Beauty Product Photography- Get A Detailed Insight To What Is Product Photography

Globally, the beauty industry generates 100 billion dollars in revenue each year, according to Statista. This immense value must be shocking to you but believe it, it’s true.

You need high-quality, convincing, and detailed beauty product photography if you want to become a pro beauty products seller.

It’s possible that you’re thinking of starting your career in photography for beauty products if you don’t sell beauty products. You must learn some tips and tricks to add a professional look to your photographs.

Everything is challenging, from beauty photography tips to learning how to use beauty product props for doing photography.

Interested in learning more about beauty product photography?

The article you clicked on is the right one for learning everything you need to know about beautiful product photography. We’ll explain what you need to know to help you get perfect photos of beauty products.

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What Is Beauty Products Photography?

Beautiful product photography enhances the details and value of beauty products for customers. It aims to present your products in a way that can entice viewers to order them as soon as they see them.

You can increase the sales of your products by using photography as a tool. Cosmetics, hair oils, skin whitening, and curlers are among the different types of beauty products available on the market.

The goal of photography could change with a change in the beauty product.

Why Have Beauty Products Photography

The benefits of makeup products photography are the same regardless of the type of beauty product photography. The following are some examples to give you an idea of how vital this beauty photography is and why you should have it.

  • Through your photography, you can inspire more viewers to buy your product.
  • Makes your beauty product more attractive and helps the buyer understand what it is and if it is right for them.
  • Investing in cosmetic product photography is never a waste of money since they sell throughout the year, giving you a profit on your investment.
  • Online sellers can use product photography to highlight their products to customers seven seas apart.

Top 10 Types of Beauty Product Photography

From simple images to extraordinary professional images, there are different types of product photography for beauty. The choice is yours whether your product image should have a white background or added beauty fashion product photography props.

Check out these 10 types of photography. You don’t have to stick to a single type of photography. Instead, you can experiment until you find what you like.

01: White Background

The first type of this photography is the most widely used as it enhances the view of the product. White backgrounds are used even by professional websites like Amazon. Having a neutral background reduces the chances of having unwanted background products or colorful backgrounds.

How we we Beauty Product Photography
Beautiful product Photography Using White Background

Two settings are used with white backgrounds. In some cases, a white background is added during the image capture process, while in other cases, the colored background is removed with image editing software afterward, adding white background.

02: Studio Shots

Studio shots are necessary when a product needs more light to enhance its features or to give an exact picture. Lights are used with other props in studios in a variety of ways.

A palette of eyeshadows, for example, does not accurately display its colors in low light. Studio lights can be controlled, avoiding shadows that ruin product images.

The amount of light is controlled depending on the product because some products need more light while others need less light.

03: Scaling To Explain Size

Scaling is used in makeup product photography to clarify the size of the product. Scales with numbers are not always necessary to show a product’s size in centimeters in an image. To elaborate the size of the primary product to customers and viewers, a side product with well-defined sizes is used.

Beauty Product Photography Scaling
Scaling To Explain Size of Beauty Product Photography

For example, a photographer can place a mini lipstick on a hair brush to illustrate how small it is.

04: Group Images

Cosmetics and other small products are usually photographed using group images. This includes placing a single type of product in groups with the same color, design, and quality. Group images can also be used to photograph medium-sized products.

It is a way to demonstrate the product’s availability and the fact that it is a small or medium-sized product. It is an uncommon type of photography because it does not allow the viewer to see the details of a particular product since the pictures are taken from a distance.

05: Action Photos

When a product is shown in action, the viewers’ perception of its value increases. Alternatively, you could view this as a beauty product’s result.

Beauty Product Photography
Action Beauty Product Photography

For example, let customers know that your freckles removing cream actually works on your face. The photographer takes pictures of a person’s face before and after using freckle cream in such situations. Ultimately the results are shown, motivating viewers to turn into customers.

06: Studio Setup

A studio setup is an indoor setup where products can be added one by one without changing the settings for each product. Photographing beauty products this way has two benefits for the photographer.

The photographer doesn’t have to worry about wind and other disruptive elements in outdoor settings. Additionally, the photographer won’t have to change the settings for every product if there are more products to photograph.

07: Side Objects

Side objects or you may call them non-traditional products, mean that some of the products are related to the primary product but are not meant to be sold. Adding these objects helps create a setting that shows the efficacy and usage of a beauty product.

Depending on the product, the complete set may be applied, or a few additional side products may be added. For example, when shooting an image of a hair dryer, other hair products, such as hair brushes, might be included in the image.

08: Using Props

Props can make some beauty products look better in photographs. A prop provides a surface on which the product can be placed effectively, adding clarity to an image. Taking long earrings as an example, you cannot place them anywhere else to give the exact appearance.

Typically, earring stands are used to attach earrings, and then photographs are taken. Most of these props are readymade and sold in shops. There are, however, some people who make their own props, which allows them to save money.

09: Hanged Products

Some products do not give an accurately detailed photograph when placed on a surface. That’s why such products are hung for a better view and a better understanding of the product. Take examples of hair extensions used mainly by women to enhance their hair volume.

Using invisible tape, the hair extensions can be attached to the clean and complementary wall for a better view. For other products like coats, or dresses, a hanger is used. The hanger is then hung straight with the wall, giving a stunning look to the dress.

10: Different Colors Of One Variety

To save money on separate photographs, different colors of the same product are photographed together to make it easier for customers to see all the colors available.

Consider taking images of a pair of tops with different colors, for instance. To get the perfect image, you’ll need to set up each pair of tops separately, which might require a lot of time and money if you’ve hired a professional photographer.

Small products are ideally suited for this type of photography due to the difficulty of handling them. The best thing to do is to combine them all into one photo.

Pro Tips On Beauty Product Photography

Getting perfect shots is not enough, you need creative beautiful product photography. Cleaning the product, considering the depth, and using extension tubes are some of the pro tips adding creativity and perfection to your cosmetic beauty product photography shoot.
Why not focus on more pro tips that work for skin-care products, cosmetics, and grooming machines?

 Here are some creative Photography tips for you to apply while taking the photographs.

Focus On Unique Selling Proposition

Different brands have separate unique selling propositions and you need to focus on them. Make sure you represent the selling proposition of the brand with which the products belong.

For example if a skin care products brand uses essential oils during the making of the product you can add essential oil bottles and a few natural products used for the essential oils. This helps the customers to understand that the company uses good quality and natural products.

Decide The Placement Wisely

Makeup products photography can rock the skies, or be ruined completely only because of the product placement inside the frame.

For example, swatches are commonly used in cosmetic product photography. They enhance the understanding of the available colors, helping the viewer to make u their mind to buy the particular color. You can do these patches in two ways:

1: Take the product and apply a straight line to your arm or hand.

2: The other is done in a post production setting.

Detailed Close-Ups

Shooting for a cosmetic product or a skin care product, the most important thing is the product itself instead of showing the bottles and boxes outside the product. Every customer wants to see the close up images of the cosmetics before they make the final decision because cosmetics are all about choices.

That’s a reason why you should focus only on a close-up presentation. If you are not doing this, there’s no use of investing your time.

Use Actions

Showing the application of the beauty products on real humans is the game changer. Whether you add models showing their face or make use of hands, in both ways it will be a beneficial thing.

For example, putting extra effort to capture the sprayed perfume in the air. Showing a model applying a swatch of eyeliner on the eye.

Add The Ingredients

Just like the ingredients are added in the production of the skin care and beauty products similarly adding them to the photo shoot will enhance its’ value.

Show the active ingredients alongside the product, adding a sense of authenticity in your photos. It’s not necessary to add every ingredient in the image but you can use a few to trigger the viewers.

Manage The Depth

Managing the depth during beauty products photography helps to enhance the view of the product. Keep the entire focus of your photo on the product. Using a small aperture, you will be able to focus more on the product instead of its surrounding things.

Using a large aperture will make it difficult to keep the product sharp in the image, ending up with a fluff, non-worthy image. For sure you can add your creativity and experiments during the management of the depth.

Cost of Having A Beauty Product Photography

Multiple factors can affect the cost of product photography, including the photographer’s experience, your region, the sensitivity of your product, the use of beauty product, and the time spent taking the photographs.

The pricing will also depend on your budget and the type of photography you require. Considering all these factors, on average, you can get product photography from $50 per hour to even $500 per hour.

A photographer may also charge based on the number of images they take. Depending on other factors, you may have to pay $10 to $150 per image.

My Final Words

In recent years, beauty products have gained increasing popularity among both genders, boosting their demand. The result is an increase in businesses and brands entering this market. Market saturation makes it increasingly challenging to sell beauty products because of high competition.

The only thing that will help you compete with other brands and sell yours is beauty product marketing. The photography of beauty products can help you differentiate your product from others, even in an environment where most marketing strategies are similar.

Hopefully, you now have enough information on how to do compelling product photography to present your product as the best.

Why not get started today? Start rocking the world with your camera.