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Top 10 Best Gimbal For iPhone Reviews: New & Updated [2021]

Love capturing every moment of your life? Discover, get, and click the best photograph with the best gimbal for iPhone. Here’s all you need to know about gimbal.

We often visit different places in our lives and wish to capture every single moment.

To click it clearly with mobile phones is not possible every time.

So, the inventors have come up with a unique idea of the gimbal.

This unique invention helps get a clear shot with a stick and a stand where you can fix your iPhone.

All the features like zoom-in, zoom-out, panorama, time-lapse are also embedded in the gimbal to make it more stable and effortless to use.

What is the best gimbal for iPhone?

The best gimbal for iPhone is the one that offers proper stability and ease of use while clicking photographs.

Gimbals save your memories with just a click. All you need to do is sync your iPhone with the gimbal and take photos in various modes.

If the gimbal is of premium quality, it will offer features like compatibility, persistence, and quality.

Along with this, it will come with different modes and photography options that will help you in getting the best clicks instantly.

Moreover, gimbals can help take group photographs, motionless pictures, and photos from various angles.

Besides this, some of the gimbals offer manual working also.

So, even if they are short of battery, you can click excellent photographs.

And if we talk about the best one, we recommend the DJI Osmo smartphone gimbal as it offers premium features and excellent service.

Why DJI Osmo Smartphone is the best brand of gimbal for the iPhone?

DJI Osmo smartphone gimbal offers a great design and superior manufacturing quality.

It comes with a unique foldable design that makes it very convenient to carry from one place to another.

Aside, it offers various significant features that are so useful to get a perfect shot.

Also, it includes features like zoom-in zoom-out, time-lapse, and other such helpful features.

Apart from this, it makes the photography look so facile and simple with just a single click.

Moreover, you can also switch modes and shot motionless photos also.

Also, it gives excellent battery performance and quality service throughout its life span.

So, all these qualities make it the best brand for a gimbal for the iPhone.

In this blog, we will discuss other such products to get a quality shot every time.

Along with the products, we have also mentioned buying aspects, and some frequently asked questions to help you get the best gimbal for your iPhone.

Top 10 Best Gimbal For iPhone Reviews

01. DJI Osmo Smartphone Gimbal: Offers more compatibility


Product Features

  • It comes with a foldable design
  • Known three-axis gimbal
  • Very easy to carry
  • Light-weighted design
  • It has a built-in battery
  • High compatibility

Product Description and Performance

DJI Osmo stabilizer gimbal is the best gimbal for iPhone as it comes with a unique design and premium quality manufacturing.

In addition to this, the foldable design makes the gimbal easy to move from one place to another.

Moreover, it has a compact design that occupies little space and is travel-friendly.

The design has a quick roll feature, which makes the operations much more comfortable than usual.

The ergonomic grip makes the holding strong enough so that you can easily click or record anytime and anywhere.

Along with the dynamic design, it has a gesture control feature that makes it convenient to use.

Moreso, the user can use it single-handedly because of its design.

Talking about the battery backup gives a higher continuous run time, and the battery takes less time to recharge again.

And, this gimbal helps get the best and clear shots that too at different modes and positions.

Finally, if anyone is looking for a quality gimbal, this can be the ideal option to get quick and clear photographs.


  • Compact design
  • Light-weighted model
  • Dynamic design


  • Battery backup is average
  • Video does not get saved

02. Hohem 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for iPhone: With multiple features


Product Features

  • Multiple time-lapse features
  • Gives excellent support in the filming
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Great at recording slow-motion videos
  • Upgraded sports mode
  • Captures every small detail

Product Description and Performance

Hohem 3-axis gimbal stabilizer comes with all-new modes and specifications to offer a great photography experience.

This stabilizer comes with a newly developed inception mode that can rotate the phone to 360 degrees vertically.

In addition to this, it comes with updated sports mode and perfect balance to shoot even while you want a motionless shot.

Apart from this, it comes with features that make it uncomplicated to shoot movies and photographs.

On top of all, it gives simple controlling features and is handy while using.

Also, it provides basic zoom in and zoom-out features to make it facile for the user to click and set the photograph’s width.

Moreover, to access this gimbal through a mobile phone, the user can install the application and use it easily.

Talking about the application, it offers features like 360-degree panorama, face/object tracking, time-lapse, and many more.

One can operate the features through mobile phones, and the user is not required to do it manually through gimbal.

Finally, it is compatible with almost all smartphones and iPhones.


  • Dynamic design
  • Superb flexibility
  • Gives professional experience


  • Average battery
  • Not so handy in traveling

03. Steadicam Volt Electronic Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer- Handy while using


Product Features

  • Comfortable on and off switch
  • Electronically operated features
  • Light-weighted design
  • Travel friendly and easily portable
  • Highly compatible with most of the smartphones
  • Various modes for photographs

Product Description and Performance

Steadicam Volt gimbal is a treat for all those photographers who wish to get instant clear photos.

It also helps get beautiful and stable video and is compatible with the iPhone, smartphones, and android.

Moreover, this gimbal is not only light-weighted but also strong enough to sustain for a longer time.

And, this gimbal’s haptic controls make it one of the best options.

Besides this, it offers dual operating modes that are equally good for both beginners and professionals.

Talking about its fittings, it fits perfectly with the smartphones weighing from 100-250G in weight and 58 to 85 millimeters wide.

And on top of all, it is highly compatible with all iPhones and other smartphones.

One of the best features of this gimbal is that it works in manual mode even after the batteries are depleted.

Also, it comes with a superb manufacturing quality, which makes it durable and long-lasting.

So, using this gimbal gives a brilliant photography experience.


  • Captures every single detail
  • High-quality material
  • Simple to use


  • Poor battery performance
  • Weighs more than expected

04. DJI Osmo 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer: Offers excellent stability


Product Features

  • Portable design
  • Light in weight
  • It gives high definition pictures
  • Helps to record stable pictures and videos
  • Various shooting modes
  • Has a robust editing suite

Product Description and Performance

This small gimbal by DJI Osmo is a great choice that comes with 3-axis that offers excellent stability while clicking photos and videos.

Additionally, it has a tremendously unique and compact design that makes it convenient to carry from one place to another.

As it has 3-axis, it covers more sweeping shots and gives great clarity.

Apart from this, the user can operate it single-handedly and can easily fit it anywhere.

If we talk about the interface, it is highly compatible and connected with iOS and Android devices.

So, the smooth and small design makes it a center of attraction, along with its performance.

The battery has a long life and gives up to 12 to 14 hours of continuous run time.

With this, the user can create creative videos by expanding viewing, sharing, and building options.

Also, it has multiple modes that enhance your experience and give you a lot of variety while shooting.

In the end, this gimbal is a treat for those who are looking for a compact and stylish gimbal.


  • Can be operated single-handedly
  • Small and stylish design
  • Wireless operation


  • Poor battery performance
  • Average compatibility

05. GTS Gimbal Stabilizer for iPhone: Compact and sturdy design


Product Features

  • Can live record videos easily
  • Highly compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Has a long selfie stick
  • Various modes
  • Great phone holder
  • 360° rotatable design

 Product Description and Performance

This gimbal stabilizer by GTS is another excellent gimbal that works great for beginners as well as professionals.

Also, the long selfie stick allows clicking the perfect selfies. Moreover, it has a tripod, which makes it vastly simple to use without using any hands.

Due to its longer stick, the user can cover a broader area in the background with quality and clarity.

Apart from this, the design is foldable and is appropriate to carry from one place to another.

As it has an auto-calibration smart key, it automatically balances your mobile phone keeping safety in mind.

And it makes the photography clear even while the users are running or trying to get a motionless shot.

Along with this, it is 360° rotatable and gives you the perfect landscape and portrait shots.

The long-lasting battery gives you a better run time in comparison with others.

So, the material used to manufacture is of premium quality and exceptionally durable.

At last, this gimbal offers various features that make the photography experience memorable.


  • Great modes
  • Made with high-quality material
  • Uninterrupted recording


  • Poor quality material used
  • Compatibility issues

06. DJI OM 4 – Handheld 3-Axis Gimbal: Comes with great design


Product Features

  • It has a magnetic design
  • Facile to port and has a foldable design
  • Can be controlled by gestures
  • Quick roll design
  • Known perfect for filming
  • Completely dynamic design

 Product Description and Performance

DJI-Om 3 axis gimbal is a fantastic iPhone accessory for those who love capturing every moment in their life.

This 3-axis gimbal gives 100% stability for getting a perfect photography experience.

Along with this, the magnetic ring holder and clamp offer an effortless capture.

Also, it is ideally comfortable to attach to the iPhone and other smartphones.

It offers various features that make it exceptionally handy to get blur less and quality photos or videos.

Also, the quick roll design and foldable design make it the best gimbal for iPhone.

Moreover, it comes with a dynamic zoom button programmed with algorithms to give a Hollywood feel without any additional effort.

Also, it comes with gesture control that makes it immensely trouble-free for the user to get instant photos and videos.

Along with this, it gives excellent compatibility with smartphones and iPhones.

Apart from this, this gimbal is simple to operate and gives fascinating features to get the perfect shot.

The Active Track 3.0 helps in recognizing adults, children, and pets with great accuracy.


  • Great magnetic connector
  • The face tracking feature is great
  • Premium quality manual connector


  • Issues with DJI forums
  • Compatibility issues

07. CINEPEER Phone Gimbal: Gives more reliability


Product Features

  • It comes with both ways supporting mode
  • Brilliant long battery life
  • Has wireless access
  • Light-weighted design
  • Highly compatible with multiple devices
  • It gives a clear and smooth footage

Product Description and Performance

This gimbal by Cinepeer is a magnificent stabilizer gimbal that offers a great photography experience.

It is highly compatible with various iPhones and smartphones and can be easily attached to them.

In addition to this, this gimbal is extra-ordinarily light-weighted and handy to use.

For a better recording experience, it comes with two modes landscape and portrait.

Also, these modes are simple to switch and have an integrated zoom control.

Moreover, it makes recording videos and blogs much convenient for bloggers to record live videos.

If we look at the battery’s performance, it has a battery of 4000 mAh, which goes on for hours and hours.

Besides all, it gives a run time of 12 hours of unstoppable usage and comes with a charging device of 5V/2A power output.

Above all, the users can shot the most motionless shots in just one click.

The broader variety of accessibility gives you excellent compatibility and is connected with the iPhone and Android devices.


  • Great stability
  • Face recognition works amazingly
  • Advanced technology features


  • Quality is not as expected
  • Poor compatibility

08. Hohem iSteady 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer: Offers excellent compatibility


Product Features

  • Gives great usage experience for bloggers and YouTubers
  • Has a feature of auto face tracking
  • Highly compatible
  • Great sports mode, beauty mode, and a lot more
  • Magnificent battery backup
  • Comes with less weight

 Product Description and Performance

If you are looking for a tremendously lightweight and uncomplicated to operate gimbal, this 3-Axis handheld by Hohem iSteady is an excellent option.

Also, it works in 4 different modes, which are 360° rotatable and swift to use.

For those who are into blogging and things, this has turned to be the best for them.

Talking about the compatibility, it is highly compatible with both apple and android devices.

Furthermore, it has various modes like sports, beauty, and a lot more that gives a quality picture.

Hohem gimbal has a high-quality battery that runs for up to 12 hours and gives an excellent output.

Also, it’s auto face track mode makes the operation more comfortable and advanced.

However, this gimbal records the most steady and clearer shots and makes your shooting experience more exciting and memorable.

Apart from this, this gimbal deploys are 3-axis stabilizing system that offers effective elimination of blurring and dithering caused by movements.


  • Joystick works amazingly
  • 360° rotatable makes it simple to use
  • It has a trigger button for effortless capture


  • Performance is average
  • Bluetooth doesn’t support properly

09. Zhiyun Smooth Q2 Gimbal Stabilizer: Sturdy design


Product Features

  • Easily on and off design
  • Great battery performance
  • It comes with a portrait gesture feature
  • Can capture in difficult lenses and modes
  • Handy and comfortable phone holder

 Product Description and Performance

Zhiyun has come up with this fantastic mobile gimbal, which is small in size and handy.

Its functions are incredibly convenient, and all the modes are one button away to change.

Also, it clicks the best pictures and records clear and steady videos with android and IOS phones.

They are so feasible that the user can record at any time and anywhere.

Apart from this, this gimbal sustains for a longer time and has an excellent battery performance.

It is also swift to handle and comfortable and gives real-time photos with excellent stability.

Due to its robust yet small design, it is convenient to carry from one place to another.

Along with this, the quick on and off function makes it simple to use and simplifies your task.

Using the 21700 lithium-ion rechargeable battery gives it a running time of 17 hours continuously.

And, the functions like new portrait gestures make it more attractive and upgraded.

Moreover, its 360° rotatable angle creates no barrier while recording.

At last, it is an exceedingly good option for professionals as well as fresher.


  • Great controller feature
  • Excellent battery backup
  • Simple to use


  • Average performance
  • Poor compatibility

10. Zhiyun 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer: Made with super quality material


Product Features

  • It comes with a great battery backup
  • Highly upgradeable firmware
  • Premium quality material used at the time of manufacturing
  • Has an accessories installation thread
  • High charging capacity
  • Easily compatible with multiple devices

 Product Description and Performance

This 3-Axis gimbal stabilizer is by Zhiyun is a light-weighted gimbal that offers excellent stability and a smoother experience.

One of the best things about this gimbal is that it is light-weighted but mighty and effortless to use.

Zhiyun gimbal is designed with a high molecular compound material combined with an ergonomic design.

In addition to this, this design gives a comfortable group to the users for taking a wider selfie.

This gimbal is ideal for storytellers and vloggers as it offers an intuitive switch between the landscape and the portrait mode.

Along with this, it comes with inbuilt cinematic features like dolly zoom, object tracking, motion lapse, time-lapse, hyper-lapse.

All these features help the user to film any professional movie.

This gimbal offers four creative operation modes: pan following mode, locking mode, full follow the way, and POV mode.

Besides this, it is easy to zoom in and other controls. If we calculate features, then this gimbal has many great features and is a great option to buy.


  • Comfortable to convert in selfie mode
  • Great joystick controller
  • Can be converted in multiple modes


  • A battery does not last for a more extended period
  • Bad Bluetooth connection

How We picked Best Gimbal For iPhone

There is a diversified range of gimbals in the market. Thus, it has become a bit tricky for the user to select the most suitable one in the segment.

On top of that, there are certain factors and features that one must look for before buying a gimbal.

Gimbals come in different functionalities and sizes as well.

Aside, the following are the buying considerations that would help you get the best gimbal for iPhone.


Some gimbals are compatible with different phones, whereas some are not.

Because of this, it is vital to check whether the gimbal chosen by you supports your phone or not.

In case if you have an iPhone, then shortlist the gimbals that are designed specifically for it.


In particular, there are mainly two types of gimbals that are widely available in the market.

These are 2 and 3 axis gimbals, in which the former stabilizes the axis of tilt and roll.

On the contrary to this, the latter adds superior balance to the pan axis.

On top of that, the three-axis gimbal offers optimal smoothness while shooting the dynamically moving shots.

As compared to the two-axis gimbal, it has multiple modes to customize the stabilization.

Though the two-axis gimbals are not expensive, the three-axis ones are more beneficial.


One of the most pivotal aspects to consider before purchasing a gimbal is its body weight.

If you need one to shoot for longer durations, then go for lightweight gimbals.

These are more comfortable to work with as they do not put much pressure on the wrist while shooting.

Though the heavyweight gimbals are quite resilient, they cause inconvenience for the user, especially if one is shooting for more than a couple of minutes.

Set-up System

Gimbals are for everyone, whether you are a professional or a newbie trying his hands at vlogging.

To ensure a swift application, select the gimbals that feature an uncomplicated set-up system.

Otherwise, it would become too complicated as well as inconvenient for you to fix the gimbal.

Above and beyond, the gimbals with hassle-free set-up are less prone to breakages as well.


While selecting a gimbal, one must assess the power requirements of the same.

For that, check whether the battery is removable or not.

Also, look for how long the gimbal can work appropriately without charging.

Some gimbals arrive with an in-built and non-removable battery. Typically, such gimbals have a battery life of up to 12 hours.

Other than this, most gimbals feature removable batteries that are easily rechargeable.

All you need to do is to swap out the batteries and resume shooting without any interruptions.

Yet do not forget to analyze the battery capacity and size to know more about the performance longevity.

Above all, the gimbals with Li-Ion batteries are efficient in working for prolonged periods.


Most high-end gimbals arrive with pre-built utility software. Do check whether it is compatible with your Mac or not, particularly in the case of iPhones.

Not only this, but few gimbals even possess a highly-functional mobile app that works in sync with your smartphone.

With the help of that, one can easily control the gimbal wirelessly to customize the shooting modes and requirements.

Above all, great software facilitates proper utilization of shooting modes such as lapse, aperture, focus, and ISO.

Likewise, it also assists in the adjustment of exposure, white balance, and shutter speed.

Design and Build-up

For a better grip, it is recommendable to go for the gimbals that feature an ergonomic design.

Another thing to look for is the quality of the build-up for determining durability.

Most essential or standard gimbals are made using mold-injected plastic.

Contrary to this, some gimbals are crafted either ABS plastic, which is generally inexpensive and less durable.

If you want a gimbal that lasts long and delivers power-packed performance, then go for the heavy-duty ones.

Generally, such types of gimbals are made using nylon-reinforced and high-quality plastic.

Yet if you want to go a bit higher in terms of performance, opt for the ones made out of aircraft-grade aluminum.

These are suitable for long-term use and can withstand occasional drops as well.


Gimbals are backed with premium features. These include in-built charging alongside the camera controls for swift and reliable functioning during the shoot.

Give more priority to the gimbals with a 4 kHz refresh rate as it leads to exceptionally noiseless motor performance.

Similarly, the ones with 360-degree tilt construction would provide you more flexibility and coverage to shoot.

Further, check whether the lens can deliver an efficient payload at a maximum of 1,800g or not.

Best Handheld Gimbal For iPhone: Buyer’s Question

What is the use of gimbal?

A gimbal is a pivoting support tool that helps in clicking professional photographs.

Significantly, it has the feature of 360° rotation, which makes clicking and recording way easier that too in all the angles.

It also helps you clicking some incredible pictures, which look quite challenging when you click it through your phone.

Additionally, the product works amazingly in free motion and gives you the perfect photography experience.

Along with this, it has a variety of modes as well, including portrait and landscape modes.

Moreover, it makes you unlock the spaces that even your camera cannot reach and is a perfect professional photography tool.

Do gimbal helps in getting clear pictures?

Gimbal helps in enhancing your photography skills as it makes the most tricky shots way easier.

After the usage of a gimbal, you will observe that it helps you in getting clear shots.

Likewise, it gives you blur-free pictures and videos. Using it with the tripod is the best way to get the most precise and detailed images.

One of the primary reasons for getting clear shots using a gimbal is while clicking photographs, your handshake a bit.

But on the other hand, the gimbal holder makes it exceptionally useful to click photos in all situations.

How do three-axis gimbal works?

Three-axis gimbal helps in stabilizing the tilt, pan, and roll of a camera.

Also, it makes the movements of side to side, up and down, back and forth overly easy going, even if it is shaking.

Moreover, this feature of the gimbal helps in getting clear and steady shots.

Tilting helps in moving up and down. Moreover, it makes these movements extra-ordinarily facile.

Moving towards the pan, it moves in the direction of left to right and vice versa. And, at last, the Roll of a camera moves in a back and forth movement.

Are gimbals easy to carry?

Gimbals are small in size, which makes it convenient to move from one place to another.

These occupy a significantly less storage area and can easily fit in without causing any problem.

They are portable and can be carried in bags or even in pockets.

Furthermore, the foldable and portable design makes it tremendously attractive and stylish in appearance as well.

Moreover, it can be used single-handedly without putting in a lot of effort.

Also, it reduces the possibility of shaky videos while recording. Along with this, they are lightly weighted as well, which is again an added advantage.

Can we shoot a video with a gimbal?

A gimbal tripod lets you record videos single-handedly without putting in any extra effort.

Besides, it removes the chances of any blurry or shaky videos. A gimbal is best known for the stability and clarity it provides, and that is again one of its features.

While shooting a video, you must follow a few tips which will make you record the best of all.

Furthermore, it covers the scenes that your camera can not and can easily cover a broader area range.

They are best for professionals as well as for beginners.

Are gimbal and stabilizer different?

One of the most fundamental differences between the two is that the gimbal has moving parts like batteries, charger.

Likewise, it requires a Steadicam, which helps in recording still and steady videos and pictures.

Gimbal is the advanced version of a stabilizer as it has more features in comparison with the stabilizer.

In a gimbal, you can use different modes, like portrait, landscape, sports, beauty, etc. After attaching the tripod, it gives you the best filming experience possible.

Are gimbals helpful?

Gimbal allows the photographers to get their desired shots in exceptionally little time.

They are accommodating as it saves a lot of time and energy.

Along with this, it is best known for the steady shots and exact results it gives. Unlike big photography set-ups, it requires little space.

Additionally, the run time is quite feasible, and it gets charged again in a short time.

Due to its small design and lightweight, it is trouble-free to move from one place to another.

The same has excellent results, even in professional photography.

So if you are looking for something that will enhance your photography skills, then a gimbal is the best option.

How to connect the gimbal with an iPhone?

Connecting the gimbal with an iPhone is not a difficult task.

All you need to do is learn the basic ways of connection through the user manual or watch useful videos related to them.

Generally, few steps are required to connect the gimbal with an iPhone.

Let us understand with an example of connecting the DJI Osmo with an iPhone.

At first, you need to switch on the Bluetooth on your iPhone.

Then, you need to turn on the gimbal. When these two steps are done, the next step is to start the phone’s DJI app.

After this, launch the switcher studio on your iPhone. When all these steps are done, you need to enable the Osmo mobile connection in switcher studio.

That is how you can connect the Osmo gimbal with your iPhone.


So by now, you might have got a fair idea about choosing the best gimbal for iPhone.

All you need to go through the product list mentioned above, and if you don’t find anything interested, you can also choose any other.

But make sure to follow the buying considerations as mentioned.

Again, you can go through the questions to get a fair idea about the gimbal.

All of these will provide an answer to every question that tickles in your mind before buying the gimbal.

We hope this blog will help you in getting all the desired knowledge about the gimbals.