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Top 12 Best Ozone Generator Review – Buying Guide[2021]

Everyone would want to get the best ozone generator that fits their requirements, but finding a suitable model is always challenging. Ozone generators work by producing ozone gas to eliminate odor or improve air quality.

Different ozone generators offer various capacities depending on their ratings (mg/h) of producing Ozone.

Among the brands available in the market, the Enerzen Commercial Ozone Generator currently tops the list.

According to Ozone Generator Outlets reports, many customers prefer the model because of its minimalist design, affordability, and effectiveness in odor or smoke elimination.

Let’s look at the list below.


Top 12 Best Ozone Generator Review

01. Best Overall: Enerzen Commercial Ozone Generator 6,000mg


Highlighted features

  • Portable and lightweight design
  • Durable aluminum casing
  • 6000 mg/h capacity
  • Ergonomic handle
  • 180-minute timer
  • Ceramic Ozone plates
  • Stainless-steel filter (washable)

The currently best ozone generator is equipped with a larger fan, giving the device a capacity to produce and distribute over 6,000 mg of Ozone and sterilize larger spaces.

With its lightweight and compact design, the ozone generator is highly portable and requires low maintenance.

Thus, the powerful odor-eliminating generator is more versatile and can be used anywhere, including in a car, office, or home.

Its ergonomic folding handle allows users to carry the generator easily from one place to another.

Users can use the 180-minute timer and hold function to control the treatment period with minimal monitoring.

Durability is another factor that makes many people love the Enerzen Commercial Ozone Generator.

The generator is equipped with long-lasting Ceramic Ozone plates, which are replaceable and easy-to-maintain.

Its powder-coated aluminum alloy body allows easy cleaning, giving the ozone generator durability.

Users can easily clean up the generator by wiping off grease or stains.

Interestingly, this powerful Enerzen Commercial Ozone generator is eco-friendly and affordable equipment that uses less energy and saves on costs.


  • Affordable and cost-effective
  • Highly portable
  • Easy to maintain or clean
  • Up to 4000 sq. ft cleaning coverage (large rooms)
  • Durable
  • Consumes less energy


  • Noisy during operation
  • The replaceable plates are expensive

02. Best for Commercial Spaces: Airthereal MA10K-PRODIGI Digital Ozone Generator 10,000mg/hr.


Highlighted features

  • High capacity (10000 mg/h)
  • Digital/LCD
  • Up to 12-hour timer
  • Ceramic honeycomb plate
  • Simple setup and operation (5 control buttons)
  • 304-grade stainless-steel casing
  • Cycle mode for every 12/24 hours

It is difficult to remove odor with lower capacity ozone output effectively; a big ozone generator with a high capacity to produce Ozone is necessary.

This Airthereal model has an output capacity of 10,000 mg/h, and it makes it suitable for larger commercial spaces.

Also, users do not require setting the generator occasionally; it comes with a 12/24-hour cycle mode, which can be set once.

It will activate the ozone generator to run for 30 minutes after every 12 or 24 hours.

The ozone generator is made of high-grade stainless steel, making it sturdier and more durable.

Its rugged handle offers sufficient grip, making it easy to move the generator around.

The LCD display and five buttons allow easy monitoring and control of the interface, respectively.

With an extra-long timer of up to 12 hours, the ozone generator can effectively eliminate harsh odor.

Moreover, users can control ozone distribution using the five-speed fan and clean up to 6000 sq. ft.


  • Digital display for adjusting the timer
  • Comparatively lightweight (7 pounds)
  • Longer service life (20,000 hours)
  • Able to remove the toughest odor due to its high capacity
  • Allows regulation of ozone distribution through the 5-speed fan
  • Simple setup


  • Relatively pricey
  • Replacing Ceramic honeycomb plate is expensive

03. Best for Buck: Ivation Portable Ozone Generator 600mg/h


Highlighted features

  • Highly-portable design
  • Output of 600 mg/h
  • Programmable timer
  • Stone diffusers
  • Lightweight (1.5 pounds)
  • LCD display
  • Multipurpose application

The immensely versatile Ozone generator is designed to operate in multiple settings.

It weighs about 1.5 pounds and has a minimalist design, which makes it highly portable.

The compact-sized unit can impressively provide an Ozone gas output of 600 mg per hour.

With this Ivation Portable Ozone Generator, a user can eliminate odor, purify water, and remove airborne particles from vegetables and fruits, thus keeping them fresh for an extended period than usual.

The programmable timer allows users to customize the Ozone generator for different applications.

It comes with stone diffusers that ease purification of any kind and achieve fast results.

Although it has a small size, the Ivation portable Ozone generator is powerful enough to eliminate bacteria while removing stubborn odors.

Its portability comes in handy for many people who want to carry this Ozone generator to their office spaces or anywhere, purifying water and sanitizing food is required.

After programming your Ivation Portable Ozone generator, the LCD display with an on and off button will allow users to monitor the remaining time during a particular application.

It is a chemical-free multipurpose unit that delivers powerful performance and purification.


  • It offers multiple applications
  • 5 to 30 minutes timer for effective cleaning
  • Travel-friendly unit
  • Capable of removing odors and bacteria


  • It can only clean small spaces; the small size and output are not suitable for larger rooms.

04. Best Budget: VIVOSUN Industrial Commercial Ozone Generator, 10000mg/h O3 Air Purifier


Highlighted Features

  • High Ozone output (10000 mg/h)
  • Service life 20000 hours
  • 2 ceramic plates
  • 120-minute timer
  • Large fan & heat sink
  • Lightweight 7.6 lb.
  • Coverage area up to 2,000 sq. ft

The commercial-designed Ozone generator offers many excellent properties, guaranteeing easy and safe functioning.

It comes with two ceramic plates and an enormous fan.

Ceramic plates are designed to ensure efficient ozone gas production, while the fan and heat sink prevents the Ozone generator from overheating.

With a treatment area of up to 2000 sq. ft. and releasing 10000 mg of Ozone per hour, the sterilization unit can enhance the air quality in larger spaces.

If the service life of ceramic plates lapses, users can remove and replace them.

The hold feature on its timer allows the user to operate the Ozone generator non-stop.

It also comes with a strong handle, which, with the Ozone generator’s lightweight of 7.6 lb., makes the unit portable and easy to move from one room to another.


  • Timer with a hold option for safer operation
  • An enormous fan to prevent overheating
  • Larger, replaceable ceramic plates
  • Portable and lightweight design


  • 120 minutes may not be adequate for larger spaces with a strong odor
  • High maintenance
  • Replacing ceramic plates is costly

05. New Comfort 6 Stage UV Ozone Generator


Highlighted Features

  • 6-tier filtration
  • HEPA filter & 5-speed powerful fan
  • Suitable for cars, hotels, salons, restaurants, etc.
  • Tio2 and UV cleaning systems
  • Captures 99.97 percent of airborne organisms

The New Comfort generator has been gaining popularity among users recently.

The cleaner uses 6-tier filtration to capture and eliminate all kinds of airborne particles.

It consists of a HEPA filter and a powerful five-speed fan, making the ozone generator suitable for up to 3,000 sq. ft cleaning coverage.

With the aid of the powerful fan, the HEPA filter can capture 99.97 percent of all forms of unwanted particles.

It also uses Tio2 and UV systems along with Ozone release to remove bacteria, viruses, and mold spores.

Thus, it is a reliable option for cleaning labs, salons, hotels, etc.


  • Powerful filtration system
  • Cleaning coverage of up to 3,000 sq. ft
  • Tio2 and UV systems are powerful to eliminate the toughest micro-organisms and particles
  • Powerful 5-speed fan for controlling ozone distribution


  • Low capacity of ozone production
  • Relatively heavier (10 pounds)

06. WSTA Ozone Generator Air Purifier 400mg/h


Highlighted Features

  • 400 mg/h Ozone output
  • Compact and portable design
  • Multipurpose purifying unit
  • LCD screen
  • Timer with 6-adjustable levels
  • Lightweight (1.95 pounds)

This Ozone generator is designed with compact size and high versatility.

The LCD display allows monitoring application time and easy operation by the user.

WSTA air-purifying unit is efficient in energy consumption; it requires 110v voltage to operate, and it can produce up to 400 mg of Ozone in an hour.

The six levels of timer programming from 5 to 30 minutes allows users to set specific air-cleaning time.

With its lightweight and compact design, the Ozone generator is travel friendly, and it can easily be carried around.

The multipurpose unit can be used in a private room, kitchen, office, hunting, car, etc., and is suitable for cleaning the air, purifying water, utensils, fruits, and vegetables.


  • Easy-to-use LCD screen
  • Consumes low energy
  • Portable
  • Timer for controlling the operation


  • Low output

07. Best Allergen Remover: Green Air Pro 2 Plate HEPA Alpine Air Purifier Ozone Generator


Highlighted Features

  • 2 purifier plates
  • UV lamp system
  • Photocatalytic filter
  • HEPA filter
  • Digital LCD display
  • Timer (intervals of 30 to 45 minutes for 3 hours)

HEPA Alpine Air unit consists of two purifier plates that offer two-times the purification power in a smaller space than other competing models.

This unit comes with a UV lamp system, pre-filter, HEPA filter, and photocatalytic filter to obtain the best filtration results.

Generator sucks in contaminated air from its back end and passes it through the three-tier filtering system; thus, purifying the air in the application space.

The filters capture all forms of airborne particulates.

Its application coverage area is up to 3500 sq. ft, and it is suitable for residential rooms, small offices, among many more.

The backlit LCD display enables users to view and know the air quality passed through the Ozone generator.

Users can set the timer in intervals of 30 to 45 minutes to facilitate Ozone to reconvert back to clean oxygen.


  • The filters capture and remove as small as 0.3-micron particles
  • HEPA treatment along with anion emitters capture suspended airborne particles


  • It is heavier, weighing 17.56 pounds

08. WSTA Portable Ozone Generator, Multipurpose Ozone Machine with Timer for Home, Office, Hunting


Highlighted Features

  • Output of 500 mg/h
  • LCD screen
  • Timer consisting of 6 control levels
  • Energy efficient
  • Lightweight (2.25 lbs.)
  • Wall- mountable hole
  • Portable design

This portable Ozone generator comes as the most stylish and versatile odor-eliminating unit, with an output rate of 500 mg/h.

The versatile Ozone generator is used to purify water and eliminate odor in the air.

Like the other WSTA model, this Ozone generator also has six adjustable levels in its timer, from 5 to 30 minutes for setting purification time.

Its lightweight, weighing 2.25 lbs., and compact-size design makes the generator highly portable to carry around, making it one of the best ozone generators for hunting.

A wall-mountable hole makes the installation of the unit more convenient.

With the LCD screen, the operation of this Ozone generator is easy.

It requires a 110v/60 Hz voltage to operate, making it a more efficient unit based on energy consumption.


  • Energy-saving Ozone generator
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Timer for controlling purifying time using six intervals from 5 to 30 minutes
  • A wall-mountable hole for easy setup


  • Prone to overheating
  • Noisy when operating

09. Ivation 5-in-1 HEPA Air Purifier & Ozone Generator, Ionizer & Deodorizer


Highlighted Features

  • All-in-one Air purifier
  • Removable fan grill
  • 2 Ozonator control knobs
  • Wooden casing or cherry wood exterior
  • Several-layer design
  • Negative ion technology
  • Designed with several layers

The Ozone generator uses all in one option to purify the air from airborne particulate.

It is a suitable unit for individual rooms and office spaces.

This machine operates using ION technology that produces cations for effective removal of dust, mold spores, etc.

Moreso, the electrical charge of HEPA Air Purifier created in the process converts oxygen to ozone gas for sanitizing food and removing odor.

Multilayer design of the unit: Ozonator, Photocatalytic filter, activated carbon filter, HEPA filter, and UV germicidal lamp combine well to provide maximum purification.


  • Easy to clean (removable fan grill)
  • Control knobs allow adjustment of fan speed
  • The multilayer design provides the cleanest air
  • A coverage area of up to 3700 sq. ft


  • Low capacity
  • Weighty (17.46 pounds)

10. ELINP Industrial Ozone Generator 10,000 mg/h High Capacity Commercial Ozone Machine


Highlighted Features

  • 120-minute timer
  • Metal casing
  • High output capacity (10,000 mg/h)
  • Coverage area of about 2000 sq. ft
  • Digital LCD screen

The high capacity Ozone generator is a suitable option for removing odor in hotels, farms, and individual rooms.

Moreover, the timer can be set to operate the machine for up to 120 minutes when it turns off automatically, and the application space should be unoccupied during operation.

The metal casing gives the machine capability to endure physical damage and operate for a more extended period.

A strong handle allows users to carry the unit from one operation space to another easily.


  • Hold function to run the machine non-stop for wider coverage area
  • LCD screen for easy operation
  • No-clean ceramic ozone board
  • Compact design that fits many places


  • 120 minutes may be too low for larger places

11. Industrial Ozone Generator 10,000 mg/h


Highlighted Features

  • Metal casing
  • Output of 10000 mg/h
  • LCD display
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Timer with a hold function

This industrial-designed model produces a high Ozone level thanks to its output capacity of 10,000 mg per hour.

It is practical to eliminate odor and can be used anywhere. It comes with a metal casing, which can be used for an extended period.

The ceramic ozone board has a lifespan of about five years and can freely be replaced (once) after its service life expiry.

The timer (120 minutes) can be set automatically to operate from 10 minutes onwards but not exceeding 2 hours. The digital LCD screen makes the operation of the machine easy.


  • Suitable for many places like hospitals, hotels, warehouses, carpet cleaning, etc.
  • A strong handle for carrying around the unit easily
  • Compact design
  • A  hold function for running the machine non-stop
  • High ozone output


  • Overheat if runs for too long

12. Best for Car: Alpine Air Commercial Ozone Generator – 10,000 mg/h


Highlighted Features

  • Strong handle
  • Light and portable design
  • 10000 mg/h output
  • Replaceable Ozone plates
  • No need for a filter
  • 6000-hour service life
  • Quick Access Holder for easy removal of plates during cleaning

The Alpine Air Commercial Ozone generator is one of the best ozone generators for a car.

With an improved design, the ozone generator provides a powerful ozone output of 10,000 mg/h.

The Ozone generator uses a unique process to create Ozone for charging electrical currents in oxygen.

The Ozone produced breaks down odor and other airborne particles.

However, this generator does not use filter(s), and it comes with 6000-hour service life.

Once the service life lapses, the ozone plates must be replaced to ensure sustained high ozone output.

It is a heavy-duty ozone generator whose compact design makes it usable anywhere.

However, the unit is the perfect option for sanitizing offices, cars, homes, and commercial settings.

A sturdy and durable handle makes allows easy moving of the unit to different locations.


  • Capable of removing odor in both small and large spaces
  • It is a powerful machine
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Made of aluminum and sturdy handle.


  • Timer is limited to only 2 hours
  • Replacement of plates is pricey

How We Picked Best Ozone Generator

With all the best options described above, the next thing is to understand the properties of the Ozone generator to know what product is suited for different needs.

Deciding on which ozone generator to purchase is not simple.

However, through research, a user can find the perfect generator with convenient features fitting his/her needs.

Product features vary considerably from one Ozone generator to another, and users usually look for specific properties of the item from which they can generate maximum benefits.

However, it is impossible to get an Ozone generator that suits all applications; thus, a customer should analyze his requirements before purchasing.

In this paper, the task has been eased up by discussing the factors one needs to consider before buying an Ozone generator.

Through this buying guide, customers can read in detail and choose the best ozone generator with the features they need in their application.

Below are essential considerations to keep in mind if purchasing an Ozone Generator:

Capacity or Ozone Output

Each Ozone generator comes with its capacity, its capability to release and distribute ozone gas.

Generally, Ozone generators are capacitated or rated based on the amount of Ozone it can release to the surrounding every hour.

The output is determined in milligrams per hour (mg/h).

Reliable ozone generators produce a minimum of 350 mg/h, but commercial brands can release up to 12,000 mg per hour.

The higher the capacity, the more comprehensive the area coverage the generator can air-purify.

Generators with lower output are suitable for smaller spaces like offices and individual rooms.

Commercial spaces like hotels require larger ozone generators with higher output to effectively improve air quality.

Moreover, a high capacity Ozone generator can be used in a small room to get excellent results within a shorter time.


Every customer has a preference in the type of Ozone generator to use.

Different types of Ozone generators use various technologies to produce or distribute Ozone.

Therefore, it’s upon the customer to decide which technology and kind of Ozone generator fit his space’s requirements.

First, Ultraviolet ozone generators use UV light to split oxygen molecules and produce ozone gas.

They usually take a lot of time to produce Ozone; thus, UV Ozone generators are reliable options only for smaller spaces like bedrooms.

Second, Corona discharge uses an electric current to split oxygen molecules and produce Ozone.

They are robust and reliable options for larger areas.

However, Corona discharge generators require a significant amount of power to create electric fields.

Third, Cold plasma generators use cold plasma from adjacent neon tubes to split oxygen molecules to form ozone gas.

They don’t produce much heat like corona discharge generators, but they are heavy and pricey than other types.

Lastly, Electrolytic generators are mainly used for treating water. The generator creates an Ozone by splitting oxygen molecules in water.

Size and Weight

Most ozone generators come in small sizes except for larger ones, which are used in commercial settings.

The most common ozone generators weigh not more than 7 pounds.

With their compact and lightweight design, users can easily fit them in their rooms or car interiors.

Their compact-size design and lightweight also make them more portable to move from one location to another.

Ozone generators also come in handy for those on business trips; people can travel with them to their odor-filled hotel rooms.


Ozone generators, on the downside, can pose health risks if misused.

Ozone gas, which is the main factor in eliminating odor, is a pollutant and can harm users’ health.

Chest pain, shortness of breath, or irritation of respiratory organs are conditions one suffers if he/she is exposed to Ozone.

Safety issues must be a priority when you want to purchase the best ozone generator for home use.

Therefore, it is essential to operate an ozone generator when no one is around.

All reliable Ozone generators come with timers to allow users to program them to perform at specific times and turn off automatically.

However, after the operation, it is recommended to wait about an hour for Ozone to dissipates.

Coverage area

Coverage area is one of the most important factors; it determines the generator’s application.

Generators with small coverage areas are only suitable for smaller spaces; they are not sufficient for larger rooms.

Ozone generators with broader coverage are reliable for cleaning the air in many locations like offices, living rooms, and other commercial settings.

Thus, getting an ozone generator with a broader scope can offer versatility in the application, which is an added advantage.


Ozone plates and filters may require maintenance or cleaning time after time.

Many ozone generators come with removable plates for easy cleaning.

Cleaning plates regularly will ensure the generator achieves top performance and keeps the plates for a more extended period.

Features and Reliability

Ozone generators come with features that allow users to operate them with ease.

Output control with a fan for distributing ozone gas during application.

The timer is also an essential feature for controlling when and how long the ozone generator will operate.

Other generators come with remote controls for controlling from a distance.

Also, sizeable commercial ozone generators consist of filters that capture and remove airborne particulate.

The ozone generator’s reliability will depend on its quality, durability, features, certification, etc.,

And a buyer must look into all these things; otherwise, he/she may end up with an unreliable unit.

Service Life

Talking of service life, it’s the unit’s overall capability to produce and distribute ozone gas in the atmosphere within the space.

Ozone generators use an Ozone sheet, which has a limited lifespan.

After the Ozone sheet’s life period expires, the Ozone generator will not release ozone gas into space.

Service life is usually given in hours, and it determines the overall time the generator was operating.

However, after the expiry of service life, the Ozone sheet should be replaced.


The price of a product determines customers’ power to purchase it.

The ozone generator may have the best features and all things that can offer effective odor-elimination.

Still, the final decision will be determined by the size of the customer’s pocket.

However, most Ozone generators are priced from 22 to 200 USD.

For the compact Ozone generators suitable for small spaces, a customer will need to pay between 22 to 50 USD.

Commercial-designed Ozone generators with control mechanisms and filter systems can cost about 100 to 200 USD or more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Ozone Generator

The frequently asked questions can provide useful information to understand Ozone generators better and make the perfect decision to purchase the best ozone generator.

Information like using the Ozone generator safely can be obtained here; therefore, it is essential to consider reading the FAQs and their answers.

What is Ozone?

Ozone (O3) is a strong sterilizer, a highly charged oxygen molecule.

Around the earth’s surface, Ozone is an oxidizer that keeps the air fresh for breathing, while in the atmosphere, it acts as a protective layer to protect the earth from direct ultraviolet rays from the sun.

The additional oxygen atom in an ozone molecule is loosely bonded, and it searches for contaminants.

Are Air purifiers and Ozone generators the same?

Ozone generators are designed to create and distribute ozone gas.

The released ozone gas purifies the air and sanitizes all things around the operation space.

Air purifiers are equipped with filters to capture and remove air contaminants before releasing the air into the room.

How can one safely operate an ozone generator?

Operating an ozone generator need carefulness. Space needs to be cleaned up first to remove the odor source from the room, and close windows and doors.

Set the ozone generator on using the timer and adjust the treatment period based on application space and odor level.

For effectiveness in a larger area, turn on the HOLD button to run the generator non-stop.

During the treatment, the site should be unoccupied; set the timer, and leave the room.

Therefore, it is recommended to purchase an ozone generator with a timer that shuts automatically if its operation is scheduled.

Ozone takes time to disappear, so it is advisable to wait for about an hour after the operation period lapses before reentering the room.

What is the lifespan of ozone generators?

Ozone generators have an average lifespan of about three years.

However, the lifespan is dependent on efficient use and how a user regularly cleans ozone plates.

Therefore, maintenance of the machine is an essential factor to determine its lifespan.

Is Ozone harmful?

Ozone is not only harmful to humans and pets, but it can also affect indoor plants.

Exposure to ozone gas poses serious health risks to humans, such as chest pains, throat inflammation, and other respiratory issues.

Children, the elderly, and asthmatic individuals are vulnerable to this gas, and it can severely harm them.

How can one set an ozone generator to operate in an unoccupied space?

As we know that Ozone is harmful, space MUST be unoccupied during operation.

Almost all ozone generators come with easy-to-use timers.

The timer can be set depending on the type of Ozone generator and its time specifications, or keep the unit on using the HOLD button.

Specify the operation time before leaving the room, and ensure no people or pets in the space when the generator is working.

Treatment periods are approximated depending on the size of the room.

What kind of maintenance does an Ozone generator require?

Maintenance is crucial for any device to achieve peak performance over an extended period.

With Ozone generators, maintenance mainly involves the ceramic plates.

The plates need to be cleaned periodically, after every three months or before, depending on usage frequency and operational environment.

The ceramic plates are mostly removable; thus, it is unnecessary to disassemble the entire unit during cleaning.

How long do ozone plates last?

Ozone plates usually last for years, but their service lives are determined in hours, from 5,000 to 20,000 hours.

However, the service life can be reduced or increased based on the level of maintenance.

After the lapse of service life, or when output is lower, it is advisable to replace the plates to ensure optimal ozone gas production.

Remember, environmental factors also influence ozone production duration; therefore, read the instructions carefully and store the ozone generator is recommended.

How does Ozone important in removing odors?

Odors are caused by airborne contaminants, smoke, or dust.

With its unstable oxygen atom, the Ozone encounters and oxidizes the particles within the operation space.

It is a sufficient odor-removing gas because it circulates the operation area and oxidizes the sources, making it impossible for them to produce odor further.

How do generators work?

Ozone generators are designed with plates that aid in splitting oxygen molecules into atoms.

The free oxygen atoms then attach with other oxygen molecules to form an Ozone in the air.

However, different companies or brands use different technologies in designing Ozone generators and accomplish the air purification process differently.

For example, Corona discharge generators use electric current to create Ozone, while Ultraviolet ozone generators use UV radiation to form Ozone.

Therefore, choose the perfect model with the right technology to achieve powerful purification based on the space.


Ozone generators are useful tools that are powerful in neutralizing odor, and they have become familiar to many people, especially in commercial settings.

These units can eliminate smells in a space and reduce contaminants into non-harmful particles.

Ozone gas is harmful, and it’s upon the user to follow safety measures during operation to avoid health risks.

Acquiring the best ozone generator will save time, costs, and leave the best cleaning results.

Hence, the above options and buying considerations, and FAQs are provided to guide customers in purchasing.

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