Why Is My Arlo Camera not Charging (Causes and Recommended Solution)

Arlo is well-known for keeping homes safe with their security products. it can be frustrating and concerning, especially when it comes to maintaining the security of your home or business premises.

The main culprit behind your arlo camera not charging with solar panel or batteries refuse to take charge are defective batteries, faulty power adapter and charging cable as well as outdated firmware.

Today I am going to guide you through the common causes behind Arlo camera charging problems and provide effective solutions to address those problems.

Common Causes of Arlo Camera Not Charging

Charging issues in Arlo cameras may be caused by some common reasons. Some of the common causes are-

01. Power Adapter Issues

A faulty power adapter can be responsible for the Arlo camera not receiving sufficient power for charging. 

02. Faulty Charging Cable

There could be some instances where your charging cable may be damaged.

It could be because of water sprinkles, or rain. But this will prevent your Arlo camera to not getting charged properly.

03. Battery Problems

If your camera battery is old, it can be out of service. Moreover, if the battery is old or damaged, it may not hold a charge properly.

04. Firmware Issues

Outdated firmware can cause compatibility issues and affect the charging functionality of the camera.

05. Loose Connections

Loose connections between the charging cable and camera ports can potentially disrupt your camera from charging.

06. Issues with Power Outlet

Issues with the electrical socket or power supply can affect how your device charges.

If there’s corrosion on the charging ports, it can mess up the connection and slow down charging.

Arlo Cameras Not Taking Charge (Troubleshooting Steps)

Troubleshooting Arlo Camera not Charging

To figure out and fix any charging problems with your Arlo camera, just follow these steps to troubleshoot:

Check Your Power Source

Make sure that your power source has proper electronic output and input.

Verify if your power adapter works correctly by trying it out with some other gadgets.If it doesn’t work properly, swap it for a new one.

Also, give a shot at plugging it into a different power socket to see if the problem lies with the current one.

Check Your Power Adapter

First, check if the power adapter is working properly by plugging it into another camera and ensuring it’s plugged in securely.

If it works fine with no problems, then the issue might be with the camera you were trying to charge originally.

Another option is to try using a different Arlo power adapter to see if it charges your camera’s battery correctly.

Inspect Your Camera Battery

First, take out the battery from your camera. If it’s hooked up to the power cord, disconnect it.

Now, plug and unplug the AC adapter into your camera a couple of times.

Remember, it’s important to use the right adapter and cable, not just any USB cable.

After that, carefully put the camera’s battery back in place.

Wait for about 10 minutes, then open up the Arlo Secure App to see if your camera is working properly.

Inspecting Charging Cable

Check the charging cable to see if there’s any damage or wear. If you notice any, go ahead and replace it.

Reset Your Camera

To fix charging problems with your Arlo camera, try resetting it as per the instructions from the manufacturer.

This usually helps tackle issues caused by software bugs or firmware glitches.

Contact Arlo Customer Support

If after trying all of the aforementioned steps did not resolve your camera charging issue, you might want to call an expert technician from Arlo Customer Support.

Preventive Tips to Avoid Arlo Cameras Charging Issues

To avoid any more problems with your Arlo camera not charging properly in the future, try these steps:

Regular Maintenance

Make sure to regularly clean the camera and charging ports to stop dust and dirt from gathering up.

Proper Charging Habits

To make your battery last longer, don’t charge it too much or let it run completely out of juice. Always charge your battery before it hits 20% and always plug out of the power source when it hits 95-98%.

Protection from Environmental Factors

Make sure to protect your camera from really hot or cold temperatures, bright sunlight, and dampness. This helps it keep charging well.

Final Words

Dealing with charging problems quickly is super important to keep your Arlo camera running smoothly and to keep your home safe.

If you know what usually causes these issues and follow the suggested fixes, you can sort them out easily.

That means you’ll have your camera working all the time, keeping your home secure and giving you peace of mind.


Can I use a third-party charger for my Arlo camera?

It’s best to stick with the official Arlo charger or a charger that’s compatible with your Arlo device to steer clear of any compatibility problems.

How often should I replace the battery in my Arlo camera?

The amount of time your battery lasts can change based on how much you use it and the surroundings you’re in.

It’s a good idea to swap out the battery every 1 to 2 years to keep things running smoothly.

Why is my Arlo camera overheating while charging?

Leaving your device plugged in for too long or leaving it in hot places can make it overheat.

Make sure there’s enough air around it and don’t charge it under the sun.

How do I know if my Arlo camera battery needs replacement?

You can easily see how your battery is doing by using the Arlo Secure app. Just open the app, and it’ll show you the status of your battery right there.

Can water damage affect the charging capability of my Arlo camera?

Yep, if your Arlo camera gets wet, it might affect how well it charges.

Make sure both the camera and charging ports are completely dry before you plug it in to charge.

Can I charge my Arlo camera using a power bank?

You can definitely use a power bank to charge your Arlo camera. Just make sure the power bank has enough juice and works well with your camera.

Can I use a wireless charger for my Arlo camera?

No, you can’t charge Arlo cameras with wireless chargers. Stick to using the charger that comes with Arlo cameras for the best charging results.

If you are struggling with arlo camera not syncing to base station ,we have a helpful guide for you to fix the issues.