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Top 10 Best Camera For Time Lapse: Top Brand Reviewed In [2021]

If there is a need to make time-lapse videos, not all cameras can do this. However, some others have been specifically created to cover such conditions with the best quality ever.

In this review are some of the best cameras for time-lapse, so check them out.

Note, these cameras have their special features and are all unique yet still functional.

From the Brinno time-lapse camera to Panasonic, up to Sony and even Neewer are all available for you and more.

What is the best camera for time-lapse?

The best camera for time-lapse is the Brinno BCC200. It has all the amazing features that are needed in a time-lapse camera.

With this, it is easy to make videos outdoor without risking it getting damaged during a rainfall.

When it comes to the package, it is strong and reliable to stay steady while the footage is being recorded.

They also come with a bundle of three and can function even in places that don’t have access to a wireless network service.

Why Brinno is the best brand for the camera for time-lapse?

Brinno has made it the best available camera brand for time lapses due to how it works.

They are all water-resistant cameras that can withstand even the worst conditions possible.

With the Brinno brand of time-lapse camera, people are certain of getting a camera that comes with all the necessary accessories to aid in creativity.

According to the ones on this review, it is fair to say that they all are suitable for outdoor setups and are rugged in their design.

Being able to withstand horrible situations is their strong point.

Top 10 Best Camera For Time Lapse Review

01. Brinno BCC200 Construction Time Lapse Camera


Highlighted features:

  • Works for outdoor projects.
  • Water-resistant frame.
  • Has a trio bundle pack.
  • Provides a sturdy base.
  • Functions without a wireless setup.

Brinno BCC200 is built to serve in outdoor construction projects and even as a security surveillance camera.

However, these could only work for short term purposes and at places where there is no need for Wi-Fi connectivity.

When it comes to the camera’s body, it is majorly suitable for outdoor conditions because it is waterproof.

Even on wet winter nights and rainfalls, the camera can hold and doesn’t compromise the recording quality.

In this camera for time-lapse, is eighty-day battery life. With the clamp, monitoring an area becomes a seamless process.

It functions in areas that are without Wi-Fi connections and yet records up to 720P.

“The 720p can only serve surveillance purposes but it doesn’t have the clarity to work on high-resolution platforms.”

Once the camera has been set up, then place the daily timer to cover the time-lapse.

The recorded videos can then be shared with a simple push of a button.

When this time-lapse camera comes, a complete set that helps during the process. It has a TLC200 Pro Camera, a water-resistant case, and a clamp.


  • Works for outdoor purposes.
  • They are designed to be waterproof.
  • Comes with a clamp.
  • Makes use of a daily timer.


  • Doesn’t offer high resolution.

02. Panasonic LUMIX Waterproof Digital Camera


Highlighted features:

  • Designed for active lifestyles.
  • Works for regular purposes (Pictures and videos)
  • Has an underwater mode.
  • Has an in-built memory.
  • Rugged design.

Panasonic LUMIX is a rugged camera that can function for time-lapses.

It uses quad-proof programming that protects it from freezing, the shock that comes from falling, dust, and water.

This means that you can use the came under the most intense situations.

For more diversity, this camera has an advanced form of underwater mode.

It uses a red color reproduction to make up for the red tones that are easily lost when shooting underwater.

With this, it becomes easier to make surveillance and recording look more natural underwater.

Apart from the available space on your external SD card, there is a support memory that helps when the other is filled.

The camera has an in-built memory of up to 220MB and can still capture an average of thirty-four images.

If there is some sort of shake while recording, the camera automatically detects it using the Mega O.I.S.

camera lens. This removes the traditional blurring that comes with the handshake movement.


  • Reduces camera blurring.
  • Has memory support.
  • Protected from shock and dust.
  • Comes with an advanced underwater mode.


  • Has a short battery life.

03. Sony a7R III Mirrorless Camera: 42.4MP Full Frame


Highlighted features:

  • Fast image processing.
  • Records on various qualities.
  • Collects more light.
  • Records in HD.
  • Gapless chip lens.

Sony a7R III is a High definition camera that can function as a time-lapse camera.

It does an impressive job when shooting high-speed subjects as it shoots at up to 10fps continuously.

Another feature it has is its auto-tracking features that follow the subject in motion while recording.

During the low light situation, regular cameras find it hard to ick velar images with their lens.

The time-lapse Sony camera uses a back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor to allow light to get into the lens.

As a mirrorless camera, the Sony Alpha 7R can record on 4K. With this, it becomes easier to edit and view the things recorded.

“Note, recording on 4K means that the files would consume more space and require a larger SD card to work for a long time.”

Purchasing this camera for time-lapse is an impressive choice because it comes with all the necessary accessories.

It has a shoulder strap, cable protector, power cord, charger, shoe/body caps, and a measuring cup.

With this comes all that is needed for recording.

When using this camera, there is a guarantee of fast image processing as improved in the camera design.


  • Records on 4K.
  • Takes in more light.
  • Has auto-tracking features.
  • Offers different image qualities.


  • Sometimes sensors come defective.

04. BRINNO TLC200 PRO HDR Time Lapse Video Camera


Highlighted features:

  • 40 Millimeters focal length
  • Records on 1080p.
  • Has a CMOS sensor.
  • Portrays a better range of intensity.
  • Offers more flexibility.

Using the Brinno TLC200 Pro video camera is a significant choice of a time-lapse camera as it uses HDR technology.

With this, the time-lapse camera produces a 720p video that can be viewed with the right device.

All the recordings made on this camera can either be done via any sort of lighting condition.

They function with low light conditions as well as intense backlighting. The censors of this camera can pick a better range at either condition.

As a professional time-lapse camera, the Brinno TLC 200 can capture a more serious event without failing along the way.

They offer an improved level of flexibility that makes it possible to shoot anytime and anywhere without hindrances.


  • Can be used for a time-lapse.
  • Works on any lighting condition.
  • Comes with a CMOS sensor.


  • Doesn’t offer television quality.

05. DJI Osmo Action – 4K Action Cam


Highlighted features:

  • Shoots on a dual-screen.
  • Highly responsive display.
  • Shake-free footage.
  • Waterproof frame.
  • Uses a CMOS sensor.

DJI Osmo Action is a 4K resolution camera that records with clarity while viewing and editing the footage.

It has the option of allowing you to shoot on an 8x slow-motion while picking up every detail in the line of sight.

“Still, this camera finds it hard to function under low light conditions. Ensure that the place has a bit of lighting to function”.

To protect the time-lapse camera when shooting under unfavorable conditions, the DJI Osmo Action is built with a waterproof casing.

With this, water is locked out from getting into the camera and ruining anything in the camera.

With the technology packed into this camera design, it becomes less burdensome to record footage.

It has a dual-screen that permits you to capture everything effortlessly by pushing a simple button.

The front screen serves for framing, while the back screen provides a hyper-responsive and crystal clear display.

Note, the back screen has a touchscreen capacity that allows users comfort while using the time-lapse camera.

When shooting and then your handshakes, the camera uses the shake-free feature to keep the recording stable.

All of this is enabled by a rock-steady technology paired with an EIS using several complex algorithms.

Inside the package of this camera comes all the necessary equipment that would aid in the recording.

It has a camera frame, locking screw, battery case, quick release base, USB-C cable, and more. With this, you just have to connect and start filming.


  • Offers a shake-free feature.
  • Uses two screens at a time.
  • Shoots with clarity.


  • Doesn’t accommodate an external mic.
  • Doesn’t function under low light.

06. Brinno Time Lapse Camera BAC200


Highlighted features:

  • Flawless capture.
  • Strong battery life.
  • Simple installation.
  • Includes creative accessories.
  • Suitable for time-lapses.

Another Brinno Camera that is convenient for making time-lapse videos is the BAC200.

It has the ability to transform videos and pictures into short and shareable clips that don’t require any sort of editing.

With reliable battery life, the camera can stay powered up with one charge for up to 99-days.

Throughout this period, there would be no incidence where the battery needs to be urgently recharged.

The batteries are lithium batteries that have a five minutes interval for capturing.

When this camera was being developed, the intention was to have something that users can easily operate.

The menu is quick and easy to navigate, and it allows you to select different capture scenes that are most functional for your recording requirements.

Installing this camera doesn’t require any special skills or procedures.

The camera can be set in any convenient area without needing any sort of hardwiring.

They come with already customized shooting options and recording schedules. The goal of all this is to make shooting convenient.

Along with the package of this time-lapse camera comes a few creative accessories. They are all optimized to help in recording as well.


  • Easy to set up.
  • Already customized presets.
  • Long-lasting battery life.
  • Can combine clips themselves.


  • Lens looks a bit bigger.

07. GoPro HERO9 Black – Waterproof Action Camera


Highlighted features:

  • Records on 5K.
  • Crisp quality.
  • Uses a rear touch screen.
  • Live streaming options.
  • Advanced video stabilization (Hypersmooth 3.0).

As a GoPro camera, the HERO9 can shoot remarkable videos with a quality that pays attention to every detail.

It practically shoots on a 5K resolution, offering the best image quality for a time-lapse camera.

Built with a twenty-megapixel camera, it gives nothing short of professional quality.

This allows for several modifications to be done to the clip and show even on television. It has options to connect with a wireless network as well.

“However, there are times that the connectivity could break and then cause a break in the transmission.”

For a better view, while shooting, the GoPro Hero9 has two different cameras with distinct qualities.

The front display screen camera makes it convenient for quick framing and helps the camera build intuitive control.

At the rear touch screen are the features that enable users to zoom into images when recording.

Note, the touch is used in the zoom functions as well.

While all this is going on, the clips remain steady with the advanced video stabilization feature’s help. It is also called HyperSmooth 3.0.

Apart from all that, it has a live streaming function that works like a webcam and the HyperSmooth functions.

The frame is rugged and waterproof even when dipped into as much as thirty-three feet deep.


  • Uses a dual-screen control.
  • Shoots on 5K.
  • Can do micro edits.
  • Offers a crisp quality.


  • Lags sometimes.
  • May develop connection issues.

08. 3-Axis Pocket Gimbal Camera Stabilizer


Highlighted feature:

  • Made of aluminum alloy.
  • Uses a CMOS sensor.
  • Multiple camera modes.
  • Works outdoor.
  • Long battery life.

Using a 3-Axis pocket gimbal is a unique camera that is powerfully made to withstand intense situations.

The body is made of aluminum alloy that can withstand being cracked so easily.

Also, water can barely damage the time-lapse camera as the aluminum is water-resistant by nature.

With a Palm-sized design, the 3-Axis Pocket Gimbal easily fits into the pocket. This makes it simple to store and take from one location to another.

It can serve as a time-lapse camera that works for outdoor situations.

Included in the 3-axis Pocket Gimbal is a 1.3 inches large touch panel that works without using an APP connector.

With this, it is easy to handle all the camera operations from the touch panel itself.

Along with the camera features comes various shooting modes that help in having a fast recording process.

With a swipe upwards, it goes to set the gimbal shooting mode.

To set parameters as well, the touch panel should be swiped down, and then other directions have their features as well.

“Despite all that the camera has, it doesn’t have options to connect with an external microphone. Still, it is a functional camera for time lapses.”

With this time-lapse camera comes an anti-shake technology that comes in handy when your hand moves.

This creates a bit of stability that functions in making the subject to remain in focus all through.


  • Has an anti-shake technology.
  • Connects to smartphones.
  • Comes with a slow-motion feature.
  • Allows a gimbal shooting mode.


  • Software not well optimized.
  • Cannot have an external mic.

09. Neewer Camera Slider Motorized


Highlighted features:

  • Uses a wireless app control
  • Offers stability.
  • Has LED monitor lights.
  • Comes with a hook.
  • Adjustable design.

With the Neewer Camera Slider comes an app control feature that allows users to control a smartphone’s functions.

It can work on both android and iOS powered devices that have the requirements. The interface is easy to use and well optimized for every person.

Neewer Camera Slider upgraded design comes with a hook that can be adjusted to suit your comfort needs.

The hook can hang like either a sandbag or can attach to a heavy weighing object to ensure that the camera remains sturdy.

For ease of use, the camera slider comes with a monitor and LED lights to navigate through the recording.

It also has a 3/8 inch screw placed under the bubble level, and it helps with stability.

Equipped for professional conditions, the camera slider has four legs that can be adjusted through a lock placed in a spiral look.

One of the legs of the time-lapse camera is removable to turn the settings to a monopod.

When using the Neewer Camera slider, you get to have a more flexible and precise.


  • Uses LED and monitor lights.
  • Stays sturdy all through recording.
  • Has for legs.
  • Comes with a hook.


  • Uses some cheap parts.

10. Brinno Construction Time Lapse Camera Bundle


Highlighted features:

  • Waterproof housing.
  • Stress-free video processing.
  • Easy to install.
  • Creates time-lapse videos.
  • Wide point of view.

Brinno Construction designed this time-lapse camera to seamlessly aid in recording videos.

It has several impressive features like being tool-free, wire-free, and yet resistant to water.

The waterproof housing of the time-lapse camera keeps moisture locked out. With this is a more durable design of a camera.

Being one of the best Cameras for time-lapse, the Brinno Construction has an LCD display screen.

With this feature, it becomes easy to frame your subjects and having a more balanced view. Using a 1400 field of view, it becomes easy capturing panoramic shots.

With this camera, video processing is not complicated and easy to handle.

Users can use this to set the rate at which the time-lapse is being recorded and the playback options.

The lens is also designed for maximizing low light conditions.

The aperture opens to collect more light and then takes note of details even in the dark.

In this camera package comes a durable exterior that would withstand even the most intense conditions.

It also comes with other accessories that would help in the handling. There is an adapter that connects directly to a GoPro and a phone holder.


  • Offers a panoramic view.
  • Has an LCD display screen.
  • Designed to be waterproof.
  • Offers a tool-free design.


  • Not the best video quality.

Best Camera For Time Lapse: Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the best camera for time-lapse means can be easy when the right procedures and things are checked out.

The cameras available on the market are not all suitable for time-lapse videos, and until there is a proper check of the camera and understanding, it is easy to purchase the wrong ones.

With the help of the information that is being provided in this post, it is easy to make the right choice.

Several products have been listed with what they have to offers. Endeavor to check them out just before a purchase is made.

Here are things to check out for when getting a camera for time-lapse.


Several things are placed together to verify that a camera is well protected.

Firstly, they have to be waterproof to be a durable design.

There is no risk of getting damaged with enough protection from water and moisture getting into the camera parts.

Water is a very fluid component that can find its way into several places in a camera.

This could cause problems for you, and to avoid this, it is best to go for one that is built for such purposes.

These types can even be mounted outdoors and would still be effective under rain or during winter.

So, before buying a camera to create time-lapse videos for you, ensure that you check out for those that are waterproof.

Another protective feature is the camera’s ability to keep out dust.

On this review are some of the cameras that have been designed to be dust-free due to all the features that it has. So check out for this as well.

Other protective features are its anti-freezing feature and the shock-proof feature.

The anti-freezing feature stops the camera from being stuck or freezing while in use.

At the same time, the shock-proof comes in handy when the camera accidentally falls, and the impact is intense.

The anti-shock feature keeps the camera protected in such a scenario.

Recording quality:

With this, it is mostly related to what platform or the amount of modification to be done on the footage.

If the video is mere for surveillance purposes, then using one that records on 720p may be a good choice.

This is not a standard HD view that you would be getting with the quality, but it would be clear enough to work as a surveillance feed.

However, 720p footage cannot be used on television and other high-level viewing platforms.

They would not bring out the best quality if there is a need to edit and modify the clip to make a full video.

On the other hand, there are certain time lapse enabled cameras on this list that can shoot on HD.

They are characterized by their format. They are mostly represented by their ability to shoot on 4K and 5K.

These viewing qualities are remarkable and can go on any streaming platform currently available.

Even when edited and modified, the quality remains intact, and the video can still be viewed as it is.

So, when picking outta camera for time-lapse, check how high it can record and know if it is suitable for the use intended.

Note, the more clarity it promises, the better your options are.


Cameras are made spectacular with the aid of certain creative accessories.

These accessories are to aid in recording, making the whole process easier.

The accessory could be just a power cord, and in other cases, it could be more lenses, a clamp, battery pack, shoulder straps, and more.

With the help of all these accessories, the recording becomes easier.

Apart from that, the accessories are normally going to cost some sort of cash to purchase.

Incurring extra cost is avoidable when the camera has them already. So, check out for that when purchasing a camera for time-lapse purposes.


How much a camera cost plays an important role in the purchase. It determines if the camera is within your budget or not.

Before checking for the most suitable camera, it is important that your current funding is considered and used in channeling your search options.

On this review are several options, and among them are those that are affordable.

Check out for them and use them in making your choice of a camera that would work for time-lapses.

Best Camera For Time Lapse Video: (FAQ)

What differentiates all the Brinno products available on the market?

Ordinarily, the Brinno camera for time-lapses is highly efficient and promises unrivaled quality to its users.

However, they all have been improved to offer much more than they initially did over the years.

Also, with different price ranges, they offer users of all financial status to get one of their cameras.

Over the years, they have built a reputation for themselves as reliable camera makers, which has caused them to diversify.

So, of all the four different Brinno cameras for time-lapses that have been highlighted in this review, they all promise unique quality to users.

What is the best quality to use in surveillance footage?

For surveillance footage, the most used quality is the 720p as it is not heavy, and it can be viewed on phones and laptops.

They may not necessarily need any sort of editing or modification, so the quality would remain intact.

However, it is always more convenient to have the best quality possible for video footage.

You should use a high definition camera to offer a new level of clarity that the 720p cameras cannot provide.

So, considerably, the best quality for surveillance is the highest quality that is currently available.

It would provide more flexibility and allow for modifications that won’t affect the quality of the camera.

Can I connect my smartphone to the camera?

Connecting smartphones to a camera is a new and advanced feature that most modern cameras now have.

They allow users to control the function of the camera from the luxury of the phone screen.

This allows for ease of use and more comfort on the side of the user.

Aside from using the phone to control the camera, the phone can also serve as a second screen.

It can be used to review the recording while using the camera on a time-lapse.

In this review, there is some camera for time-lapses that have this function, and a Wi-Fi connection enables them.

With the connection, it is easy to integrate the two devices together and start using them.

For as long as they are both connected, the two would stay connected, and the phone can aid in operating the camera.

How much light do these cameras need?

Lighting and camera always go hand in hand when it comes to recording footage.

It ensures clarity at all times and that the subject is well highlighted in the footage.

In this regard, several lighting options can be adapted to make the footage better.

Turning on the lights in the room and adding more light could help in achieving clearer footage.

Still, if more lights are not currently possible, then there are other options available.

There are certain cameras that, when used on time lapses, are able to manage light.

This is done by having a better aperture that opens up to receive more light.

With these camera types, their lens is what does the job, and they are a great choice of cameras where there is not much light.

Can a camera for time-lapse function for panoramic use?

Panoramic shots can be taken with a camera, but it depends on the camera.

For a panoramic view, check out the camera that is about to be purchased.

If they are not officially made for such a view, then you can get a lens that can get such a view.

However, in the review, there are cameras that are designed for a panoramic view.

The Brinno Construction Time Lapse Camera Bundle has this feature infused in it.

Note, this kind of view also comes in useful when having to take surveillance footage of an area.


Purchasing a suitable camera that would do a good job when used for a time-lapse is not easy.

Certain things have to be considered, and then you would have the best cameras for time-lapse.

In this review, these factors have been considered along with the most suitable products for such a need.