Blink Camera Armed vs Disarmed Mode (7 key Differences Will Tell You More!) 

Armed and disarmed mode on the Blink app affects more security features. You may be a bit confused about when to arm and disarm your blink cameras. 

Here, a clear concept about Blink Camera armed vs disarmed can help you out.

The main key difference is motion detection sensitivity which separates armed mode from disarmed mode.

Armed mode triggers motions, records video clips and sends you an instant notification for better security. Whereas, disarmed mode has no such advantage.

In this article, I’ll describe significant differences between armed and disarmed modes considering the user’s experience, purpose and needs. 

Let’s find out the best purpose of using each mode with this entire article.

Blink Camera Armed vs Disarmed Mode: Quick Comparison  Chart

Key differences  Armed mode Disarmed mode 
Motion detection  Enable Disable
Send instant notification Yes No
Motion video recording Yes No
Live view Yes Yes
Two way audio Yes No
Battery life Less More
False alarm More possibility Less possibility 
Safety features  More Less
Best for a)   Outdoor cameras in the land, workshop, garage.

b) Indoor cameras when you leave home for a long time. 

Indoor cameras.

When you don’t want to monitor your own activity. 

Blink Camera armed vs disarmed: Key Differences 

Blink Armed vs Disarmed

Based on your needs and security purpose, armed mode and disarmed mode have their advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s get into details through the following factors.

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01. Motion detection

Armed mode means you’ve enabled the motion detection features. That means, your blink security camera can detect movement and start recording.

Armed mode alerts you when it detects any motion or movement of persons, animals or vehicles.  

Mainly, motion detection sensitivity works with heat sensors.

Whenever the blinking camera senses heat from a moving object, it starts recording as well as informs you back.

Well, you can’t get these special motion detection sensitivity features with a disarm mode.

In these settings, you only get a live view but not a special alert or notification from the app.

Note: Your blink system comes with disarm mode in the startup settings. You need to enable the motion detection sensitivity by selecting armed mode.

02. Instant notification 

You’ll get an instant notification detecting any movement in your monitoring space with enabled armed mode. 

Once your blink camera detects any motion, it sends alarming notifications to the connected blink system app in your smartphone or tablet.

Armed mode is therefore more reliable to get the spy movement of a thief. Even monitoring wildlife animals in your area can damage your landscape or property. 

But unfortunately, disarm mode can’t give you any instant notification until you turn on the armed mode.

03. Motion video recording

Enabling armed mode, you can get motion-detection video clips.

Once your blink camera gets an alarming movement, it starts recording video. And, it provides you with a few video clips on what is happening on your property via the Blink app.

Whereas, disarmed mode doesn’t have motion detection sensitivity to record video clips. But, here you can get a plus point.

Sometimes, the blink camera armed mode detects motion like shadows, light reflections, and flying or crawling insects.

These false alarms are irritating and entirely unnecessary. 

So, here disarmed mode can help you to only get a live view and doesn’t disturb with false alarm notifications.

04. Live View 

You’ll get a live view on your blink camera app whether it is in armed or disarmed mode.

Don’t be afraid of enabling disarmed mode. You can get access to the live view even if it doesn’t give you motion-detection features. 

05. Two Way Audio

In armed mode, you can take advantage of two-way audio features but not in disarmed mode. 

You can talk to the next end of your camera by enabling armed mode.

Whenever you see the live view of a motion detection video, you can ask or communicate with the person via the camera’s speaker.

06. Battery life

Your blink camera’s battery can drain earlier in an armed mode than in a disarmed mode.

With a lot of alarming video clips and notifications in armed mode, there’s less charge remaining in the blink camera.

Mainly, recording motion video is the main reason for the massive drainage of batteries.

While your blink camera frequently triggers, you don’t need to record video. So, you can disarm it then for good battery coverage. 

Depending on places, security, times or schedule, you can arm or disarm it. Hope, this gives you longer battery coverage.

07. Safety features

When It’s about security and safety features, armed mode is the best way to serve you from that perspective!

Using armed mode, you can constantly monitor your home, property or important places from anywhere.

You can concentrate on other important stuff or jobs relaxing with notifying features.

It sends alarming notifications and video clips captured once it triggers motion.

Whereas, you can’t get so much advantage with your blink camera’s disarmed mode. Here, you need to open the app, and continuously check what’s going on.

It might be a waste of time to keep an eye on the whole day. Also, it is difficult to identify spy movements instantly.


Do Blink cameras only record when armed?

Yes. Blink cameras only record clips when they trigger any motion.

If you want motion video clips, you should keep blink cameras on armed mode. It only records up to 60 when it senses any motion. 

So, blink cameras don’t record clips 24/7 or continuously.

Well, you can increase the video recording length and sensitivity time with settings. It may help you to get more video clips. 

You can also turn off or snooze notifications if you only want recording clips on USB. Especially at night, you can turn the notification volume down on Alexa devices. 

What happens when the Blink camera is armed?

Blink camera is in armed mode means it’s ready to detect motion, gives you alarming notifications and sends motion recording clips instantly.

So, you can ensure more security on your property than live viewing on the app.

Can you arm and disarm Blink remotely?

You can arm and disarm blink remotely. But, you need to link your Blink account to your Amazon account.

Now, create a schedule for the blink system with the Alexa app. Also, you can create a free IFTTT account to manage Blink cameras’ arm or disarm based on phone location. 


It’s quite difficult to manage the arm or disarm mode manually. You often forget about arming your blink security cameras when it is required.

That’s why scheduling software on Blink apps can make this easier.

Though many users find it difficult, you can choose an Alexa app with a smart plug to remotely arm or disarm the cameras. 

Well, hope you get a clear concept on the difference between blink cameras armed mode and disarmed mode.

Now, you can use the preferable mode considering important factors which I described earlier in this entire article.