend on the camera battery’s charging capacity. If the battery has a shorter life, it will last less and require more charging time.

When purchasing a power bank for your camera, focus on the mAh number. If it is higher, the power bank will provide more power and vice versa.

A power bank ideal for outdoor adventures should offer a capacity of 26,000mAh or more. If you need a daily-use power bank, even a 1,000mAh will do. If you can carry a large-capacity power bank, it is the best choice overall.

Top Question [FAQs]

I need a camera power bank to use outdoors. What are my buying considerations?

When working outdoors, you will encounter elements such as rain, snow, and dust. Selecting a water-resistant and shock-resistant power bank is vital.

Read the product description to learn if a power bank has a waterproof rating plus dust and shock prevention features.

In addition to selecting a durable power bank, make sure it is not too bulky and big to fit in your bag pocket.

As there are several power banks online, you can find one that is more portable, durable, and fit for your camera battery.

Can I have my Canon camera lens repaired?

Yes, you can take your camera lens for repair. However, your Canon camera technician will tell you if they can fix the problem or not.

For instance, if the lens has broken glass, you only have the replacement option. Moreover, it might take longer to repair a lens because it is quite delicate.

Depending on your camera type, you might not get the lens repair help you need. First, call an authorized service partner in your region and ask. If they cannot repair your lens, get a new one instead.

Can I clean my Canon DSLR camera?

Yes, you should clean your DSLR camera to reduce its odds of getting faulty. If you use it daily, the more maintenance work it will require.

So, you will need to clean it regularly or at least once a month. On the other hand, if you use your camera once a week, cleaning it every few months is okay.

If you own a digital camera, it is more sensitive than an optical one. So, you should clean it using the correct techniques.

Proper cleaning and maintenance can improve your camera’s longevity and lower your repair costs.

 Final Words

We have been discussing the Canon camera available battery pack and average repair cost topic. Now you understand the steps to take to repair Canon cameras.

After locating the contact details of your nearest Authorized Service Partner or center, print out a repair form online, fill in the details and send it with your camera. Follow our advice concerning the error message.