Word on the Mall #4

Christy Penland - New Cumberstown, Ohio


Are you a photographer. 

Hobbyist, yes. Mostly architecture, landscape. 

Have you been to LOOK3 before?

This is my second one. Our photograph club had been here several years ago. We had some new members interested in coming and I thought it’d be fun to re-visit. 

What’s been your favorite thing at this year’s Festival?

I’m going to have to say listening to the speakers in The Paramount. The one who worked on the Veterans Book Project, Monica Haller. And also the Pictures of the Year exhibit. Those two things have been my favorite this year. 

I just love the mountains and the friendliness of the people [in Charlottesville] also. It’s a great city.

Do you have any plans to go to the finale party?

I’m not sure. We might just do some night photography of people instead. But maybe.