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Top 15 Best Travel Lens For Sony A6000 Review -Top Selling List[2021]

In today’s review, we shall be talking about the best travel lens for Sony A6000. We also Picked out a model of A6300, A6400, and a6500 lens for your Sony camera that always comes with some excitement.

And with many products out there, it’s easy to be confused and chose the wrong one.

This is why we sought the help of our experts in coming up with the best lens to make the buying decision easy for you. And they came up with not 1 but 15 lenses that will help you get the best out of your Sony a6000 camera.


Comparison Table of Best Travel Lens For Sony a6000/a6300/a6400/a6600/a6500

Sony Alpha 70-350mm
Sony [18-105mm F4 G OSS]
Sony - E 50mm F1.8
Sony FE 70-300mm
Sony SEL35F18 35mm
Sony 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6
Sony FE 70-200mm
Sony E 55-210mm
Sony - FE 50mm
Sigma 16mm f/1.4 DC DN
Sony - E 10-18mm
Sony SEL1655G
Sony 18-135mm
Sony SEL30M35 30mm
Sony SEL1670Z

What is the best lens for the Sony a6000 camera?

The best out of the 15 lenses we picked out for you is the Sony Alpha Super-Telephoto lens with 70-350mm focal length.

Why is it the best lens for a Sony a6000 camera?

It delivers high-quality and precise shots every time. It has a lot of features that set it apart like the OSS, circular 7-lade aperture, gyro sensors, and many more. From our experts’ view, this is the lens to go for.

But in case you still want to find out other good options you can choose from, we listed them down below. Without wasting much time, let’s dive right into it.

Top 15 Best Travel Lens For Sony A6000 Review 

01. Sony Alpha F4.5-6.3 (70-350mm) Super-Telephoto Lens – Precise, fast, and perfectly capturing


Product Features

  • 70-350mm super-telephoto zoom
  • XD linear quiet AF motor
  • 7 blades round aperture bokeh effect
  • Auto/manual focus switch

The Sony Alpha F4.5-6.3 features a high-resolution super-telephoto APS-C zoom lens.

With an optimized mechanical and optical design, this lens renders excellent image quality regardless of the image area.

It has a maximum focal length of 525mm which is equivalent to 350mm.

Very compact and lightweight, this lens offers ease of mobility and convenience.

Additionally, it comes with inbuilt optical image stabilization to ensure you have precise, fast, and superior stability when it matters the most.

Accompanying the Sony Alpha 70-350mm lens is the XD linear technology which are quiet motors that bring in the image you are capturing into focus within a second.

And no, you won’t have to worry about moisture and dust as this lens is resistant to both to a high level.

That way, you can comfortably use it outdoors, especially when you use it with a camera that is equally weather-resistant.

This lens is compatible with Sony a6000, a6300, a6400, a6600, and a6500 cameras.

The advanced real-time AF potentials of this lens which is the APS-C bodies offer you an easy-handling and high-performance system that is perfect for wildlife, landscapes, and much more.

What you get is an impressive image with its 7-blade prime-lens large aperture all the time.

The circular aperture of this lens makes your object of interest stand out even if the background and foreground are defocused.

This lens also comes with a programmable focus hold button that can be customized to do other functions.

To switch between manual and autofocus selection is instant with the help of the AF/MF switch located on its side.


  • Perfect, fast, and precisely capturing
  • Stabilized image optical SteadyShot
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Moisture and dust resistant


  • No front control wheel

02. Sony SELP (18-105mm) 18105G F4 G OSS – High contrast images


Product Features:

  • Power zoom lens
  • ED glass for superior contrast
  • Circular aperture blades
  • Aspherical lens
  • Gyro sensors

The Sony SELP with a focus power of 18-105mm features a high-performing E- mount lens that provides you with excellent contrast.

It also features 2 glass elements (ED) and 3 aspherical elements which make for high-resolution capture even when zoomed.

Whether you want to capture a medium or wide-angle telephoto, this lens with power zoom covers up to 6 times zoom range with a steady F4 aperture.

The circular aperture of the blades of this lens creates a bokeh effect that blurs out the light sources so as to concentrate on the object of interest better.

This allows for a natural and smoother defocusing result. Its powerful ED glass compensates for times when you encounter chromatic aberration.

With aspherical elements that are well-designed, this lens reduces the number of elements needed so that the lens isn’t heavy to handle.

Additionally, it features AA (Advanced Aspherical) elements which are not just an evolved variant but also allows for a high-quality thickness ratio among the periphery and the center.

You are sure of improved image quality and accuracy. It also works well with Sony a6000, a6300, a6400, and a6500 cameras.

Also, the Sony SELP 18105G lens has gyro sensors that can detect any movement no matter how little.

It also has stabilization that is well-shifted to precisely guard against image blur.

The quiet linear motors that it comes with gives you effective and quiet stabilized images for a perfect result.


  • Short minimum and fast autofocusing distance
  • Circular aperture for bokeh effect
  • Superior contrast and reduced chromatic aberration
  • Gyro lenses capture the slightest movement


  • Center focus might lose focus

03. Sony-E SEL50F18/B (50mm) Portrait Lens – For crisp, clear images


Product Features:

  • 7-blade circular aperture
  • SteadyShot optical image stabilization
  • Exterior made of aluminum alloy
  • 50mm focal length

The Sony-E SEL50F18/B portrait lens comes with inbuilt optical image stabilization with the help of Sony’s SteadyShot technology.

It features a circular 7-blade aperture that creates nice defocus effects. With its high-speed shutter advantage, you can achieve blur-free and crisp images or videos.

Offering a mid-range telephoto of 50mm, this lens enables a perfect focal length for impressive portrait images.

This lightweight and compact lens have quiet autofocus, very responsive, and with aperture, operation making it the ideal lens capturing images or shooting movies.

Just like other Sony lens products, this product comes with a circular aperture to perfectly defocus your image background and provide you with natural image capture.

It also has gyro sensors that automatically detect movement no matter how unnoticeable it was.

No incidence of image blur will be present with this stabilization lens that captures images with precision.

And it equally has Sony’s quiet linear motors.

If you are making use of a polarizing filter, you will be glad to know that there is a filter thread located at the front which doesn’t rotate.


  • Internal focusing and filter thread
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Superior telephoto lens
  • Stylish exterior aluminum alloy


Difficult focusing on the event of wider apertures

04. Sony FE SEL70300G (70-300mm) G OSS Lens – High definition images


Product Features:

  • 70-300mm G lens
  • Nano coating
  • 2 ED glass elements
  • Sony E-mount lens

The Sony FE SEL70300 features telephoto zoom and a 70-300mm lens for a full-frame.

It is coated with Nano AR for that structure that can only be gotten with Nano-precision.

Coming in with 9 blades circular aperture, you are sure to get that bokeh effect that depicts a perfect defocused background.

It features a linear actuator for smooth, fast, and quiet autofocus images.

Enhanced operability and switches of this lens make controlling it very easy.

With format cameras of 105-450mm APS-C format cameras, this lens is perfect for video shooting as well as still images.

And with a world-class close-up focus ability of fewer than 3 inches, no image is too far to be captured.

This E-mount optical lens is not just designed with the state-of-the-art lens but also has 2 ED glass elements.

The Nano AR coating works together with other features to reduce distortion, spherical and chromatic aberrations.

With sealed rings and buttons as well as a metal exterior barrel, you get an outstanding, reliable, and operable lens that resists moisture and dust.

This lens will also work with Sony a6000, a6300, a6400, and a6500 cameras.


  • Withstands moisture and dust
  • Durable and solid
  • Improves telephoto chromatic aberration
  • Reflection suppression capability


  • Lacks manual focus

05. Sony SEL35F18 (35MM) Fixed Lens – Ideal as a second lens


Product Features:

  • 3mm minimum and maximum focal length
  • Optical SteadyShot
  • Gyro sensors
  • AA lens elements

High-quality Sony SEL35F18 is a high-performing lens with a nice compact design that makes it perfect as a second lens.

It can be used for a variety of picture-taking like night shots made possible by its bright aperture.

And if you need to take a portrait that has a superior background and foreground blur, this is the right lens.

This product comes with a beautiful optical design that makes it possible to achieve perfect peripheral contrast and sharpness.

It also features inbuilt image stabilization for perfect image capturing.

Smooth and silent focus with high speed makes it the right lens for movie shooting.

It is a good lens for Sony a6000, a6300, a6400, and a6500 cameras.

The manual focus feature of this lens allows you to take control when you don’t want to use the autofocus.

Just like other Sony lenses, this model also has circular aperture blades that help in defocusing the background for a bokeh effect.

The presence of the ED glass helps in reducing chromatic aberration when it is within telephote ranges.

What you get are gyro sensors to detect the smallest movement while maintaining contrast and sharpness.

And this is due to the presence of the aspherical shaped elements close to the diaphragm.

It makes use of a quiet linear precision motor from Sony to give you high-quality shots every time.

Its stabilization feature guards against image blurring.


  • Lightweight and compact lens
  • High-speed smooth focusing
  • Offers both auto and manual direct focus
  • Clear night and day shots


  • Lens cannot be zoomed

06. Sony F/3.5-5.6 OSS (16-50mm) Retractable E-mount Zoom Lens – Fast and crisp images


Product Features:

  • Wide-angle normal lens
  • 16-50mm focal length
  • Aspherical lens and ED glass
  • Power zoom

Still, on the topic of the best travel lens for Sony a6000, the Sony f/3.5-5.6 retractable E-mount zoom lens is perfect for anyone looking for a good lens without much fuss.

It features a power zoom so as to render smooth zooming with quietness and superb operability. It is designed to be used with E-mount cameras.

This retractable lens is very lightweight and compact that it won’t take up too much space when traveling with it.

It retracts all the way 29.9mm. And with the inbuilt image stabilization, you definitely will love the images it captures.

Coming with an aspherical lens and ED glass elements, this lens captures excellently and reduces aberrations.

The picture quality may not be the highest, but for simple family pictures, touring, or blogging, this lens will give you fast and crisp images.

The edges are soft while the center is quite sharp. It, therefore, may not be ideal for taking landscape photography.

It comes with autofocus to help you capture every moment without missing a thing.

No annoying clicking or motor sound, plus, the OSS is very helpful when it comes to handheld shots. The result is a no-blur sharp image.


  • Very affordable and effective
  • Clear zoom ability
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Good speed and performance


  • Picture quality may not be as sharp as expected

07. Sony FE F4 G OSS (70-200mm) Interchangeable Lens – Stunning contrast, good resolution


Product Features:

  • Interchangeable lens
  • F4 G OSS full-frame
  • Circular aperture blades
  • Focus hold button

The Sony FE with interchangeable lens features a minimum focal length of 70mm and a maximum focal length of 200mm.

It is the ideal lens for Alpha Cameras from Sony and offers outstanding performance.

This wide-angle lens comes with a bright maximum aperture of F2.8.

With 3 double side aspherical elements, this lens reduces aberration to maintain good resolution and stunning contrast from all edges.

And coming from the popular T lens coating family, you are sure of reproducing beautiful natural color.

Additionally, it allows for focus hold capturing with the help of a button located on the barrel of the lens.

And this locks the lens to focus only on that distance.

Yes, it offers a preview function as well.

Plus, you can conveniently limit the focus range so as to save time and capture what matters, especially when carrying out AF operation.

Constructed with aluminum alloy, what you get is perfect optical performance each time.

The weight is light, yet, very durable and can withstand temperature change effects on images.

You will be happy to know that this lens has the ability to resist moisture and dust which makes it ideal for outdoor use.


  • Versatile use and high-performance
  • Good contrast and quality images
  • Reduced chromatic aberration
  • Aluminum alloy for durability


  • The lens sliders may move randomly

08. Sony E F4.5-6.3 (55-210mm) Lens – Perfect for nature and sports capturing


Product Features:

  • Quiet internal focusing
  • 7 blades aperture
  • 55mm minimal focal length
  • 210mm maximum focal length

The Sony E F4.5-6.3 lens for E-mount cameras features a 7-blade aperture lens, quiet operation, and internal focusing to ensure that you get the perfect shot every time.

Made to capture sports and nature in its best form, this lens helps bring characters to life.

With a zoom range of 85-315mm, this is definitely a wide lens for large events.

It comes with manual focus as well as a non-rotating focus ring for a comfortable and precise manual adjustment.

Also, it features Sony’s SteadyShot optical image stabilization so that there will be no issue of your videos not been stable even in low light.

On APS-C, it has an angle view of -29 degrees -7 degrees and 40 inches.

Very responsive AF with minimal noise made possible by the internal quiet focusing.

It easily contracts and expands images really quickly.

The Sony E F4.5-6.3 is ideal for when you want to travel as it saves you some space and weight.

With its non-rotating filter thread found at the lens front, it makes it very convenient especially when making use of a polarizing filter.


  • 7-blade circular lens
  • Internal focusing for perfect shots
  • Manual adjustment for direct control
  • Good for large events


  • Indefinite focus ring

09. Sony-FE SEL50F18F (50mm-50mm) Standard Lens – Best for low-light photography


Product Features:

  • DC motor-focus actuator
  • Circular 7-blade aperture
  • Rear cap for the lens
  • 50mm min and max focal length

The Sony-FE SEL50F18F is an E-mount full-frame fast prime lens that comes with a focal length of 50mm all round.

It is the lens needed for portraiture as well as other subjects.

With its large maximum aperture of F1.8, you are sure of getting lovely defocusing effects.

Plus, the circular 7-blade aperture of this lens helps in creating a bokeh effect.

This lightweight and compact lens have an aspherical element which does good work at controlling coma and spherical aberration.

It is double-gauss configurated to easily suppress distortion and field curvature.

Works very well with Sony a6000, a6300, a6400, and a6500 cameras.

The metal mount of this lens does not just make it a durable lens but also gives it a sophisticated feel.

It features a high-speed DC motor that ensures its focus actuator system controls all the lens groups.

The maximum F1.8 aperture of this lens enables it to shoot good picture quality in dimly-lit interiors or night scenes.

It can be used in different types of environments and still deliver.

You are also sure of getting the quiet operation, high speed, and maximum focus precision with this Sony-FE E-mount lens.

Exceptionally sharp images especially at the center with smooth rendering and focus transition is what you get with this lens.


  • Sustains details with sharp quality
  • Wide aperture ensures great shallow depth
  • Captures night or dimly-lit scenes perfectly
  • Fast focus speed


  • DC motor may be giving off a sound when in operation

10. Sigma DC DN (16mm) Contemporary Lens – Perfect for mirrorless cameras


Product Features:

  • WR ceramic protector
  • Front and rear cap
  • Petal lens hood
  • Interchangeable lens

The Sigma contemporary lens with a 16mm focal length is made to suit Sony E-type mount cameras.

It serves as a good lens for both event photography and for nature. Featuring an f/1.4 large aperture, this lens makes sure you get great quality lowlight performance.

Very portable and compact in size, the Sigma DC DN lens is an answered prayer for users of mirrorless cameras.

Combining a compact body with F1.4 brightness, the wide-angle large diameter of this lens is sure to perform.

This lens comes with a hood that automatically cuts harmful rays so that it does not affect your image capture negatively.

It also minimizes reflectivity. The hood is constructed with a non-slip rubber groove that makes it comfortable to hold for different kinds of shooting.

It is also compatible with Sony a6000, a6300, a6400, and a6500 cameras.

The WR Ceramic protector which is a tough crystallized glass from Sigma combines both flexibility and hardness to serve as the best protection for the lens filters.

This quality lens is well-built, feels very solid, and has a good grip. Although it feels large, it comfortably blends in well with the Sony a6000 camera.


  • Sharp images all round
  • Nice contrast and colors
  • Creates a beautiful bokeh effect
  • Fast shutter speed


  • Does not offer image stabilization

11. Sony-E F4 OSS (10-18mm) SEL-1018 Wide Angle Lens – For detailed images


Product Features:

  • Front and rear lens caps
  • F4 maximum/f/22 minimum aperture
  • 10-18 mm focal lengths
  • Wide-angle lens

The Sony-E F4 OSS wide-angle lens is great for capturing sweeping landscapes and for taking striking images without leaving out any perspective.

It is for medium to high-level camera users who are looking for a lens that will give them a wider focal length (minimum).

Featuring a digital camera incorporating interchangeable lens perfect for APS-C kind of image sensors, it also has F4 maximum aperture and inbuilt optical SteadyShot for that image stabilization you need.

Another feature of this lens is that it has a short minimum and fast autofocusing distance.

And for anyone making use of a polarizing filter, this lens filter thread which is located at the front doesn’t rotate.

What you get is a nice corner-to-corner sharpness with this lens that focuses quickly.

With it feeling like a solid construction all thanks to its metal skin, this is a good lens to settle for.

You will find the stabilization very useful especially if you don’t make use of tripods but instead take pictures from planes, cars, and trains.

This stabilization comes in handy when you are shooting in low light and need a slower shutter speed for lowering the ISO.


  • Lightweight and compact super sharp lens
  • Fast autofocus
  • Great for vlogging
  • Wide-angle lens for zooming
  • Great for ocean images and landscapes


  • Might be a bit pricey

12. Sony SEL1655G (16-55mm) Alpha APS-C Lens – Excellent quality lens


Product Features:

  • Circular 9-blade aperture
  • XD linear motor
  • Standard zoom
  • 2 aspherical and advanced aspherical elements

The Sony SEL1655G APS-C Alpha lens features a standard zoom 16-55mm focal length for superior corner-to-corner image resolution.

It also features a maximum constant f2.8 aperture to maintain the depth and exposure of your object of interest.

And with a circular 9-blade aperture, you are sure of getting awesome images every time.

Additionally, it comes with XD linear motor to give you a precise, fast, and quiet autofocus and tracking.

This lens also suppresses aberration with the presence of 2 aspherical and 2 advanced aspherical elements.

Lightweight and compact, this lens with standard zoom and 16-55mm focal lengths only weighs 494g.

It is the best bet for anyone looking for an APS-C lens with a large aperture but still light enough to carry without jeopardizing the quality of images.

This G lens advanced design helps in suppressing reflections, abortion, ghosting as well as picture flaring.

You get that lovely bokeh effect every camera owner loves. Another plus, it also works with Sony a6000, a6300, a6400, and a6500 cameras.

The image quality is lovely and very sharp even in dimly-lit settings or poor lighting.

You sure cannot go wrong with this lens as it always delivers crisp and outstanding images.

You will notice high-resolution pictures with great details with this lens even if you crop it.


  • Super sharp images
  • Great results for vlogging and portraits
  • Fast image focusing
  • Programmable focus hold button


  • No Optical SteadyShot

13. Sony F3.5-5.6 (18-135mm) APS-C OSS Lens – Good daily walk-around lens


Product Features:

  • 2 ED glass and 1 aspherical element
  • 5 zoom magnifying capacity
  • Circular 7-blade aperture
  • OSS image stabilization

The Sony F3.5-5.6 APS-C lens features a versatile wide-range lens that produces beautiful and sharp corner-to-corner images.

It comes with a circular 7-blade aperture to help create the perfect bokeh effect.

The sharpness is enhanced by the presence of 2 ED glass and 1 aspherical element.

It also has the Sony Optical SteadyShot feature that helps for image stabilization for a high-quality video or image capturing.

This lens also offers quiet AF, precise, fast, impressive, and high-speed video.

It is a lightweight and compact zoom lens that is compatible with E-mount cameras.

Works pretty well with Sony a6000, a6300, a6400, and a6500 cameras.

With the Sony F3.5-5.6 lens, you can easily switch from autofocus to manual focus with the help of the AF/MF switch located on the side of this lens, giving you full control to capture what you want when you want it.

It also comes with a bayonet and petal shape hood type. It nicely fits in the palm of the hands and offers smooth zoom action.

Additionally, this lens features a close-up performance that is unique to Sony cameras and lens.

It has a maximum magnification of 0.29 and a 1.48 ft. minimum focus distance, making it ideal for macro, portrait, telephoto images, and more.

OSS, which is optical Steadyshot comes in handy when your hands are not stable enough to take those great shots.

It also creates the environment for brilliant image results regardless of the magnification.


  • Auto and manual focus button
  • Lightweight and compact
  • High image quality
  • Nice zoom capacity


  • May battle with a focus in poor light

14. Sony SEL30M35 (30mm) E-mount Lens – Great macro lens


Product Features:

  • Rear-focusing lens
  • Stepping internal motor
  • 30mm minimum and maximum focal length
  • Black color lens

From the stable of Sony comes the SEL30M35 e-mount fixed lens that produces beautifully sharp images.

It is exceptionally versatile and portable that you can use it for every day capturing.

It offers a working distance of exactly 9.75cm (minimum) and 1.1 magnification.

The rear-focus design and the stepping internal motor of this lens make it a great lens for video capturing.

This lens is a high-performing compact and simple 7-element 6-group lens.

You can use it for different types of capturing like night snapshots, portraits, and even night shots made possible by the maximum aperture of this lens.

What you get are superb foreground and background blur.

It comes with a circular aperture which makes it possible to defocus the background for a bokeh effect.

The inbuilt gyro sensors detect the smallest movement so you don’t lose any detail.


  • Fast internal autofocusing
  • Quiet precision linear motor technology
  • Circular aperture for a bokeh effect
  • Wide variety use


  • Lens is not zoomable

15. Sony SEL1670Z (16-70mm) Vario-Tessar OSS Lens – Perfect for traveling


Product Features:

  • Focus distance (minimum) 1.15ft
  • OSS image stabilization
  • Anti-reflective coating with Zeiss T
  • Focal length (16-70mm)
  • Lens hood

And finally, we have come to the last but not the least lens you should think of getting when traveling.

The Sony SEL1670Z Vario-Tessar lens is a mid-range zoom E-mount compatible camera.

It works very well with APS-C cameras as well and has a focus distance (minimum) of 1.15ft and a magnification ratio (maximum) of 0.23x.

With a focal length of 16-70mm, you are sure to get awesome pictures even from far distances.

Made with high lens technology, the SEL1670Z is a compact lens with a 55mm filter diameter.

And yes, it comes with Sony’s OSS for image stabilization.

This comes in handy when you are not using a tripod or your hands are not stable.

It was coated to be anti-reflective with Zeiss’ technology and gives outstanding resolution and contrast on all parts of the image when zoomed.

The high-quality image of this lens is its hallmark. Featuring 4 aspherical elements and 1 ED glass element, you are sure of breathtaking shots anytime, anywhere.

The coating on this lens eliminates internal reflection, lens flare, and light scattering which is usually the case with glass-to-air surfaces.

What you get with this lens is a high contrast uniform image quality down to the edges.


  • Sharp edge to edge image
  • Awesome zooming ability
  • Constant f4 aperture
  • Gyro sensors to detect slight movements


  • Might have some issues with decentering

Buying considerations for Best Travel Lens for Sony A6000

Before buying the best travel lens for the Sony a6000 camera, here are important things to look out for:

Focal range versatility

It is important you decide even before you buy a lens whether you should be going for a lens that has a wide focal range.

A versatile focal range lens will accommodate more shots than one that is limited in range.


The weight is definitely something you should worry about, especially if you will be doing a lot of traveling with it.

You don’t want a lens that is too heavy or takes up a lot of space in your box. The lighter and more compact the better.

Lens stabilization

The Sony a6000 and most of the other 6000 variants do not come with inbuilt image stabilization.

Having a lens that comes with OSS (Optical SteadyShot) will make your life so much better.

Not only will it come in handy if your hands are not always stable when taking shots, but will also help when you want the shutter speed to go slower.

It’s also great for a telephoto lens.

Aperture wideness

Another important thing to consider when buying the best travel lens for the Sony a6000 is the wideness of the lens aperture.

There is a need to answer the question of whether you will be using the lens only for outdoor or a mix of indoors too.

Shooting indoors especially in a poorly-lit room calls for a lens with a wider aperture.

If your traveling involves taking pictures of art galleries, castles, buildings, or anywhere that may not have enough light, consider a wide aperture lens.

Moisture and dust resistance

Some of the Sony lens we listed above is moisture and dust resistant making them the perfect lens to use outdoors.

It might not really mean so much, but you will appreciate it over the long-term use of your lens.

Type of travel

Some lenses are better situated for some forms of traveling than others. This is why it is important to consider what type of travel you intend to use the lens for.

For landscape photography and other outdoor activities, you might want to consider a focal range lens that is wide and is also a telephoto lens.

A prime lens will work for shots taken on the streets or in cities.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Travel Lens for Sony a6000

In this section, we shall provide answers to some of the questions we receive regarding the best travel lens for Sony a6000.

What lens is compatible with A6000 camera?

Sony a6000 cameras make use of E-mount lenses which are designed for the APS-C sensor it comes with.

Lenses marked FE-mount can also go with Sony mirrorless full-frame cameras.

Which lens works best with the Sony A6000?

While many lenses that are compatible with Sony a6000 will work very well, the best performing lens for it so far is the Sony Alpha F4.5-6.3 (70-350mm) Super-Telephoto Lens.

It is lightweight and compact, renders precise, fast, and perfect capturing.

It also gives a beautiful bokeh effect, has gyro sensors among many other features that set it apart from the pack.

Which is better for the Sony a6000? E-mount or Fe-mount lens?

Both of them work very well for Sony a6000 camera but FE-mount offers better quality than that of E-mount.

And the FE-lenses come at a much higher price. However, you can still achieve high-quality shots with E-mount lenses.

What is special about the circular aperture lens?

A circular aperture lens helps in blurring out the light that could affect the quality of your image.

It is also a good feature if you want to achieve a beautiful bokeh effect. The higher the number of blades of the circular aperture the better.

Does all Sony a6000 lens come with optical SteadyShot?

No, they don’t. The lenses may look alike but they certainly don’t have the same features.

And Optical SteadyShot (OSS) can come in handy in different kinds of ways.

You will need it for when your hands are not stable enough to capture precisely. And it is also good for when you need to slow your shutter speed.

Are Sony a6000 cameras water-resistant?

No, they are not, but you can get lenses that are moisture and dust resistant.

If you need to protect your camera against rain and wetness, you might need to get a pouch for it.

Final Thoughts!

Now that you know the best travel lens for the Sony a6000, you shouldn’t have a problem choosing one out of the 15 models above.

And remember that a good lens is actually what makes the camera regardless of whether it is a6000, a6300, a6400, or a6500.

You may need to spend a little more to get the best lens for your camera than try to save cost and end up with a lens that will need to be replaced in a short time.

We hope you enjoyed our review. And if you have any questions, please do well to leave them in the comment section below

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