Word on the Mall #3

Eze Amos - Charlottesville, VA
@EzeAmosPhotography on Instagram


Have you been to LOOK3 before?
Yes. I live here, so every year. 

Are you a photographer?

I am a photographer. I do a lot of weddings and family portraiture and I try to do some art photography and street photography. 

What are you most excited about in the Festival?

Being able to get one of the Leica and Fuji cameras to borrow. I’ve seen some great exhibits. It’s been wonderful. My friend, Meredith Coe, has an exhibit at that clothing store [Derriere de Soie]. She has an amazing exhibit there. I was there the other day to check it out. 

What’s been your favorite thing about this year’s LOOK3 so far?

I’ve just been going to everything generally. I really enjoyed WORKS. I really love the idea of bringing Instagram feeds into it. It kind of captures my idea of what art photography is all about. For me, it’s really just about the expression. To me, there’s no bad photography; there’s no bad photo. It’s just about whoever is taking the photo ad what story they want to tell. What I saw yesterday at WORKS really resonated with that and I was really impressed with the idea of bringing that here.