Improve Your Candle Product Photography Skills With These Amazing Tips & Ideas

Are you looking for some inspiration to take your candle product photography to the next level? Whether you want to capture unique images of candles for your blog or e-commerce website, these candle photography tips and ideas will help you get started.

You can use them to capture stunning photographs of candles that will stand out from the fierce competition. I’m so excited to share these amazing tips and ideas with you, so without further ado, let’s dive into the details! 

5 Tips to Improve Your Candle Product Photography Skills

Candles are hot selling products at e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, and Etsy, to name a few. However, with millions of candle sellers crowding the online markets today, you need to find a way to give your candles an edge over the fierce competition. 

One way you can stay ahead of your competitors is by taking your candle product photography a few steps higher. These five amazing tips will help you create stunning candle images that will increase your or your client’s overall online sales.

01. Identify your target audience

You have come up with amazing and unique candle ideas that you want to show online users so they can buy. You post your craft on Facebook and Instagram, which is just another awesome idea. 

But after several weeks of posting your candles and hoping to make a sale, you only manage to get a few impressions from people who just like your photos, but are not willing to buy. Selling your candles online can be incredibly difficult if you don’t know who you are selling them to.

Before you even begin snapping pictures of your candles, first you will need to determine who your online audience is. Whom do you want to show or sell your unique candles to? This crucial step will help you work out the product photography style that will appeal to them the most.

02. Get a tripod and a reliable camera

Speaking of reliable cameras doesn’t particularly mean buying a fancy or expensive digital camera. You don’t need to break the bank to purchase the most basic, yet reliable, DSLR or mirrorless camera that can capture amazing candle product photos. 

Don’t think twice about getting in touch if you need help choosing the best camera and gear for your unique candle photography needs.

In addition to getting a reliable camera, you will also need to buy a tripod camera stand to keep your candle images sharp. Tripods are necessary because they make your candle photos look more professional as they reduce the blur that would often appear when shooting freehand.

03. Shoot in proper lighting 

The color of your candles and the background need to reflect well in the final image, and that requires proper lighting. You can use both studio and natural lighting in candle photography. 

Studio lighting may seem easier to plan for, but there is often something special about shooting in natural light. If you decide to go with natural light, be sure to set up your scene where there is sufficient light. TIP: Pay attention to when and where the sun shines in your home.

Note that different rooms in the house might provide different qualities of light. However, taking shots in direct sunlight could also be tricky. And therefore, be sure to pick the rooms that lend a little bit of both sun and shadow—forming that unique moment of perfect natural light.

04. Make use of reflectors

Reflectors are a great way of adding dimension and light to your candle product photographs. And they usually come in white and silver. You can position them in such a way that they reflect light onto your candles, which is just an amazing way of adding extra light to your subjects without the need of using a flashlight. 

05. Shoot from different angles

To increase eye appeal for your candle products, try shooting at different angles to see how the images look in different dimensions. You can first shoot at eye level and then from below to see which angles or dimensions work well with your setting.

Get More Creative With These 4 Candle Photography Ideas

If you were looking for inspiration to capture stunning photographs of candles for your blog or e-Commerce website, then you might want to explore these candle photography ideas. You will be able to snap attractive candle images that give them an edge over the competition.

01. Shoot your candles on a white background

Shooting candles on white or plain backgrounds is usually a win-win picture idea. The white backdrop idea works pretty well for e-Commerce product listings. Furthermore, white backgrounds can greatly improve the appearance of your candles in the photographs.

If you are going to feature models in your shots, make sure they are also wearing light-colored attire. If your candles or shells are light in color, you can apply shadow photography principles( Find from ADOBE.COM) or play around with color tones to work out the best mood for the shot.

Moreover, good lighting is a primary aspect of every photograph. Hence, you will always see a professional shooter trying his best to spread the light to cover every corner of the scene.

02. Use fabric to match the candle’s packaging

To give your candles a striking backdrop and a perfectly balanced color scheme, use light and airy fabrics with colors that resemble the shade of the packaging or are slightly darker. 

This idea is just perfect for filling out gaps in a shot without distracting attention from the subject or straining the viewer’s eyes. After all, it’s advisable and clever to pick fabric that’s going to match the scent of the candle. 

A strong candle scent and dark packaging, for example, would go perfectly well with a backdrop that has rough fabric to convey the preferred mood.

03. Convey the scent through ingredients

If you or your clients sell candles with special fragrances, don’t you think it would be a great idea to include the ingredients in the shot? That is an amazing way to demonstrate the organic ingredients used in the candles. It just gives the viewer an idea of what your candles smell like. 

If your candles have a lemon or raspberry scent, for example, you can creatively include those ingredients in your shot. Equally, dried flowers, citrus, honey, and a sprig of lavender, to name a few, are great props for candle product photography.

Nevertheless, when taking photographs of candles with special fragrances, always include a close-up shot so viewers can tell the difference in ingredients.

04. Take a picture of the candle in your hands

You can use model hands or take the shot while holding a candle in your hands to add a human element to the image. You can call this a clever way of being clear and very particular about the size and scale of your products. 

If you are using a model hand, you can have them hold the candle and position it how you want. If you are going to hold the candle in your own hands, this is where a tripod comes in handy. You can set your product photography camera on top of a tripod and start the timer.

Final words

Top-notch candle product photography is crucial to expanding your business within the highly competitive market. Whether your plan is to use your candle product images in social media posts, email marketing, or e-commerce websites, being creative and capturing unique candle pictures will set your or your client’s brand ahead of the fierce competition.