Can You Use Canon Lenses On Sony? (Learn The Lenses Compatibility)

Can You Use Canon Lenses On Sony? You probably are stuck with a couple of Canon lenses, but you wish to change the camera you use to Sony. Changing cameras, especially after a long period of using a specific one can be troublesome. Where nothing can be done about some of the issues you will face, the least you can do is hope that the Canon lenses you have can go with your Sony camera.

Let us start by saying yes, you can use Canon lenses on a Sony camera. However, you would need a Canon lens to a Sony adapter.  Using the adapter comes with its disadvantages as well as limitations, But it can be done.

So, there is a chance for you to use your Canon lens with your Sony camera and in this article, we shall be discussing this in full length. We will address other reasons why you might need to get a Canon lens for your Sony camera, what determines the type of Canon lens you will get, the types of canon lenses, and the adapters you need to be able to use both devices. Finally, we will look at the limitations of using adapters.

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Factors That Determine If You Can Use Canon Lenses With A Sony Camera

We already established at the introduction that even though your Canon lenses can work well with your Sony Camera, it isn’t as simple as that.

You can’t just pick up any Canon lens and then attach it to your Sony camera. If you do this, you will damage your Sony camera or the lens. If you are unlucky, you might damage both at the same time. The best-case scenario is it won’t work.

So, before picking up a Canon lens to determine if it fits a Sony camera, you have to put into consideration the following.

  • Sony Mount Type
  • Canon Lens Type
  • Adapter

01. Sony Mount Type

Each camera has a mount type. The mount type helps photographers determine the type of lens that fits that camera. In essence, what we are saying is that not even all Sony lenses would naturally fit with all Sony cameras. There are hundreds f blogs that talk about matching the right Sony lens with the right Sony camera.

Interestingly, Nikon cameras come with just two types of amount, unlike Canon cameras which come with 4 types. The two types of mounts that Sony interchangeable cameras come in are E-mount and A-mount.

From our research, only E-mount Sony cameras can work with Canon lenses(not all, as you would see in the next section). Unfortunately, if you are using an A-mount Sony camera, you will not be able to use any Canon lenses with it. However, this might change at any time, thanks to technology.

02. Canon Lens Type

Canon Lenses are amazing, which kind of explains why photographers seem to want to work with them on other types of cameras. There are four specific types of Canon lenses. These include:

  • RF and RF-S, 
  • EF, TS-E, MP-E 
  • EF-S 
  • EF-M

From our research, only Canon Ef lenses can be used with Sony cameras. Summarily, the only Canon lenses that work with Sony Cameras are EF lenses, and these lenses only work with Sony Cameras with E-mount.

03. Adapters

This is the final piece of the puzzle. Adapters are devices that work as an interface between a lens that is not built to work with a camera. These devices are often built by third-party manufacturers.  Camera brands also build adapters for their lenses and cameras that are not compatible.

When it comes to the Canon lens to Sony camera adapter, the Canon EF to Sony E mount adapter is what you need to be able to use your Canon lenses with a Sony camera. The name” Canon EF to Sony E mount adapter” simply means an adapter meant to connect Canon EF lenses to a Sony E-mount camera.

Limitations Of Using Adapters 

There are a few drawbacks you should expect from using a Canon lens to Sony Camera adapters. These are to be expected since they are natural, not compatible. The adapter is practically by-passing the system, and it cannot be perfect(at least till a company finds a solution to it)

Unreliable Focus

Sony camera’s autofocus does not work well with adapted lenses. This is a common problem and the Canon lens to Sony-E-mount camera adapter is not excluded. 

Adapters Can Be Expensive

Well, adapters can be pretty expensive, especially if what you want is a reliable one. The cheap ones are all passive lens Adapters. These come with a lot of drawbacks since they are not electronic and you cannot control the camera’s aperture.

The really expensive adapters are electronic lens adapters. These are adapters made by the brand Viltrox or Metabones. With these, you can control both the AF and the aperture of your camera. However, control is still limited compared to when you are using Native Sony lenses.

Why You Might Need To Get A Canon Lens For Your Sony Camera

We already touched on one of the major reasons why you might suddenly have to begin using your Canon lenses on your Sony in the introduction. Below are more reasons why this might happen to you.

You Use Both Cameras

Some photographers often have at least two camera types they work with. This is a common practice. Often time, they start with one and out of curiosity get another. In this case, you might just be one of those photographers who happen to have both a Canon camera and a Sony camera.

Therefore, you might be hard-pressed to use one brand’s lens for the other, as you do not see any reason to purchase another lens that performs almost the same function. That said, you would like to know if the Canon lens you have can work with your Sony camera.

To Cut Cost

Lenses are pretty expensive. Some are almost and if not more expensive than the cameras they are built for. Therefore, putting this into consideration, if less can be used on multiple cameras, it is  win-win situation.

In this case, if you have a high-end Canon lens like the Canon RF14-35mm which cost about one thousand five hundred dollars on amazon, you most definitely would want it to be compatible with any other camera you choose to work with, including Sony cameras. That’s just common sense

For Fun

Photography can be both a job and a hobby. Some enthusiasts enjoy matching devices together to see what works and what doesn’t. Ironically, people like these find out hacks to do amazing things with photography gadgets.

That said, you might just be one of those creative people who love to try out new things. Hence that is why you are here reading if you can match your Canon lens with your Sony Camera. 

People Also Ask

Is the picture I will take with a Canon lens fixed to my Sony camera be great?

With proper settings and the right shooting condition, you should get quality images if you shoot with a Canon lens fixed to your Sony camera

What should I do if my autofocus is not working well when I use an adapter to fix my Canon lens fixed to my Sony camera?

If the auto-focus is not working on your Sony camera due to the adapter, then switch to manual focus.

To Conclude

Using a Canon lens with your Sony camera is possible. With the right adapter, you can achieve this. Of course, limitations are expected as is usual for adapters, however, with manual settings, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.