What Is The Best Zoom Lens for Sony a6000 e Mount?

Everyone is finding the zoom lens for Sony a6000 e mount professional camera. There is no doubt that professional photography has raised the demand for high-quality cameras and more focused lenses. Sony a 6000 is also one of those modern and high-profile cameras.

Different lenses are paired with it, to get more classy and standard photographs. Sony is known for releasing a number of professional cameras including a6300, 6400, 6500, 6600, and a6000 as well.

People keep these cameras as their backup plans while shooting wildlife and sports photographs. One of the special things about the a6000 E-mount camera is that it can only be paired up with Sony E-mount or FE lenses.

Remember to select the correct mounted lens, while buying it from third-party sources like Tamron and Sigma.

We can easily choose the best budget e-mount travel lens for sony a6000 by considering several factors like cost, size, pictures quality, filter thread, focal length, etc. You just must analyze your needs and requirements for choosing the perfect lens.

Sony a6000 camera comes with an APS-C sensor that has different crop factors like 1.5x. Most photographers consider it as a key factor, which affects the listed focal length of a lens.

In this article, you will get to know about different lens factors and their uses in the Sony a6000 camera. Sony 18-135mm zoom lens is the best zoom lens for Sony a6000 e mount. Other best lens options include Sony E 10-18mm F4 OSS, Sigma 16mm f/1.4, and Sony E 16-55mm F2.8 G.


What is PZ in Sony Lenses?

PZ is an abbreviation used for defining the zooming strength of Sony lenses. P in PZ stands for Power, whereas Z stands for zoom. You can determine the zooming strength of any Sony lens by its power zoom (PZ) capability. These lenses work on an electric zoom motor.

They also have lens barrels and power zoom buttons for initiating accurate zoom power. You can shoot a smooth and stable video by using its constant zoom feature.

These lenses are perfectly crafted for APS-C cameras, which usually have an E-mounted design. PZ lenses are far different from other lenses offered by Sony because of their Handy Cam technologies and zooming levels.

All Sony PZ lenses have different zooming features like reduced internal focusing, stabilized image zooming, servo Zoom functioning, zero focus shift, etc. These are some other features of PZ lenses:

  • Different aspheric elements
  • Sufficient battery pack
  • Dual ED
  • 1.5” minimum focal distance
  • Aperture control ring
  • Smooth optics technology
  • 4k quality video capturing
  • Lens breathing
  • Steady shots
  • Linear AF motors
  • Super Sonic and wave motors
  • Removable Collar
  • Rotating tripod

Sony has a wide range of PZ lenses like Sony E PZ 18-105mm f/4 G OSS, Sony’s E PZ 18-110mm f/4 G OSS, Sony’s FE PZ 28-135mm f/4 G OSS Lens, and Sony E PZ 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 OSS. All these PZ lenses have a power zoom range between 18 mm to 200 mm.

Can I Use FE Lenses On a6000?

Sony a6000 model is highly compatible with FE lenses as it works well with mirrorless cameras. FE lenses mean Full Frame E-mount lenses. These are specially designed for E-mounted cameras with APS-C sensors. They can completely cover the 35 mm frame of a Sony a6000 camera.

All mirrorless cameras of Sony are good to use with these FE lenses. These lenses provide 1.5 inches of minimum focal length and better picture quality with stable video shoots.

You can use its linear focus mode for a high and fast responsive autofocus. They offer wide angles and a variety of hybrid features, which make them perfect to use with a6000 E-mounted cameras.

There are four kinds of full-frame lenses offered by Sony:

01. Sony Native FE Lenses:

Native lenses are more compact and smaller than normal equivalent lenses. These are specially designed for ASP-C and full-frame cameras. They are classified as electronic and manual lenses. An electric lens is easy to adjust by using camera controls and shutter count feature, whereas a manual lens is non-operatable by using camera control buttons.

02. Sony FE Zoom Lenses:

Sony zoom lenses provide different zooming levels and angles without any blurry effects. These lenses are used for still video shoots and long time-lapse. You can use them for sports photography and wildlife photography as it is hard and risky to go near wild animals for catching their natural expressions.

03. Sony FE Prime Lenses:

Prime lenses are specific and different from other camera lenses. They do not allow you to adjust the zooming levels while maintaining a fixed and stable focal length. Photographers use them for capturing landscapes with wide and larger apertures. They also provide better quality than zoom lenses and minimize the chances of various abnormalities.

04. Auto Focus Sony FE Cine Lenses:

Sony FE Cine lenses are commonly known as cinema lenses, which are used in making short films and biographies. These are perfect lenses for daily vlogging, content creators, social influencers, and other YouTube videos. They are used with different professional cameras like the Sony a6000 for providing continuous screening and exceptional video graphics.

Best zoom lens for Sony a6000 e mount

Sony 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 OSS APS-C E-mount lens is the best zoom lens for Sony a6000 camera. You can consider it the most versatile zoom lens, with the best optical steady shots. Sony has offered an excellent corner design and impressive defocused bokeh feature in this lens.

Its ED glasses provide you with complete control over chromatic aberration and rendered edges. One can easily avoid fringing and unnatural coloration while sports, landscape, and wildlife photography, by using its ED glass elements.

Top Features:

  • Weight: 0.33 kg (0.72 lbs)
  • Size (Diameter x Length): two ¾ * 3 ½ inches
  • Focal Length: 27-202.5 mm
  • Filter Diameter: 55 mm
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 0.45 m
  • 7.5x high magnification
  • 35mm equivalent focal length
  • A circular aperture of 7 blades
  • 2 ED glasses
  • Petal shaped hood


  • Advance aspherical design
  • Optical image stabilization
  • Both auto and manual focus mode


  • No splash and dust protection
  • Dim aperture
  • Less bokeh potential

Purpose of Uses:

  • Natural and landscape photography
  • Captures portraits and sceneries
  • Wildlife Photography

Which Sony Zoom Lens is the Best Portrait Lens?

 Some of the best Sony portrait lenses are Sony F2.8 GM OSS II Lens, Sony Sonnar T*FE 55mm f/1.8 ZA, Sony FE 50mm GM Lens, and Sony DN Art Lens.

A Portrait lens was designed for capturing perfect portrait photographs by adjusting different focal lengths. Portrait photography is slightly harder than it looks.

You must adjust each major and minor setting in a portrait lens depending upon the desired perspective, subject framing, and available working space.

These portrait lenses help in avoiding perspective distortion, disturbance in personal space, uncomfortable subject issues, and complicated communication.

Sony DN Art lenses are considered perfect to be used for narrow apertures and melting backgrounds while capturing studio portraits.

Sony GM lenses come with a fast focus technology, which helps in capturing both full body portraits as well as, compact headshot images. Sony ZA and OSS lenses are other best portrait lenses that are famous for their high-quality and real portrait photographs.

Do Zoom Lenses Fit All Cameras?

It is hard to fit zoom lenses with all types of cameras as they only work with selected mount designs. Zoom lenses are best to use with all DSLR and mirrorless cameras. They work well in both low and maximum apertures. Hence, they are perfect for a complete day and night shoot.

If you are thinking to use the best Sony a6000 e mount zoom lens camera with other camera designs, then you are risking its image quality and zoom functionality.

So, be careful while using any lens with other non-supported camera designs, as this can create, temporary as well as permanent damage to your camera and lenses.

People use zoom lenses for their multiple benefits like wide versatility, artistic possibilities, visual resolution, minimum to maximum apertures, post-photography, digital zooming, maximum resolutions, and many more.

Zoom lenses are divided into the parfocal lens, varifocal lens, telescopic lens, super zoom lens, and wide-angle zoom lens. These lenses can fit a wide variety of camera styles and mount structures depending on their compatibility and physical design.

How Do You Tell If a Lens Can Zoom?

Zooming capability of any lens can be determined by adjusting its focal length. If the lens provides more narrow angles and longer focal lengths, then, it is said to have good zooming power.

More magnified images are generated by using zoom rings that are fixed inside a zoom lens to create wide apertures and higher magnifications.

For calculating the overall zooming ratio of any lens, you must divide its highest focal length by its least focal distance. Any zoom lens can be determined by inspecting its 3-layered structure design.

Most zoom lenses are made of three main elements that include FLD glass, SLD glass, and aspherical lens. There is only one lens that does not support any zooming feature and that is the FE Prime lens.

If you cannot adjust the focal length of any lens, then clearly it is a non-zooming camera lens.

A zoom lens is quite different than a telephoto or prime lens in every aspect. You can also use a telephoto lens as a zoom lens by adjusting its focal length up to 70 to 300 mm.

One can easily differentiate between a zoom and a prime lens by their weight. A zoom lens is much heavier than a prime lens because of the different glasses fixed inside it.

On the other hand, prime lenses do not have such zooming glasses, and hence, they are more compact and lighter in weight.

Is Sony a6000 Worth Buying in 2022?

Sony a6000 was released in the year 2014 and has been a reputed camera model for 8 years. Many companies have released different new and modern-style cameras with premium-quality features.

They all have advanced facilities and better image quality than the Sony a6000 E-mount camera. But still, it is completely worth buying the Sony a6000 camera in the present year 2022, because of its overall performance and reasonable price.

They work well with other wide ang accessories, used lenses, and selected hood types.

They still provide robust body design and strong effects, which are much more natural than filtered images. All new brands have implemented specific and unique technologies in their cameras.

These features have limited their compatibility with different old lenses and accessories. Most of them support only a few selected or specially designed lenses and tripods while neglecting other better lenses on the market.

But the Sony a6000 E-mount camera is compatible with all verified as well as third-party lenses. You have multiple options for selecting the Sony a6000 e mount camera, whereas newly designed cameras only have two to three zoom lens options.

How to Use Sony a6500 Zoom lens In Street Photography(Video)

Related FAQs

Does the Sony a6000 E-mount camera work well with A-mount lenses?

No, you should not use A-mount lenses with the Sony a6000 camera as it only supports E-mount lenses or FE lenses. If you want, you can try that by using an adapter. But it can risk your camera and lens quality. Always use those lenses that are supported by your camera mount design.

What steps can adjust the manual focus of the Sony a6000 camera?

Start by switching on release w/o lens option. Enable it for releasing the camera shutter and lens attachment. Secondly, click on the focus peaking option for highlighting the focus object. Now, you can adjust your desired colors and sensitivity. Just switch on the focus magnification and set it with the camera’s custom button. In the last step, set your desired focus magnification and lock it.

What type of image and video quality is offered by the Sony a6000?

Sony a6000 camera offers 1080p video quality with a frame rate of 60fps. You cannot shoot any 4k videos or higher pixel videos with this camera. Also, you can capture premium-quality photographs with this 24 MP quality camera.

Final Words

Sony a6000 is an old camera model that still gives excellent performance and supports digital photography. Try to use the best zoom lens for Sony a6000 e mount camera for experiencing its maximum benefits and features. Both FE and E-mounted lenses are suitable to use with this camera and are easy to adjust to different conditions.