Troubleshooting & Fixing Blink Sync Module Offline (Get Online in a Minute!)

The most frustrating feeling is when you can’t figure out the offline banner on the sync module. It even goes offline frequently.

You aren’t alone! I had the same issues and after detecting the actual reason, I got the blink sync module to work fine for about a month. 

The most possible reasons for Blink Sync Module Offline are insufficient power supply, poor wifi signal or incorrect router frequency. 

If all these are working fine, then other resolving tips are also included in this article. 

In this comprehensive guideline, I’ve listed the troubleshooting tips that I followed one by one.

And, mostly taken from real user experience. So, just hurry up to take a relaxing mood over your blink sync module. 

What Are The Causes That My Blink Sync Module Going Offline?

Blink Sync Module going Offline

You may try so many troubleshooting tips! But, miss the actual issue that your sync module gets through.

Well, I’ll list some major issues with resolving tips that I find more useful.  Let’s get through it! 

Cause 1: Your device does not receive an adequate power supply

First, you should check the power supply to the sync module. If there’s an imbalance of charges within the system, you will face offline issues frequently. 

Solution: Power cycle the sync module

  • Unplug the power cord back from the sync module
  • Plug it back within a minute.
  • Ensure that it displays a solid green and solid blue light within 45 seconds.

Note: If there’s no light pattern at all, try another power supply.

Cause 02: Incorrect Wifi Frequency 

Many routers serve newer or older networks and the fastest 5GHZ which is the main problem. Because blink devices only connect to 2.4GHZ.

Solution: Create a guest SSID exclusive for Blink devices

It’s the most successful troubleshooting tip, especially for the sync module offline. I’ve tried it and got successful after so many failed attempts! 

For this, you need to follow the basic steps-

  • First, you need a laptop or phone which is connected to your wifi network. 
  • Open a web browser and type “” access to your router settings or gateway
  • Input ‘Router credentials’.
  • Now, select WLAN or Wifi settings from the tabs on the screen
  • Add a new guest ID or SSID from the display setting.
  • Ensure you have created a 2.4GHZ for a new guest ID.

Pro tips: Where do you find router credentials?

  • Check the printed back areas on your router.
  • It can be found in a sticker, instruction manuals or a card in the box of the router.

OR, Directly go to the router password website to know your router’s username or password.

Cause 03: Poor Signal Strength

Very often, a weak signal strength can cause offline mode. Well, you might see a blink app showing strong network signals. But, sometimes it can go wrong! 

Solution: Place the sync module next to the wireless router

The strong network only ensures from 5-10 feet away from the router.

If your sync module has network issues, try to move it at a center distance from the blink devices. 

At Least 3-bar signals on the blink sync module ensure a stable connection you have.

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Cause 04: Long length password can often issues with connecting online

Generally, it makes no sense. But, a long-length wifi password is sometimes a pain connecting to the sync module.

Solution: Try to have a smaller wifi length password 

Change your wifi password and convert it into a smaller length password. Or, you can log in with a different network with a smaller length password.  

Many users successfully troubleshoot sync module offline problems with these steps.

Cause 05: Adding Sync module with QR Scan Code

QR scan data can cause an overflow while adding a sync module. Hence, you might get an offline notification from the sync module. 

Solution: Add Blink Sync Module Manually

Instead of using a QR Code, adding a sync module manually will solve the case much more easily.

  • Here, you need to add a sync module from the home screen.
  • Tap the plus(+) icon to add the device.
  • Then, tap the sync module.
  • Now, enter your sync module’s serial code manually.

Cause 06: Any other light pattern visible at the sync module.

You perform all the above tasks, but the sync module doesn’t go online. 

Here, instead of solid blue and green, any other light pattern can hint that you should delete the app.

Solution: Delete the Sync Module from your system

Blink Sync Module delete options

  • First, tap on the sync module offline banner. 
  • Tap delete sync module.
  • Here, you’ll get a pop-up suggesting contact customer service. 
  • Ignore it by clicking ‘Ok’
  • Now, you need to delete the sync module with the scan QR code or enter the serial number.
  • Next, press ‘Continue’.
  • Here, you’ll have the next popup asking you for confirmation of the delete sync module.
  • Press ‘Delete’.
  • Now, you need to re-add the blink sync module to your system.

How Do You Reset the Sync Module on Blink?

The best way to get the sync module online,  try to perform a factory reset. The basic steps you need to follow are-

  • In the backside you’ll see a reset button.
  • Press it with a finger for 5 seconds until it flash red light.
  • After 15 seconds, it’ll display solid blue and solid green light. 
  • Now, delete the Sync module from blink app and set it up again.

Pro tips: If you want to reset the sync module remotely, here’s an option for you. 

You need a smart plug controlled by Alexa. Now, plug the blink module into that. 

Whenever your sync module has a power outage issue and goes offline, you can use the Alexa app to turn off and turn on the smart plug.

This will reset the sync module remotely, wherever you are! 


What does solid blue light on blink sync module mean? 

A solid blue light indicates a hardware fault. When the sync module is connected to an USB, laptop or PC, blue light might be for the insufficient voltage. 

Unplug the USB and then insert it back after 5 seconds. Or, you can directly connect the socket via the supplied power adapter. It’ll reactivate the sync module.

What does blinking green light mean on Blink Sync module?

Blinking green light means that your sync module has a poor WiFi network.

You need to ensure at least 3 bar signals of wifi connected to the sync module. Also, it should be closer to the router, not far more than 5-10ft.

What’s the difference between blink sync module and Sync Module 2?

The main difference between sync module and sync module 2 is the option for local storage.

Sync module 2 has a USB port activated for local storage. Whereas, the sync module doesn’t support local storage.

Practically, the sync module is all black and sync module 2 is black and white.

Sync module 2 version can connect upto 16 cameras, whereas original version only support 10 cameras.

Well, if you can’t figure out which one is yours, then here’s a simple tip for you.

If you got the sync module with outdoor cameras then its sync module 2 version. Again, if you got it with XT2’s, then it’s a sync module.  

Final Words

Sometimes, you just get frustrated without knowing the actual reason behind the sync module going offline.

Always recheck the hardware fault, network issue, and ensure accurate distance from router before going out from a home. 

Oh, connecting a smart plug controlled by Alexa is also a secret tip that no one tells you.

You can feel relaxed even if you can’t present the next blink sync module device or blink cameras. 

So, are you successful with the Blink Sync Module Offline issue? If not, leave a comment and i’ll instantly give you the resolving tips!