Nikon Z9 vs Canon R3(Which One is Perfect For You!)

Comparison of Nikon Z9 and Canon R3 camera

Suppose you’re looking at deciding between two powerful cameras from Nikon and Canon, Z9 and R3. In that case, we will be comparing both cameras, which interestingly were launched in the same year, 2021, with only a month difference. This disparity in timing will enable us to make a fair comparison since both cameras aren’t …

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Different Existing Parts of a Digital Camera(Discussed In Detailed)

different parts of camera

Do you understand the parts of a digital camera? Whether you have a DSLR or mirrorless digital camera, you need to know its internal and external parts. Know your digital camera inside-out by identifying various parts by their names and functions. Even though you can succeed in photography without ever studying your device, having this knowledge could save …

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Are Cine Lenses Good for Photography?(Things To Know You!)

Cine Lenses in Photography

You may have, while checking out lenses, come across an unfamiliar name, “cine lens.” Well, what makes them unfamiliar is that they aren’t deployed for regular kinds of photography, and secondly, they possess characteristics that seem pretty unusual or almost incompatible with everyday use. Certain questions may then arise, what makes them different from regular …

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What Is a Prime Lens?(Types and Purpose Explained!)

Prime lenses

In recent years, zoom lenses have become the preferred, more practical option for most professional photographers. Obviously, it makes sense that more people have been gravitating toward the ease of zoom lenses, given that recent image sensors produce exceptional quality, even at exceptionally high ISOs. However, what is a prime lens compared to in photography? …

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Prime Lens vs Zoom Lens(Which Is The Best?)

Differences of prime and zoom lenses

You will contemplate a prime lens vs zoom lens at some stage in your photographic journey. If you are a beginner photographer seeking to switch to a new lens, you must decide between prime and zoom lenses. Which one should you choose, and what makes them different? Your DSLR or mirrorless camera may come with …

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What Is The Best Indoor Camera for Pets?

best pets camera

Pets like dogs and cats are a part of our families. No matter how much we love our pets, we must attend to other things outdoors. In return, the pets should learn to stay alone and cope with the situation until they come back home. But, before they learn to cope, most pets struggle with …

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What Is The Best 360 Camera for Car?

360 Camera review

A 360-degree camera is simply one that can see everything and which, when mounted on a car dash, works pretty ideally and is indisputably helpful in that regard. As far as spherical views are concerned, one can trust a 360-degree camera to capture everything, as long as you have them in the right position. So, …

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Pentax K-3 Mark III Review(Are They Really Good In Photography?)

Pentax K-3 Mark III camera Review

DSLR enthusiasts and fans of the Pentax camera will find so much to love about Pentax K-3 Mark III, and even though the camera was born into a digital world where people now care very little about DSLRs, people who trust the Pentax. Its course for standing for SLR optical technology, which is currently being …

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How to Choose Wide Angle Lenses for Canon(Select Best Options!)

How to select Wide Angle Lenses for Canon

Having several lens options to work with is what sets professional photographers apart from casual ones, and one of the lens types that shouldn’t be missing in his camera bag is a wide-angle lens. Wide-angle lenses provide the user with a large portion of the scene he’s shooting. The important question here happens to be, …

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