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Top 15 Best Mechanical Pencil For Drawing Review – Buyer’s Guide[2021]

If you need the best mechanical pencil for drawing that would be suitable for you, then this review has them. Here are several options that help the drawing process go seamlessly and easier.

With all the best mechanical pencils for writing and drawing reviewed in this post, you can find it easy to make a suitable choice.

Note, these are not traditional pencils, and they would not function the same way.

From the rOtring mechanical pencils to the Pentel GraphGear and a lot more designs are available for you.

Top-selling List of Best Mechanical Pencil For Drawing & Writing

Rotring[writing & drawing]
Pentel[ professionals & enthusiasts]
BIC[student & standardized tests]
Paper Mate Check Price
WSD[ Innovative work]
Uni[For writing]
Rotring[For all sketching, writing & drawing]
Pentel[General & Technical writing]
Paper Mate[For student]
Pentel [For writing]
Pentel [Gift Set]

What is the best mechanical pencil for drawing?

The rOtring 600 0.5 mm black barrel is the best available mechanical pencil for drawing.

It has a metal build and also a brass mechanism that makes it reliable for use.

In this mechanical pencil, you also get a hexagonal body build that stops it from falling off a platform.

Top 15 Best Mechanical Pencil For Drawing Review

01. rOtring 600 0.5mm Black Barrel Mechanical Pencil


Highlighted features:

  • Complete metal builds.
  • Uses a brass mechanism.
  • They are shaped hexagonally.
  • Has a fixed lead guide.
  • Comes with a lead hardness indicator.

The rOtring 600 mechanical pencil is a remarking tool for drawing as it offers users a high level of weight balance.

This is done with the help of the metal properties that make up the frame.

With the design, you can conveniently engage in fatigue drawing and writing.

For situations where there is a need for a rapid level of identification when drawing, this mechanical pencil comes in handy.

It has a precision lead enhancement feature that helps in this function. They are all enabled by a brass mechanism included in the design.

To prevent the mechanical pencil from easily slipping down your drawing tables, it has a hexagonal shape.

This creates a bit of obstruction, but that’s not all. It has a metallic grip zone that makes it easier to work with for long hours.


  • Doesn’t roll of drawing tables.
  • Has erasers that don’t leave a mess.
  • Comes with a great weight balance.
  • Fits perfectly in the hands.


  • May not withstand a fall.

02. Pentel GraphGear 1000 Mechanical Pencil


Highlighted features:

  • Has a retractable tip.
  • Comes with latex-free pads.
  • Designed specifically for drawing.
  • Designed to be refillable.
  • Self-sharpening pencil.

Pentel GraphGear 1000 is a mechanical pencil design that comes with a chiseled metallic grip.

This helps users handle the pencil properly and with ease while drawing.

More so, this mechanical pencil type is also a soft pad that is free from latex, and it aids in comfort as well.

Another feature placed for the comfort of the user in this product is the dual-action retractor.

It does a job of going in and then retracting the tip of the pencil for easy use.

“However, the Pentel GraphGear’s plastic tubes were not designed to withstand pressure. This makes it easy for it to break when force is applied.”

When it runs out of lead, you don’t need to be stuck as it can be refilled.

The Pentel Super Hi-Polymer Lead can works in this fashion as it is compatible with the mechanical pencil.


  • Doesn’t need re-sharpening.
  • Comes with a chiseled grip.
  • It can be easily refilled.
  • Has a dual retractor feature.


  • Plastic tube may get sheared.

03. BIC Xtra-Strong Mechanical Pencil


Highlighted features:

  • Allows intense use.
  • Designed for drawing.
  • Offers durability.
  • Break-resistant lead.
  • No resharpening.

To allow users to work for a long time without compromised quality, the Bic Xtra-Strong comes in handy.

It comes in a thick design that ensures the lead can hold for an extended period of usage.

Though the leads are thick, they can still be cleaned easily with an eraser.

The Bic Xtra-Strong doesn’t smudge while in use and is designed to be break-resistant.

This makes the mechanical pencil one that is great for durability.

“Still, you may notice that if you try scanning the drawing it wouldn’t look dark enough. This is a flaw that is noticeable in the mechanical pencil.”


  • Great for heavy usage.
  • It never needs to be re-sharpened.
  • Increases the level of accuracy.
  • Doesn’t break easily.


  • They aren’t dark enough.

04. Paper Mate Clearpoint Color Lead Mechanical Pencils


Highlighted features:

  • Adds vibrance to drawing.
  • Has a jumbo eraser.
  • Offers a comfortable grip.
  • Has translucent barrels.
  • Comes as a set (All of the different colors).

If you always wanted a complete set of pencils to aid in your drawing, then the Paper Mate Clearpoint is a great choice.

It has pencils of different colors that can be used when drawing. Note, they are also erasable.

With the Paper Mate Clear point, you get to add a bit of vibrancy to the drawing itself.

The several colors in the set can be used in highlighting parts of the drawing.

This allows you as an artist to have more creative expressions in your drawing.

In this pencil set comes a jumbo eraser that can correct any mistakes made while drawing.

It also promises a more comfortable level of grip while in use.

“You have to be a bit careful while applying force on this pencil, the leads may break off easily.”


  • Comes in different colors.
  • Has a jumbo eraser.
  • Offers a more comfortable grip.
  • Gives your drawing more creativity.


  • Leads break easily.

05. WSD Mechanical Pencils, Magnetic Control


Highlighted features:

  • Has a pencil refill.
  • They are designed innovatively.
  • Includes a magnetic ring.
  • Made with aviation-grade aluminum.
  • Lightweight design.

When you consider the WSD Mechanical pencil, you have one of the most innovative designs available for drawing.

The mechanical pencil has several features that have been improved to give a drawing experience.

In this mechanical pencil design is a morganatic ring.

With this, you can have more control over the pencil than you already have.

All you need to do with the ring is slide through it and select your pencil’s desirable length.

It also has a soft touch feature that comes with its design.

This is enabled by the airplane grade aluminum used in making the frame.

With this, you get a functional, simple, and yet fashionable mechanical pencil for your drawing.

At the pencil, the core is the adequate protection to ensure the mechanical pencil is durable. It is designed to pay attention to all details when drawing.


  • Comes with a soft touch feature.
  • Easy to carry about.
  • Designed with a magnetic ring.
  • The pencil is refillable.


  • The enclosed sharpener takes a Long.

06. Pilot Color Eno 0.7mm Automatic Color Set


Highlighted features:

  • Makes drawing smoother.
  • Comes with a modern design.
  • Has vibrant colors.
  • Comes as a set.
  • Easily erasable.

Pilot Color designed the automatic color set to allow you to draw with a lot of diversity available.

There is a range of available colors that highlight the drawing in whatever manner that is desirable.

With this pencil, it is a lot easier and smoother to draw.

The frame of the automatic color set is built more like a traditional art pencil. So, it promises a better level of smoothness when making drawings.

When the colored leads are used on the drawing sheet, it can easily be erasable.

“Still, if you make the mark with the colored pencils more intense than usual, it is most likely to leave a faint mark when cleaned out.”


  • Comes with color variety.
  • Makes drawings smother.
  • Cleans off easily.
  • Offers creative allowance.


  • Leads are not easily replaceable.
  • Made with low-cost plastics.

07. Uni Mechanical Pencil Kuru Toga Roulette Model


Highlighted features:

  • Can be used for drawings.
  • Has a rotating lead feature.
  • Writes smoothly.
  • Makes consistent markings.
  • Aluminum gripping.

With the Uni Mechanical pencil comes a reliable tool that comes in handy when making drawings.

It allows for a smoother drawing experience and has several modern features infused in the design.

So, if you want a nice and functional pencil, this makes the list.

Also, you get the rotating lead feature in this mechanical pencil.

This adds style to your drawings as it makes your marks more consistent and faster.

Even if you are a pencil snob, this rotating feature is still commendable while in use.

“The only disappointing thing you may notice in this is the fact that the body is made of plastic. Still, the grip is aluminum. This makes reliable when you have to draw for a long time”.


  • Comes with a rotating lead feature.
  • Comes with an aluminum grip.
  • Works well when drawing.
  • Makes smother drawings.


  • Only works with specific leads.
  • Eraser cleans only small corrections.

08. Pentel Graph Gear 800 Mechanical Drafting Pencil


Highlighted features:

  • Has a metal grip.
  • Comes with an eraser cap.
  • Suitable for templates and rulers.
  • Superior drafting features.
  • Has latex-free pads.

Pentel GraphGear 800 is another mechanical pencil that you could use in drawing.

It is a metal grip that is soft and comfortable to use. This is enabled by pads that are made free of latex.

A problem with erasers accompanying mechanical pencils is that their erasers become dirty after extended exposure.

Well, the Pentel GraphGear 800 has an eraser cap that ensures dirt and dust are kept out of the area.

This is regarded as one of the best pencils for drawing and shading because it optimizes its barrel weight.

With this, you are certain of more control when using a pencil.

Also, the mechanical clips in the drafting pencil are made durable and can be relied on for repeated use.


  • Doesn’t require sharpening.
  • Offers users more control.
  • Has a metal grip for comfort.
  • Comes with an eraser cap.


  • The tip restricts smooth writing.
  • Unreliable retractor.

09. rOtring 1900184 800 Mechanical Touchscreen Stylus


Highlighted features:

  • Premium hybrid design.
  • More accuracy and control.
  • Fatigue free drawing.
  • Has a hexagonal barrel.
  • Works on graphic tablets.

If you want one of the best mechanical pencils for sketching, this premium hybrid is the right choice.

It makes for both a mechanical pencil for your drawings and a touchscreen stylus pencil.

This simply means you can make digital designs using these pencils.

However, It allows easy movement from paper to a graphics tablet or screen.

Another thing to note in this is that the pencil applies a retractable mechanism in its functions.

With this pencil, you also get a hexagonal barrel that allows you to make your drawings without dealing with fatigue.

The rOtring is one pencil that assures users of an improved level of control, speed, and accuracy.

You also don’t have to deal with the pencil rolling down tables as the body frame obstructs such movements.


  • Offers a better speed level.
  • Ensures fatigue-free writing.
  • Works on screens too.
  • Troll down tables.


  • The touchscreen may turn faulty.

10. Pentel Graphgear 1000 Automatic Drafting Pencil


Highlighted features:

  • Sturdy design.
  • It comes in a set (Five pencils)
  • Combines Knurled and soft pads.
  • Retractable lead feature.
  • Light weighing and handy.

Using this version of the Pentel Graphgear means you get a more sturdy and reliable drafting pencil for your drawings.

It is categorized as one of the best pencils for drawing and shading as it helps in color-coding.

With this, you get a more sturdy and comfortable pencil to use when drawing.

They combine soft pads and knurled metals to ensure it is reliable and easy on the fingers.

They could pass for silicone components. It also comes with a set of five pencils that have different widths.

“After purchasing, some users have complained to have received for pencils instead of five as advertised. Still, the available ones are still effective.”

A distinguishing feature of the Pentel Graphgear 1000 is that it has a retractable lead point tube.

This is useful when the pencil is not in use and needs to be stored.


  • Has a retractable tube.
  • Offers users more comfort.
  • Weighs so little.
  • They are designed with soft pads.


  • Has loose packaging.

11. Uni Core Keeps Sharp Mechanical Pencil.


Highlighted features:

  • Rotating lead design.
  • Quite a handy pencil.
  • It is made of metal.
  • Works on drawings.
  • Features slim leads (0.5mm).

With the Uni Core Keeps sharp mechanical pencil, you are offered a tool that can be used in drawings.

It is simple to use and does not cause any obstruction while drawing.

There is also a lead revolving mechanism that is embedded in the pencil’s design.

It functions by turning while you made marks with them. This would help improve the speed and ensure that no area is left unattended.

When it comes to the pencil frame, it is highly durable as it is made of metal all through.

The type of metal used is compared to those used in making guns.

“However, in the clip area it is plastic and this poses a problem. After using it for a long while, it could start peeling and then no longer look pleasing or even break.”


  • Can be used in drawing.
  • Allows for slimmer leads.
  • Has a metallic body.
  • Offers users more speed.


  • Too pricey.
  • The clip is not durable.

12. Paper Mate Mechanical Pencils, Write Bros


Highlighted features:

  • Works with strings.
  • Easily erases corrections.
  • Comes resistant to smudge.
  • Comes in a set of forty-eight.
  • Offers more lead (40%).

Paper mate mechanical pencils are the best mechanical pencils for sketching as the lead has a width of 0.7mm.

This makes it a standard choice for schools that teach or offer drawing lessons.

Unlike regular pencils that have the possibility of smudging, this one does not.

It is smudged resistant, which allows for a cleaner drawing at the end of the process. Also, you can clean out the corrections quite easily because of this feature.

Another significant feature of this mechanical pencil is that it is retractable when not in use.

They come with strings, and this string presses to either bring out the lead or take it in.

Also, this pencil comes as a complete drawing set as it has about forty-eight pencils in it.

They also have a variety of colors that could add taste to your drawing.


  • Comes as a complete set.
  • Makes use of strings.
  • It can be used in schooling.
  • Doesn’t smudge over.


  • Some came without strings.

13. Pentel GraphGear 500 Automatic Drafting Pencils


Highlighted features:

  • Offers a solid frame.
  • Great color coding.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Used for drawings.
  • Suitable for drafting.

As one of the various Pentel GraphGear mechanical pencils, this design promises to be sturdy and yet reliable to do the job.

The body of the pencil comes with a knurling that is commendable.

“Still, the Pentel GraphGear pencil has a round body plastic body. This is not as reliable as you would get with the metallic mechanical pencils already reviewed.”

They promise great color coding. This makes the drawing look a lot more real when scanned or photographed.

When it comes to comfort, this design also ensures that the users are comfortable while drawing.

This is done by creating a grip that is both reliable and soft when in use.


  • Comfortable to use.
  • The color coding is great.
  • Promises to be sturdy.
  • Works well when drafting.


  • Terrible packaging.

14. Pentel Sharp Kerry Mechanical Pencil (0.7mm)


Highlighted features:

  • Handcrafted design.
  • Offers more precision.
  • Has a removable cap.
  • Ideal for a gift.
  • Gives proper balance.

To give you a remarkable drawing experience, this mechanical pencil was handcrafted.

This means you have more precision while you draw, and the level of control is also improved as an artist.

Aside from these features, the Pentel Sharp Kerry Mechanical pencil has a removable cap.

This serves dual purposes. It could be an extension or just an aesthetical design that makes the pencil look good. You can choose to have this on the pencil or take it off totally.

If you always wanted a mechanical pencil that would be reliable enough to serve as a gift, then this is a choice for you.

It gives users the best quality in color and also offers more balance while drawing or even writing.

At the eraser, there is a provision for a refill. This is useful when the eraser finishes and the pencil is still in use.

So, the Pentel is a remarkable mechanical pencil that you can try out for your drawings.


  • Made to offer more precision.
  • Looks stylish and fashionable.
  • Comes with a removable cap.
  • Eraser is automatically refilled.


  • None at the moment.

15. Pentel Arts GraphGear 1000 Premium Gift Set


Highlighted features:

  • Improved level of drafting.
  • Pencil tip retracts.
  • Has a metallic grip.
  • Automatic sharpening.
  • Super strong leads.

The Pentel Arts GraphGear 1000 is a premium quality mechanical pencil that helps both drawing professionals and enthusiasts make better works.

The dark color of the leads is clear and can be easily seen when used on paper.

Aside from the color, it has a properly chiseled metallic grip that is built into the design.

Combining these with its latex pads, it wins a spot as one of the best mechanical pencils for drawing.

It is soft on the hands and makes it easier for you to draw with.

In the Pentel Arts GraphGear 1000 comes a dual-action retractor. This helps you take in the pencil tip or brings it out when in use.

“Still, there are users that don’t like the Pentel Arts GraphGear 1000 because the parts are not durable. This may cost you buying another one soon”.


  • Creates a clear mark.
  • Has a dual-action retractor.
  • Comes properly color-coded.
  • Improved level of drafting.


  • Not a durable design.

Best Mechanical Pencils for Drawing: Buyer’s Guide

When purchasing a mechanical pencil for drawing purposes, several things should be considered.

These things help guarantee that whatever pencil is being purchased has the most qualified to offer at the particular.

If you happen to purchase the wrong one, it could affect your drawing in the long run.

In this section, several factors need to be considered before making a choice of a mechanical pencil. Check them out below:


Every pencil is sized differently, and that affects its functions while in use.

Some are wide than the others, and others are simply narrow-mouthed pencils.

This affects the shading capacity of the pencil and the marks it is going to make on the drawing platform.

So, when choosing a mechanical pencil that would be used in drawing, you are to look out for the size.

This is affected by what you need to achieve and the width that is most convenient for you.

Another thing that the width of the pencil mouth or lead affects is the speed of your drawing.

In situations where you have to shade through an area, those with more width does it faster.

This then ends up saving them time and makes the drawing experience more appealing.

Note, always check out for the width of the pencil and cross-check it with your current need.


With this, you can cover a major area of the whole drawing process.

A good pencil purchase should be able to work on different things without needing another pencil.

Even though it is originally designed for drawing, it should also be able to write. This makes it easier to work with a pencil.

Also, some products are in this review have as many as forty different pens included.

Others still in this review have up to five colors that are readily available when drawing.

The advantage of this is that it boosts your creative flexibility.

You can now use the colors to create patterns, highlight your already completed drawing, and even draw itself.

So, when you are out on the market to purchase a mechanical pencil, check that it offers as much flexibility as possible.

This can be measured using the features describing them.

When it comes to versatility, some pencils can switch between drawing surfaces without facing problems.

Just as you would find in this review, there are mechanical pencils that have been optimized to work on screens and graphics tablets.


This review is up to fifteen of the best mechanical pencils for drawing, and they are all priced separately.

This could be reliant on two major things, they are:

  • Product materials.
  • Product brand.

When it comes to product material, this deals with all the physical things that were used in the making of this design.

Some are made of aluminum, and others are made of plastic.

For an aircraft-grade aluminum design frame, it is only normal that the pencil is pricier as they are expensive and of premium quality.

Those that are made of plastic bodies are also less expensive and are more affordable for various types of users.

As a buyer on the market for a suitable mechanical pencil, it is always better to go for one within your price range.

If you have an already sketched budget, then that should guide your search. However, ensure that you do not go too low as to avoid buying substandard pencils.

Buying substandard pencils could cause more harm than it does good in the long run.

This is because it would need replacement, and that would cost you an entirely new pencil all over.

Retraction abilities:

Getting a retractable lead design is always a good choice for maintenance.

This involves the pencil lead going back into the frame when the pencil is not in use.

The advantage of this is that it can now go back in when not in use and prevent it from breaking.

Broken leads can lead to replacements of the leads themselves, but it can be avoidable.

With the retractable design, you are assured of safety when the pencil is not in use.

So, check out this feature when purchasing a good mechanical pencil for drawing.

Body Pattern:

One of the major problems encountered when using traditional pencils when drawing is that it has a habit of rolling down.

This is because the pencil’s body is overly smooth and can glide over a flat surface like a drawing board.

Well, this can be eliminated when the pencil frame is placed in a way not to cause the pencil to roll through.

This is done with the hexagonal pattern used in designing the mechanical pencil’s bodily frame.

In this post, there are several of these types of mechanical pencils that you can choose from.

Since you do not want that problem, then the hexagonal patterns are most suitable.

Control level:

Every mechanical pencil has to be well controlled while drawing to achieve the maximum result from the whole process.

In this review, there are so many mechanical pencils that offer you control while using, and they are done with various means.

For example, the WSD Mechanical pencil makes use of a magnetic ring for control.

With this, users can adjust the size of the pencil to suit their hands.

Others give better grip handles and more. So, when selecting what works, one can easily control the movement while drawing.


Durability comes last on the list, but it is very important.

Ensure that it is made of reliable material when buying a mechanical pencil that can withstand tough times.

Best Mechanical Pencil For Sketching: Most Online Queries

Here are some of the questions asked by other customers, and you can learn from them. Check them out below:

How does a mechanical pencil help?

A mechanical pencil is a very reliable tool that you could use in making drawings and sketches.

They take the place of the traditional pencils that can be used in drawing for several reasons.

Some of these reasons are with the mechanism and how they aid normal processes.

Normally, you may need to keep sharpened with a sharpener to keep the tips sharp and effective while drawing.

The mechanical pencils have a way of sharpening themselves, which saves users the stress of dealing with this all on their own while drawing.

Another thing it does is giving users more control while it is being used.

The usual thing with a mechanical pencil is that the body has been well optimized and merged with the handling peculiarities.

So, mechanical pencils help cut down the work that users would have to do themselves.

What is the best mechanical pencil?

Several mechanical pencils are available for users on the market, and this review likewise.

They all serve the purpose of helping in drawing exercises.

However, the best mechanical pencil for drawing can be dicey to pick out.

It is almost impossible to have a best when you see all the various properties they offer and their uniqueness.

Still, on this review, the rOtring 600 mechanical pencil seems to be at the top-rated position.

This is major because it is one of the best pencils for drawing and shading that you may ever find.

The rOtring 600 mechanical pencil leaves no gaps when making marks, easy to handle, and offers more speed to the users.

So, if you need the best based on this review, then the rOtring 600 mechanical pencil makes a list. Otherwise, if you want based on the markets, you would need to do more research in that area.

Can you use mechanical pencils on screens?

Mechanical pencils are just automated pencils that function on paper.

They cannot be used on screens or graphic tablets to make drawings or sketches.

So, if you want one that would function for screen purposes, then it should be in your considerations when buying.

Using a mechanical pencil on your screen may ruin the screen and break the lead that naturally goes on paper.

More So, you would need to ensure that you do not make such a mistake.

This could cost you more money fixing the lead, screens, and any other thing that may malfunction due to such an experiment.

However, on rare occasions, are there mechanical pencils that can also double as one for screens and graphic tablets.

For example, the rOtring 1900184 800 touchscreen pencil can be for both purposes.

This does not make it less effective for one use and more effective than during another.

In general, the two functions are highly reliable and effective when drawing, sketching, or shading.

What is the average width of a mechanical pencil for drawing?

Averagely it is estimated that the width of a mechanical pencil for drawing should be 2mm.

This would allow for accurate marks to be made, and the process is smooth. Still, this may not be suitable for everyone in need of a mechanical pencil.

Drawing requires skills and technique, and they differ based on every artiste, so this makes the average width hard to know.

Users who would prefer the pencil mouth were slimmer and others would prefer it thicker.

So, the average width for a mechanical pencil is dependent on the person using it and the goal the person aims to achieve.

It is always best for something like shading that you go for a wider pencil as it makes it faster, but sketching requires the opposite.

Can a colored mechanical pencil be easily erased?

In this review alone, several colored pencils are presented and reviewed.

Among these pencils come erasers that are made to clean out their marks during corrections.

So, you can erase the marks made using a colored mechanical pencil.

Still, the pencils may leave a faint mark depending on how deeply the colors were used. So, this is something to be considered as either a professional or an enthusiast.


Getting the best mechanical pencil for drawing doesn’t have to bother you anymore.

There are several options available and what they offer.

All you need to do is check out the main contents of this review, and you would get all the necessary information.

So, find out what option is best suitable for you in this post.

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