Zanele Muholi

2015 Artist Talk

Zanele Muholi, 2015 LOOK3 Artist, discusses her photographic work with interviewer Chris Boot at the Paramount Theater along the Charlottesville Historic Downtown Mall. Muholi has documented stories of hate crimes against the gay community in order to bring the realities of “corrective rape," assault, and HIV/AIDS to public attention. Interviewer Chris Boot is the Executive Director of Aperture Foundation. 

Click here to learn more about Zanele Muholi and Love, Life, and Loss exhibition. To view an extended version of Muholi's Artist Talk visit LOOK3's Vimeo. For more discussions from the 2015 artists, visit LOOK3's video archive.



These 2015 Artist videos were made possible by a generous grant from PhotoWings.


Video Production by Underground Shorts
A special thanks to Underground Shorts Director: Clarence Green, Camera Operators: Bernard Hankins, Richard Needham, & Jason Shifflett, Audio Recordist: Paul Rosner