Best Indoor Camera for Pets (Dogs, Cats Monitoring Camera)

Pets like dogs and cats are a part of our families. No matter how much we love our pets, we must attend to other things outdoors. In return, the pets should learn to stay alone and cope with the situation until they come back home. But, before they learn to cope, most pets struggle with separation anxiety.

Apart from training your pets on how to cope with separation, you should get the best indoor camera for pets.In this post we answer about the best pets camera review, pets camera requirements, about camera subscriptions and camera security.

A pet camera can help you watch your dog, cat, or another pet from a remote place. You can even make the camera dispense some treats. 

What is a Pet Camera?

A pet camera is a device that can help you track your dog or cat’s activities while you are away. Also, it sends alerts to your phone wirelessly if your dog barks aimlessly or shows signs of separation anxiety. After that, you can use the two-way audio feature to reassure the animal or give it a treat.

Some advanced pet cameras can act as laser toys to help stimulate the animal physically and mentally. A pet camera can offer peace of mind when you are far away from home and give the pet company until you return.

Top 8 Best Indoor Camera for Pets In 2023

01. Furbo Dog wifi pet Camera: Best Dog monitor Camera

02. SKYMEE Owl Robot Toy Camera: Best Fun Camera with dogs and cats

03. Wyze Cam Pan v2 Google Assistant Pet Camera: Best budget pet Camera

04. Petcube Play 2 Wi-Fi  with LASER Pet Camera: Best Indoor camera for Cats

05. SKYMEE Petalk AI II Dog Camera: Best Camera for Pet Video

06. Eazieplus Wireless Pet Camera: Low Budget Camera

07. YI Pan-Tilt Security Camera: Best Night Vision Pet Camera

08. Eufy 360 degree Pet Camera: Best pet camera for Dogs and Cats

When the time to buy the best pet camera comes, which one should you choose? Many brands exist, but the most favored pet camera is the Furbo Dog. See its review next.

01. Furbo HD Dog Camera with Wifi

Top Features I like

  • 1080p resolution
  • Field of view – 160 degrees
  • Treat dispenser
  • Two-way conversation
  • Night vision
  • Wi-Fi connectivity

Do you need a surveillance camera that works for dogs? Furbo HD Dog Camera might offer what you are looking for. First, this pet camera has a 1080p resolution and a Night Vision feature. Hence, you can monitor your dog during the day and at night.

Offering a wide-angle view of 160 degrees, the Furbo HD Dog Camera creates Livestream videos to help you see everything. As it can suit any room in your house, this dog camera is easy to mount.

Featuring a Furbo Barking Sensor, this device can detect the pet’s barking noise and convey push notifications to your phone. You can then use the 2-Way Audio app to communicate with your dog. Also, you can dispense some treats to soothe the lonely dog.

Furbo Dog Camera’s Fun Treat Tossing feature works together with the free Furbo app for Android and Apple devices. As it can throw the treats up to a meter away, the dog can jump and catch them. That can give it some physical activity.

Lastly, this camera is easy to set up as you only must plug it into a power socket with a USB cable. After that, download the Furbo app and install it on your smartphone. Lastly, ensure you can connect to a stable Wi-Fi signal and internet network.


  • Works with Amazon Alexa
  • Can toss some treats to excite the pet
  • Easy to install after buying.


  • Furbo Dog pet camera is too big, unlike the compact PetCube Play.

What is a Good Camera to Watch Pets?

Although you can purchase a CCTV for home security, a Wi-Fi pet camera is unique. If you have a dog or cat, get a specific pet camera for each animal. Also, you can find a camera that works for cats and dogs and save money. You should buy a more secure camera to prevent hacking.

Do Pet Cameras Require a Subscription?

In most cases, you do not need a subscription to use a pet camera. However, if you choose a pet camera from PetCube collections, you can use a subscription service such as Petcube Care. Using this subscription service is not mandatory as you can opt out during the free trial period.

What is in a subscription that you do not want to miss? Usually, a subscription such as Petcube Care provides extra features to a pet camera. Some of these add-on features include:

  • Receive an extended video coverage lasting longer than thirty seconds.Also, this cloud-based video footage can cover the past three to ninety days based on your plan. If you are studying your pet behaviors, this feature provides reliable historical data.
  • Get a Smart Alert if there is a hazardous event at home. A PetCube camera, just like the Furbo Dog Camera, can recognize the pet’s audio sounds. Then, it can relay these barking or meowing sounds to the phone via an app. If you have a human intruder at home, you can listen to these sounds and identify any human voices.
  • Get cloud video history on all the pet cameras in your house.They must be Petcube cameras for you to get video history and access to premium features.
  • Do video downloads and get a two-year warranty on your device. Concerning video viewing, you can use filters to choose the most crucial videos in the timeline.
  • A subscription plan can provide free information from the top pet care brands. Hence, you can learn different things about your pet, including entertainment options for pets, medical insurance, vet consultations, etc.

If you decide to use a subscription plan, there is a price. It will start at around 3.99 dollars if using Petcube Care. If you go premium, you will add six more dollars every month. If you have more than one pet camera from the same brand, you only need one subscription for all devices.

Are Pet Cameras a Security Risk?

Pet cameras can help you stay connected with your dog or cat when away. As it supports wireless connectivity, you can communicate with your dog anytime you wish. A good-quality pet camera will function well if you have a stable internet connection and a strong Wi-Fi signal.

Even if the device offers many benefits, people often wonder if it has a security risk. A pet camera from a top brand will be secure to use. Nevertheless, any camera is prone to hacking.

Pet camera hacking

Some of you might wonder why a hacker might want to hack a pet camera. Hackers are craftier than you think. They hope to profit from every hacking activity they attempt. By getting access to a pet camera, these criminals can listen to the sounds and view videos of your home.

If they find any piece of data they can use to their advantage, they will not hesitate. Can you prevent pet camera hacking? Yes, you can do the following:

  • Password – Hackers will achieve their goal if they discover your camera’s password. When new, the camera will have a default password. Change this password to something you can recall. Also, make sure that someone else cannot guess your new password. A camera’s default password is in the manual.
  • Update security software – Pet camera manufacturers are aware of the security concerns we are talking about. So, they regularly update their pet camera’s software to make it more secure. However, it is your job to search for these updates and use them to prevent hacking attacks.
  • Make your wireless network more secure – Privacy begins with you. Secure your whole property by creating a robust Wi-Fi network. If you do not know how to do this, get assistance from your Wi-Fi signal provider or internet resources.

Do Pet Cameras Help with Separation Anxiety?

Pets have feelings just like humans. When we separate from our beloved ones, a sensation of loneliness follows. Pets feel the same when you drive away and stay outdoors for several hours. As this article recommends, you can track its behavior with a camera.

Nonetheless, many people want to know if a camera can take away the pet’s anxiety and loneliness in their absence. Yes, a camera will ease the symptoms of separation anxiety. However, it will not eliminate the problem. Doing other things to make your dog or cat more comfortable and relaxed in your absence is necessary.

First, learn the signs of separation anxiety and then tackle them gradually. These signs include:

  • Pooping aimlessly and eating its feces
  • Barking, whining, and howling
  • Chewing, scratching, and tearing expensive things like sofas, curtains, and pillows
  • Making constant movements can show that the pet is uneasy and cannot stay still
  • Abnormal drooling or refusing to eat or drink
  • Your pet keeps hurting itself via biting and scratching.

Noticing the above symptoms of separation anxiety in pets is hard if you are always out. Thus, mounting a pet camera in your house can help you study the dog’s behaviors when alone. A pet camera should help you address your pet’s anxieties by providing accurate data. Besides the camera, you should do the following to solve separation anxiety.

  • Once you have evidence that your pet might have separation anxiety, visit the veterinary. They will confirm the symptoms and provide suitable solutions.
  • Train your pet to stay alone without wreaking havoc because they miss your presence. Training your dog, the correct behavior will enhance its discipline during your absence. Potty training is extremely vital when dealing with a young animal. Otherwise, you might deal with poop and pee over your furniture, floor, and other unsuitable surfaces.
  • Get your pet accustomed to your absence. For instance, you can step outside the room for a few minutes and come back. If it does not follow you, reward it. Repeat the same step severally and increase the time you stay in another room. Then, leave the property via the front door and stay away for a few minutes. Increase the time until you spend a whole hour outdoors. Your pet will slowly adapt itself to the situation.

People Also Ask

Where can I place my pet camera? 

There is no standard way to mount your pet camera. Once you purchase a pet camera, place it in different temporary places while checking its performance. If your camera has a laser pointer, it will perform well if you place it closer to the ground.

Unfortunately, this positioning can affect the video quality due to the light entering via the windows or the ceiling bulb beam. Most people find that keeping their camera above their pet’s eye level works best. Also, this positioning provides the best angle of view.

Do I need to train my pet to come near its surveillance camera? 

Yes, encourage your dog or cat to come near the pet camera so that it can do it in your absence. Doing so is tricky, but you need to be positive about it. Advanced cameras include clues you can use for training and conditioning your pet to get near the camera.

First, show the pet the new camera and toss a treat to draw its interest. Before this, find the right spot for the pet camera because the dog will associate that area with treats. Most pet cameras provide a two-way audio and barking alert feature.

So, call the dog to the camera and dispense another treat. Continue doing this activity until the dog or cat learns. If you cannot be in the house to train the pet, use a family friend or relative that the animal likes.

Does a pet camera work?

Yes, but do not get a low-quality camera and expect it to work. Select a high-quality pet camera with speakers, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other quality features. For instance, you can buy pet cameras the Furbo Dog Camera or Petcube Play camera. These premium cameras ensure that you and your pet separate physically but stay together mentally.

Read customer reviews online before purchasing a particular device. That way you will learn from other pet owners’ experiences. Also, locate an affordable pet camera that functions well.

Although most pet cameras can track the behavior and activities of any pet, some are specific. If you only have a dog, you can choose the Furbo HD Dog Camera as it is a dog-only device.

My Final Words

Did you like our article on the best indoor camera for pets? We hope you have learned a few tips that will help you keep your pet safe, happy, and comfortable. A pet camera can show the symptoms of separation anxiety. After installing the camera, study the pet’s behavior on your phone. If it has this problem, take the above steps to help it cope.